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Essential Information on Choosing the Best Golf Clubs to Suit Your Game

Most golfers, whether a beginner or a pro, struggle when trying to decide which golf club to buy. The buying process becomes easier when the consumer has a good understanding of the types of golf clubs available and their specific use. Your playing (and thus your staying) power is greatly enhanced by choosing the proper golf clubs.

Guide To Buy Used Golf Clubs For Beginner Golfer

If you are just starting out to play golf, you should never buy a new golf club set immediately as you may discover that this game is not for you later on. Furthermore, you are yet to find the type of golf clubs that fits you during the learning stage. The good choice is to start with cheap used golf clubs. And here are some guidelines to help you to hunt down your first used golf club set:

Three Secrets of A Consistent Golf Stroke

What you are about to read... will change your golfing life forever! What are these three "secrets"? If you knew how would they effect your game?. These three "secrets" are what the worlds best players do. Every player MUST know these "secrets" if they are to have a powerful, repeating golf stroke.

Improve Your Golf Performance With These 5 Tips

Improve your golf performance. Is this always on your mind? When you go out to golf you?re hoping for a good round. I know I do.

Golf Fitness: The Quickest Way To Play Better Golf

Golf has always been viewed as a game of leisure. But today's golfer is leaner, stronger, and fitter. Until the last few years, golfers didn't know how to go about incorporating golf fitness, or specifically resistance training for golf.

How To Improve Your Game With Simple Golf Exercises!

Winter is upon us and you have more time, since you?re not golfing?so why not get a jump on next season by doing some simple, in-home golf exercises that will quickly prepare your body to hit LONGER drives and shoot LOWER scores?

Golf Workouts Can Quickly Add Yards To Your Drives

I?m sure by now you?ve heard most of the professional players; both men and women actively participate in golf workouts. It?s no secret. But why then do most amateur golfers ignore this? Is it because it seems like work? Or, does the thought of actually breaking a sweat get you tired already?

Taking A Golf Lesson Isnt Always The Answer

Golfers will do anything they can in hopes to play better golf and hit the LONG ball. Am I right? Are you in this category? If so, I?m quite confident to say you?ve taken a golf lesson or two. Golf lessons can be very effective in getting you back on track, if your swing has gone south. But, not always.

Junior Golf Is Becoming More Competitive?Why?

How do you get the edge when you're playing junior golf? To keep up with the top junior golfer?s means getting stronger both physically and mentally; and almost perfecting your golf swing. That?s how competitive it?s become.

What a Load of Golf Balls

Through out the history of golf the golf ball has evolved more than any other piece of equipment used in the game. From the very first wooden balls followed by the feathery to the latest 4 piece, high energy core, tungsten weighted, titanium, super thin covered, go further go straighter last forever golf ball, advances in science and the materials used in manufacturing has taken that little white thing to a new level of performance.

Golf Swing Mechanics Can Be Improved Very Quickly

If you?re like most golfers, you?re always trying to duplicate that ?perfect? golf swing. I know I am. Doesn?t it feel great to hit that effortless shot? Don?t you wish you could do it every time? That would be a similar feeling of what the pro?s have most of the time. It would be such a high!

Exercises to Prevent Common Golf Injuries

To those who don?t play, golf seems like a low impact sport. But golf provides a real physical workout and arm and lower back pain and injuries are common among golfers. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons recommends some preventive exercises so golfers can protect themselves against injury.

Golf Strength Training Is The Missing Link To A Great Game

Golf strength training is the quickest way to add yards to your drives and eliminate back pain forever. The golf swing puts a tremendous amount of stress on the body, especially the lower back. Implementing a golf strength training program will prevent and/or reduce boughts of low back pain and injury.

How Golf Training Can Transform Your Game

Golf training has been brought to the masses thanks to Tiger Woods, Annika Sorenstam, Larry Nelson and now by the Number One player in the world?Vijay Singh. Vijay is a golf training machine. His personal trainer travels with him on tour and works him out all the way through the week. Vijay has his golf training routine down to a science and doesn?t deviate even a fraction.

3 Myths About Golf Conditioning

Golf has always been viewed as a game of leisure. But today's golfer is leaner, stronger, and fitter. Until the last few years, golfers didn't know how to go about incorporating exercise or, specifically, a golf conditioning program.

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