5 Tips to Locating Highly Competitive Wholesale Products - PART 3

Sheila Newth


STORAGE UNIT AUCTIONS Ė The hottest way to find wholesale products that NOBODY is telling you about!

I bet you didnít even realize that your local storage units were a PRIME way to find great wholesale products.

All you need to do is contact your local STORAGE UNITS to see when they will hold their AUCTIONS to get rid of any non-paying customerís goodies!

This can be a super way to get a HUGE lot of items quickly for 1 very low price!

You could choose to either keep some of the items, and sell the rest, or sell them all by:

1 Selling at your local flea market

2 Hold a garage sale

3 Sell in classified ads in your local newspaper

4 Sell on EBay Ė You should save the smaller items to sell on EBay and sell the larger items like furniture at your local flea markets, garage sales, or classified ads!

5 Bring a moving van or moving truck to cart off your newly won prizes.

In most cases, you will be required to remove all the items from the premises the SAME day as the auction. So donít forget to bring something to cart it all off with!

6 Put in the classified ads section of WWW.CRAIGSLIST.ORG

Itís free to buy and sell on this site, so it is a safe way to post products and wait for buyers without spending a dime! PLUS: you can post photos for FREE!

NOTE: www.Craigslist.org is a great tool to sell local products and is very similar to classified ads in your local paper!

In fact it is even replacing in many categories the classified ads in my area by leaps and bounds. It is basically an online community to buy and sell all types of products, find rental homes and property, buy real estate, locate various services like computer repair, etc all for your local area.

Just go to the main page at www.craigslist.org and to change the city or area, simply go to the right hand side of the main page, and click on another city.


1 Always bring a HEAVY DUTY flashlight so you can peep in and see what items they have WAY IN THE BACK!!! In most cases they WILL NOT let you go wandering about and looking through the items! NO they dont, so bring a HEAVY duty light to see from the entrance!

2 Look at the quality of the storage boxes. Are they expensive and look new and paid for, or older boxes that look all tattered and worn looking

This may be an indicator of how much time and effort the previous owners put into caring for their belongings that are INSIDE the boxes as well, and possibly show how wealthy they may be and the products inside are as well.

3 Get there early...

4 Bring with you as much cash as you are willing to spend that day. Cash is king, especially with storage unit auctions!

You are almost always required to pay for your winnings in Ė YOU GUESSED IT Ė CASH!

But always call ahead and ask if you are not sure.

5 Bring proof of TAX ID # or Resellerís Permit to avoid having to pay any sales taxes on your auction winnings.

Yes, Uncle Sam wants his share too, so to avoid paying any taxes, make sure to bring your TAX ID # or Resellerís Permit with you!

Otherwise, you WILL get taxed for the amount you pay.

6 Go to a few, if not many, auctions to get a feel of the entire process, BEFORE you actually bid on anything.

You will build up your confidence, see how the process works, and see what types of prices the auctions go up to. You may also want to wait around and see what goodies come out of a winning auction. Of course they will all vary.

NOTE: There is now a great online resource for locating all the upcoming storage unit auctions for the state of CALIFORNIA only. I wish it was available for all states, but unfortunately is only currently available for California.

With this service, you pay a small membership fee, and they will let you know each and every upcoming auction in YOUR area, and when the auctions are to be held!

Itís a SUPER time saver! This way, you donít have to call ALL the storage units in your area every week to see when their auctions will be held. They do it all for you.

Here is the link:


Stay tuned for PART 4....

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