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Special Events Recording in DVD Players Age

The proliferation of portable DVD players has dramatically changed the videography approach.

Choosing a Wine Gift Basket

During the holiday season, most of us are in a frantic search for presents for loved ones and friends. Next time, instead of the usual hassle of selecting a gift which will suit him or her, try sending a wine gift basket instead. Wine gift basketsare a perfect present for both men and women and suit every occasion e.g. Birthdays, Weddings etc. The information below will help you select an appropriate wine gift for that special occasion.

Fortune 500 Budgeting For Our Personal Lives

January and February are traditionally busy months in the financial industry as many New Years resolutions typically include the goal of becoming debt free or saving for a major purchase. While many of our clients understand the importance of getting professional help when managing their business bookkeeping, only a few think to ask for our services in managing their personal finances.

How to Plan Your Wedding and Honeymoon

1. Weddings typically can cost you anywhere around $15,000 or more. The big question is: who foots the bill

Create Beautifully Wrapped Wedding Gifts

Weddings are always such special days. Gifts are often given not only at the wedding but often at an engagement shower and a bridal shower. How can you make your gifts look special

How to Plan a Cheap Wedding

Theres no doubt about it, weddings can be expensive. The average cost of a wedding today is $20,000 $25,000, and weddings are estimated to be a $25.3 billion industry. But dont worry if your budget cannot stretch for the most expensive custom-made gown, elegant invitation cards, or the top photographer, it doesnt mean that your wedding will be any less unique or special than anyone elses.

Net Savvy Indian Brides and Grooms

India is a diverse, multi-cultural country with people of various religions, communities and sects living together in harmony and peace. Each community has its own set of religious rituals, traditions and multitudes of customs inherited from ancestors. Arranged marriage is one such common custom handed down over generations. Arranged marriage has played an important role in Indian marriages. This concept is even today accepted by millions of Indians in India and abroad. Marriages, initiated by elders, were arranged with the help of an aunt or the priest. Over a period of time this has slowly transitioned from the marriage brokers to the newspapers and now onto the Internet.

June Weddings

From the book Spiders Big Catch by Gary E. Anderson

Feel Like a Romantic Kid Again

If the start of the school year makes you a little nostalgic about your own school days, why not take a little trip: back to your own childhood! Make a date with that special someone and act like children again. Youll soon see that this child-like fun can be just as romantic as a grown-up date and a whole lot easier on the budget!

Wedding Photography: Preserving the Memories

A persons wedding can be one of the most important times in their life. They will have memories that they want to treasure forever and then pass on to their children. Wedding photography helps them do this. Having pictures taken at the wedding and then at the reception can capture those precious memories in freeze-frame and help you keep them forever.

Conquer the Five Most Common Fears about Your Wedding Ceremony

Its safe to say that of all the important events in your lifetime, your wedding day is certain to be right up there with those that are the most meaningful. And throughout the entire wedding day the preparations, the ceremony, the reception, and the wedding night the moment when you recite your wedding vows to each other is the most meaningful. It is a time that you will remember forever, exactly as it felt: a sublime, dreamlike fantastical moment, when everyone significant to you is watching as you join in wedlock with the most important individual in your life.

Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is one of the most important features of your reception. In fact, it is the centerpiece of your reception. You should begin shopping for a baker 6-8 months before the wedding. If you plan on having your reception catered, ask your caterer if they will bake your wedding cake. However, you do not have to choose the caterer to bake your cake. You can also buy cakes from commercial and boutique bakeries, custom wedding cake designer, a culinary school or someone you know who makes cakes from home.

A New Way to Use Old Snapshots

If youre like me, you have hundreds of photographs sitting in envelopes. Pictures from birthday parties, weddings, family gatherings, anniversaries, the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas. You have already put the best snapshots into albums and these are leftovers. You dont want to throw them away, but you also dont know what to do with them.

"Fruit Baskets" the most Unique Incredible Edible Gift Of All !

Fruity Fresh Fruit Baskets Or Fruit gift baskets is the oldest traditional gift which still today is considered unique and one of the most overwhelming edible gifts of all .

