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Planning Permission Tips UK - Understanding Your Local Planning Officer - They are Only Human

This time of year often sees an explosion in new enquiries for development schemes but the irony of this fact is that most people think that they are in time for a Spring/early summer build if they start the Planning & design process now through the Local Authority?? Sorry but this thinking should have been at the end of last summer - September at the latest. In most cases people do not seem to realise the time scales involved ....... 1 month for survey & design build up, another 2 weeks for clients alterations & Planning upgrade, 2 to 3 months for Planning Approval, 4 weeks for the Building Regulations upgrade, 5 weeks for the Building Regulations & tender & then 4 months to fit in with your chosen Builders programme & work schedule. Add that all up & 6 months would seem a challenging task. The moral? - If you have a development project start the design & formal applications process as soon as possible & at least 6 months (in most cases) should be allowed before you can start on site from inception. HOW MANY MORE TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY THIS?

Planning Permission Tips UK - Agricultural Plots of Land for Sale - The Latest Mug Punter Scam?

The first part of most years brings a flurry of trade shows aimed at the public & trade alike such as The Ideal Home Show, Interiors & just recently the Building Exhibition at the NEC. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of new gadgets & Gizmos (along with the usual tat) that companies invent for our consumption. Most seem to have a shelf life of about 2 days once home where it is usually broken, binned or stored never to be seen again. What seemed like a great idea turns out to be nothing more than a poorly designed & manufactured item aimed squarely at the naive & impulsive home owner.

Planning Permission Tips UK - Two Story Side Extensions - The Common Mistakes

Probably the most common type of residential extension is the two storey side extension. However, it is one of the most easiest schemes to get wrong with regard to Planning Permission. Side extensions have an awful lot of issues that need careful consideration before submitting a scheme to the Planning Department for Planning Permission.

Planning Permission Tips UK - Permitted Development Allowances - Not the Golden Goose You Imagine

There is a perception amongst most folk that every house is allowed a certain percentage of extension development without the need for formal Planning Permission. People seem to think that it applies to them even when they purchase an already extended property.

Planning Permission Tips UK - Illegal Building Works - Is there an Upside?

Many times throughout the year we are called in to assist people who have got into trouble by completing building works without Council permission. This can be either Planning or Building Regulations - often both. Guess when this 'illegal' building works is usually exposed - Right at the time when the home owner is under the most pressure & exposure to other abortive fees - you guessed it - WHEN THEY ARE ABOUT TO MOVE HOME!

Log Homes - Finding the Perfect Log Home Plan

One of the first steps in building a log home is deciding on a floorplan. Many people spends months, or even years, searching for the perfect plan. However, it doesn't have to be that difficult.

Building A Pair Of Heavy Duty Saw Horses

Start out by measuring and cutting all your stock according to the cutting list and set it aside. Take the legs and mark out the tapers. The taper starts 20" up from the bottom. The leg tapers to 3-1/2" at the bottom. Repeat for all the legs and cut out.

Refinishing A Hardwood Floor

Want to bring your hardwood floors back to their former beauty, but don?t have the money? Then read on for some tips on how you can refinish the floor yourself.

Using A Hardwood Floor Sander

Refinishing your hardwood floors yourself can be time consuming and a bit scary at first but well worth it in the long run. It can cost a bundle to hire a professional to refinish your floors for you, but if you have the time, you can do it yourself.

Get New Floors And Save A Bundle When You Do It Yourself

After years of use, your floor will need to be refinished and that can cost over $1000 for just one room! But if you want to put in a little time and elbow grease, you can refinish the floor yourself and have the beautiful look of warm wood in your home for a fraction of the cost.

Garage Doors

You may think choosing garage doors is straight forward, however there are many things to consider, such as whether your garage is adjoining your property, is it a single or a double garage, how much clearance inside and out is needed and so on. Also, the appearance of the garage door can influence what material you use. There are four basic types of garage door and three different materials commonly used to construct these doors. We take a brief look at the four types of garage door which are sectional, roller, side hung and finally the common up and over

Replacing Steel Casement Windows (Part 2)

Last week, I explained how to remove your old steel casement windows as you prepare each opening for the new Vinyl windows. In most of the country, you are limited to a replacement style frame, which is a new construction frame with the nail fin removed. Remember, when you removed the old casement window, you left the perimeter frame in place. So, you have a lip protruding into the opening that is approximately 1/2" wide. You need to order your replacement style frame to fit inside of this old frame. Measure the width from lip to lip and deduct 1/4 to 3/8". Measure the height and deduct 1/4". When you install the new window, rest the new frame on the bottom lip of the old frame. Leave the front of the new frame further outside than the old frame lip. How far out depends on you, and how much inside sill space you want. A quality vinyl replacement window will measure 3 1/4" deep. Drive a screw in the top center to hold it in place. Then, make sure the window is perfectly upright before installing a screw in the bottom center. Now you can secure the rest of the window with screws.

Faux Fireplace, on the Cheap!

Does the coming winter chill remind you how much you miss the basic element of fire to warm those long nights? Unfortunately, your home's builder wasn't the romantic you are, and you have no fireplace. Never fear, The Budget Decorator is here! Ok, so that's corny, but this project sure isn't!

The Next Revolution in Home Entertainment - IP Based Multi-Room Distribution

The Holy Grail of distributed audio; unlimited zones and unlimited sources, cost effectively. That milestone will be achieved, and soon, through the combination of digital amplification and IP based distribution systems. There are systems available today that use one or both of these technologies, such as Oxmoor's Zon system and Netlinks' Netstreams product line. The trend will only continue to grow.

Outdoor Decks - Understanding Seven Elements of Good Deck Design

You?re all comfortable in your favorite lounge chair, reading your latest novel with a cool beverage nearby...the aroma of your favorite BBQ drifting from the grill teases everyone...catching a few rays of sunshine never felt better. Warm weather calls us outdoors, and what better place to enjoy life than your deck!

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