Team Building requires one great dynamic for true Success - Mateship

A Successful Team is built around mateship, around respect for your team mates and for yourself. I am not saying that everyone will get on like best buddies, what I noticed is that in all our 'differences' everyone was accepted as they were, got on within the boundaries of the club and got the job done. I have seen teams that have been full of stars, as I am sure you have too, and those teams have not succeeded. They have not achieved their full potentials as individuals or as a team.

Does that seem a strange notion when I say that an individual can achieve their full potential as part of a Team? Many professional athletes in team sport who train together regularly, learn about each others strengths and weaknesses and funny enough your weaknesses become very apparent and they will get used against you to keep your feet on the ground when you have performed exceptionally well one week!! A good team leader or coach will gather all this information and put his team together according to the collective strength and weaknesses of every person in the team. In that environment everyone has a chance to shine and achieve his full potential, assisted by his or her team mates.

The goal is to cover the team's weaknesses, exploit their strengths and produce a unit that functions and works very well together for the common good, for the team goal. Everyone is involved, everyone has a job to do for the success of the team so that individuals share the victories with their mates and celebrate as a whole. A common acronym for TEAM is 'together everyone achieves more'. It is for these reasons that an individual can fulfil their potential in a team setting.

As an Affiliate Marketer, in my naivety, I thought that I was going to work the Net in my 'Home Based Business' and do remarkably well financially all on my own. I have since found out that any business, even Internet Business requires team work to succeed.

In Network Marketing, Multilevel Marketing, Internet Marketing or even Affiliate Marketing you will only ever do well if your team is doing well. Everyone needs to be taught and trained by your up line, you need to do your own research, take what you can use from your up line and then you need to teach, train and encourage your own team, your down line. A good leader will always tell you that his success in achieving and fulfilling goals and dreams has always occurred when he has had a good team and everyone rallied together for the common goals of all concerned.

The same principles of leadership in sport apply in business, in fact anywhere there is a collection of people who hope to work together. You need to have a common goal or vision and all work toward helping each other by swapping ideas, communicating with each other effectively, working together, putting the groups interests sometimes before your own. But at the end of the day, remember, there can only be one boss. This sometimes needs to be sorted before any team will succeed, one person becomes accountable to all, they take on full responsibility for decisions made and they should have the respect of all concerned.

If they don't then your business won't exactly be flying along to the top of your industry.

As an Affiliate Marketer my goal is to be debt free, financially independent from the common systems of employment and have more time to spend with my Family doing the things we like to do.

Are your goals similar? Does your Team liase with each other for the common good? If not it is time to do something about it, re-establish communication channels and set new goals, reassess the group vision and create a mission statement so that everyone knows where they are going. Success will come when you work Together.

Colin Thomson is an Electrician who works the Internet part time for extra income. He has been a Christian for 7 years and loves the Lord and His ways. You can get in touch with him through his affiliate opportunities, at no obligation, if you so wish through his website

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