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Small Business Success: Thriving During Change (And Landing On Your Feet!)

If I had $1.00 every time I heard someone say ? I don?t like change or, change makes me uncomfortable? I?d be a millionaire. Some people thrive on change ? they love it and even create more of it. Others view change with anxiety and resistance. So often, we don?t associate potential, excitement and wonder with change. Instead, we react to it; we try to control it; we create situations and problems to avoid dealing with it. We experience change daily in many forms ? the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the conversations we have, traffic patterns, the WEATHER.

Small Business Marketing Secrets: Look Like Sizzle, Be The Steak

You've heard marketing and advertising gurus quip, "Sell the sizzle, not the steak." Advertising initiatives best reach their target audience with benefits and the "wow" effect, not the value or features of their product or service. This may work well to get customers in the door. But once they're in, you better have some substance. How can you ensure you uphold the integrity of your business and still maintain the "Wow Effect"? It just takes well executed strategic steps for business AND personal development:

6 Ways Small Businesses Can Survive In A Crazy Economy

Contrary to popular belief, small businesses can survive a crazy economy by taking some proactive steps. Provide spectacular customer service -- every time. Have a friend or colleague visit your business and provide feedback from a customer?s perspective. This person should be unknown by your staff and willing to provide a candid assessment. Make sure your front and back office work like a well-oiled machine. Are the front line and the back office telling your customers the same thing? Manage your customer relationships -- return customers take the least amount of effort -- use that to your advantage. Keep in touch often. Review your strategic plan monthly (weekly is even better). Make sure you?re doing the things that will get you where you want to go. Adjust your strategic plan as necessary. Your "smallness" makes you more flexible. Communicate, communicate, communicate -- with your employees and your customers. Nurture those relationships. Ask for feedback often.

Local Search and Internet Yellow Pages - A Whole NewVocabulary for Small Businesss

Buyers want both online and local information about where to buy Most small businesses are local in nature, serving people who live nearby. Their customers found them through traditional methods like the Yellow Pages or newspaper ads. So far, the Internet hasn't figured prominently in their marketing efforts. That's about to change, as Local Search methods become more widespread. Even for buyers expecting to spend their money close to home, more and more of them go to the Internet to locate desired products and services. They rely on search engines to find suitable vendors in the fastest, easiest way. Local Search combines the search query word or phrase with specific geographic terms, like city or zip code. That way, search results only include enterprises in that local area. Instead of information about a small enterprise being lost among millions of pages of search results, it shows up in a small pool of local providers. That's good for them, as well as the person looking for what they provide. Small operations can easily be located by a whole new group of buyers Consumers don't simply go to the Yellow Pages when ready to buy - as they once did. Studies show that an astonishing 36% of online searches are conducted to find local businesses. About a quarter of all Internet users already conduct local searches. They'd do even more of it, if the desired small business data were more complete. Local enterprises need to prepare for the impact of changing customer habits. An easy first step is to include your business in Internet Yellow Pages (IYP), along with the printed Yellow Page directory. That puts your enterprise on the radar screen. Learn how your business can make the most of Local Search by visiting You'll find reliable advice from experts in Yellow Pages and Local Search so you can get more mileage from your promotional dollars. Start by getting comfortable with search concepts, and improve your odds of being found when people search online for what you offer. You don't even need your own Web site to benefit from Internet Yellow Pages and Local Search. Learn the Relevant Terms Search Engine - method for locating the information available on the Internet; a program that searches Web pages for requested keywords, then returns a list of documents where the query terms were found Google and Yahoo, the major general search engines, have both shifted gears to make Local Search a priority when delivering relevant results. Spider (also called "crawler" or "bot") - goes to every page on every Web site and reads the information so it can be available to searchers; to "crawl" a site it collects and indexes information from it Specialized Search Engines - narrow focus of information crawled and indexed, like medical, business, or shopping sites Keywords - word or phrases used by search engines to locate relevant Web pages; words chosen to improve a site's search engine placement and ranking Search Query - search request, which the search engine compares to the spidered entries, then returns results to the searcher Search Results - compiled list of Web pages that a search engine delivers in response to a query; the number of items returned is usually overwhelming (in the millions), so searchers only bother to view results on the first pages Relevant Results - the test of a good search is whether the results obtained relate to what the person wanted to find, without a lot of irrelevant links Local Search - combining a geographic term in a search query to locate suitable providers in a specific area Pay per Click (PPC) - method of building traffic whereby site owners bid on search terms (keywords) that link to their site Geographic Terms - specific information about the local area that can be included in a local search: zip code, town, county, geographic region, state Top Ranking - sites shown on the first page(s) of search results Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - fine-tuning keywords and page content so the Web site rates high in search engine results Tags and Titles (on Web Pages) - provide site keywords and information to search engine spiders for indexing a site Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) - directory of business phone numbers and locations in a geographic area, organized by category; searchable data base accessed on the Internet Make your business easy for searchers to find The public is embracing the convenience of searching on the Internet to find information about local businesses. However, their searches for desired information are compromised because so many local enterprises don't show up in the databases as yet. Those that do have an edge in their local market. Climb aboard! Make sure searchers can find you. For little or no money, you can expose your enterprise to the whole world. Whether or not your business has a Web site, you need to provide the information people are looking for in the places that they look for it. Local Search and Internet Yellow Pages open new avenues to buyers ready to spend. Best of all, they support and compliment your traditional methods of finding new business. So you cover all your bases. (c)2004, Lynella Grant