The Cultural Narcissist - Lasch In An Age Of Diminishing Expectations

"The new narcissist is haunted not by guilt but by anxiety. He seeks not to inflict his own certainties on others but to find a meaning in life. Liberated from the superstitions of the past, he doubts even the reality of his own existence. Superficially relaxed and tolerant, he finds little use for dogmas of racial and ethnic purity but at the same time forfeits the security of group loyalties and regards everyone as a rival for the favors conferred by a paternalistic state. His sexual attitudes are permissive rather than puritanical, even though his emancipation from ancient taboos brings him no sexual peace. Fiercely competitive in his demand for approval and acclaim, he distrusts competition because he associates it unconsciously with an unbridled urge to destroy. Hence he repudiates the competitive ideologies that flourished at an earlier stage of capitalist development and distrusts even their limited expression in sports and games. He extols cooperation and teamwork while harboring deeply antisocial impulses. He praises respect for rules and regulations in the secret belief that they do not apply to himself. Acquisitive in the sense that his cravings have no limits, he does not accumulate goods and provisions against the future, in the manner of the acquisitive individualist of nineteenth-century political economy, but demands immediate gratification and lives in a state of restless, perpetually unsatisfied desire."

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Ah, the reception. Free food. Free drinks. What's not to love? Wait, says the couple: Who's that stranger eating our food and drinking our alcohol?

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PARKVILLE, Mo. -- Three separate weddings were scheduled near English Landing Park on Saturday, but flooding showed up as an uninvited guest. However ...

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There's more to DJ-ing a wedding reception than setting up your cousin Fred's laptop and opening iTunes. Those who demand a professional, fun experience ...

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Weddings: Melva Lee Hilmoe; Join us in celebrating Melva Lee Hilmoe, turning 75 on March 30, 2019; at Active Generations, 2300 W. 46th Street, Sioux Falls ...

Wedding Crashing Is Not Cute. It Is Rude and Creepy.  Jezebel

Studies have shown that an American wedding now costs roughly two billion dollars and lasts an average of 26 hours. Planning takes an estimated 10 years, ...

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Dressed in her wedding gown and veil, Arrie Johnson paused for a moment, seeing the flowers and decorations around her, before stepping through a ...

Wedding Guide 2019: Banquet Center offers many options for newlyweds  Greenville Daily News

When it comes to weddings and receptions, one question always comes up early in the planning process: where will it be held? Hall, home, back yard, ...

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Whether you're headed to a destination wedding with a baffling dress code, or a simpler affair, here is an exhaustive guide to wedding-guest attire for both men ...

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Visit for online forms to submit your Celebration items. Deadline for Sunday publication is 5 p.m. Monday.

Wedding Dress Too Expensive? 15th Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest Offers $10K to Winner  The Voice La Voz California

(Boca Raton, FL) Weddings can be an expensive endeavor and “saying yes to the dress” can empty your piggy bank. But now there's an option for those with a ...

Readers Respond to ‘When Weddings Ruin Friendships’  The New York Times

Celebrating the beginning of one relationship might just mark the end of another. Maggie Parker's article, “When Weddings Ruin Friendships,” discussed how ...

Philadelphia weddings: Meghan Babcock and Ryan Curran

The first time she saw him, she told her mom: “I'm going to marry that guy. He's the cutest thing I've ever seen.”

Tips for Creating the Perfect Wedding Hashtag  The New York Times

Wedding photographers can't possibly capture every moment of your special day, but guests can easily fill in the gaps on social media. Using a designated ...

Travel Advisors Find South Asian Destination Weddings Very Lucrative But Tough  Skift

South Asian destination weddings, one of today's fastest-growing and most lucrative travel segments, are drawing increasing interest from resort hotels While the ...

Hugh Grant and Kristin Scott Thomas Reunite for Red Nose Day's Four Weddings and a Funeral Special

Hugh Grant and Kristin Scott Thomas are reprising their Four Weddings and a Funeral roles for a good cause.

Comic Relief 2019: Dress worn by Lily James for Four Weddings and a Funeral skit goes on sale  The Independent

The wedding dress worn by actor Lily James for the Four Weddings and a Funeral skit for Comic Relief 2019 is now on sale.

Why Silicon Valley is afraid of wedding industry startups

Zola, the e-commerce platform reinventing wedding registries by allowing couples to register for products from hundreds of brands — as well as for ...

