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Chihuahua Training is Easy!

Chihuahua Training is Easy!

Picking Up A Horses Hoof

The idea of picking up a horse's hooves can intimidate some owners since a well-placed horse kick would really hurt! Such caution is good, but in reality if you pick up a horse's hoof properly you provide him with no leverage or ability to kick you. This is a situation where a person's worst fears can cause him to imagine an incident that is highly unlikely to occur with careful handling.

You Cant Fool A Horse

By Jeffrey Rolocopyright 2004 AlphaHorseIn the dating world many men and women put their potential partners to a "dog test," whereby they introduce their date to their dog and see how the dog reacts to the stranger. If the dog reacts badly towards their date then a red flag is waved, whereas if the dog accepts the stranger instantly the opposite holds true. While many people look upon this test in a tongue-in-cheek manner, many dog owners actually do take it seriously. As they probably should!

With Understanding Comes Success

One of the reasons I strongly encourage horse owners to train their own horses rather than ship them away to a professional trainer is familiarity. Quite simply, an unfamiliar party will not understand your horse nearly as well as you, and this understanding of a horse is the backbone of any successful training plan.

Nutrition and Your Dogs Behavior

Nutrition and Your Dog's Behavior

Probiotics - The Good Bacteria

PROBIOTICS - The Good Bacteria - Does your pet have digestion problems, diarrhea, skin problems, food intolerances, or other chronic health problems? Supplement with a high quality pet probiotic to restore your pet?s healthy gut, and chances are you?ll improve your pet?s health.

Natural Approaches to Dealing With Pesky Fleas

Problems with Commercial Flea Killers & Traditional

Pet Ear Infections

Is your dog or cat tormented by ear infections? Do you spend time and money at the veterinarian's office trying to bring relief to your beloved pet, only to find that another infection appears over time? If so, you may want to try some more natural approaches to preventing and treating your pet's ear infections.

Pilling a Cat

Pilling a cat can be a ?nightmarish? experience. Cats don?t want something pushed down their throats, and they?ll fight with all their might to prevent it. In fact, it?s amazing how powerful their small bodies can be. Here are some ways to make the pilling process easier and less stressful ? for both you and your cat.

Seizures in Pets

Witnessing your precious dog or cat having a seizure can be a most frightening experience. During seizures pets often lose control, fall over, chomp their teeth, salivate or drool, whine, paddle with their feet, and begin to urinate or deficate on themselves. Their eyes become large (dilated) and unresponsive. A pet caregiver feels panicked and helpless while watching it all happen.

Tired of Vet Bills?

Do you make a lot of trips to the vet's office? Do you spend your hard-earned money on vet bills because your dog suffers from chronic ailments? Give your dog or cat the nutrition he needs, and chances are you can spend your money on other things rather than giving it to your veterinarian.

Why Does My Pet Eat Grass?

Are you concerned when your dog or cat eats grass, then throws up afterwards? You?ll probably feel relieved to know that pets eat grass because their bodies need it.

Ten Important Things Your Dog Wants You To Know

If your dog could talk, these are some of most important things she would like to tell you...

Do You Know About Boxer Dogs?