Why Do Most Online Small Businesses Fail?

Search Engines account for almost 90% of all web traffic!

Three Big Barriers To Small Business Marketing Success

When you feel like you?re always busy working on your business, but not getting where you want to go, it can be frustrating trying to figure out how to get your marketing on track. It can easily become a ?not seeing the forest for the trees? feeling.

Women and Small Business

In the book Women and Small Business author gives all the guidelines and tools need to start, operate and succeed in a business of their own. In the mentioned book she tried in the fist part to explain how has changed the role of women in the world along centuries. In the second part she researched all neccesary abbilities of women who like to start up their own business,make differences among women and men owners and gave advices to them.Additionaly, she made some very important questions which need answers for all prospective owners,as following:

Organizing Tips for Small Business Success

If you discovered the bottom line in your business depended on the organization in your office, your reaction could range from complete composure to sheer terror. Organization certainly has an effect on your bottom line ? and just as significantly ? on your peace of mind. For the small business or home office professional, effective organizing can mean the difference between business failure and success. For the 11.1 million workers who have their offices at home, organization skills can have a significant impact on their personal lives as well.

Small Business Marketing: Specialize or Generalize?

There have been many great points raised on both sides of this discussion. In order to make a final decision, we must look at how the business world is moving and at the purchasing patterns of the consumers who will be utilizing your services.

Small Business Survival Tips

No matter what kind of small business you have, you need read these "small business survival tips" which will help you to succeed.

Dig Deep for Small Business Ideas Before You Start the Wrong Business

If you're serious about wanting to start a business, the first thing you want to do is take the time to understand what really makes you tick. Where do you get your drive? What gets you in a "zone?"

How Small Business And Nonprofits Can Afford Multimedia For The Web

Multimedia is everywhere on the Internet, whether in the form of floating ads at major websites, streaming video or animated presentations. Of course, there is a good reason why multimedia has become such an integral part of the web experience: it?s an effective tool for capturing attention or provoking visitors to buy or contact the site owner. For these reasons, many educational institutions, businesses, and other organizations desire multimedia presentations. Unfortunately, at first glance multimedia, often appears prohibitively expensive for small businesses and non-profits. The following represent a number of ways to control the high cost that typically accompanies multimedia production without losing quality. We believe these suggestions will ensure that you save money but still feel good about your investment.

