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Trading in Corporate Office for Home Office

Six years ago, I had not yet turned on a computer. Today I run several successful Internet Businesses and by me being a single parent of 4 children my friends calls me a marketing expert.

How to Buy a Home with Good Feng Shui

Buying a home is usually a stressful experience. So much rides on a new home because this is where you relax, have fun, sleep, eat; in short, it?s the place central to your life. Not only that, but homes usually cost a whole lot of money and represent our single largest investment. Most homebuyers can usually find the objective requirements of house hunting, such as location, size, and price. But, there are also intangible factors when searching for a new home, but most people don?t know what to look for.

Breaking Away from White Wall Paint

Paint is one of the most affordable and easiest ways to change a room. But choosing the right paint colors for your home can seem like an overwhelming task.

Get Rid Of Air Pollution In Your Home With House Plants

Do you know that formaldehyde, a colorless, pungent-smelling gas can cause severe health effects to us? Sources of formaldehyde are:- environmental tobacco smoke and combustion sources (burning wood, kerosene and by automobiles) preservatives in some paints, cosmetics and coating finish used to coat paper products pressed wood products and furniture made with these pressed wood products certain insulation materials such as urea-formaldehyde foam insulation (UFFI) and fiberglass insulation durable press drapes, other textiles, and glues.

How To Ward Off House Thief

To most of us, security at home is very important. Ever experienced coming home one night and found your belongings scattered around? Or maybe you heard funny noises while you were sleeping and wondered if it was some thieves in your house? Would you like to worry less and enjoy your home better? Well, besides house alarm or sealing up your house with grills and locks, why not place an interesting home decor, which will help to ward off house thieves?

Your Candles Are Killing You and Your Furniture - Substitute It!

Even though most of the houses are well lighted with electric powered lights, we can't escape using candles at home. Whether it is for a romantic candlelit dinner, for festive season such as Deepavali or Christmas or as back up when electricity cuts off, we know that candles are useful for every household. What we don't know is that candles are a common unrecognized cause of poor indoor air quality.

Warm & Toasty Outdoors with Patio Heaters

The Heat is On with Patio Heaters Any outdoor lover will tell you that the right patio heater will allow you to extend your love of the open-air life all year round. A 15-20 foot circle of heat can easily increase the outside temperature by 10-25 degrees Fahrenheit and that makes all the difference between having to stay inside and eating out. As with most patio equipment, the choice of the right heater for your needs isn't always such an immediate process. First thing to know is whether you really need or want one. Some factors to consider are your lifestyle. How often do you eat or entertain outside? What is the weather predominantly like? Now a few words concerning your budget. How much are you willing to spend? Prices for free standing models generally start at around $200-$250 and can go up to and over the $1000 mark. For normal domestic use, most sources indicate a $300-$400 model as being perfect. The more expensive models are generally intended for commercial use. The newer, better-made patio heaters offer a selection of safety features and temperature controls. They will allow you to entertain in the early spring evenings. Just take a family breakfast set outside, or simply have a barbecue anytime you feel like it. Modern patio heaters are: so safe, you needn't worry about fire very quiet really make having a patio or deck worthwhile Freestanding heaters are usually about 7 feet tall and resemble a lamppost with a conical umbrella type housing on top. This helps radiate heat downwards. Some electric models are available but the majority use propane or natural gas, and these are by far the best type to consider. The gas canisters are contained in the base of the heater. A quality patio or garden heater will generate around 45-50,000 BTUs, and that would be enough to keep you warm when you sit anywhere within a 20-foot diameter. Most models now come with wheels, which facilitate moving your heater from one place to another while some even come with carrying cases. When it's not in use, you can put the patio or deck heater in its carry case, or under an appropriate cover, and just wheel it away! Many retailers are also able to offer smaller tabletop, or footstool, versions of the freestanding models. So, apart from the price, the main things to look out for are the BTUs and temperature controls. The rest is really just design. Choose something you like ... and prepare to enjoy more quality time outdoors. In summary, garden or patio heaters will allow you to enjoy the outdoor life all year round.

