Money, a Session With Joseth on Abundance and Money (Channelled)

(Channelled) (This communication with Joseth happened more than a year ago, while I was focused on bringing money into my life. Apparently I still haven't managed to manage my thoughts correctly to bring all the money into my life that I desire. However I will say that this is the first time in years that my bills are all paid and I do have a positive balance in my savings account.If there is one thing that I have really learned from this session, that is the importance of knowing exactly what I want.)

In the text below, it is a Q&A session where the initial "J" is for Joseth and "R" for Roy.

Good morning Roy, good morning Joseth.

J... Roy, why are you doing this?

R...Doing What?

J...Writing at your kitchen table every morning.

R...Because, I want to, I want to express myself.

J...Then why am I expressing myself?

R...I want to do both. I want to communicate with the other parts of me. I also want to share this exprience with others. I want to open up the doors for them, so that they can do the same thing.


R...So that they can begin to create a life that is more enjoyable. less stressful.

J...Has this helped you?


J...Is your life less stressful?


J...Are you more joyfull?


J...Do you have more abundance in your life?


J...So as I understand it, you want more abundance and joy in your life and you have been writing for more than three years and yet you have failed to create the things that you desire, am I correct?


J...Roy, what's your problem?

R...I don't know

R...I have been asking you for your help for the last four years. You tell me what it is that I am missing, why am I not getting what I desire?

J...Roy, you are you are getting all of it. You have all of it, you do not see it?

R...Now you got it! I do not see it, I can not touch it and I do not feel it.

J...You can not see the forest for the trees, you asked for abundance, you got abundance, you are abundantly aware!

R...Cute! But my abundance is not paying the bills! I have no money.

J...Then why didn't you ask for money, or even the experience of no bills?

R...I thought I did, I thought abundance meant lots of money.

J...Da! Think again. You must be specific in your request. Be careful what you ask for. You asked for abundance, you have been seeking awareness, you have an abundance of awareness. Did you or did yo not get what you asked for?

R...Yes, but it's not what I meant.

J...Do you always say what you do not mean?

R...Apparently so, I wasted four years expecting to have money and because I was not clear in what I really wanted, I did not get it. I got what I asked for but not what I desired?

J...Yes, "Now you got it." You must be specific and very clear about what it is you want to create.

R...So now I have to wait another four years for money?

J...No, you did not have to wait four years for the abundance you now have either, you are still creating an abundance of awareness and that will continue.

J...Roy, ask for money, think about creating money and you will have money. The awareness you now have can be converted to cash. Use it to created all the money you desire. Start now and focus on money. What it is with you people? You always believe that having money is bad. You try to be nobel or deserving in your approach to asking me for money, ie "If I were rich I would give it away, I would do this for this group, this person, etc, etc. You put them first. But what you really mean, what your real root thought is "I want money for me." "I want to spend it on me first." Roy, it's OK to want money for yourself first, and then give away part of the surplus or what you don't need. It is the dishonesty that you have with you own thoughts that stops you from getting what you desire. You must be 100% honest with yourself about what you desire. You do not have to be deserving or generous or pre-qualify in any way. You only have to know that you want it, that it is your desire to possess it for whatever reason you choose. Stop trying to cover up your true thoughts, they are betraying you. Stop trying to be so noble and generous with something that you do not have. Create the money first, then you can afford to be noble and generous with it.

R...Would that not appear to be selfish?

J...So what? Be selfish first by all means, then you can afford to be generous later. YOU CANNOT GIVE AWAY WHAT YOU DO NO POSSESS. It does not matter how others would see you. It is not working now, what does being selfless have to do with it? How is being selfless benefiting anyone right now, are you giving away selflessness?

J...Always, always, always think about yourself first. Know what you desire for yourself. Create it for you own purposes, then give what you have away it that is your desire. What does it take to see how practical that is? You cannot let others interfer with manifesting what you desire simple because you want to appear more deserving. You have tried it, it doesn't work. Their opinions do not matter in this matter. I am sure that once you have your abundance (money) there will be no less amount of opinions on how you should spend it.

J...Roy, do you now understand?

R...Yes I understand.

J...Are you going to manifest money in your life?



R...Now, it is mine now!

J..."Good, now you got it."

Live well and prosper Joseth

[As I mentioned at the top of this dialogue, money has been coming in, still much slower than I would like to see it. I have attracted some from different sources so it is like a river that has smaller tributaries merging into it in small amounts, it has not reached the ocean yet, but that is were my focus is. I have to overcome a lifetime of negative thought that says I'm not deserving. As I chisel away at those the successes become more frequent. Conscious manifesting does work to the degree that you believe it will, Joseth was correct]

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