Boxer Dogs Information - What Are Boxer Dogs? Boxer dogs are great all around dog breeds, distinguished canine and the coolest, most lovable dog out there! Boxer Dogs are medium-built and strong breed that are so named because of its habit of standing on the hind legs to begin a fight and boxing with the front paws. By nature, Boxer dogs are working dogs. Throughout history it has been trained as: - hunting dog - police dog- seeing-eye dog for the blind- guard dog- circus dog - courier dog on the battlefields during World War I and World War II - fighting dog in the once popular sport of dog fighting. The American Kennel Club (AKC) categorizes dogs into 7 groups of herding, hound, non-sporting, sporting, terrier, toy and working. And the largest breed registered in the working dog category is the Boxer. No doubt the Boxer Dogs make for great utility dog but the greatest advantage to owning one is that Boxer Dogscan be your most outstanding companion on four legs and great source of personal fulfillment. By the way, the AKC registered over 150 different breeds totaling nearly one million dogs in 2003. To put that in perspective, the animal shelters in America rescue up to 12 million homeless dogs and cats every year and 25% of these are purebreds. Devoted and glad owners of Boxer Dogs have come up with a long list of attributes and traits of their favorite pet that include: AlertBoisterousBoundless energyBraveCanine clownCourageousDevil dogDevotedDignifiedExuberanceFamily dogFearless FriendlyHearing dogHighly trainableIntelligentIntuitiveKeen judge of characterLovingLoyalPatient with childrenPeople dogPoor swimmerPlayfulQuick learnerSelf-assured SmartSoulfulSpiritedStoicalVigilantWorking dogWonderful pet And you can add to the list? The Boxer Dog's history could be traced back to feudal Germany, where it was a small hunting dog that could tenaciously hold onto a bull, boar, or bear till the master arrived. It was also a utility dog for peasants and shop owners, and even a performing dog in circus. The Boxer Dogs as we know it today is a bigger breed ? a mixture of the German Boxer with a taller, more elegant English import. The era of this modern Boxer began in the 1880s and became really popular in the United States in the late 1930s-1940s. Handsome dog: Within the canine world, Boxer Dogs are medium-sized dog standing at 21 to 25 inches at the shoulder for a full-grown female, and weighs some 50 to 65 pounds. The male can be taller and 15 pounds heavier. It has a striking good look with chiseled head, square jaw and muscled body that make for a very handsome silhouette. The ears are cropped and erect that enhance its hearing ? the Boxer most developed sense. It is always alert and vigilant, an instinctive guard dog. The shortened muzzle makes hot and humid weather uncomfortable for the Boxer Dogs. The coat is short, hard and smooth, and possesses a natural sheen that can be enhanced with rubdowns with a chamois cloth (especially after a bath). The short coat cannot protect him well from extreme elements of the weather and thus Boxer Dogs should definitely not be kept outdoors. It is a housedog, sensitive to temperature extremes, does not enjoy the draft, summer heat or cold. Boxer Dogs come in attractive basic colors of fawn and brindle. The fawn varies from a tawny tan to an especially beautiful stag red. The brindle (clearly defined black stripes on a fawn background) can be sparse, in between or dense. A beauty standard for Boxer Dogs is that their white markings or ?flash? should add to their look and may not cover more than one-third of the entire body. Some predominantly or all-white puppies (known as ?check?) may be born in a litter. In the US, however, the American Boxer Club members are pledged not to register, sell or use these ?whites? for breeding so as to retain the beauty of the true fawn and brindle colors in the breed. Personality-wise, Boxer is a cool dog that will not bark without cause. Its expressive face ? the furrowed forehead and dark, soulful eyes - is a charming quality that sets the Boxer apart from other breeds. It can mimic the moods of its master and adopting one could bring you 9 to 11 years of joyful companionship. In exceptional cases the Boxer can live up to 15 years. Boxer Dogs As Pet Pet Boxer Dogs, although low-maintenance, require your consistent attention, exercise, human interaction, consistent obedience training and lots of love. You cannot leave them to their own design for too long or they get lonely, bored and into trouble. Being a big and strong dog as well as a highly intelligent one, Boxer Dogs need both physical and mental stimulations to keep them even-tempered and dignified while still keeping their impish spirit and fearless courage in tact. All the best!!! Warm regards,

The Positve Benefits of Dog Day Care

Dog day care programs benefit the dogs of owner?s who have busy lives and are not able to socialize and exercise their dogs. Owners benefit from a guilt free day of work or play and can come home to a calm, relaxed pet. Dog day care provides the best of both worlds for dogs and owners alike.

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It's pretty much a given that any time you have food, your pet is going to want a taste too. But some people food can be toxic to pets.

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Keeping pets away from danger is key to finding harmony.

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Everyone has a story to tell about one's pet and I guess I am no exception; I too have a story to tell.

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NEWMARKET — For June Evans, the pain of having her beloved dog stolen and never seeing him again has remained with her for her entire life.Evans' ...

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The Seattle Seahawks quarterback is working with the Banfield Foundation to provide safe options to pets leaving domestic violence situations with their ...

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A wide variety of Central Florida businesses employ domestic animals known as mascots or shop pets as an additional element of hospitality for patrons.

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Betta fish suffer greatly in the pet trade. Learn why Siamese fighting fish aren't "starter pets," and find out how you can take action to help them now.

