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6 Ways to Support Another Woman

Every Thursday, I have been glued to the hit television show, The Apprentice". It is drama at its finest, except there is something that is painful for me to watch as a woman. When the show began the women dominated and worked together as a team. As time progressed the women slowly but quickly began to rip each other apart and then... there were none, leaving two men standing for the high profile position to work for Donald Trump. The "catfights" between the women have continued and are clearly evident as they make media rounds. Meanwhile, Kwame and Troy had a small show down only to be followed with words of loyalty and strong hugs and handshakes. When will women learn to stick together through the good, bad, and the ugly

Creating False Expectations For Clients

By far every agency on the internet claims to be the one which does the most to find the ideal partner for men. Of course, not every website is dishonest, but by far and large the majority are merely stating what the client wants to hear. Every man reading this article will agree when I say that it is virtually impossible to know who is truthful. Agencies claim they are presenting “marriage minded women” who are keen to marry foreign men. This creates the impression that most women in Russia will eagerly marry a man just because he is foreign and available. These same websites will further go on to assure the man that the woman is not marrying him for his money or a better life.

Meeting your Russian Lady for the First TIme

No matter how fraudulent and inefficient the industry maybe, they have perfected one thing – “marketing”. Marriage agencies have gone to great lengths to present an image of beautiful, feminine, marriage-minded and desperate women who will do anything to marry a foreigner and leave the country. Some agencies use threats to ensure their female clients present this image to men. Much time and effort is spent extolling the homely virtues of a Russian women who can easily be swept of her feet. In fact, this is made to seem so easy that many men believe if they merely arrive in Russia with any old clothing and attitude, they can marry any women they desire.

Signs of a Respectable Russian Marriage Agency

Considering the entire process could cost anything from $8000 USD to $15000 USD it is crucial that a real agency be found and used. Try typing the words “Russian marriage agency” into a search engine and you can easily get 300 000 hits. Sifting through all these agencies can be a real problem. If is even more difficult when you consider that each website claims to be the best in the world and the most effective.

Online Poker Chips Away At Sexual Stereotypes

Women are being increasingly attracted to the excitement of online poker. Many professional women now shop extensively online and it’s natural that they should explore other ways of having fun and spending their money online.

Pen Pal Romance

We have all heard the wonderfully romantic stories of pen pals that wrote to each other for years without meeting because they lived hundreds or even thousands of miles apart. Some friend of a friend set them up as pen pals or she decided to write to some unknown soldier away at war. They exchanged a few pictures and spent countless hours drafting letters back and forth, baring their hearts and souls to each other. Without ever dating, they fell in love. When one could eventually travel across the distance to finally meet the other, they both knew immediately that this was indeed the one theyd spend the rest of their life with. The physical attraction was every bit as strong as the emotional attraction they had felt for each other. Its a classic story thats existed as long as theres been a postal system for delivering the letters between would be lovers.

Is There A Wrong Way To Wash Your Hair

Its not as simple as it sounds. There is a difference!

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