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The Simplest Asthma Solution

During the Democratic convention the Reverend Al Sharpton quoted a shocking statistic: One third of the children in Harlem suffer from asthma. This shouldn?t be completely surprising since asthma cases have been consistently increasing over the years, especially in the cities, escalating recently during the rollback of some key environmental laws, but it is a trend we must turn back.

Natural Remedies For Treating a Cold

Sometimes it can be hard to escape that shivery feeling that happens when you get too cold. A good immediate remedy for this is to wrap yourself up in a douvet and stick a hairdryer up it, (making sure the air flow is not restricted) until you feel warmed up.

Wild Medicine and Tansy Cakes

It started with the Tansy cakes. I had to ask myself 'Why would anyone eat anything so utterly disgusting in taste'? Chrysanthemum Vulgare is a common perennial in the British Isles and the name Tansy is said to be derived from the Greek 'athansia', meaning 'immortal'. Reasons suggested for this include the fact that the dried flower lasts forever or that it has a medicinal quality contributing to long life. Looking back to Greek literature, Tansy was given by the Gods to Ganymede to make him immortal. In the language of flowers the gift of Tansy means 'Rejected address' - " I am not interested in you". Its strange taste, not unlike the smell of 'mothballs' might have something to do with this.

Vibrational Medicine

Vibrational medicine attempts to treat people with various forms of pure energy. The influence of alternative medical systems such as Chinese, Ayervedic or Tibetan medicine have led in part to the development of machines that can 'image energy'. Heat energy imagers are an accepted part of our technology. We readily accept imaging heat, even though we can't see it, because heat is something we can sense through touch. With the 'energy body' it is not so straightforward. Very few of us have experienced this for ourselves and there is apparently no sensory backup to tell us it is there.


Friends, The study below done a few years ago should scare the socks off us all. We can do much better in this country.

YARROW TEA (Achillea Millefolium)

An amazing tea that can help with colds and flu, and also help you see in pure colour. Yarrow has an ancient history. The generic name comes from Achilles who, according to legend, saved the lives of his warriors by healing their wounds with yarrow leaves. Crushed and rolled in the hands the plant provides a temporary styptic to check blood flow. Millefolium means 'thousand leaves' which were reputed to help with binding a wound and helping a scab to form. One of this astringent herb's ancient names is 'Soldier's Woundwort', along with 'Carpenter's Weed', 'Staunchweed' and others that show its popularity and prolonged use over many centuries.