Store ponies up treats for pets Saturday | Local News  Gillette News Record

Tractor Supply Co. is hosting a free pet treat tasting event from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday at the store, 4005 S. Douglas Highway.

Holden reps bill targets those who pass off pets as service animals  MetroWest Daily News

Violators would be subject to a fine of up to $500, 30 hours of community *service* at an organization serving people with disabilities, or both, for a first offense.

Aggieland Humane Society encourages licensing pets

BRYAN, Texas — It's something you may not think about when it comes to your furry friend, but the Aggieland Humane Society says pet owners should be ...

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Cash is a super affectionate 6-month-old tabby kitten available for adoption through the Humane Society of Somerset County at 410-651-2424. Categories: Pets ...

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. - Paw N' Order means cats, dogs, and officers snap portraits for this year's calendar, all to support a doggone good cause. “These dogs ...

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Pets and other wildlife are at risk in severe weather, just like people.

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The pet technology industry is booming, find out why it's the precursor to a new kind of industrial revolution.

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Big Dog Ranch Rescue bringing lost pets to Florida for owner reunions.

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Many pet owners shell out thousands of dollars in vet costs, while animal insurance remains a rarity.

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Say hello to Cabi! This 1-year-old Lab mix is one happy dog! It's like nothing in life can take away her cheerfulness and sunshine. Despite being in the shelter, ...

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Evan Schwartz, an honors student and senior at John Jay High School, has raised $523 to support the work of Pets for Vets ROAR-Ridgefield-CT Chapter, ...

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AUBURN, Wash. - Owning an animal is a big responsibility that comes with added costs. Local shelters, like the Auburn Valley Humane Society, have programs ...

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These cuties need a home - go meet them and you might take home a new addition to your family.

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Each week, we will highlight local animals who are currently available at local shelters and can't wait to become your best friend. Sponsored by Mountainaire ...

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Name: Blaze Description: Blaze is a 6-year-old Mastiff/mix. This fawn and black-colored guy is easy-going and is looking for a home where he can relax. Looking ...

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Of all the animals peering sadly through the cage bars of shelters across the country, 25% of them once had an owner who gave them up for one reason or ...

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Over 400 pets are being housed at the Humane Society of Scott County and now humane society officials are asking for those with a lost pet to see if they're ...

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SHINNSTON, W.Va. – Abbie Backenstoe is back at the Humane Society of Harrison County for the cutest segment on the 12 SportsZone, the All Pets Puppy ...

Seven tips to alleviate a pets anxiety  Wicked Local

It's been a couple of weeks since the start of the new school year, which means kids and their parents are settling back into their regular routines. And while we ...

South Bay Pets of the Week: Plum, Bucky, Squishy and Kiba are ready for adoption  The Daily Breeze

Plum is a Cocker Spaniel mix, around 2 years old, who ended up as a stray at the Carson shelter. She is a very sweet girl who loves people and does well with ...

Pets Lifeline breaks ground on new Sonoma animal rescue center  Sonoma Index-Tribune

While the new center is being built, Pets Lifeline is operating out of temporary space at 21045 Broadway.

Vets see more pets with CBD toxicity  KAMR -

(FOX NEWS) – Animal hospitals are seeing more cases of pets suffering from marijuana toxicity. Veterinarians say this is partly due to more CBD pet products ...

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They say there are dog people, and then there are cat people—and never the twain shall meet. I happen to be both: I grew up with both cats and.

NJ pets in need: Sept. 16, 2019

“Willie McBride's Band Night Fundraiser” in Branchburg on Oct. 12 will benefit animals in the care of the Somerset Regional Animal Shelter. Tickets are $10 in ...

Pets central in domestic violence campaign

A new campaign from the Banfield Foundation aims to support victims of domestic violence by ensuring the safety of their pets.

Pet Paradise launches new program to help homeless pets  Jacksonville Business Journal

Jacksonville-based Pet Paradise will launch the company's new Points for Pets program, a promotion that donates money to animal-related charities in ...

Pet-sitting business gives jobs to people with autism  WLS-TV

Any dog is going to get excited about a good walk, but it's hard to find someone more excited about walking the dog than 23-year-old Ira Tucker.

Vets see increase in pets suffering from marijuana toxicity

CARY, N.C. (WNCN) – Veterinarians around Wake County are seeing an increase in pets suffering from marijuana toxicity – partly due to the rise in pet products ...

