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10 Expressions to Avoid in Sales Communication

Keeping up with what words are in and out isn't hard. Yet,with all the other more important things on our to-do list,it doesn't get remembered easily.

The Five Most Common Mistakes Salespeople Make

Over the decades that I've been involved in sales, I've worked with tens of thousands of salespeople. Certain negative tendencies -- mistakes that salespeople make -- keep surfacing. Here are my top five. See to what degree you (or your sales force) may be guilty of them.

The Top Five Traits of a Successful Salesperson

If you're looking for a successful salesperson to hire, a salesperson who not only can sell but will sell, look for a salesperson with PRIDE.

Your Sales Process Isnt

A lot of energy is expended within selling organizations as they try to identify, adopt, and administer a sales process that works for them. The holy grail of selling is to find a foolproof method for creating a customer, the ultimate finished product of the perfect sales process. Prepare to be disappointed.

10 High Powered Ways To Magnify Your Sales

1. Give your prospects a f~ree trial of your software product, service, or let them read the first chapter or two of your informational product.

Sales Trap - We Love to Talk, But Need to Listen

My research has clearly shown that, when it comes to selling, the part we're most comfortable with is talking about what we do - explaining our services and how we can help the client.

Less is More: Quick Tips to Improve Your Sales

I?ll be brief. If not ? I?ll negate my own point. Got time to read a 12-page essay on sales improvement? You want to get back to making sales and money. Let?s go then.

Need A Sales Boost ? Try These!

The telephone is still the best and most effective way to reach people. It can help generate more sales and build your business. Unfortunately most people don?t like the telephone and don?t use it effectively. In order to become more proficient using the telephone, you need to follow some basic guidelines and then practice, practice and then practice some more.

How to Sound Just Like a Salesperson

Prospect - "So now that I've told you what we are looking for, do you think that you can help us with this?"

4 Easy Ways to Boost Your Sales

Here are 4 easy ways you can boost your sales for little or no new expense ...and without making major changes in your selling process.

Eliminating Objections to Increase Sales

You want to increase the flow of sales revenue, but you are stymied by prospects' seemingly endless objections. Prospects say they're not interested. They tell you your price is too high, or this isn't the right time. You've heard all the objections. What can you do to get rid of these once and for all?

Three Fast, Short, Simple Ways to Escalate Your Sales

1. Sell an inexpensive product to sell an expensive product. If people like your inexpensive product, they will be persuaded to buy your expensive one.

How To Master the Art of Super Salesmanship

Mastering the "art of selling" is simply knowing how to present whatever it is that you're selling, to the buyer in such a manner that he feels buying it from you will solve his problems or fulfill his dreams. Selling online is really no different than selling in person, face to face with your prospect. Really, it's just a way of making sales calls more efficiently and economically. You've got to get his attention - you've got to appeal to his interests -you've got to make him understand how his purchase of your product will benefit him ? and finally, you've got to close the sale by causing him to reach into his wallet for money or to write out a check for whatever it is you're selling. Remember, in essence, even though the method of selling is the Internet, it's the same as if you were knocking on his front door. Thus it's very important that your material look its best. Make your website look professional and successful. The opening encounter with the prospect affects the success of the presentation and whether or not a sale is ultimately closed. Once he's gotten the website opened and is looking at your presentation, you've got to carry over that image of professionalism and success -Make him feel comfortable -Be friendly and believable. -Stimulate his interest in whatever you're selling by appealing to one of his basic wants, needs or problems with a solution. Don't waste his time with a long and/or complicated dissertation. >BR>The most important thing you want to do is to create within your fulfillment he'll have as a result of buying from you. Stimulate his imagination, and explain to him how he can use whatever you're selling to his advantage. Finally, and most importantly, make it as simple and as easy as possible for your prospect to buy from you. Don't force him to read a long, drawn out sales agreement or contract. Just make your presentation, explain how purchasing from you will solve his problems or fulfill his dreams, paint a word picture that allows him to see himself with your product and his problems solved or his dreams fulfilled, and then direct the buyer to your order page on your website. Too many sales presentations begin with some sort of story about the seller ? Hello there, I'm writing to you from the beautiful beaches of Waikiki; or after a hundred years of research I've found the fountain of youth; even some such tripe as dear friend - you may not know me but I'm now a millionaire... When you put your sales presentation on paper - when you're trying to sell something by mail or online - appeal to the basic wants, needs or problems of your prospect. He or she wants only to satisfy his or her problems - not read about who or where you are or what you've done -just ask them if they'd like to know how to make their tires on their car last 10 years or more (or whatever the benefit of your product is) Above all else, remember that people's wants, needs and problems are changing constantly - and that people are learning all the time ? meaning that you must constantly be up-to-date with what you're selling, and always be improving your sales presentation. May be reprinted and redistributed freely as long as the resource box remains intact. To show my appreciation to the people that use my article, I run a free solo ad to my ezine list. Once I receive confirmation of the url or a copy of the ezine that the article was used in, I will run your solo ad. Send the url or ezine copy to*************************************************************DeAnna publishes the biweekly ezine Prospecting and Presents.

Top Ten No Money Promotion Ways That Create New Clients and Fast Sales

Better than offline promotion such as press releases, talks, or networking? Better than search engine placement, banner ads, ezines and news groups?

Six Simple Steps to Increase Sales and Decrease Stress

Have you ever found a lead on a scrap of paper after the prospect purchased from your competition? Are you spending time recreating proposals because you can?t find a similar one you wrote a few months ago? Do you run out of the door for an appointment at the last minute because you couldn?t find the brochures you really wanted to take? Are you feeling overwhelmed? If so, here are six simple steps to help you increase sales and decrease stress:

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