Your Ideal Client ? A Key Concept for Solo and Small Business Marketing

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."--Bill Cosby

The Inside-Out Business Plan? -- Your Small Business Plan in 10 Easy Questions

Writing a business plan for your Solo Entrepreneur business doesn't have to be a daunting project. If you can answer 10 straightforward questions about your business, you can be ready to go.

How Your Habits Control Your Small Business Success

Habit: A consistent behavior you perform so frequently that it is automatic.

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Amazon announces three prizes for small business partners  INSIDER

Small and Medium-Sized Businesses that sell on Amazon can nominate themselves to be considered. "Woman-owned" and "Under 30" are other categories.

National and local small business owners show strong economic confidence  Lehigh Valley Business

Trade wars. Brexit. There's plenty to be nervous about in the global economy. But, not everyone is worrying apparently, at least not in one of the economy's most ...

How One Small Business Became One of the Nation's Largest Federal Contractors

Torch Technologies, Inc., has risen to become one of the largest federal contractors in the nation — as a 100-percent employee-owned small business.

SBA awards Oklahoma $299000 to expand small-business exporting  Theadanews

The U.S. Small Business Administration announced recently that $299000 has been awarded to the Oklahoma Department of Commerce to support export ...

'Small Business Revolution' TV series taps BSA expert to help revitalize small town  Scouting Magazine

A climbing expert from the BSA will be featured in "Small Business Revolution," a Deluxe Corp. show that invests $500000 to revitalize a small town.

Amazon recognizes small business sellers  Chain Store Age

Amazon is accepting nominations for the first-ever Amazon Small Business Awards. According to the e-tailer, the awards “celebrate inspiring and unique ...

Business Digest: Small Business Center holds tech event Sept. 26  Santa Cruz Sentinel

A Technology Showcase and Access to Capital event for small and medium-sized manufacturers is from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Sept. 26 at the Small Business ...

Letters to the Editor, MALL: Small business lament  Coeur d'Alene Press

I am writing about the corporate standpoint of the Silver Lake Mall and the active influence they are taking to move small independent businesses out. Over the ...

How To Build A Small Business Competitive Strategy  Forbes

Categorize and prioritize your thoughts in order to create a sound strategy.

Italian Town Will Pay You $770 a Month to Start a Small Business  InsideHook

The Italian region of Molise plans to pay new residents $770 a month, contingent on their starting a small business.

New Stock List: Small Business Champions. Are Roku, HubSpot, And LendingTree Ready To Buy? Let's Chart Them  Seeking Alpha

Small business is an important economic ecosystem component in the US. I think it would be useful to organize a list of stocks catering to that niche. Lists are.

Small Business Administration chief touts trade in visit to Dublin firetruck maker  The Columbus Dispatch

In a visit to a Dublin firetruck manufacturer Thursday, the acting administrator of the federal Small Business Administration praised its programs, exports and the ...

Report: Millennial small business owners debunk stereotypes  Upstate Business Journal

Entitlement, skinny jeans, avocados, and… entrepreneurship? Cargo says your stereotypes of millennials may not hold up in the world of small business.

PHX biz owner: SBA can do more to help small firms launch  ABC15 Arizona

A Phoenix business owner told members of Congress this week that the Small Business Administration is doing a better job of giving minority-owned small ...

Cybersecurity Tips for Small

Learn about the online and in-person security risks that small businesses need to be aware of and find out what you need to do to keep your business safe.

7 Small Business Hiring Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs  Nasdaq

When you run a small business, you can't afford to make mistakes. Every client interaction, product and invoice reflects on you and your company, and one bad ...

The State Of Cybersecurity Pertaining To Small Business  Forbes

There has never been a more critical time for small businesses to implement comprehensive cybersecurity policies and procedures.

Nationwide’s Digital Storefront Targets Small Business Market  Insurance Journal

Nationwide said it has formally launched a commercial insurance digital storefront targeted to small businesses. Small business owners will be able to use.