Color Help: Many Factors Affect Color Preference

Understanding color psychology helps home makers choose colors for home decorating.

Selecting Color Schemes

Choosing a color scheme for a room can be a daunting task at times, especially if nothing about the room initially jumps out at you. If you find yourself without a particular color preference for a room, you might begin by picking color combinations that are inspired by a favorite fabric pattern. Patterns usually have a group of complimentary colors, and using variations within the same group of colors throughout the house will lend your entire home a sense of harmony.

Colors: Their Connotations and Perceived Meanings

Throughout the ages, colors have been used to evoke certain emotions, and an examination of the history of color offers fascinating insights into the human condition, as well as showing how different cultures have developed different attitudes about color. Here are a few examples of what various colors have come to represent over the years:

Research Concerning Color in Homes and Workplaces

Over the years, many studies have been done in countries around the world to try to discover how human color preferences affect the choices we make in decorating our homes and workplaces, and one dominant fact has consistently emerged: our choice of colors seems to be based largely on the intended use of the space, whether it?s in our homes or at our places of business. Here are a few of the findings from various studies:

How To Completely Rehab Your Home In 10 Days!

This report is about taking a house and restoring it to an aesthetically pleasing dwelling that has reclaimed it?s functional utility. In effect, it is the anti-aging medication for bricks and mortar.

New Construction Windows Or Replacement Windows? Which Is Right For You?

Hello, my name is John Rocco.I grew up around the window and door business. My father owned a glass shop that dealt in every aspect of residential and commercial glass.Naturally, when it came time to choose a profession, i wound up in the window and door business.I have been in the business for about 27 years, and i have been self employed for 20.

Which Type of Radiant Floor Heating is Best For Me?

If you are looking to warm your floors with a radiant heat system, and have typed ?radiant heat system? into a search engine, you might find yourself scratching your head at this point. There are dozens of products available to purchase, and there are even more companies telling you that their product is the best.

5 Steps for Creating a Garage You Can Love ? and Use

A major US corporation recently launched a new line of products it hopes will create a $650 million retail business ? appliances and storage devices designed to appeal to the 65 million garage owners in the U.S! According to a 1994 study by the U.S. Department of Energy (and we won?t even explore what launched that study!), 25% of people with two-car garages didn?t park any cars in them and 32% parked only one. When it came to three-car garages, only 13% parked three cars. . So, if we don?t park cars in our garages, what do we use them for?

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In the scams, homeowners are pressured to commit to subpar work that requires thousands of dollars to repair.

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The county wants to lessen the burden of home improvements with a guide listing organizations that offer these services for little or no cost.

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Homearama 2019 is July 13-28, 2019 at 4063 Sweeney Lane in Dove Point Estates in Louisville, KY.

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MANKATO — Owners of low-to-mid-priced homes looking to do a fix-up or even an expansion will be targeted through a partnership between a local bank and ...

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A bomb threat called in to a Riverdale Lowe's Home Improvement location on Tuesday morning was made by a former employee who was upset about being ...

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Fort Lauderdale-based roofing pros bring peace of mind and added protection to homeowners. FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., July 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ ...

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The Dane County Sheriff's Office is warning homeowners of a group posing as an asphalt paving business knocking on doors in western Dane County.

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Up to now, JM Family Enterprises has operated five automotive businesses, including Southeast Toyota Distributors, which it describes as the world's largest ...

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West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey won a $76000 judgment that also orders a home improvement contractor cease any work as a contractor.

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What are homeowners spending on when it comes to their properties? HomeAdvisor's annual State of Home Spending Report shares some insights on that ...

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Despite partisan fights, the House Veterans Affairs Committee passed bills to make homeownership easier for wounded veterans and to continue a Women's ...

