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Blogs Explained

It seems like Blogs are everywhere these days. You can't seem to surf the Internet without seeing the word Blog somewhere. The intent of this article is to explain the basics what a Blog is and how you can use them to help promote your business and gain valuable information quicker that surfing the Internet.

Blogging for Dollars

Blogging for dollars might sound like the latest game show or some new drinking game, but it's the latest craze to hit the Internet. Bloggers began blogging for a number of reasons, but as the blog movement has increased in popularity, they have found ways to monetize their blogs and are seeing their commitment pay off.

What Is RSS?

Recently I did an interview with a well known email Internet Marketer. He wanted to share with his readers a viewpoint on what RSS is from someone who is using it in place of traditional email marketing. Of course this interview was geared towards other Internet marketers so they all somewhat ?get? what RSS is, at least in theory.

How to Write A Blog... And Survive

The question of the day is "Should you start a Blog?"

Its A Blog, Not A Sales Letter

The recent spurt of interest in blogging has begun to ignite the hope that people can make a full-time income from blogging.

Why Use RSS?

So why use RSS? Well, I can find a whole lot of reasons why. Although I?m not technically inclined I do understand the power behind syndication. Anyone who watches television can get that idea. Still why would I want to use RSS for my viral marketing campaign? Well, let?s look at what some of the ?experts? are saying.

Who Would Use RSS

My previous two articles ?What is RSS and Why use RSS? focused on how we can give our customers a better online experience while lessening the hassles for the online marketer. In this article I?m going to offer you another way to look at RSS ? from the standpoint of a new emerging profession: the channelmaster or newsmaster as Robin Good calls it. These are going to be the ?Who?s Who? of RSS in the coming months and years. I remember when email was the new thing for the average person; everyone was excited about the ?new? technology. It had been around for awhile in the tech world but not with the average person. When we all started using email, it was so fascinating to be able to send out a message anywhere and get an answer back the same day!

How To Build Traffic To Your Blog

RSS Responder is a new script that allows you to keep in touch and follow-up with your subscribers without the hassle of email.

Marketing with Blogs and RSS Feeds

Perhaps you still don't realize or fully understand the power of RSS Feeds as a marketing tool.

If an RSS feed is the Yahoo Backdoor, is a Blog Googles?

Though the answer is in a book I wrote this July, the question is still asked of me repeatedly. Why does it work for some sites and not others? And how come some blogs get indexed in a day and then are dropped, and others stay in Google indefinitely?

Why It Took Me So Long To Blog

When I saw my first blog, I wasn't impressed.

Business Blogging - 5 Tips to Help You Smashl Through Writers Block

It?s inevitable. Everyone hits the wall. Whether you?ve been blogging ten weeks, ten minutes, or ten months, eventually you?ll find yourself with absolutely nothing to say. Or so you think. So what in the world do you do when you?re stumped? 1- Talk about what you?ve already talked about Pick a topic you?ve gone over before and give it some spin. Try a new angle, like playing devil?s advocate. For example, if you are a search engine journalist, and last week your position was that most mainstream sites need Google traffic to survive, try proving your point from the ?con? perspective, instead of the ?pro? position. There are dozens of ways to write about the same thing. By putting your point another way, you might give someone in your audience what a client of mine referred to as an ?Ah-ha!? moment. That's when they realize the true value of the items for sale at your site to them and their business. 2- Talk about what someone else is talking about If you want to have a popular blog, find other bloggers in similar areas, and talk about what they said in their posts. Friendly debate can often spark the soap-opera like drama that will have both your audiences visiting both blogs to see what ?the other fella? had to say. As an added bonus, if both of you are using Trackback in your blogs, you?ve got yourself a mini-link party that other people who are speaking on similar topics will want to join.. 3- Have yourself a good rant The intimate nature and voice of blogs lends itself well to the opinionated, angry ramble. But as a professional, don?t let yourself get too unfocused, and remember to back up your opinion with facts. 4- Feature someone, something or somewhere I like to call mine ?of the Day?. As I zip around the Net conducting my business and research, if my attention is called to a resource or tool that my audience might find useful, I hit my blog bookmarklet and save that bad boy for later. Then when I get too busy for a full blown tip, I?ll crown the resource, feed, tool, download or freebie the featured ?Deal of the Day?, changing the word deal to something else more appropriate as needed. After a while, my audience started to look for it as a feature, as opposed to being upset at the interruption in my mad, mad rambles. 5- Let someone else talk for a change Invite a guest blogger, or post an article that offers free reprint rights, the same way you would in a newsletter. Of course you want to leave the resource box intact, or let the guest promote their site, which brings me to the most common complaint about this tactic. ?But I don?t want to send people away from my site.? Guess what? You?ll never believe what I found out. Ready? In a recent startling discovery, I?ve found that 100% of my visitors eventually turn off their computers or take otherwise drastic measures that cause them to leave my site. Apparently this is beyond prevention, though you can stall them for hours sometimes with good content. Of course you don?t want to send them on their way prematurely, but if you?re a good blogger, and have done what you can to make sure they sign up to your blog email updates or site feed, they?ll be back. Just be sure that you?re giving them a good enough reason. In the meantime, since they?re going to leave anyway, it might as well be somewhere that gives you some direct or in-direct benefit. So there you have it - enough material for five more days of posts. Happy Blogging!

The 6 Top Reasons Marketers Should Blog

If there is a downside to blogging, I have yet to find it. The more you learn about blogging, the more there is to like.

10 Reasons to Put RSS on Your Site!

RSS and Blogs are the topics of the moment. Seems like everyone is talking about it. Granted, there is too much hype about RSS and Blogs.

Building Backlinks With Blogs

The most boring part of getting traffic to a website is getting backlinks. This is hard, boring, time consuming work. You spend hours finding relevant websites to link to, then spend hours more sending emails requesting backlinks, or submitting your sites to there links pages. And at the end of the day (actually in a few weeks), you have a dozen new reciprocal link partners. that's good and all, but it bores the living hell out of me, and I don't have time for it. And they are only reciprocal links.

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