BBVA USA August Recap: Community investment, retail banking and small business  BBVA

Community Investment: BBVA and the Montrose Center, along with Houston community leaders, break ground on an affordable, LGBTQ-affirming independent ...

"We want our money back": Small business owners scrambling after MyPayrollHR closure  CBS News

Small business owners were left scrambling after the sudden closure of a popular payroll company, called MyPayrollHR, and the millions of dollars that ...

60% of Business Leaders Would Rather Lose Revenue Than Data  Small Business Trends

A new report reveals the latest small business IT trends including downtime, gaps, and the things that SMB IT managers worry about the most.

AG should know digital tools are essential for small business  Arizona Capitol Times

I am amazed and a little dumbfounded that a group of attorneys general, including Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, launched an investigation attacking ...

How to avoid the top 3 small business mistakes  Komando

As a small business owner, it's easy to overlook issues, big and small, that could be holding you back. That's why we're going to go over the top three m…

Nationwide, Bluevine announce finalists in $100,000 small business contest  PropertyCasualty360

After reviewing thousands of applications, Nationwide and Bluevine have announced the seven finalists for the “Pitch to Win” contest, a competition for small ...

Spooktacular Tips for Marketing at Halloween  Small Business Trends

Does marketing your business at Halloween send a shiver up your spine? You don't stand a ghost of a chance without these marketing ideas for Halloween.

Sununu's veto shows GOP no longer supports small business  The Laconia Daily Sun

I grew up in New Hampshire. My dad was a Republican and a member of the Nashua Exchange Club — a group of community-minded businessmen who were, ...

Constant Contact Expands Marketing Suite  Small Business Trends

With three new tools, the Constant Contact Marketing Suite has expanded to cover more of what your small business needs to promote itself.

The Atlanta Small Business Show on CBS46 and Peachtree TV: Episode 24 – [09.21.19]  Atlanta Small Business Network

We had some great segments on this week's episode of the Atlanta Small Business Show, now on CBS 46 and Peachtree TV every Saturday and Sunday ...

Small Business Growth - An Inside Job [Free $75 Workshop Event]

Thursday September 26 2019: It's been said that the "mental game" accounts for over 92% of success, or failure, that people have. ...

Safety Applies to Traveling Too: How Small Business Travelers Can Stay Healthy  Occupational Health and Safety

NIOSH recently released a resource guide that helps employers and managers ensure the safety of their employees before, during, and after their work travel ...

Small Businesses Owners Prepare For Minimum Wage Increase In Denver  CBS Denver

DENVER (CBS4)– The City of Denver announced its proposal on Thursday to raise minimum wage beginning in January 2020. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock ...

Working With Existing Customers: Eight Ways Small Businesses Can Build Revenue  Forbes

Focusing on existing customers is remarkably important for small businesses: The customers are already engaged with the business and, as a whole, they can ...

'Brexit destroyed my business': The small business owners who left the UK  Euronews

As the prospect of a no-deal Brexit moves closer, some small business owners have decided to move their companies out of the UK.

Meet the Valley's 2019 Small Business Awards winners  Phoenix Business Journal

The awards recognize those businesses with 100 employees or fewer that comprise the vast majority of companies in Arizona.

Giving Employees Same Technology as Customers is Key to Success  Small Business Trends

Hilton was recently named the best place to work in the country and one key to that success was a focus on the employee experience at Hilton.

A New Tool Aimed At Small Business Allows For Real-Time Analytics  Forbes

Kabbage's new tool lets small business owners compare and assess how their companies are performing in real time.

State commission aims to cut red tape, grow small business  Savannah Morning News

Seventy years ago, when it came to picking a career path, only one in 20 workers needed a license or permit to pursue their chosen occupation.Today, nearly ...

Big day for small business

It feels good to live in a town where people aren't afraid to come out and get together for an afternoon of self-celebration. Last Saturday the Somers Chamber of ...

