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Special Events Recording in DVD Players Age

The proliferation of portable DVD players has dramatically changed the videography approach.

Choosing a Wine Gift Basket

During the holiday season, most of us are in a frantic search for presents for loved ones and friends. Next time, instead of the usual hassle of selecting a gift which will suit him or her, try sending a wine gift basket instead. Wine gift basketsare a perfect present for both men and women and suit every occasion e.g. Birthdays, Weddings etc. The information below will help you select an appropriate wine gift for that special occasion.

Fortune 500 Budgeting For Our Personal Lives

January and February are traditionally busy months in the financial industry as many New Years resolutions typically include the goal of becoming debt free or saving for a major purchase. While many of our clients understand the importance of getting professional help when managing their business bookkeeping, only a few think to ask for our services in managing their personal finances.

How to Plan Your Wedding and Honeymoon

1. Weddings typically can cost you anywhere around $15,000 or more. The big question is: who foots the bill

Create Beautifully Wrapped Wedding Gifts

Weddings are always such special days. Gifts are often given not only at the wedding – but often at an engagement shower and a bridal shower. How can you make your gifts look special

How to Plan a Cheap Wedding

There’s no doubt about it, weddings can be expensive. The average cost of a wedding today is $20,000 – $25,000, and weddings are estimated to be a $25.3 billion industry. But don’t worry if your budget cannot stretch for the most expensive custom-made gown, elegant invitation cards, or the top photographer, it doesn’t mean that your wedding will be any less unique or special than anyone else’s.

Net Savvy Indian Brides and Grooms

India is a diverse, multi-cultural country with people of various religions, communities and sects living together in harmony and peace. Each community has its own set of religious rituals, traditions and multitudes of customs inherited from ancestors. Arranged marriage is one such common custom handed down over generations. Arranged marriage has played an important role in Indian marriages. This concept is even today accepted by millions of Indians in India and abroad. Marriages, initiated by elders, were arranged with the help of an aunt or the priest. Over a period of time this has slowly transitioned from the marriage brokers to the newspapers and now onto the Internet.

June Weddings

From the book Spider’s Big Catch by Gary E. Anderson

Feel Like a Romantic Kid Again

If the start of the school year makes you a little nostalgic about your own school days, why not take a little trip: back to your own childhood! Make a date with that special someone and act like children again. Youll soon see that this child-like fun can be just as romantic as a grown-up date and a whole lot easier on the budget!

Wedding Photography: Preserving the Memories

A person’s wedding can be one of the most important times in their life. They will have memories that they want to treasure forever and then pass on to their children. Wedding photography helps them do this. Having pictures taken at the wedding and then at the reception can capture those precious memories in freeze-frame and help you keep them forever.

Conquer the Five Most Common Fears about Your Wedding Ceremony

It’s safe to say that of all the important events in your lifetime, your wedding day is certain to be right up there with those that are the most meaningful. And throughout the entire wedding day – the preparations, the ceremony, the reception, and the wedding night – the moment when you recite your wedding vows to each other is the most meaningful. It is a time that you will remember forever, exactly as it felt: a sublime, dreamlike fantastical moment, when everyone significant to you is watching as you join in wedlock with the most important individual in your life.

Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is one of the most important features of your reception. In fact, it is the centerpiece of your reception. You should begin shopping for a baker 6-8 months before the wedding. If you plan on having your reception catered, ask your caterer if they will bake your wedding cake. However, you do not have to choose the caterer to bake your cake. You can also buy cakes from commercial and boutique bakeries, custom wedding cake designer, a culinary school or someone you know who makes cakes from home.

A New Way to Use Old Snapshots

If youre like me, you have hundreds of photographs sitting in envelopes. Pictures from birthday parties, weddings, family gatherings, anniversaries, the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas. You have already put the best snapshots into albums and these are leftovers. You dont want to throw them away, but you also dont know what to do with them.

"Fruit Baskets" the most Unique Incredible Edible Gift Of All !

Fruity Fresh Fruit Baskets Or Fruit gift baskets is the oldest traditional gift which still today is considered unique and one of the most overwhelming edible gifts of all .