Taking Control of Your Health & Well-being

Taking Control of Your Health & Well-being by Georgianna Donadio D.C., M.Sc., Ph.D. Do you ever wonder why, in spite of all your good intentions, you just cannot seem to take control over your health and wellness the way you really want to? The answer to that question can be found in the words of Albert Einstein, who reminded us "you cannot correct a problem with the same thinking that created it?. In other words, you cannot change old behaviors without new information. The Institute of Medicine recently published a study that indicates ninety million Americans are "health illiterate", which means we do not know how to interpret or use health information to control or improve our health, or prevent chronic disease. Data compiled previously identified, "lack of information as the number one root cause of death". Understanding that there exists a cause and effect relationship between what we know and how we behave, we need a model of integrating this important information to change the behaviors that lead to chronic disease. According to a 7-year, 1996, Harvard Medical School study, approximately 70% of all cancers are preventable through lifestyle changes. Furthermore, our diseases and conditions are primarily a result of stress, food, environment, attitude, emotions or beliefs that keep us in behaviors that lead to illness. Which invites the question, are weconsciously choosing to be unhealthy, or do we just not understand sufficiently the relationship between what we think, how we behave, what we put into our bodies and how we keep ourselves well or make ourselves sick? In a world exploding with health information, especially on the internet, we are caught in the dilemma of having abundant amounts of information, without a context through which we can understand and utilize this information in a way that is appropriate for our own unique personal health needs. There is, however, good news - making its way into the mainstream of health care is an integrated model of health information and educationthat provides a "whole picture of health" perspective, allowing each of us to discern and create our own unique approach to taking charge of our health and well-being. Whole Health Education, developed over the past 28 years, in cooperation with Boston physicians, nurses and educators, is an approach to understanding the cause and effect our behaviors and choices have on our state of health. Demystifying the five major factors that influence how sick or well we become, Whole Health Education provides a perspective on human anatomy and physiology, bio-chemistry, psycho-social, environmental and spiritual aspects which allows for an authentic understanding of what we need know to resolve chronic health problems or to stay healthy. Integrating evidence-based information with the wisdom of various spiritual teachings and a whole-person overview of behavioral options, Whole Health Education offers each of us a tool for personal health management by providing personalized health information that explains the physical, emotional, nutritional, environmental and spiritual aspects of a health concern.For example, Mature Onset Diabetes affects approximately 18.2 million Americans and is the leading health concern in our culture today. As all chronic conditions are, Mature Onset Diabetes is a multi-dimensional disease state and the unique Whole Health perspective, can facilitate the restoration of health for those with chronic diseases such as diabetes. Physical/Structural What happens on a physical and structural level with Mature Onset Diabetes? The specialized beta cells of the pancreas, which produce insulin, become incapable of producing adequate amounts of the critically necessary secretion. This happens over a period of years and can begin in our bodies, over time, by eating large amounts of insulin-provoking foods. These insulin provocateurs, which are sugars and starches in the form of complex carbohydrates, require the pancreas to produce more insulin so that the sugars can be carried over the cell membranes to all parts of the body. Serious disturbances occur when we do not have enough insulin to carry the sugar over the cell membranes. Insulin hooks onto the sugar molecule and acts like a lock and key mechanism to bring that sugar into the cellwhich is then used in the energy cycle of cell metabolism. The nervous system, brain and the lungs cannot function without the proper metabolism of sugars. Emotional/Social Just as diabetes is a lack of nourishment on a chemical/nutritional level, so is it a lack of emotional nourishment on an emotional/mental level. It relates to the ?feel good? nourishment component of your body. What do we know about carbohydrates and serotonin? Carbohydrates provoke the production of serotonin. Serotonin is a neuro-transmitter that produces a feeling of well-being. There is a direct relationship between what our body is doing chemically and how we feel emotionally. When we crave or build our diet around carbohydrates, this can be a way of ?self-medicating? our emotional needs by eating carbohydrates to provoke insulin production. Sugar problems can affect us emotionally. Let's say you have a pancreas that is not working properly. What can happen somatic/psychically from the pancreas to the brain? If we are feeling the ups and downs of hypoglycemia, and its biochemical/neurological symptoms, it may undermine our sense of security, self esteem, and produce anxiety and fear. What is the emotional component of diabetes and the pancreas? Often, it can be a poor sense of self-esteem and a fear of not being ?good enough? or not belonging. These feelings, medicated by the serotonin foods, can lead us to not look deeply enough into what is causing our health concerns and allow the feeling/feeding cycle to continue. Chemical/Nutritional On the nutritional side, the treatment for people with Mature Onset Diabetes is to decrease the stress on the pancreas by making changes in their diet -- decrease starches and sugars and decrease calories. Eat less, eat right. What kind of a diet would be best for preventing Mature Onset Diabetes? Vegetables, vegetables, and vegetables combined with lean proteins such as fish, chicken, water, a little fruit and a little fat. In a hypoglycemic situation, it is wise not to eat grain or sugar, but sprouted grain bread, and other substitutes can be healthy and satisfying. Because hormones are chemicals, diabetes and hypoglycemia are both hormonal-based problems. What we know about the hormone system is that it works as a balanced interdependent system. Diabetes is an endocrine-related, systemic problem. With a systemic problem like diabetes, you have a body system problem--you do not just have a condition by itself. It is known that the pancreas is related, through hormone interaction, to the adrenals, and the adrenals are in turn related to the reproductive system. It is known that these glands are related through hormone interactions to the pituitary and the pituitary is related to the thyroid gland, the thyroid is related to the thymus, and the thymus is related to the immune system. Environmental/Internal & External The environment that we work in, live in, walk through, live near -- how does that environment have an impact on the way that we feel and the way we feel about ourselves? How do we learn to trust in the order of the universe? By behaviors that come from trusting the order inside ourselves. We do this by setting boundaries -- codes of conduct of how we are going to behave, eat, work exercise and live. If we don't violate our own boundaries, we are less likely to let anybody else violate our boundaries. We have to start with ourselves. Our experience of victimization can begin with our own self-victimizing behavior. Spiritual/World View A Hindu Vendata truth is that ?the whole world is one family?. It is said that there is only one disease, the disease of separateness, separating oneself from the awareness that we are one living organism. Competition creates isolation. The spiritual challenge presented by hypoglycemia and diabetes appears to be involved with over- or under-valuing the self: judgment of self and then others. Where are we in the process of getting to the truth that we are all equally important? The drama created by a one-up or one-down dynamic that we may allow to be part of our experience can lead to psychophysiology and the behavioral issues which can contribute to and create Mature Onset Diabetes.Whole Health Education can transform our experience of taking care of ourselves. It can provide an understanding of our health concerns and conditions from this multi-dimensional perspective that makes sense in a way we can utilize the information directly and in a meaningful way. In addition, having the information provided in a mindful, respectful way that invites each of us to discern what we know about our health and condition, how to choose to resolve the problem and what kind of care we choose to have, allows each of us to experience whole-person health care through whole health information. Then, WE become the center of our health and healing process, rather than the doctors or practitioners we go to for guidance.