Shannon Mantaro: October is National Women's Small Business Month  Denton Record Chronicle

October is National Women's Small Business Month, and it's when we recognize the accomplishments and contributions that women entrepreneurs have made ...

13 Effective Ways Small Businesses Can Build Company Credit  Forbes

Just like personal credit, a small business needs to have excellent credit ratings if they intend to use the company's reputation to expand. Here's how to develop ...

Small Business Spotlight: Cheesy Eddie's  WHEC

When it comes to desserts, there are few local traditions like Cheesy Eddie's...

Vermont Small Businesses Lead the Nation for Revenue Growth  Small Business Trends

How are U.S. small businesses doing in the midst of the trade and recession talk? According to the Kabbage Small Business Revenue Index, they are ...

Phoenix business owner says SBA can do more to help small firms launch  Cronkite News

A Phoenix business owner told House members Wednesday that the Small Business Administration is doing a better job of giving minority-owned, small ...

2019 Veterans Small Business Roadshow coming to SIU Sept. 25  SIU News

CARBONDALE, Ill. — Here's a special rollcall just for veterans. If you've ever considered starting your own business or if you own a business and would like to ...

Europe-inspired butcher shop Moriarty Meats wins $10,000 in small business competition  WKBW-TV

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — A butcher shop on Buffalo's west side that sources local meat won the $10,000 grand prize from a small business pitch competition.

I.R.S. Offers Deal to Small Insurance Companies Under Scrutiny  The New York Times

The Internal Revenue *Service* has offered a small group of taxpayers a deal it hopes they won't refuse: Pay all their back taxes, plus interest, and their case will ...

The best firewalls for small businesses  Digital Trends

Finding the right firewall for your business might seem like a complicated task. There are a number of great solutions out there with all developers hoping to coax ...

Small Business Owners Urge Legislators to Consider Economic Benefits of IGT Proposal  GoLocalProv

Rhode Island small business owners are urging lawmakers to consider the economic benefits of the proposal to keep IGT in Rhode Island. This comes as state ...

RiverBend Growth Association names Andy's Automotive its Small Business of the Month

Repair and auto body shop has been serving community for 45 years.

In the Spotlight: International Van Lines Moves Towards Better Customer Service  Small Business Trends

Working in an industry is the perfect way to learn what you need to know before starting a business. That's exactly what the founder of International Van Lines did ...

Mayor appointed to USCM Small Business and Entrepreneurship Task Force

The task force is comprised of mayors from across the country who have successfully grown and supported small businesses in their cities.

Study checks status of small business startups | Business

Much has been said in the media about the rise and strength of the gig economy, with some debate about what constitutes a true small business startup, ...

How To Solve All Your Small Business Problems From A Know-It-All  Forbes

Struggling with your business? More clients, higher prices, and Facebook ads aren't solutions, they are bandaids to a singular, larger problem of something else ...

New Council Bills Would Provide Relief To Small 'Legacy' Businesses Facing Displacement  DCist

The District already offers financial assistance to residents struggling to afford rent. Now your local barber shop could be next, under three new bills in the D.C. ...

Exclusive: Small-business support for Trump ebbs, but experts say he can reclaim voters  USA TODAY

More small businesses prefer a Democrat than Trump in the 2020 election, a new survey shows. That represents erosion of his traditional support.

Stand with small business owners | Letters to the Editor  Bismarck Tribune

I wonder how many small business owners are aware of legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives. In recent years, small businesses have added more ...

Smart Ways SMBs Can Cut Expenses

Lowering expenses is just as important for small business trying to maintain profitability as increasing sales. Here are easy ways to cut costs.

Port makes pledge to award contracts to small businesses  Virginian-Pilot

A Hampton Roads distribution giant linked to more than 300,000 jobs across the state has pledged to maintain its already significant efforts to award contracts to ...