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ST. LOUIS, Mo., July 16, 2019 -- Huttig Building Products (Nasdaq: HBP), one of the nation's largest wholesale distributors of millwork and specialty building ...

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Troopers issued an arrest warrant Tuesday for a former CEO accused of embezzling more than $100000 from a nonprofit company in Lincoln County, West ...

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If you're thinking about renovating your home in your spare time this summer, you might want to think again. As the term "D-I-Y" or "Do it Yourself" grows in ...

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Young missionaries from New Jersey and Pennsylvania came together June 25-26 to help an Ellendale man repair and paint his home. Jerry Guyer has a ...

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The Home Depot Inc. HD has been a strong performer, evident from its robust earnings surprise history and the stock momentum. In fact, the company has been ...

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Union Savings Bank announced Friday that it is discontinuing customers' repayment of special home improvement loans to those impacted by tornado damage.

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George Paul Moy, 94, of Chinatown, a housing inspector in Philadelphia and a civic activist who saved a Chinatown church from urban renewal, died July 10, ...

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Facing a backlash, Home Depot sought to distance itself from billionaire co-founder Bernie Marcus after he pledged to back President Trump's bid for re-election ...

George Michael’s former lover is squatting at his $6.2M mansion and destroying the place: family  The Real Deal

George Michael's ex-lover has smashed the windows at his old home.

OUR VIEW: City officials right to consider possibilities for improving local economy  MyWebTimes.com

THE ISSUE: Ottawa council considering 3-year *service* to attract retailersOUR VIEW: Good on officials for setting goals and honestly discussing ups and downs ...

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We asked home improvement experts to share their take on the most popular home improvement projects to try this summer.

Lower Allen Township Police charge man with home improvement fraud  WPMT FOX 43

CUMBERLAND COUNTY -- Lower Allen Township Police have charged a Cumberland County man with deceptive or fraudulent business practices and home ...

Greendale Man Accused Of Home Improvement Fraud  Eagle 99.3 FM WSCH

Police say Ronald L. Rose was paid over $12000 between April and May for work he never completed.

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STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — The construction industry has contributed to a boost in the city of Steamboat Springs' April sales tax revenue. Sales tax revenue this ...

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Sheriff Issues Home Improvement Scam Warnings - Algonquin-Lake In The Hills, IL - The sheriff's office issued a warning June 28 regarding con-artist groups ...

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Home Improvement Products refer to those goods which improve the life quility and make normal life more convenient. The major contributing factors to the ...

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Steve Humble says he's installed secret panic room doors that cost up to $200000.

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The Jasper County Sheriff's Office and other local area agencies have reportedly received multiple reports of possible home improvement fraud/paving scams ...

Home Depot is doubling down on the home decor space  INSIDER

Home Depot's EVP of merchandise, Ted Decker, told Business Insider, "We'd rather spend our energy on our own capability."

Central Pa. winery showing off its 'home improvement' Saturday  PennLive.com

Buddy Boy Winery's upgraded tasting room party will be unveiled from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., with plenty of food and beverages available for purchase.

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Nominate your favorite experts in five Home Improvement categories as part of the 2019 Best of Central Minnesota Readers' Survey.

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Best Hardware Store: Blackhawk Hardware. One of the mainstays of Park Road Shopping Center since opening in 1977, Blackhawk Hardware is renowned for ...

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Amazon Prime members again snapped up loss leaders like the Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick with Alexa Remote on the first day of Amazon Prime Day 2019, ...

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Another popular scam during the summer revolves around home improvement.

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Wainscoting is one of the most effective and economical ways to make your home look better and boost its value.

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FORT SMITH, Ark. (KFTA) — Flood victims who are rebuilding their homes can now get get a free hazard mitigation consultation from a local home improvement ...

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A Sayreville man has pleaded guilty in connection with using fake checks to steal more than $2 million in merchandise from home improvements stores ...