Chronic Back Pain

Magnetic Advantage Newsletter FEATURED TOPIC Chronic Back Pain By Bruce Spiegler I had been to three different physicians. The car accident in 1990 had left me with terrible back pain. The only option offered to me was prescription medication. For three years I lived with chronic pain ? 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The prescription drugs helped relieve some of the discomfort, but I had to stop taking them when I began getting sick to my stomach ? which was often worse than the pain itself. Time and again I thought, ?This can?t be the only choice. There must be another alternative.? It wasn?t until 3 years later that I heard about magnetic therapy from a friend, and decided to try it. With nothing to lose, I used a magnetic pad on my back during the day and slept on a magnetic mattress pad every night. Much to my surprise, after two weeks my back felt much better. After a few months, the pain was completely gone! My wife, who had a back problem caused by herniated disks, woke up every morning with pain and stiffness. Not long after sleeping on the magnetic pad, the stiffness began to subside, and she was soon waking up pain-free as well. Although skeptical at first, I was amazed at the effectiveness of magnetic therapy, and began to intensely investigate the field of biomagnetics. Since my initial experience, I have had the pleasure of helping many people achieve similar results, enhancing the quality of life of those suffering from chronic conditions and injuries. Now I?d like to take the opportunity to help those of you who may be suffering from chronic back pain, and to tell you how to better prevent it. Back pain is the number one form of pain experienced by people in the U.S. It accounts for 20% of all injuries and illnesses in the workplace, and is responsible for as much as $50 billion in diagnosis and treatment each year [1]. The National Institutes of Health estimate that 4 out of 5 Americans will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Not a pretty picture from any standpoint. The majority of back pain occurs in the lumbar region of the spine [2]. Here, most of your body?s weight is placed on the lowest 5 of the 24 vertebrae (bones) that make up the spine. Considering all the other muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, disks, and major nerves that are also a part of or connected to the spine, it?s no surprise that there are so many ways to injure your back as you twist and bend them [3]. Pain is considered chronic if it?s recurring, lasts more than three months, and can seemingly be stimulated by any small movement (for whatever reason) [4]. In the 21st century, we?re finally realizing that drugs and surgery are not always the answer for treating chronic pain or other musculoskeletal conditions & injuries. The future lies in an integrative approach to promoting the body?s own healing ability by using non-invasive, safer treatments. Acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic and osteopathic care, and certain physical therapy exercises are just a few options to help with back pain. Following an individualistic approach to treatment is key. A particular therapy that may work for one person may not work as well for another. Often it?s necessary to try a combination of treatment methods to begin feeling significant improvements. For true recovery of back injuries and disease, pain and inflammation need to be reduced, proper function and strength restored, and further injury prevented [4]. With this in mind, let?s discuss how magnetic therapy can help. One of the primary benefits of magnetic therapy is the reduction of inflammation. Localized inflammation following an injury is a natural protective reaction. It creates an imbalance in sodium and potassium ion (charged particle) concentrations at a cellular level. As a result, fluid accumulates in the cells, causing the injured tissue to become inflamed. (Think of it as retaining water after eating salty food.) If there?s no intervention, the body will eventually heal itself and the inflammation will subside. However, this process can be very slow and painful. Because of this, treatments that can safely speed the overall process are needed--particularly in the case of chronic conditions like arthritis. Applying a bio-north magnetic field safely rebalances electrochemical ion concentrations. Excess fluids and toxins are flushed from the cells and removed through the lymphatic system. As a result, healing time is often reduced by as much as 50%. Since major nerve bundles run through the spine, it?s obvious why back pain is so common. Pain is caused by an electrochemical signal sent to the brain. The normal electric potential of a neuron (nerve cell) is around -70mV when in a resting state. When injured, a neuron?s charge becomes positive due to a shift in chemical ion balances. This triggers a pain signal to be sent to the brain. Applying a bio-north (negative polarity) magnetic field lowers a neuron?s electric potential, bringing it closer to its normal, negative state. As a result, the pain signal diminishes faster, and in most cases, will eventually stop. Another important goal when recovering from back injuries is restoring mobility. Magnetic therapy helps relax muscle tissue, thereby increasing flexibility and reducing the incidence of muscle spasms. About four years ago, researchers in Italy tested the effects of a magnetic seating system on several volunteers. Each person participated by either driving or remaining seated at a computer workstation for prolonged periods--both with and without the magnetic system. ?The results showed a decreased myoelectric (neuron) activity both at shoulder and lumbar level by using the magnet-based sitting system for prolonged seated work tasks...The system appears to be an effective tool in preventing muscle contractures secondary to prolonged, constrained positions? [5]. Because it can be so difficult and painful to move, many people feel they need to rest for a few days after injuring their back. But did you know that bed rest should really be minimized or avoided? According to David Lehrman, M.D. (chief of orthopedic surgery at St. Francis Hospital and founder of the Lehrman Back Center in Miami, FL), ?for every week of bed rest, it takes two weeks to rehabilitate? [3]. A 1995 study in Helsinki, Finland found that out of 186 subjects, those who went about their daily activities as tolerated had greater flexibility and less pain than those who underwent back-mobilizing exercises. The *slowest* recovery was seen in subjects that were prescribed two days of bed rest [6]. While an interesting fact, it?s one that some of us may grumble about. Bear in mind we still have to sleep and give our bodies a chance to heal and recuperate. As I found out years ago, sleeping on the proper magnetic mattress pad will help speed the healing process and can significantly reduce chronic pain over time. Back in 1990, a 12-month clinical test on the effects of magnetic mattress pads was conducted in Tokyo, Japan. The study, led by Dr. Kazuo Shimodaira, involved 431 subjects. 