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Army Ranger Reveals How to Control Corporate Stress

"Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one." Hans Selye - the "father of stress" and founder of the Canadian Institute of Stress.

Five Secrets to Gaining Credibility with Your Team

Towers Perrin, the corporate benefits consulting firm, surveyed over 1000 American workers and found the following:

Five Leadership Secrets for Challenging Times

We consistently face new and ever growing challenges in the workplace such as reorganizing, downsizing, and “left out sizing.” We are faced with the question, “How do we lead in this storm of change” It may seem difficult at times and the decisions we make define our short-term and long- term outcomes. I will share with you five leadership techniques guaranteed to keep you on track during these difficult times.

Show Your Customers You Care

I recently went to a major computer/electronics store to buy an expensive software package. I felt good that I was able to find the software at a substantial discount. But by the time I was through paying for my purchase I never wanted to come back to the store again.

Leave Your “Buts” Behind for Great Customer Service

How many times have you heard something similar to this in a customer service situation

Check Yourself for Outstanding Customer Service

Recently, a business associate, Mike, mentioned that he was doing a show at a local university and stopped by the faculty dining hall to get lunch. He said that, while waiting on line, the service was poor. The line moved slowly, the counterperson was disinterested in what she was doing…and it showed. It was not a pleasant customer experience.

Ten Customer Service Secrets to Win Back Customers

Recently I was facilitating an Outstanding Customer Service program and broke for lunch. Knowing that the restaurants in the area had much to desire as far as service I gave the students an extra fifteen minutes for lunch.

Delegate to Accelerate Success!

Recently on the television reality show, The Apprentice, Donald Trump would give the ultimate winner the dream job of working for him, running one of his divisions and earning $250,000 per year. On the final episode, the choice came down to two candidates, Bill Rancic and Kwame Jackson, for the “ultimate” job. Both were very qualified. Bill Rancic was the owner of a successful Internet cigar business grossing over one million dollars a year, and Kwame Jackson was a graduate of Harvard Business School and most recently worked for the prestigious Wall Street investment house, Goldman Sachs, as an Investment Manager.

The Cat in the Hat Will Help You Get Your Point

Dr. Seusss "The Cat in the Hat" Will Help You Get Your Point Across! Yes you can, here is the Plan Copyright © 2004 Ed Sykes. All rights reserved

How Appetizing is Your Feedback

Recently, I was watching a rerun of the successful television show, The Cosby Show. The patriarch of this professional family He is a doctor and his wife is a lawyer. played by Bill Cosby, was just told by his college-bound daughter that the boyfriend she brought home to meet him was really her fiancé. He was disappointed with the news. Disappointed not in the young man or what he did he was a “maintenance engineer”, but in the way he was told about this engagement.

Getting Back to Basics: A Customer Service Tale

One hot summer day my daughter and I ventured to our local craft store with one mission in mind – purchase velvet covered coloring panels called fuzzy boards. Little did we know this simple trip would turn into such an adventure.

The Secret To Beating Tiger Woods At Golf … And, Its Correlation To Success In Business!

The game of Golf, although difficult to master, can nevertheless be narrowed down to three fundamental disciplines: 1 The Power Game [Driving & Iron Play], 2 The Short Game [Finesse / Shots within 100 Yards] and 3 Putting.

Time Management Tips

This week were going to take a look at your time management skills. Most of us have to work, and the more you can do in the least amount of time, the better. Working smarter frees you up so that not only do you have a job, but you have balance in your life !

Success Tips for Small Business Owners

Running a small business requires many skills. However, to do this successfully you need to organize yourself first. Avoid procrastination - read the following and take action.

Create a Positive, Upbeat, "Can-Do" Workforce and Dazzle the Customer with Your Caring!

Given the choice of dealing with a positive, upbeat employee with a "can-do" attitude or dealing with a disgruntled, distracted, uninterested one, which would you choose No contest. Customers always want the best experience possible; they want it to be easy and pleasant to do business with your company. Enter the real challenge of "Relationship Management," the relationships. Until all of our business is done electronically, and much of it might be, managers, in addition to making sure the work gets done, still need to be concerned with the performance of the most important link in the customer connection - people.

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