The Cultural Narcissist - Lasch In An Age Of Diminishing Expectations

"The new narcissist is haunted not by guilt but by anxiety. He seeks not to inflict his own certainties on others but to find a meaning in life. Liberated from the superstitions of the past, he doubts even the reality of his own existence. Superficially relaxed and tolerant, he finds little use for dogmas of racial and ethnic purity but at the same time forfeits the security of group loyalties and regards everyone as a rival for the favors conferred by a paternalistic state. His sexual attitudes are permissive rather than puritanical, even though his emancipation from ancient taboos brings him no sexual peace. Fiercely competitive in his demand for approval and acclaim, he distrusts competition because he associates it unconsciously with an unbridled urge to destroy. Hence he repudiates the competitive ideologies that flourished at an earlier stage of capitalist development and distrusts even their limited expression in sports and games. He extols cooperation and teamwork while harboring deeply antisocial impulses. He praises respect for rules and regulations in the secret belief that they do not apply to himself. Acquisitive in the sense that his cravings have no limits, he does not accumulate goods and provisions against the future, in the manner of the acquisitive individualist of nineteenth-century political economy, but demands immediate gratification and lives in a state of restless, perpetually unsatisfied desire."

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Michelle Duggar Acts Weird at Weddings, and Not Because She's "Losing Another Daughter"
In Touch Weekly
If you're getting married anytime soon, make sure to keep Michelle Duggar off the guest list. The perma-grinned and perm-haired mom of 19 has a bad habit of trying to butt into the spotlight on her daughters' wedding day and needs constant praise from ...


When Weddings Went Commercial
Over the past hundred-and-fifty years or so, the wedding sections of department stores, bridal magazines, gift registries, and the rest of today's wedding industry have emerged, spreading the ideal of the opulent wedding from elites to a broad section ...

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Private affair: Most millennial couples prefer budget-friendly, intimate weddings
Economic Times
An ideal average wedding cost for 35 per cent of millennial couples is at Rs 10-25 lakh, 33 per cent of couples want to spend under Rs 10 lakh, 21 per cent of couples want to spend between Rs 25-50 lakh, and only 4 per cent look at spending over Rs 1 ...

Weatherproofing hair and makeup for outdoor weddings
Weatherproofing hair and makeup for outdoor weddings. Unable to load video. Outdoor weddings are always a weather risk, and you have to plan for everything. That includes getting your hair and makeup weather proof to last the whole day. Published: ...

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For the State-of-the-Art Wedding Feast, 'Look Is Everything'
New York Times
All the tasting-menu options that Susan Shek and Noah Sexton have sampled for their August wedding are delicious, but they want food that makes a visual statement. They're leaning toward caviar on a buckwheat blini that bears no resemblance to a blini; ...

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2018 Best of the East Bay: Weddings
Diablo Magazine
If anyone understands the challenge of organizing a wedding, it's Rayna Hess, co-owner of Eventfully Yours Event Designs—and she uses that pressure as motivation. Hess says she's happy to take the wedding-planning stress off the bride and groom so ...

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A history of June weddings in the UP
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ESCANABA — Flowers and lace cascade like waterfalls. Boutonnieres, best men, bridesmaids, and big smiles all preserved forever on film — every couple dreams of a picture-perfect wedding. And what could make a prettier backdrop for a bride and groom ...

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Fiance's family pushes for an open bar at the wedding
Detroit Free Press
Dear Carolyn: My fiance and I are getting married in my family's hometown and my parents are hosting (and paying for) the wedding. My family are minimal drinkers though not opposed to some drinking. My fiance's large extended family is accustomed to ...
Carolyn Hax: Fiance's family pushes for an open bar at the wedding

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This Week's Wedding Announcements
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Sarah Green and Hugo Hamilton Mark Burnham met in July 2015 at a breakfast in Gloucester arranged by a mutual friend at which Ms. Green and Mr. Burnham realized that despite living in the same small fishing community for years, their lines had never ...

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Design guru Bobby Berk has partnered with ride sharing app Lyft in order to give three lucky couples the wedding of a lifetime, by performing their marriages on the Lyft float during the New York City Pride Parade on June 24. “It's always been ...

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