375 of them received full-sized magnetic pads and the remaining subjects received sham mattress pads for control. (Each magnetic pad contained 124 permanent ferrite magnets with field strengths of 750-950 Gauss.) Here are the results of the yearlong test: On average, 53.3% of the subjects realized the effect of the magnetic mattress pad within 3 days, and over 70% within 5 days. What?s more is that thorough testing for side effects was conducted and none were found [7]. (Note: The magnetic mattress pads used in this study did not produce very strong magnetic fields. As stronger magnetic fields are more effective, a higher energy pad would improve results even further.) Supporting these findings, a 1997 Johns Hopkins pain center treatment study compared magnetic therapy for chronic pain with a placebo therapy. It concluded that people using the magnetic therapy showed a dramatic improvement, whereas the placebo group improved only minimally. Again, there were no side effects detected [8]. Since the vast majority of adults are not in ?ideal? physical condition, the risk of back injury for them is greatly increased. If you?re out of shape and are planning an activity that requires lifting, bending or twisting, it?s a good idea to take steps that can help prevent injury in the first place. Magnetic therapy is an excellent way of accomplishing this. There are three primary actions that take place when using magnetic therapy for prevention. The first two are its ability to increase circulation and to relax muscles. The effects are similar to warming up and stretching before a strenuous workout. It?s really the third action that sets magnetic therapy apart from anything else though. Magnetic therapy can effectively control energy flow along the body?s acupuncture meridians (energy channels). Placing a magnetic pad or support over an area channels the body?s energy directly to that location. Increased energy availability, combined with improved circulation, significantly extends the amount of time that one can exert themself before muscle fatigue sets in. In turn, this reduces the likelihood of muscle strain. The combination of improving blood flow, relieving muscle tension, and reducing pain makes magnetic therapy ideal for treating back conditions and preventing further injury. While effective on its own, magnetic therapy is also an excellent adjunct to other treatments. Whether chiropractic, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, or another method, it can help improve and prolong a treatment?s positive results. The next time you?re out and about, make use of a high-energy magnetic support or back pad. It?s a simple and effective way to continue through the day with less pain and a greater range of motion. Trust me. Your back will thank you! SOURCES: 1 - Centers for Disease Control ? National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, June 19, 1999. 2 - Pain Central: What Causes Back Pain? 3 - Pain Foundation: Back Pain 4 - National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke: Low Back Pain Fact Sheet 5 - PubMed: Efficacy of a chair with magnets in the prevention of musculo-skeletal disorders caused by prolonged sitting. 6 - PubMed: The treatment of acute low back pain--bed rest, exercises, or ordinary activity? 7 - Summary of a 12-month double-blind, clinical test of magnetic mattress pads. Kazuo Shimodaira, M.D. Tokyo Communications and Kouseikai Suzuki Hospitals, Tokyo, Japan. 1990. 8 - "Use of magnetic therapy for chronic pain" by Joseph Kandel, M.D. and David B. Sudderth, M.D. The Arthritis Solution. TIPS & GUIDELINES FOR A HEALTHIER BACK The National Institutes of Health provides guidelines for maintaining a healthier back. Following these and a few other tips will greatly increase your chances of preventing further injury while strengthening your back muscles. When Standing: Keep your weight balanced on your feet. Your back supports weight most easily when curvature is reduced. Don?t slouch when standing or sitting. (Keep your hands lightly clasped behind your lower back. This improves posture for your neck, shoulders and upper back, and reduces muscle tension.) Wear comfortable, low-heeled shoes. When sitting: Make sure your work surface is at a comfortable height for you. Sit in a chair with good lumbar support and proper position/height for the task. (Use a pillow, rolled towel, or lumbar cushion if needed.) Switch sitting positions often and periodically take a short walk or light stretch to relieve tension and restore blood circulation. If you must sit for a long period of time, rest your feet on a low stool or a stack of books. When lifting: Don?t try to lift objects too heavy for you! Pull in your stomach muscles, keep your head down and in line with your straight back, and lift with your legs. Keep the object close to your body. Do not twist when lifting. Do not carry an object in one hand if it causes you to lean to one side. (Use both hands, or carry an additional item to balance the load.) Exercise: Always warm-up and stretch before exercise or other strenuous activity. Following a prolonged period of inactivity, begin a program of regular low-impact exercises. (Ask a physician or orthopedist for recommended exercises appropriate for your age and requirements.) Speed walking, swimming, or stationary bike riding for 30 minutes a day can increase muscle strength and flexibility. Yoga or Tai Chi can help stretch and strengthen muscles, and improve posture. Everyday habits: Maintain proper nutrition and diet to reduce and prevent excessive weight (especially around the waist area). If you smoke, quit. Smoking reduces blood flow to the lower spine and causes spinal disks to degenerate. - Magnetic Advantage - Your source for magnetic therapy news,research, and natural pain relief

