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Buzz-Based Book Marketing

Once upon a time, people went to bookstores when they wanted to buy a book. Or at least, that was the theory. Actually, non-bookstore channels have been a big part of book sales for decades?at least since people like Joe Karbo ("The Lazy Man's Way to Riches") back in the 1960s. For my own books, whether they were s elf-published, done with a small commercial house, or by a New York conglomerate, I've found that se lling direct is more secure, more financially rewar ding, and far less hassle than sweating out the returns game with the b ookstore channel. All along, I've sold through speeches (I love getting pai d to do my own marketing), over the Web (the f irst of my four websites went live in 1996), to clients at my office, wh o stare at a rack of my work throughout their entire appointment, and thr ough

Sell Your Book At Book Fairs, Festivals & Trade Shows

Play a bigger game with your book sales by expanding your audiences at local or nonlocal book fairs, festivals or trade shows. Can't afford a booth or table, rent a space on someone else?s table and volunteer to be back for their book. In fact, rent a corner at various different tables in the same fair or show and triple your exposure.

Sell Your Book with Pennies

Increase Book Sales: When a Book is No Longer Just a Book for Sale

Do you have books sitting in your garage that you haven't sold yet and looking for ways to move them? Then you will want to know about these five outrageous ideas that aren't difficult and can be just plain out fun.

Seven Really Truly Unique Ways to Sell More Books

These marketing tips aren?t for the weak at heart. Use discretion and know where the ego and self-promotion boundary stands for you.

Top Ten Ways to Promote Your Books Through Flyers

A flyer is an excellent, inexpensive way to promote your book. What makes one flyer so much better than another? Use these top10 tips to make your flyer stand out from the crowd.

Make your Book Stand Out From the Crowd: Know your Audience

Most authors say, "Everyone will want my book, and when I take it to Oprah, it will sell millions, and I'll make millions, too."

Sell More Books With Your Sparkling Introduction

Why write an introduction? Nobody reads it anyway. Up until now, this opinion has had clout. But now, with a shorter introduction of one to two pages, and through the five essentials below, your introduction will become the fourth sales tool for your book. When people read your clear, concise personal note to them, they will buy your book on the spot!

Three Powerful Tips on Selecting a Book Topic that Sells

The topic of your book or eBook counts-big time. Which would you buy-The Art of Kissing or The Art of Courtship? The kissing book sold over 60,500 while the other sold only 17,500 copies. Before you choose your topic pay attention to your audience. What do they want and need? What will they be willing to pay for your information?

Top 10 Tips for Book Titles that Sell Well

A clever title is great if it is clear, but a clear title is always preferable. The best? A clear and clever title. A shorter title is better than a longer one. Your reader will spend only four seconds on the cover. While some long titles have succeeded, usually the shorter, the better.

Ten Ways to Make Your Book Outsell Another

Wouldn't you rather write a book that sells well than be stuck with unsold inventory? When you plan ahead with the 10 tips below, you will sell thousands rather than hundreds of your unique and important information or inspirational products.

Why Should I Buy your Book?

How would you like to have countless people clamoring for your books and willing to visit your Web site to buy them?

How a Book is Born: One Authors Story

Not all books come out whole, all at once. In fact, most books ease out little by little. They have strange and wondrous beginnings. Some come from speeches, some come from articles or short stories. Your book may evolve from a teleclass or coaching experience with a client.

Top 10 Ways to Know your Book Concept will Sell--Before you Invest Time and Money

Make your book stand out from the crowd! Test your book's significance, find your market before you write, and treat your book as part of your business.

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Flights might look cheap but airlines are turning their efforts to add-ons to ramp up revenues.

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