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POTOMAC, Md., June 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Curbio Inc., the fast-growing real estate technology company that specializes in pre-sale home renovation, has ...

Microfinance program will help with home improvements | News  Logan Daily News

LOGAN — Due to the high need for minor repairs and home improvement projects on owner-occupied homes, Habitat for Humanity of Southeast Ohio will be ...

Carl’s Fencing, Decking & Home Improvements  BestofNJ.com

As a full-*service* home remodeling company, Carl's Fencing, Decking, and Home Improvements has been active in New Jersey and nearby areas for over 40 ...

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There are two big takeaways from the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report. First, the home improvement retailer category continues to be one of the.

Sauce kept in home improvement store bucket among violations on this week's restaurant inspection list  AZCentral

Four restaurants in Phoenix, Tempe and Chandler made this week's list for four or more violations. Also see 20 spots that earned top scores.

ANGI HomeServices Is Taking A Piece Of The $400 Billion Home Improvement Market At A Rapid Pace  Seeking Alpha

ANGI Homeservices is growing on all the important metrics such as paying subscribers, jobs posted, and revenue per subscriber. Total revenue for Q1 was up ...

Options for funding your next home improvement project  thepress.net

Before starting a home improvement project — either on one's own or with the assistance of a professional contractor — homeowners must first consider the ...

Theft ring stole least $83K in merchandise from home improvement stores  WJXT News4JAX

At least four people have been arrested in connection with a string of thefts of power tools from several Home Depot and Lowe's stores in Jacksonville.

Habitat ReStore aims to be affordable alternative to home improvement stores, offers collector’s items for Marshall fans  WOWK

Monday, our staff headed to Habitat Restore in Huntington to lend a helping hand unloading trucks and restoring what some may call collector's items.

World Changers Week centered on home improvement, community development  Huntington Herald Dispatch

HUNTINGTON — Families of low-income and moderate-income households throughout the Huntington area are constantly struggling to maintain necessary ...

Thanks to suspicious bank manager, Texas man charged with trying to scam Roseville woman, 87  St. Paul Pioneer Press

An unexpected knock on an 87-year-old Roseville woman's door Monday led to a ruse that nearly cost her $2,500, authorities say. She found a stranger on her ...

Christina Anstead Reveals the One Thing Every Home Needs This Summer: Can You Guess?  Realtor.com News

What's the one thing people's homes are crying out for this summer? According to Christina Anstead of "Christina on the Coast," it's a bit of a beach vibe.

Home Depot and Lowe's July 4 Sales: Mulch Sale $2 Per Bag  MONEY

Lowe's and Home Depot mulch sales are back. July 4 sales at Home Depot and Lowe's feature $2 bag mulch sale and other deals.

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The Home Improvement Products report underlines a basic synopsis of the Home Improvement Products market that entails classifications, definitions, industry ...

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We're coming at you with five of the most popular bedroom decor posts on Instagram—all of which will bring the vacation vibes right into your own home.

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Summer's the time to get caught up on all those projects around the house. Whether it's giving the outside a *fresh* coat of paint or tackling some landscaping, ...

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SOUTH BEND — A trial date has been set for a Nappanee man accused of committing home improvement fraud several years ago.

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GlobalDIY Home Improvement Market2019 provideselaborateanalysis of Marketsummary, Market Drivers, Opportunities, Potential Application.Also DIY Home ...

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Retail stocks have under-performed year-to-date, but Goldman Sachs thinks this depressed group of stocks is ready to rebound in a big way.

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It's easy to have multiple home decor ideas. However, the biggest consideration is finding adequate space to fit them all in. You do not want your house to look ...

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ATLANTA—Home Depot will home in on home décor, as it looks to build out that category, according to a Business Insider report. However, the home ...

CiTi students gain home improvement, hands-on experience  nny360.com

MEXICO - The Project Explore experience within the Center for Instruction, Technology and Innovation's (CiTi) alternative education program has provided ...

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