Cure Arthritis? Right!

Arthritis sufferers are daily bombarded with new, better, more exciting treatments. Try Enbrel! Try Humira! Miracle drugs!Get your NSAIDS! Get your DMARDS! Pump more chemicals into your system. Side effects? What side effects? You have a choice; accept the side effects or get sicker and sicker.

Discover The Missing Key to Improving Your Health

Do you know the top ten causes for death? You will recognize them all.

Why Air Purifiers Are Not Always The Answer To Indoor Air Quality Problems

Air purifier filters are not always the answer to air quality problems.

How to Clean-up Your Allergies with 2 Easy Home Tips

It?s that time of year again when people who have allergies complain about nasal congestion, coughing, and wheezing, itching, shortness of breath, headache, fatigue, hives and other skin rashes. Many people experience allergies due to pollens from outdoors combined with foods and indoor stagnant air carrying dust, mold, and other air pollutants.

Inflammatory Arthritis: Alternative Treatments

There are two main types of arthritis: inflammatory arthritis and osteoarthritis. Inflammatory arthritis can be treated naturally without drugs. Inflammatory arthritis' symptoms (such as Rheumatoid Arthritis) are exactly what they sound like: inflammation, redness and swelling in the joints. Sometimes there will even be a temperature change in the area affected. Also, in the hand, you may notice that some fingers may look like they are turning away from the thumb (ulnar deviation).

