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8 Gifts of Parenting

No one who has hugged their child can doubt the gift of a child’s presence in their life. The love that is expressed in that simple act is one of the most profound ways that we experience love in this world. In order to nurture the special relationship of parent and child, and fulfill our roles as parents, there are number of things that we are signing up to do. Here is a list of eight essential ways to fulfill our parental responsibilities.

When Time Out Dont Work

Joey steps away from his time out chair “I won’t sit!” His mother is frustrated and throws her hands in the air..Time out is just not working for this mom. Many kids do not respond to time out so what do parents do

Parents Dealing with Worry and Fear

This column offers solutions to people who write in questions about how they can solve their life challenges through the formula described in the books, Way of the Positive Flow and Positive Flow Parenting, by Lawrence Vijay Girard

Exercising With Kids -- Tips For Parents

Making exercise a priority is a challenge for everyone. And for parents it can be especially difficult to find time to workout because of the full plates that they often juggle. When summer arrives the juggling act becomes even more tricky with kids home from school and involved in extracurricular activities.

Pull Your Wagon

The Little Lady offers so many lessons. Almost two now just a couple days, she went for a ride with her 14-month old cousin in a wagon. We adults took turns pulling . . . until Little Lady decided that SHE wanted to pull. And once she got her hands on the handle, pity the adult foolish enough to try to relieve her of her responsibilities!

Give Your Child the Gift of Self-Esteem

Much has been said about the "gifted child" but in truth every child is born with unlimited potential. As expressed so well by Orison Marden:

Eight Out Of 10 Kids In Child Safety Seats Are At Risk – And Their Parents DonT Even Realize It

NC—Even the most informed parents make mistakes when installing child safety seats. According to a recent study by Transport Canada, eight out of 10 child safety seats are improperly installed. DaimlerChrysler Canada recognized the need to help parents properly install car seats and as a result has developed a free safety seat inspection service called Fit for a Kid®, that is open to any make or model of vehicle.

Learning To Be Safe With Your Children On The Road

NC—According to recent Canadian studies, as many as eight out of 10 child safety seats may be improperly installed in Canadian vehicles. While most parents understand the importance of child safety seats and make sure they have one for their child, the problem comes from a lack of caregiver education when installing them.

Reincarnation: Sacred Children Series - 1 of 3

Many years ago, my children were raised on the various teachings and concepts of "magic" as I was studying different religions and spiritual beliefs. I had come across many metaphysical teachings woven throughout most of the different religions. It was very important to me that they stay authentic and real. I didnt want them to ever allow anyone to convince them to be something other than the beautiful souls they already were. They took to the metaphysical teachings quite easily and naturally. Often they already knew whatever it was I had thought I was going to teach them.

Jesus Birthday: Sacred Children Series - 2 of 3

I had visions of my daughter for about five years before she finally showed up. She turned out exactly like the little girl in my dreams who had haunted me all that time. I was so very glad to see that she was alive and real. I always thought she must somehow be more magical and special then other normal kids.

No Invitation Needed: Sacred Children Series - 3 of 3

I had my first two children on either side of my twenty-third and twenty-fifth birthdays. I had always assumed that by the time I was forty, Id have a ton of freedom to finally push forward with my dreams of becoming a motivational writer and speaker. It really looked like that was the way my life was going to go too.

Labeling is Disabling: Achieving Congruent Communication

A small town, somewhere in the world, was managed by a town council of seven or eight members. The council normally met once a week. One member - lets call him Bill - would invariably stroll into the council chamber exactly ten minutes after the time scheduled for the meeting.

Keeping Your New Baby Safe

After all the baby furniture is purchased, youll have to start thinking of baby safety supplies. Once your baby becomes mobile and thats in a few short months, battening down the hatches is extremely important.

10 Simple Ways to Say, “I Love You”

We’re teaching our kids to be consumers at an early age. Look at the number of superhero and product endorsement Valentines on the store shelves.

Bath Time Fun

Bath time can be fun or it can be a real hassle if your child is afraid or don’t like it. So we as mothers try to make it a fun time for our little ones! Then the problem will be getting them out!

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