Their Day, Their Way! 8 Couples Who Threw Wedding Tradition Right Out The Window  Essence

Who says weddings have to be (yawn) cookie-cutter? Definitely not these brides! Meet eight confident couples who decided to nix tradition and make their own ...

Turkey to host 300 percent more Indian weddings in 2019  Daily Sabah

India's wedding organizers predict a 300-percent rise in Indian weddings held in Turkey this year, culture and tourism minister said Friday. Mehmet Nuri...

Market Street Wedding Expo  Odessa American

Happily Ever After' begins at Market Street, which is why each of the 19 locations in Texas and New Mexico will host a free Wedding Expo for brides and grooms ...

From Lea & Zandy to Arie & Lauren: All of the Celeb Couples Who've Tied the Knot in 2019

The Glee alumna and AYR clothing company president tied the knot after about two years of dating on March 9 in an intimate and romantic ceremony in ...

Four Weddings and a Funeral remake praised for same-sex wedding

The stars of Four Weddings and a Funeral reunited this weekend for the first time in 25 years, to help Comic Relief raise £63m.

Photos: Photos: Area Wedding Venues  Jacksonville Daily News

The Averitt-Stephens Plantation, 6266 Richlands Highway in Richlands, is among new wedding venues in the area. Photo by John Althouse. [2/14]. The venue ...

Will Michael Jackson Songs Still Play at Weddings? We Asked Three DJs.  Slate

Wedding trends come and go, but while the popularity of bouquet tosses and hashtags may wax and wane, for decades there was one reception ritual that ...

United Methodist Church Votes To Keep Bans On Same-Sex Weddings, LGBTQ Clergy  NPR

Delegates rejected change despite a Virginia pastor's warning: "You will be putting a virus into the American church that will make it very sick, and it will be sick ...

Did You Have a Wedding Crasher?  The New York Times

Did you have a random “plus one,” an estranged family member or a complete stranger show up at your wedding reception? We would love to know how you ...

United Methodist Church To Debate LGBTQ Clergy And Same-Sex Weddings  NPR

United Methodist Church leaders are meeting in St. Louis beginning Saturday to decide whether to lift a ban on LGBTQ clergy and same-sex weddings.

United Methodist Church Keeps Ban On Same-Sex Weddings, LGBTQ Clergy  WBUR

The United Methodist Church votes to maintain a ban on gay clergy and gay marriage. Is a schism inevitable? We put that to a roundtable of Methodist voices.

Philadelphia weddings: Chip O’Connell and Elizabeth Convery

The day after the Super Bowl, the couple made their social-media engagement announcement: “The Eagles weren't the only ones to get a ring this weekend.”

Why Is Princess Diana and Prince Charles' Wedding Still the Most Popular?  The Cheat Sheet

Even though their marriage didn't last, the wedding ceremony of Princess Diana and Prince Charles is still the most memorable.

Wedding bells ring with spring, businesses give advice for planning ceremonies  WBBJ-TV

BELLS, Tenn. — “This is when we start getting busy,” said Vows Weddings and Events planner, Linn Ash Isbell. Blushing bride Chelsea Brunner is making sure ...

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Wedding Bell Blues  Vulture

The combination of Eva's wedding and the aftermath from the Bye Wig party does little to alleviate NeNe's troubles. But the gowns … A recap of Bravo's The Real ...

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It's no secret that Duchess Sarah Ferguson has a sordid history with the British Royal Family. Though she was the red-headed royal darling when she married ...

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Go inside this couple's Indian wedding in Sonoma, California.

United Methodists Continue Bans On Same-Sex Weddings, LGBTQ Clergy  NPR

Steve Inskeep talks to Kenneth Carter, Jr., president of the Church's Council of Bishops, about the rejection of a measure that would have eased restrictions on ...

Bride was diagnosed with cancer days before dream wedding  Fox News

A Pennsylvania woman who was diagnosed with cancer just days before she tied the knot at her dream wedding bravely marched down the aisle with an IV drip ...

The cast of 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' reunites for a short sequel  CNN

It only took 25 years, but it looks like it's going to be well worth the wait.