Sheepskin Underlays, For a Better Sleep

Sheepskin a better sleep

Powerful Essential Oils Kill Nail Fungus

Fungal infection of the nails is the one of the most difficult of all disorders to cure. Both fingernails and toenails may be affected, although toenail fungal infection is the most common type. There are a number of oral medications that have been promoted as effective cures, and, indeed, many of these medications eradicate nail fungus. However, all of these medications have the potential of causing significant toxicity, including liver damage. Oil of oregano aids in the cure primarily through topical application, although internal consumption may be necessary however, this must be under the direction of a professional health care provider. The oil has a deep penetrating power, which aids in the destruction of nail fungus, since this fungus infects the root of the nail bed as well as the surface. Regarding essential oils, oil of oregano?s ability to destroy nail fungus is unmatched. Rub oil of oregano liberally into involved nails as often as possible. Be sure to reduce sugar intake.

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When we launched the Niskanen Center in January 2015, we happily identified ourselves as libertarians. Sure, we were heterodox libertarians, but there are ...

This 'Smart' Speaker is Cheeky Alternative to Modern Tech  Geek

Hendrick's, purveyor of “unusual” gin, launched its first venture into modern technology. Horatio is a semi-smart, finger-activated (“freeing your voice for other ...

Goodwin: The alternative 'facts' of the Times' Brett Kavanaugh story  New York Post

Although some of its usual supporters are among those blasting The New York Times for its slimy hit job on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the paper is ...

Planting alternative backyard fruit trees in Southern California can help stop citrus threat  Valley News

RIVERSIDE – Southern California's mild Mediterranean climate makes it ideal for growing fruit trees in backyards, community gardens and school.

Minneapolis introduces no-bail alternative  Minnesota Public Radio News

City leaders and criminal justice reformers say the traditional cash bail system unfairly punishes people with jail time before they've been convicted by a court.

Police test 'Spider-Man' device as alternative to Taser  Reuters

With 49 people killed last year after being shocked by Tasers, police departments across the United States are trying out a "Spider-Man"-like device that fires a ...

BangBros Alternative Names for American Airlines Arena  Miami New Times

After 20 years, American Airlines and the arena the Miami Heat call home are breaking up. Many new suitors are sure to line up for the right to slap their name ...

Alternative Energy Series, Production of Renewable Energy in the Twin Tiers  WETM -

ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM)- Clean energy initiatives are becoming a large focus across not only the Twin Tiers but the United States. There are multiple ways to ...

TwentyFifty Offers First Truly Compostable Alternative To Single-Use Plastic Spoons  SGB Media

Posted by Natalie DeRatt | Carmen & Grace Communications | September 20, 2019. After more than two years of development, TwentyFifty launches the first ...

Alternative Lenders Saddled With Underserved Poor Image  CFO Magazine

Alternative lenders are an increasingly important source of capital and could be a vital lifeline during a recession, Paul Hastings attorney says.

Alternatives to drugs for managing pain  The Guardian

Letters: Readers respond to a piece about opioid prescriptions and how doctors can manage help with long-term pain.

Govt cuts MAT rate to 15 per cent: What is Minimum Alternative Tax?  Business Today

MAT is a tax provision reintroduced in 1997 in an attempt to bring zero-tax-high-profits companies into the income tax net. It is calculated on the basis of the book ...

In 2-1 Vote, NCUA Board Adopts Payday Loan Alternative  Credit Union Times

A divided NCUA board on Thursday adopted a rule that allows federal credit unions to make short-term loans of up to $2,000 as an alternative to predatory ...

'The Crossing' alternative school opens new space in downtown Elkhart  WSBT-TV

It's been helping students who aren't comfortable in traditional classrooms for more than a decade. "The Crossing" is now at 25 locations around the state.

I view vaping as my life-saving alternative to smoking | Opinion

My doctor told me to keep on vaping if it keeps me off the cigarettes.

From Salon Marketplace: Enjoy sleep thanks to this down-alternative comforter  Salon

Sleep is a crucial part of our night and day. Thanks to this comforter, you'll sleep better than ever.

How to see the alternative side of Marrakech on a vintage bike tour  Evening Standard

It's mid-morning in Marrakech and I'm whizzing through a palm grove, sitting in the sidecar of a racing-green vintage motorbike. The sun is shining and there's a ...