Chewy Still Wins Pet Parents’ Hearts, But Investors? That’s Another Story  Forbes

The pet market has huge potential, but Chewy's focus on customer *service* comes at a high cost, and the company still isn't profitable.

Meals on Wheels Atlanta starts pet pantry to feed dogs, cats of seniors WXIA

For some senior citizens in Atlanta, the only meal they eat each day is delivered by Meals on Wheels.

Pet grooming now permitted in commercial zones  Greenville Daily Reflector

Friday, September 20, 2019. Entrepreneurs who see an opportunity in pet grooming will have an easier time launching such a business in Greenville, following ...

Proposed bill could penalize Massachusetts dog owners who pretend pets are service animals  Boston Herald

State legislators are looking to crack down on dog owners who lie about their pets being *service* animals so they can get special treatment from certain ...

Cheryl Wicks: One more way to help your pet  The Union of Grass Valley

I have been writing columns for the Pet Section for the past seven years. I do this because I want to share what I have learned over the past 19 years in rescuing ...

People willing to go into debt for their pets, survey shows  WPEC

People love their pets, so much that they'd go into debt to take care of them. A new survey from LendingTree shows more than a third of pet owners have been in ...

Concerns arise over handling of violent animals in proposed city ordinance changes

Austin City Council is currently hearing arguments related to new regulations for impounded animals.

Animal shelter volunteers make it possible for pets to find forever homes  KTRK-TV

The Missouri City animal shelter aims to find forever homes, but it wouldn't be possible without those who volunteer and give pets love.

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Elder attorneys are informing pet owners to make sure their pet is accounted for when they pass on.

Pet of the week  Simi Valley Acorn

SUPERSTAR—Liam is a male brown-and-white short-hair tabby cat about 3 years old. If you would like to adopt Liam, ask for ID No. A713568 at Ventura ...

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Damon is available for adoption from the Dane County Humane Society.

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Amid the devastation in the Bahamas left behind by Hurricane Dorian – the dozens of lives lost and the hundreds of homes swept away -- there is another ...

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Yeardley Smith, the iconic voice of Lisa Simpson, has two cats: Petunia and Zipper. Can she tell you about them?

Proposed Massachusetts bill would penalize owners who pass off pets as service animals  WCVB Boston

First-time violators would be subject to a fine of up to $500, 30 hours of community *service* or both.

Get Patriots Gear For Your Pets

We know you have your jersey's, your Patriots cups, your Pats blanket, but your pet has nothing to represent THEIR favorite team. Well worry no longer!

CBD for pets: Is it safe? Vets urge caution, citing lack of research, regulations  TCPalm

Medical studies are few and inconclusive, but more people are giving their pets hemp-derived cannabidiol oil, or CBD.

The Atlantic Politics Daily: Pet Issues  The Atlantic

Political pets can be tied up in complicated ways with public perception of the politician. Plus: Meet the Bernie bros turned Liz lads.

Second Pet Fest coming to Amesbury  The Daily News of Newburyport

AMESBURY — Sue James had such a good time meeting local residents and their pets last year that she's ready to do it again Saturday at Pet Fest 2019.

Adoptable pets from Arizona Humane Society and Maricopa County Animal Care (9/18/19)  ABC15 Arizona

Want to save the life of a shelter pet and bring a new best friend into your home? There are hundreds of adoptable cats and dogs awaiting a new home. Here are ...

Pet of the Week: Dharma loves to snuggle  La Crosse Tribune

Say hello to this adorable senior. Dharma is a 12-year-old, vocal, confident girl who adores being around people. Don't let her age fool you, this lady is very ...

Feeding your pets these human foods can be 'toxic'  Yahoo Lifestyle

It's pretty much a given that any time you have food, your pet is going to want a taste too. But some people food can be toxic to pets. Chocolate contains an ...

The 22nd Pet Asia Fair Reaches New Heights  Pet Business Magazine

The 22nd Pet Fair Asia hosted 1591 exhibitors and welcomed 67163 professionals.

Fortnite's 'Team Spirit' Mission: How To Pet A Teammate's Pet  Forbes

We've got another weekly mission here in Fortnite, and after two week's of interesting challenges we've got another sort of dud. Team Spirit is what you might ...