Real Weddings: Inside a fairy tale–inspired celebration in the King Eddie's Crystal Ballroom  Toronto Life

Talia Brown met Nelson Thall in March 2017 during a spontaneous dinner at Sassafraz. Talia, a stylist, took her client out after a photoshoot, and that client ...

Married to the Outdoors: REI Relaunches Wedding Registry  GearJunkie

Outdoorsy couples no longer have to worry about returning the blender. REI's wedding registry has real-life gear they'll actually use — together.

How to Save on Your Wedding Wine  The New York Times

Find the best quality and most crowd-pleasing wine for your price point, and, choose the wines you actually like to drink.

Vintage Wedding Dresses - Wedding Dress Shopping

The inside scoop on shopping for a vintage wedding dress.

It is peak Wedding Planning season!  WRGB

We are in the midst of peak wedding planning season, according to event photographer Dave Bigler of Dave Bigler Photos & Films. Bigler says that's because ...

A bride asked one of her wedding guests to leave after he showed up in his military uniform  INSIDER

A bride has divided the internet after explaining how she kicked a guest out of her wedding for turning up in military uniform. Writing on Reddit's "Am I The A------" ...

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Photography and Camera News, Reviews, and Inspiration.

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Months after many of us overreacted (some were basically planning weddings) to seeing Senator and presidential hopeful Cory Booker and actor Rosario ...

Alicia Vikander, Lily James join 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' return  UPI News

Alicia Vikander and Lily James are set to star in the mini-sequel to romanic comedy "Four Weddings and a Funeral" as part of the BBC's Red Nose Day ...

Organizing a Wedding Has Become Like Taking on a Second Job  Bravo

On this season of Vanderpump Rules, Brittany Cartwright has shown she is very invested in getting a $300 mashed potato bar (which sounds delicious, by the ...

Lily James and Alicia Vikander to star in Four Weddings Comic Relief special

The original cast reunite, 25 years later for a Comic Relief Red Nose Day special of Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Couple celebrates after wedding at Indianapolis White Castle  WRTV Indianapolis

A couple is celebrating Saturday after getting married at a White Castle in downtown Indianapolis.

I Went to a Weed Wedding Expo and Helped Stoners Plan Their Dream Wedding  VICE

This article originally appeared on VICE Canada. Elizabeth Buckle is heading inside a portable hot box—basically a van that's been renovated to look like ...

Humanist weddings see couples nearly four times less likely to get divorced

There are so many decisions to make when getting married, from which traditions to totally turn your back on (ditch the cake, go for a giant wheel of cheese ...

Kellie Pickler's New Hallmark Movie 'Wedding at Graceland' Is Hiring  Country Living

Quit your day jobs Hallmark fans, because Kellie Pickler's latest movie, Wedding at Graceland, is in search of crew members. Here's what you need to know ...

7 Smart Ways to Stay Organized While Wedding Planning  The New York Times

Staying organized while planning a wedding is no small feat. Forty-seven percent of engaged and newlywed couples said the process was so stressful they ...

Watch The Wedding Guest Movie Online full HD free|Streaming!

WATCH [The Wedding Guest] Full Movie Online (2019) HD FULL fREE.

Floyd County board to consider wedding venue on Hiram Road, changes to parks & rec programs  Northwest Georgia News

Another application to establish a wedding and special events venue on rural acreage is slated to go before the Floyd County Commission on Tuesday night.

Kate Middleton Actually Wears 3 Rings on Her Ring Finger — Here's What They Represent  POPSUGAR

Whenever they're out in public, the women of the royal family never fail to appear in glamorous, glittering jewels — some brand-new, and some passed down.

Glendale couple to celebrate 80th wedding anniversary Friday  FOX 10 News Phoenix

A Glendale couple will soon celebrate a milestone few other couples can claim they have celebrated.

Princess Diana’s niece Kitty Spencer says Meghan Markle’s royal wedding created ‘unexpected’ attention on her  Fox News

Lady Kitty Spencer, Princess Diana's niece, admitted she was not prepared to become an online sensation after attending the wedding of her cousin Prince ...

You'll Cringe So Hard At These Wedding Planners' Most Challenging Request From Couples  Elite Daily

As the temperatures outside being to rise, flowers start to bloom, and the snow melts away, the greatest time of the year is upon us: It's wedding season, y'all!

