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Brand Identity - Corporate Identity and Brand Value

Companies work hard building the strength of their brands - it is critical to the ongoing brand management process to have meaningful and actionable data-driven measures of these efforts.

Brand Building 101

Building your brand into a brand leader isn?t easy. There are 2 areas that can really help you grow your brand, passion and consistency. Passion is incredibly important. You have to understand that even if you are a start up or a one-man operation, or are well on your way, you are still a brand. You have to care passionately about the way your brand is nurtured, developed and presented to your target audience. Everything that leaves your building, every impression that your staff and your company make, is lasting. Take advantage of this opportunity to get your customers and potential customers to remember you in the way that you want them too!

Build Brand Identity Through Product Branding

Building a product into a brand leader is not easy, but I truly believe that you can improve your branding impression if you follow these 2 rules; Passion & Consistency as well as the 4P?s of Branding that I have developed, PRODUCT ? PLACEMENT ? PROMOTION ? PEOPLE. These 4 P?s will enable you to check the way your brand is interpreted. Each of these very distinct headings has an impact on your brand, and the brand in turn will affect each of these areas. For those of you who have gone through Marketing 101, you will see that the only difference between the 4P?s of Marketing and my 4P?s of Branding, are People, and people affect the brand more than any other area.

Brand Positioning - Brand Image

That cross-trainer you're wearing -- one look at the distinctive swoosh on the side tells everyone who's got you branded. That coffee travel mug you're carrying -- ah, you're a Starbucks woman! Your T-shirt with the distinctive Champion "C" on the sleeve, the blue jeans with the prominent Levi's rivets, the watch with the hey-this-certifies-I-made-it icon on the face, your fountain pen with the maker's symbol crafted into the end ...

Branding Strategy - Brand Identity

Today, in many organizations around the world, branding is treated as a cosmetic exercise only, and regarded merely as a new name, logo, stationary and possibly a new advertising campaign. But, to associate your ?brand? with such superficial cosmetics is like saying that people are really only the sum of their name, face and sometimes their clothing

Brand Identity and the CEO

This week I spent a few hours with a highly successful CEO discussing his brand identity questions and concerns. ?What do the most successful brand initiatives have in common?? he asked. I shared an observation with him based on many years of having similar conversations and being involved in successful (and not so successful) branding programs.

Build Brand Value BIG Time

Ask your self this question, In which business are we really in? And stay far from the dark world of commodities...

Brand Awareness - Brand Identity

About once a month a few of us at the office get together during lunch for what has become known as a SWAP meeting. We share thoughts, stories and sometimes play Pictionary. It?s a great way to relieve stress and learn interesting tidbits about the people we work with.

Does Your Message Pass the Test?

Develop an effective benefit message and you?re well on your way to building your company?s entire marketing program. After all, you need focus to create success. Without it you can wind up expending effort without getting the reward (income, that is) you?re looking for.

Good Logos Make Great Sales Tools

Every day, the average person is exposed to millions of visual stimuli including hundreds of company logos.

Quick Tactics To Brand Your Business And Make More Sales

This may come as a surprise... to you, but Branding is more than just Logo and Business or Product Name recognition.

Living Your Brand on the Web - Part 1

OK, so you took the plunge and purchased your internet domain. Good for you! Now what? According to there are about 8,058,044,651 current web pages. That's billion with a "B"! So how do you stand out?

Living Your Brand on the Web - Part 2

Now that everyone has conformed to Living Your Brand on the Web, Part 1, it's time to add a couple of tweaks that will further reinforce your brand.

How Will Your Visitors Remember You And Your Business? Brand Yourself From The Crowd...

Big and Yellow 'M' reminds you McDonalds... 'DELL' with oblique E reminds you famous 'Dell' computers...

Branding Advertising Agency

Branding used to be a fancy business word, but it is becoming more and more used in everyday business meetings. Finally! For decades, big corporations have used in-house, very well paid brand managers - someone in charge of managing everything that relates to the brand, including design, package and partnerships. You've heard enthusiastic talks about branding, but you are still not sure if you should get a brand management plan going for your business.

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