Why hurricane season is a big deal at this government agency  Yahoo Finance

After a hurricane, the images almost always include FEMA. The Small Business Administration is another government agency that might deserve a mention.

Genesee chamber partners with GM to boost small business, nonprofits

The program, started by the Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce and General Motors, would distribute $200000 of funding to small businesses partnering ...

Small business forum for Women, empowering women  KFDA

Women from all over the Panhandle came together Thursday, to help each other's ideas and businesses grow.

Man Sues To Have His Small Business Certified As 'Minority-Owned' After DNA Test Reveals He's 4% Black  Comic Sands

A White business owner sued to have his business certified as 'Minority Owned'. His claim was denied despite having a DNA test that claims he's 4% African.  Business Record

Representatives of six companies took the stage at the FFA Enrichment Center in Ankeny Sept. 10 to accept various Small Business Awards from Des Moines ...

Immigrants strengthened my small business. They’ll strengthen America, too.  Des Moines Register

Like so many small businesses, my veterinary clinic All-Pets Hospital depends on a diverse customer base to stay afloat. This is especially true in Des Moines.

Small business regulatory review launches new website  Hawaii 24/7

MEDIA RELEASE. HONOLULU – The Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism's (DBEDT) Small Business Regulatory Review Board ...

Top Denver news: Small business owners prep for wage hikes; teen shot and killed; more  Hoodline Denver

Here's the most recent top news in Denver; see what headlines are trending among local readers, with links to full articles.

Thinking about a small business? Try Lincoln County  Ruidoso News

Lincoln County ranks fourth in study for best places to run a small business in New Mexico.

Clark Construction's 2019-2020 Strategic Partnership Program Promises New Wave Of Small Business Growth In San Francisco  PRNewswire

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On September 19th, Clark Construction Group launched its 2019-2020 San Francisco Strategic Partnership ...

Elizabeth Warren's tax plan requires a big leap of faith from small business | TheHill  The Hill

As a small business owner, I'm averse to taking such chances without a better understanding of the potential return on investment.


Richland, Ashland and Crawford counties are eligible for loans to small businesses, small agricultural cooperatives, small businesses engaged in aquaculture ...

Two Years After Hurricane Maria Ravaged Puerto Rico, Startups Are Thriving Amid Plans to Fix Problems Uncovered by the Storm  Inc.

For small-company owners in Puerto Rico, Hurricane Dorian's transient threat in August meant an unwelcome chance to tire-kick their carefully crafted ...

Loudoun Chamber announces Small Business Awards finalists | News  Loudoun Times-Mirror

The Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce has announced the names of 27 finalists selected to compete across seven industry categories in the 25th Annual ...

SBA: Small Business Week Award nominations now open  West Plains Daily Quill

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is now accepting nominations for its 2020 National Small Business Week Awards, including the annual Small ...

Missing Paychecks Leave Small Businesses Scrambling  The Wall Street Journal

The FBI is investigating a payroll processor after about $30 million destined for paychecks and related tax payments went missing this month. Roughly 8000 ...

Small businesses thrive in Spearfish  Kotatv

It's often said that small businesses are the backbone of any community.

Opinion: Scrap plans for small business bureaucracy in Michigan  The Detroit News

"Hiring more government bureaucrats and creating new bureaucracies will not 'facilitate the creation and retention of small business jobs in this state.'"

Governor Abbott Invites Women Entrepreneurs To Upcoming Small Business Forum In Amarillo  KAMR -

AUSTIN – Governor Greg Abbott today invited women entrepreneurs to a Governor's Small Business Forum on September 19 in Amarillo celebrating women ...

Chamber Announces Finalists for 25th Annual Small Business Awards;People’s Choice Voting Opens  Loudoun Now

The Loudoun Chamber today announced the names of the 27 finalists selected to compete in seven industry categories in the 25th Annual Loudoun Small ...