Asia's sweethearts flock to Japan for destination weddings  Nikkei Asian Review

TOKYO -- How do you say "I do" in Japanese?Couples around Asia are increasingly choosing Japan for their destination weddings. Japanese companies.

Advice: I want to avoid a family bully at a wedding reception  The Boston Globe

Can I ask to not be seated at his table? Plus, runny-nose season.

Black Bridal Moment Of The Day: Squad Goals Courtesy Of This Opulent Houston Wedding  Essence

This Nigerian ceremony gave us nothing but opulence!

Jimmy Kimmel Has Questions for the Casual Best Man Who Fell Face First in That Wild Video  TIME

Following the viral rise of a video of a wedding that ended with the best man fainting, Jimmy Kimmel had a lot of questions for him.

Inside Princess Eugenie's New Married Life With Jack Brooksbank  E! Online

The princess, celebrating her first birthday as a married woman, and husband Jack Brooksbank have been enjoying a quiet honeymoon period and only just ...

6 Wedding Planners Reveal The Secrets Every Bride Should Know, & They're Genius  Elite Daily

For anyone who's seen the movie Bride Wars, it's common knowledge that planning a wedding is serious business. Well, it's about as serious as you want it to ...

Woman criticized for sending out wedding RSVPs before boyfriend has even proposed  Fox News

The anonymous bride has sparked debate on a wedding shaming Facebook group.

Royal wedding 2019: Lady Gabriella's wedding - Venue, Date, Guests, everything we know  Express

LADY GABRIELLA Windsor will marry long-term partner Thomas Kingston in just a few months time, here's everything we know about the royal wedding.

Kellie Pickler's Hallmark Christmas Movie Is Getting a Summer Sequel, Wedding at Graceland

Wedding at Graceland, which starts shooting the second week in April, will premiere this summer on the Hallmark Channel.

McArter-Kidd Wedding | Announcements  Tulsa World

Emma Marie McArter and James Arthur Kidd both of Broken Arrow are happy to announce they were married on February 23, 2019 at The Campbell Hotel, ...

'Say Yes to the Dress': Why Do Some Brides Sue After the Show?  The Cheat Sheet

Find out why some brides file lawsuits after appearing on 'Say Yes to the Dress' and which celebrity had to watch her episode air even though her wedding was ...

Maria & Jason’s wedding: ‘I am because you are’  Los Angeles Blade

The rain clouds parted, letting the sun shine down on St. John's Cathedral in downtown Los Angeles as if God knew how magnificent this moment was for Maria ...

Priyanka Chopra Responds to Rumors About Meghan Markle Skipping Her Wedding  Brides

On Thursday's Watch What Happens Live, Priyanka Chopra cleared up rumors that she was still mad at Markle Markle for not attending her wedding to Nick ...

10 Things You Should Know About Being a Wedding Photographer  PetaPixel

There's something unique about being a wedding photographer. It's a job that filled with joyful moments and happiness. A wedding photographer plays a ...

A Lush Jungle Wedding in Barcelona  Brides

When Oscar Trias first spotted Ale Pravia at a club in Barcelona, he was sure it was model Jon Kortajarena that he'd noticed on the dance floor. (It wasn't, but ...

Royal wedding 2019: How Lady Gabriella's wedding will mirror Meghan and Eugenie's  Express

ANOTHER royal wedding will soon take place, the third in less than 12 months for the Royal Family. Here's how Lady Gabriella Windsor's wedding will mirror ...

Stylist Clare Byrne Wore Not One, but Two AREA Dresses for Her Wedding in Australia  Vogue

As one might expect of a stylist bride, Clare was able to call upon industry friends for help with her wedding day look.

50th wedding anniversary celebration | Community  Bay City Daily Tribune

Saturday, March 16, 2019 Juan and Adelfa Lucio celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at the beautiful Beneath the Oaks venue. Approximately 200 family ...

In-laws tag along to wedding weekend  Detroit Free Press

Our older son and his wife are bringing her parents to our younger son's out-of-town wedding to babysit their 1-year-old.

