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Fashion Trend Report: The New Basic is Anything But Black

We all have it in our closets. Black – the universal color that mixes and matches with anything. Black makes us look good, while covering up figure flaws. And that’s good. Black has its place in our fashion hearts. But, now it’s time expand our wardrobe options into colorful uncharted territory.

5 Tips for a Great Fashion Fit

Ladies, have you ever been in a department store dressing room and talked yourself into buying an outfit that looked great – on someone else

Plus Size Fashion Trend: Feminine Chic

A new fashion year is here and so are the latest styles for women looking to freshen up their wardrobes. Ladies, good news. Femininity is back!

How to Get the Classic Jennifer Lopez Style

I know that youve heard it a thousand times, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." How you and the things associated with you like your car look is a significant factor in creating your image.

Mother In Good Humor

Children - the little buggers can drain your energy, break your valuables and absolutely send you to the moon sometimes. The range of trouble can go from babies with their high decibel crying to toddlers with their never-ending, cluttering curiosity to your preschooler with his gripes and whines and on to your grade-schooler with her indignant attitudes. I have not yet the privilege of the higher ages yet, but I hear it escalates to over-sensitivity and highly dramatic meltdowns. With all this chaos, you have to wonder sometimes why we make the commitment to enter into motherhood. While the answer is not always immediately clear, we all know and can relate to the flipside of parenthood that offers a heapin’ helpin’ of good ‘ole fun and laughter!

Celebrate V-day

Pink, red, and white Valentine’s Day is in sight. This year Valentine’s Day, also known as V-day, has a new meaning to me and many other women around the globe. V-day stands for a day to celebrate women and to stop the violence.

Cool Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

Most of us women have an eye for detail. So when it comes to buying presents for your friends, kids etc. you are probably a “slick diva”. But what happens when you have given the man in your life a fair share of gifts and ran out of ideas or simply want to give something different than the typical button down shirt and tie. Well lucky for you I have created a list of cool gifts for men.

Lying and Loving It...

Lies. This week I’m thinking about lies.

The Ayurveda Approach to a Healthy Menopause and Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy


The Art Of Make Up!!

Like fashion, make-up trends keep changing. But, the basic human desire to apply colors to decorate the face has remained constant. Trends in makeup are actually indicative of the beauty ideals of the times. The Natural Look of today, for instance, reflects the universal swing towards nature and all things natural. For the real art of make-up refer .

Mindfulness and Sex: Right There, Right Now

Mindfulness is downright sexy.

8 Steps to Scoring Big in a Bar

If you’re single, you’ve probably gone to a singles bar at some point in your life, hoping to make a love connection. But what determines whether tonight will be your lucky night Chance Kismet Maybe. But most times it has more to do with skill than luck.

Slimmer Legs ... Stress-Free

Well, with the success of my article, "Wrinkle Remover That WORKS!!", I realize that there is a really strong interest in getting information that is going to do something for you, rather than generalities that come under the "same old thing" category. And, as you know if you read the article, we found a great and effective cream that does a knockout job of actually reducing wrinkles.

Women Get Ready, Get Set and Go Global

Today, women are starting businesses at twice the rate of men and becoming a major force both in the traditional and the new global e-business marketplace.

Hang In There Dieters, Help Is At Hand!!

I was thinking about diets and such and it occurred to me that dieting is kind of like sports, but one way in which dieting differs from sports competition is that in dieting there seems to be a lack of gradualization in the preparation.

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