How to Prepare Your Small Business for the Holiday Rush  The Story Exchange

Holiday sales are expected to grow, so be prepared. If you're planning to take a vacation or travel to see family at holiday time, it's a good idea to book now.

What is a Virtual Assistant - and 47 Tasks They Can Do for You  Small Business Trends

A virtual assistant frees up time for business owners and entrepreneurs. Learn 42 specific tasks a virtual assistant can do and take off your plate.

Charter sells wireless service to small businesses  FierceWireless

The company is also experimenting with building wireless broadband in 'low density' areas using CBRS spectrum.

African American Chamber moves headquarters to better support small businesses  WCPO

CINCINNATI — The African American Chamber of Commerce celebrated the grand opening of its new headquarters Wednesday afternoon. Members of the ...

Lender worries politics is interfering in Fresno's small business loan program  The San Joaquin Valley Sun

Official with the lending firm managing Fresno's Revolving Loan Program voiced concern Thursday that politics may be at play in cutting their contract.

IRS small business and self-employed unit pivots to cryptocurrency enforcement  Accounting Today

Newly appointed officials in the Internal Revenue *Service's* Small Business/Self-Employed division plan to make changes in the agency's strategy for dealing ...

Small business digital marketing: DIY or outsource?  Star Tribune

Marketing and advertising on the internet are an integral part of running a small business, one many owners handle themselves.

Shark Tank's Daymond John reveals 3 strategies for running a recession-proof business  CNBC

Shark Tank's Daymond John reveals 3 tips for running a recession-proof small business. He says make sure to have cash on hand to cover three to six months ...

State receives $900K to boost small business exports  Goldendale Sentinel

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has awarded the Washington State Department of Commerce an eighth year of funding to help state small.

Small Business Hiring Increases in August  The Wall Street Journal

A great U.S. job market for workers at small firms got a little better in August. That's according to the latest monthly employment survey from the National ...

These Small Businesses Took On The Giants--And Won

Being a successful entrepreneur requires a unique blend of tenacity, grit, and fearlessness. In virtually every sector, small business owners must face down ...

Small business owners encouraged to fill out survey  Norfolk Daily News

LYONS - Small business owners across the state are encouraged to take the Center for Rural Affairs survey on small business needs.

Will DOD's new cyber rules crush small business?  Defense Systems

Two contract attorneys tell FCW that the DOD's Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification framework could have a negative impact on small business and ...

How Automation Can Help Your Small Business  Forbes

With automation technologies improving, small businesses do not have to worry about experimenting with automation. They can safely incorporate some of the ...

Recession fears weighing on small-business owners | News  The Title Report

Optimism among small-business owners decreased slightly during August, as fewer owners said they expect better business conditions and real sales volumes ...

Small business owners' confidence in the economy erodes with uncertainty about recession  USA TODAY

Small business owners have concerns about the economy, with optimism down according to a statistical barometer. But not all findings were negative.

In the Headlines: New Tech Launches for Your Small Business  Small Business Trends

This week, we heard from lots of companies about new products and services they're offering small businesses like yours. These new technologies are ...

Asheville retools small business program to make it more accessible  WLOS

An Asheville office designed to help certain small businesses is rebranding and retooling. WLOS. The Minority Business Program is now the Business Inclusion ...

What Does an Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner Do?  Small Business Trends

“I am thinking of becoming an entrepreneur and starting a small business. But my current job is so uninspiring – I don't want to get stuck in another boring career.

Sven Platte Is Helping Small Business Owners Be Successful Online  Forbes

What if there was a platform that could help you get started with your small business and not charge you for their services until you generated money? Now there ...

The new technology that could turn small businesses into international companies  MarketWatch

Advancements in machine translation technology are helping consumers, gamers and small businesses.

The Solution To Small Business Owners' Biggest 401(k) Problem  Forbes

If you're too busy running your business but also too busy to memorize all the nuts and bolts of your company's 401(k) plan, this may just be the answer you've ...

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