420 Connect offers seniors alternative treatment | Features  Valencia County News Bulletin

(The following *content* is a paid advertisement.) SS-420ConnectOwners 3 COL.jpg. 420 Connect owners Mike and Noemi Wallace pride themselves on ...

Drug court offers alternative to punitive measures | News  Moab Sun News

The first drug court in Utah was established in Third District Court in 1996 as “part of an ongoing effort to combat the rising number of drug-related crimes,” ...

Police testing taser alternative that wraps suspects up in a tether, Spider-Man-style  TechSpot

Reuters reports that another 49 people died last year after being shocked by tasers, leading to more calls for a better alternative. In many cases, the tasers were ...

With Baltimore’s business leaders growing impatient, mayor reveals ‘Squeegee Alternative Plan’  Baltimore Sun

A group of Baltimore business leaders is calling on elected officials and police to do more about “squeegee kids” downtown. The move comes weeks after City ...

Idaho Neurologist Finding Alternative Applications For Botox  Boise State Public Radio

This interview originally aired June 20, 2019. Botox is the miracle treatment that evens out facial wrinkles. Now doctors are finding benefits from.

The heartburn medication alternatives suggested by doctors  KTVI Fox 2 St. Louis

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — The FDA just announced that low levels of a cancer-linked chemical have been found in samples of the heartburn medication Zantac. Doctor ...

New health insurance alternative available for 2020: Lower costs possible for businesses with 5+ enrollees

News Release — Business Resource Services September 9, 2019. Contact: MITCH FLEISCHER (802) 865-5000. Get all of VTDigger's daily news. You'll never ...

If Biden can’t go the distance, here’s another center-left alternative  The Washington Post

The conversation rages on within the Democratic Party: Is former vice president Joe Biden, currently beating President Trump handily in a face-to-face match-up, ...

UConn apologizes after blatantly ripping off NC State logo  Yahoo Sports

UConn's student section got a new logo that was directly lifted from an alternative NC State logo.

New Program Offers Law School Grads An Alternative Career Path  Above the Law

UF Law has partnered with international eDiscovery company Consilio to offer graduates unique opportunities to learn the business of eDiscovery and practice ...

Mayor Frey introducing alternative to cash bail

MINNEAPOLIS — Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey is proposing a new alternative to cash bail in the 2020 city budget. Mayor Frey will unveil the plan Wednesday ...

Ikea challenges meatball 'identity' with plant-based alternative: 'We want to convert carnivores'

A vegan meatball alternative is undergoing product development at Ikea Food, which managing director Michael La Cour says will help get the company's menu ...

Thasos alternative-data company fires staff, CEO steps down  Business Insider

This story requires our BI Prime membership. To read the full article, simply click here to claim your deal and get access to all exclusive Business Insider PRIME ...

PBOT to build first ‘alternative pedestrian walkway’ in Cully

Don't call it a sidewalk or a bike lane. PedPDX Plan. Action 5.1: Provide Lower Cost Pedestrian Walkways. Portland residents cannot wait another 20 years or ...

Canadian pension funds consider pooling assets to access alternative investments  Pensions & Investments

Smaller to midsize public and corporate defined benefit plans in Canada are considering pooling their assets to access alternative investment options that might ...

Study: Fast MRIs offer alternative to CT scans for pediatric head injuries  CU Anschutz Today

University of Colorado School of Medicine study shows a new imaging method “fast MRI” is effective in identifying traumatic brain injuries in children.

Kellogg unveils plant-based alternative brand, Leaf Jerky

Kellogg's has launched a plant-based alternative to beef jerky under its new brand, Leaf Jerky. The company unveiled its new brand at Natural Products...

Hedera Hashgraph, Touted as High-Speed Blockchain Alternative, Now Live  CoinDesk

Hedera Hashgraph has launched its long-awaited public network, backed by some of the world's largest corporations and promising faster transactions and ...

As Democrats Debate, Trump Offers Alternative: A Rambling Speech  The New York Times

BALTIMORE — Moments after Democrats took the debate stage on Thursday night, President Trump delivered a rambling and disjointed 68-minute speech ...