Bill Would Fine Pet Owners Up To $500 For Misrepresenting Service Dogs  CBS Boston

STATE HOUSE, BOSTON, SEPT. 17, 2019 (State House News *Service*) — Ellen Leigh was out with her *service* dog, Ricky, last month, when another dog ...

Coldwell Banker partnering with local shelters on pet adoption event  Long Island Business News

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage on Long Island and Queens has found homes for many people in the region. Now, it's looking to extend its services to ...

What to do when your pet ingests something toxic  KMPH Fox 26

We've all been there as pet owners and know that it's scary when your pet gets their nose in something they shouldn't. Unfortunately, there are more than ...

Area pets available for adoption (PHOTOS), Sept. 18, 2019  OregonLive

Cat Adoption Team. Little Boy is a handsome panther longing for lots of playtime, a lap to lounge in, and possibly a cat friend. This guy has had lots of changes ...

What are enzymatic cleaners and why is everyone with pets talking about them  Chicago Tribune

Pets can bring untold joy into your life; however, they can also create some wear and tear on your home. Muddy paw prints and bathroom accidents are some of.

State vet recommends pet owners take precautions against EEE

Scott Marshall, DVM, says cats and dogs rarely get infected but it's still important to take precautions.

Let's Help My Pet Of The Week, Liam!  On Air With Ryan Seacrest

Liam has been rescued, and is looking for his Furever Family. He's been living with my friends at Father John's Animal House in Sparta / Lafayette near route 15 ...

Hospitality House wants to open its doors to pet owners  The Union of Grass Valley

Hospitality House currently does not accept pet owners or those who aren't sober. But in an attempt to lead with their concept of “radical inclusivity,” it wants to ...

Pet cat tests positive for rabies  6 On Your Side

OWYHEE COUNTY, Idaho — A cat from Owyhee County has tested positive for rabies. It was tested at the Idaho Bureau of Laboratories in the last week after it ...

A third of pet owners prefer their animals to their children, survey finds  Fox News

The findings of a new survey may be great news for pets… and bad news for kids. According to the results, a significant number of people favor their pets over ...

ETX veterinarian weighs in on CBD oil for pets  KLTV

Some pet owners across East Texas are turning to a form of treatment containing CBD oil for their ailing pets. GMET's Brennon Gurley spoke with an East Texas ...

Let’s talk about preparing for the unexpected, pet insurance  KHON2

HONOLULU (KHON2) — Joined by Dr. Candice Denham from the Kailua Animal Clinic and when it comes to our pets, we almost expect the unexpected when it ...

How Many Pets Does Kylie Jenner Have?  Showbiz Cheat Sheet

In addition to her seven dogs, Kylie Jenner also has a bunny and chicken, making her the proud owner of nine pets and couldn't be happier.

SMAC Pet of the Week: Kathy  Santa Maria Times

Kathy wants a forever home so badly! She jumps for attention at her kennel and when taken to the play yard, she just wants to be near you. She is.

A third of pet owners prefer pets to their children, new study has found

It's no surprise that our pets quickly become part of the family, but now a new study has revealed that a third of pet owners actually admit to preferring their ...

Need to make tough decisions about your pet? A veterinary social worker can help.  The Washington Post

All I wanted to do was help my 16-year-old cat, Bobo, feel a bit better, allowing him to live out his remaining days in comfort despite his health issues. But when I ...

KCBD’s Pet of the Day: Meet Zeus  KCBD

Meet Zeus, KCBD's Pet of the Day with Lubbock Animal Services. Zeus is a 1-year-old pit bull who came into the shelter earlier this year.

Are rescues wrong to transport these pets?  dvm360

The veterinary community should look closer at the legal, financial, and human and animal health effects of interstate and international animal transportation.

Weekend catio tour highlights pet safety  Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber

Islanders interested in building safe outdoor spaces for their pets will have the opportunity to see several different designs on a catio tour this Saturday.

Vets fear anti-vax pet owners are putting their animals' health at risk  CNN

More pet owners are failing to vaccinate their animals, new figures show, with a UK animal charity describing the growing problem as a "ticking time bomb" for ...

Pet Adoption Surge Offers Another Boon for Animal Health Stocks  Yahoo Finance

(Bloomberg) -- Strong pet adoption trends and increasing costs for canine care should provide another boon for high-flying animal health companies, according ...

