Stop Setting Goals; Make Decisions Instead

Every private client I work with begins at the same place. They first paint a clear picture of their goals, from the future back to today.

Then they make a conscious decision to realize that goal by a specific date.

Finally they create small, time and date driven baby steps to reach that goal.

Imagine how buildings are constructed. First there is land, then a foundation, next a skeletal structure, then walls, wiring, plumbing, finish work and finally a building.

Imagine your goals in the same way. First make a conscious decision to construct the goal (just like an architect does when creating a building). Then create a foundation, put together the skeletal structure, then the walls and continue to build until your goal is reached.

Let's start with your BIG picture desires. What do your really want in life? What baby step can you take today to move one step closer to achieving it?

Chicken Soup of the Soul Co-Author, Mark Victor Hansen suggests writing down 101 goals as a starting point. Doing this exercise forces us to really dig to understand what we want in life.

Most people can easily list 5 or 10 life goals. Really thinking about it may get them to 15 or 20.

But writing down 101 things you want in your life forces you to dig and explore your deepest thoughts, feelings and passions.

STOP right here. Spend a few minutes, a few hours, a few days or even a few weeks if necessary. Decide right now the 101 things you REALLY want in your life.

Welcome back!

By completing the 101 goals exercise, you now realize how little you have really thought about the true meaning of your life and desires. All of us work so hard reacting to events of the day; we never understand what we really want in life.

Don't fall victim to that habitual pattern. Start making decisions today that create the life you're seeking tomorrow.

What does your ideal life look like?

Have your 101 goals list in front of you now. This represents the type of building you want to construct. A bright future relies on a concrete picture of it. You are pouring the foundation for your life:

* In 20 years from now

* 10 years

* 5 years

Where are you today, in relation to your ultimate goal?

Are you taking actions now that support your life in the future?

Most people dream of a future but take contradictory actions that will not enable that dream.

Set your long range goal then work backwards. Accomplish both large and small steps now; leading to your ultimate objective in life.

Take This Action Now

Where do you want to be in the distant future? For some people that may be 20 years, for others 10.

Write down your thoughts then list the actions you'll need to take today, tomorrow and as you move forward to ensure you'll reach your desired destination.

Set definite time frames for every baby step. This creates a decision.

Creating your "strategy" every day gives you a roadmap to follow as you progress toward your ultimate destination.

Follow the map. Start each day by considering "What is the # 1 most important thing I have to do today?" Then do it. Then move on to the next most important and the next.

Before you know it, you'll be on your way to creating a strategy every day in support of your true life goals. Make the decision today to accomplish what you want in both business and life.

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