Now Money offers alternative for Gulf’s unbanked expats  Financial Times

The Gulf's economy — from oil production to tourism — is underpinned by expatriate workers, the majority of whom are not paid enough to open a regular bank ...

AHN Program Using Alternative Treatments, Not Opioids, For Pain Management  CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Emmy has had chronic pain for 20 years along her spine and in her joints. She had taken opiates in the past, but stopped. However ...

Tsunami Bomb releasing first LP in 15 years, playing Alternative Tentacles Fest (stream a track)  Brooklyn Vegan

Reunited Petaluma, California punks Tsunami Bomb are releasing their new album 'The Spine That Binds' on Alternative Tentacles in November, and you can ...

Editorial: Top 15 alternatives to Blackboard  University of Pittsburgh The Pitt News

These are our top 15 alternatives to CourseWeb that we'd like to see Pitt pilot — because 10 just wasn't enough.

TwentyFifty™ Offers First Truly Compostable Alternative to Single-Use Plastic Spoons  SNEWS

San Diego, CA (September 15, 2019) - For the first time since the Ocean Conservancy began keeping track, plastic cutlery is showing up on the Top 10 list of.

$100 million Grant for the Web program seeks alternative online business models  VentureBeat

Coil's $100 million, five-year Grant for the Web aims to promote sustainable web business models while fostering open source platforms.

Government wants another year to 'find alternative to Irish border backstop'  Morning Star Online

BRITAIN should be given another year to find a solution to the Irish backstop as the EU has set the government a test it “cannot meet,” Brexit Secretary Stephen ...

Alternative meat products are not the answer for poorer countries  Financial Times

Excitement about alternative meat and dairy products is exploding. Lab-grown or plant-based, animal-free substitutes are being held up as a panacea to ...

No bond for Radford alternative medicine therapist  Roanoke Times

RADFORD — More details of the allegations against an alternative medicine therapist were outlined during a Tuesday court hearing, including that he ...

Spider-Man type restraint could be adopted by Australian police as pain-free alternative to Taser  9News

A Spider-Man-type gadget that halts suspects by entangling them in cord fired from a handheld device is bei...

Ether, XRP Rise to 1-Month Highs While Bitcoin Falls  CoinDesk

Demand for alternative cryptocurrencies has seen their performance rise over the last 24 hours despite bitcoin's (BTC) failure to take another leg up. It raises the ...

Family Offices: New Beginnings For Alternative Capital Arrangements - Corporate/Commercial Law - United States  Mondaq News Alerts

Veteran family office operators and managers may have other quotations (or visions) from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein in mind United States ...

10 alternative Thai islands for those who hate crowds  CNN

Been to all of Thailand's island hotspots and now crave some peace and quiet? Here's a look at 10 lovely alternative islands for travelers who hate crowds.

Protest planned after Irish Cement gets green light to burn alternative fuels  The Irish Times

Environmental Protection Agency approval of €10m project in Limerick prompts shock.

Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan revealed: PM to unveil backstop alternative ‘at right moment’

PRIME MINISTER Boris Johnson will unveil vital crucial alternative arrangements to the backstop plan for the Irish border “at the right moment”, his chief ...

CHSRA Adopts Preferred Alternatives for Northern California  RailwayAge Magazine

After nearly a decade of analysis and active engagement with communities along the route, the California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) Board of ...

What's the Best Alternative to Windows 7?  Softpedia News

According to NetMarketShare data for the month of August, Windows 7 was running on 30.34% of the desktops out there, which makes it the second most-used ...

Ocala doctor using alternatives to opioids to help patients with chronic pain

On average one hundred and thirty Americans die every day from an opioid overdose according to CDC statistics. Ocala resident Brenda Zorros was picking ...

Coming soon: weird but maybe wonderful alternative electric vehicles  Treehugger

BRB introduces a bunch of concept vehicles that look like a lot of fun without fossil fuels. In 1968, Bombardier invented the Sea-Doo, the first personal watercraft.

Outrage over Irish Cement alternative fuels plan for Limerick

A protest march is to take place in Limerick next month after controversial plans by Irish Cement to burn alternative fuels, including used tyres, were given the ...

Dallas ISD set to close alternative school for over-age students  FOX 4 News

The district says closing J.L. Patton Junior Academic Center in Oak Cliff is inevitable due to declining enrollment and two years of 'F' ratings from the state.

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