City native plans a tropical wedding | News, Sports, Jobs  Williamsport Sun-Gazette

Margaret Furst and Guy Aldeguer, of Etampes, France, have announced their engagement. The couple is planning a wedding to be held in the Caribbean.

Carly Pearce Reveals Why She Refuses to Use a Wedding Planner

Carly Pearce and Michael Ray will tie the knot at some point this year, but with their busy schedules, it would seem only logical that Pearce would enlist the help ...

Pune: Cops stop weddings of two minors  Times of India

PUNE: Police thwarted a child marriage bid on Friday after receiving a tip-off on weddings involving two minor girls at Erandwane.

Charan And Upsi, The Must Guests Of Mega Weddings  Gulte

Ram Charan and Upasana Kamineni are the newest trendy couple of Tollywood after the likes of Mahesh-Namratha and Chay-Sam. Despite being the fact that ...

Suspended Harford deputy allegedly touched two women inappropriately at wedding  Baltimore Sun

The Harford County sheriff's deputy facing assault and sex offense charges allegedly grabbed a woman's rear end and touched another woman inappropriately ...

A bride-to-be's wedding bag stolen weeks before big day

Weeks before her big day, a bride to be has to start the wedding planning all over again after a thief stole what she calls her wedding bag.

What Great Jones Co-founders Sierra Tishgart and Maddy Moelis Put on Their Wedding Registries  New York Magazine

The Great Jones co-founders Sierra Tishgart and Maddy Moelis share the must-have kitchen accessories and home décor they put on their wedding registries.

First look at 'RHOD' star LeeAnne Locken's $25K wedding dress  Page Six

"Real Housewives of Dallas" star LeeAnne Locken will marry Rich Emberlin in a custom $25000 wedding dress by Nardos Imam, and Page Six Style has the first ...

Jennifer Lopez 'planning a princess-style wedding' - Music News  Music News

Jennifer Lopez has reportedly begun making plans for her most “opulent” wedding yet as she prepares to tie the knot for the fourth time. Despite being a ...

10 unforgettable reality TV weddings  Channel 24

Whether they made you scoff or tear up, these nuptials definitely left a lasting impression.

Demi Moore Attends Ex-Husband Bruce Willis' 10-Year Wedding Anniversary Party  Entertainment Tonight

The former couple called it quits in 2000 after 13 years of marriage.

'Blue Bloods': Who Will Be Danny's Date to Jamie's Wedding?  The Cheat Sheet

Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) are taking a huge step by getting married. We still don't know when the wedding will take place or ...

Where to buy wedding dresses in Indy for half price or less  FOX 59 Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A wedding is arguably one of the most important days in a person's life, and it can also be one of the most expensive. For brides-to-be, ...

Denver business owner refuses to shoot gay wedding  The Denver Channel

A Denver wedding videographer who refused to work with a same-sex couple is setting the stage for another conflict over religious beliefs and state ...

Joe Jonas Reveals Wedding Date With Sophie Turner & What He Learned ‘Not To Do’ From Nick’s Nuptials  Hollywood Life

Joe Jonas offered more wedding details beyond the season he and Sophie Turner will tie the knot, all while poking fun at brothers Nick and Kevin's nuptials on ...

Lea Michele Flashes Her Wedding Ring While Honeymooning With Zandy  E! Online

The wedding band is just as sparkly as her engagement ring.

Wedding dress designer relocates company to northern Dauphin County  PennLive

A wedding dress designer has relocated her company to northern Dauphin County. Sheila Kauffman, who specializes in customized wedding dresses, ...

Mother of Dragons! This Gorgeous Game of Thrones-Inspired Wedding Has Details Straight Out of the...  POPSUGAR

Sonia Melendez is an extremely big fan of Game of Thrones and also a very talented photographer. So she decided to combine her two passions and put ...

Appetites: Making wedding cakes with love  Minnesota Public Radio News

Say your friend asks you to make a wedding cake. Are you qualified? Probably not. Should you do it? Amy Thielen is here to say: Yes! Absolutely!

Hampton Roads Ollie’s Bargain Outlets hold markdown sale on wedding dresses, formal wear  WTKR News 3

Hampton Roads-area Ollie's Bargain Outlet stores are holding their first-ever wedding and formal dress sale event, selling wedding, formal, prom and ...

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