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Feeling Sexy During Pregnancy

Some people think that the word sexy and pregnancy do not belong together. I have to disagree. In fact, I have heard many men say that a woman is her sexiest and most beautiful when she is pregnant!

Are Women Really Superior to Men

While doing my search for this idea, I came across something interesting on the web. At a hospital the relatives gathered in the waiting room, where a family member lay gravely ill. Finally, the doctor came in looking tired and serious.

Why Moms Should Start a Home Based Business Today

Most Moms think about starting a home based business at one time or another.

Facing the Homeschool Super Mom

I know this Mom. She homeschools her 5 children, plus she tutors several other children that are dropped off at her house. AND shes a Pastors wife. AND shes working on fixing up the fixer-upper they just moved into. Whenever Ive been in her house, its been immaculate. Her children all have perfect manners. They all seem to be way ahead of their grade level. Shes definitely gotta be a Homeschool Super Mom.

Tankini Swimwear - Advantages / Disadvantages

Vix Swimwear - Unique & Sexy

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Tna Swimwear is Hot!

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Types of Womans Swimwear

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Plus Size Swimwear Can Be Sexy As Well!

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Todays Lingerie - Just Not Womens Underwear

The modern dictionarys definition for lingerie is womens underwear or linen articles, especially garments. Today our choices of lingerie are not so limited.

Choosing a Comfortable Yet Flattering Bra

Todays bra is not only designed to make you feel pretty and sexy, they are designed for comfort and practicality.

Corsets - To Cinch Or Not To Cinch

Up through the Victorian Ages, corsets were very popular with women. Corsets were worn to reduce waist size. A tiny waist made for an attractive figure.

Women in Transition From Post Feminism to Past Femininity

"[In]... the brothels off Wenceslas Square, in central Prague, [where] sexual intercourse can be bought for USD 25 - about half the price charged at a German brothel... Slav women have supplanted Filipinos and Thais as the most common foreign offering in [Europe]." The Economist, August 2000, p.18

Stockings - An Essential Wardrobe Accessory!

Nylon fiber was first introduced to the public at the New York Worlds Fair in 1939. The first thing nylon was used for was nylon stockings in 1940. Women liked the nylon stockings because they were as pretty as the silk stockings they had previously worn and they lasted much longer. The nylon stockings also dried much faster than silk after they were washed.

Why Wear A Thong

Thongs are the latest new design for womens panties. Thongs are panties designed to offer a totally smooth fit with no detectable panty lines. The no-show thong has become popular with women of all ages.

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