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Dont Let Life Happen to You

Don't Let Life Happen To You It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live. - Marcus Aurelius (121-80 AD, Roman Emperor, Philosopher)

Divining Your Life Path Number

The Life Path is determined by the sum that is arrived at after reducing your birth date by adding digits together. This number represents the traits and talents that you were born with and the probable journey you will take during your lifetime. In a way it represents what path you will take regardless of your essence, which is represented by the calculation of the Soul Number. If you calculate your Soul Number (as taught in another New Age Notebook) you can contrast the two numbers to see what your unique challenges are in life.

Helping Happiness Along

Happiness is worth helping along.

The ABCs Of A Great Life: J Is For Joviality

Laughter, humor, a lighthearted sense of being - all of these are an important part of a well-balanced breakfast, er, life. Without humor, there is no hope. Without laughter, no love. And with a heavy heart, we live only a life of sadness and despair. Our ability to laugh at our foibles and laugh with our friends is a key indicator for predicting how readily we'll bounce back from difficulties and how well we'll handle the curveballs that life throws our way, and a quick smile is always the best defense in a situation that's hit a sour note.

Getting To The Root Of Unhappiness

Many people live in clutter, emotionally eat themselves into overweight, live in debt, hate their jobs and otherwise live unhappy lives, unable and seemingly unwilling to change. Why? What do these have in common? What is the core issue?

Happiness and the Single Person; Changing Myth Into Reality

Does the expression ?single and happy? sound like an oxymoron to you? Are you weary of others (especially other singles) reinforcing the belief that singles cannot be happy? Do you find yourself always planning for the future or putting things off until you ?are married and settled? Do you often have a sense that the intense feelings of happiness and joy cannot really be experienced unless you ?have someone to share it with?? Do you just feel there is not enough time and other necessary resources available to the single person to pursue experiences that can bring true happiness?

Achievement and Happiness the 80/20 Way

If there was ever a principle that was responsible for the most happiness and achievement in the world, it would be the 80/20 Principle.

How To Be Outrageously Happy

You can be as happy as you want whenever you want. Zen masters have proven this - all you have to do is just "be" with whatever you have right now. Yeah, I know. Sitting on the floor contemplating your blank space may not be what you're after. Highly successful people are outrageously happy because they have fulfilling ways to meet their values. What are values? Well I'm not talking about Dan Quayle and Murphy Brown, or Limp Bizkit's recent family values tour. Values are simply what is most important to you.

Design Psychology: How Our Sensory Responses to Aromas Create Happy Homes

Our sense of smell elicits strong emotional reactions and triggers powerful memories, whether we're consciously aware of it or not.

Design Psychology: How to Create Happy Homes Using Scents

Our sense of smell elicits strong emotional reactions and trigger powerful memories, whether we're consciously aware of it or not.

Clearing a Path for Happiness

In the United States, the pursuit of happiness is a god-given right and Americans have a document to prove it. But I wonder why the Founding Fathers deliberately phrased it, ?the pursuit of happiness?, as if to say --- happiness in itself cannot be granted because it was, and still remains, tied to materialism. In the ?pursuit? of happiness, it is each person?s own definition: riches, health, religion, etc.

Getting Connected

"The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet." -James Oppenheim

The Secret to Staying Centered and Happy in a Troubled World

Many of us are probably so used to crisis in the world that it has become a natural part of our mental scenery. We?ve grown accustomed to living in a world where acts of bitter conflict, unrest, and inhumanity are everyday things, and their constant contradiction with our essential values almost seems normal.

10 Steps to Happily Ever After

Do you know what all happy and healthy marriages have in common? In every one of them you will find two people committed to making each other happy. You will find a man who cherishes his wife and puts her needs above his own, and you will find a wife who respects and trusts her man. We live in very selfish times. Pop-psychology messages are everywhere in the media encouraging us to love ourselves, do right by ourselves, and generally please ourselves first. If you really want a happy marriage, don?t buy into that type of self-centered thinking. Instead, try these 10 time-tested techniques and experience the happiness, peace, and tranquility of a healthy marriage.

Happiness Increases Longevity...Where Do We Find This Gift of Life?

According to U.S. research, you can add seven and a half years to your life just by being happy!

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