5 Surprising Dog-Friendly Places You Can Bring Your Pet in New York City

Instagram dog influencer @itmepepperoni shares the N.Y.C. hotspots she frequents with her pet parents.

The hot new trend in Bitcoin Maximalism is...eating house pets?  Yahoo Finance

If your first reaction to seeing a bichon-frise mincing sweetly up the sidewalk is, “mmm, that would pair well with the Sauvignon blanc,” you ought to consider ...

Pet dumping an ongoing issue in Burke County: Local activist fights for no-kill shelter  WJBF-TV

Some people in the Bird Dog Capital are calling for city officials to build a facility for animals, to stop the act of illegal pet dumping.

Pet of the Week Chloie is looking for laid-back home  TribLIVE

Everyone, meet Chloie! This loving gal is TribLive's Pet of the Week, and she's available for adoption at the East End location of Humane Animal Rescue in ...

Pet Treat Tasting Event being held Saturday | Local Business  Daily Journal Online

Tractor Supply Company is hosting an interactive pet treat tasting event in Farmington from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday.

Weekend reads: The best cities for pets, ranked  The Daily Briefing

How to focus in an overstimulated world, clues into why this woman has suffered from UTIs for nearly five decades, and more.

Pet Talk - Vaccines are Key: Protect Your Pet from Rabies  courierjournal

Rabies is a deadly disease that can harm pets, wildlife, and people. Luckily, thanks to modern medicine, it is also easily preventable through vaccinations and ...

Meet our cutest pet contest finalists | Pets

ST. LOUIS — We received almost 1,200 entries in our 11th annual cutest pet contest, presented this year by Yuppy Puppy Pet Spa. Now, the Post-Dispatch staff ...

Craziest Things Celebrities Do for Their Pets: Lisa Vanderpump, Mariah Carey and More  Us Weekly

Lisa Vanderpump, Mariah Carey and other celebrities have done some crazy things for their pets — watch!

One Third of Pet-Owning Parents Prefer Their Furry Friends over Their Kids, Survey Finds

A survey from I and Love and You found that 34% of pet-owning parents said their pet was their favorite child.

Passing off pet as service animal would cost owners  Boston 25 News

BOSTON - Ellen Leigh was out with her *service* dog, Ricky, last month, when another dog wearing a working-dog vest tried to bite him, forcing the duo to quickly ...

Frantic search for missing pup raises questions about Hawaii’s lost pet laws  Hawaii News Now

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - A frantic search for a missing golden retriever named Mele is raising questions about laws meant to protect stray ...

Community Veterans can find a pre-screened pet this Friday Ryan Garza 9:03 PM, Sep  KRIS Corpus Christi News

The Corpus Christi Vet Center and Corpus Christi Animal Care Services (CCACS) are teaming up for "Pets for Vets."

Adopting a pet? Ask yourself these questions first  NBC News

Thinking about getting a dog or cat? Before you bring that fur baby to their furever home, ask yourself these 10 questions.

A third of parents prefer their pets over their kids  New York Post

Using a panel of 2000 pet owners, results found that 34 percent of parents prefer their furry friends to their own flesh and blood.

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Stella  KVRR

Just like the iconic scene with Marlon Brando in “Streetcar Named Desire,” Stella could make you holler her name to the heavens — and that's because people ...

Pet store owners want charges dropped  KOLO

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Owners of a Reno puppy store facing felony animal abuse and practicing veterinary medicine without a license appeared in court ...

Local News Leon County families receiving voter registration letters for their pets Stephanie Rank 5:30  WTXL ABC 27

The next time you check the mail you could find a voter registration letter for your pet. It's happening to families in Leon County.

Pets of the Week: Schnauzers Brody and Maggie need homes

A pair of schnauzers named Brody and Maggie need homes.

Synchrony Financial bets on Americans' growing obsession with their pets  CNBC

Synchrony Financial is betting on the billion dollar pet-financing market through CareCredit.

Pet Lovers' Day, space exploration presentation, birding set on Peninsula  Peninsula Daily News

Pet Lovers' Day in Sequim, a space exploration presentation in Port Hadlock and a birding trip are among the upcoming activities on the North Olympic ...

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