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Flowering Cherries

Flowering cherries

A Guide for Servicing Your Chainsaw

Chainsaws provide many years of service for very little upkeep. Taking the time to service your chainsaw will help ensure that your equipment will not let you down. For safety reasons, make sure you only service your chainsaw when it is fully cooled, with the spark plug disconnected. If you are working with an electric chainsaw make sure it is unplugged first of all. You should also wear gloves and protection for your eyes.

Catch a Leprechaun in Your Garden

There is no mention to be found of female leprechauns in traditional Irish legend, so as to how they came to be .. your guess is as good as mine.

Lifes a Beach--A Shore Theme in your Outdoor Space

Twentieth century American architect Phillip Johnson once said, "I hate vacations. If you can build buildings, why sit on the beach?" Mr. Johnson evidently didn't how to relax, but as another summer is slipping away, you can. Did you visit the beach this year? Do you wish you had? Either way, you can create a seaside feel in your outdoor space and enjoy memories of the shore at home! Here are some quick tips.



Kirengeshoma palmata

Kirengeshoma palmata

Fuchsia procumbens

Fuchsia (named after Leonhard Fuchs, a 16th century German botanist) is a genus of over 100 species of shrubs and small trees. Although there are four New Zealand native species (colensoi, excorticata, perscandens and procumbens) and one from Tahiti, the vast bulk of the genus occurs in Central and South America.

Gallica Roses

Gallica roses are a case in point. While the popularity of Old Roses waxes and wanes as each new generation discovers them and then seeks something new, the best of them carry on regardless.Rosa gallica, also known as the French Rose or Provins Rose, is a species that grows wild from southern and central Europe to the Caucasus. Because it readily produces sports, has a tendency towards double flowers, and may have hybridised naturally with other species, it is likely that the earliest European garden roses were forms of Rosa gallica.

Tuberous Begonias

If you appreciate plants that have no hesitation in boldly stating their presence with huge, almost artificially perfect flowers, then tuberous begonias are for you. While some may find them rather too overstated, downright brazen even, if you like colour, and plenty of it, with subtlety an option rather than compulsory, then look no further.

Growing Palms

Everybody recognises palm trees, they are the universal symbol for the tropics but many are hardy enough for our temperate climate gardens. Until recently New Zealand gardeners have had only a very limited range of palms to choose from. In the last five years the range has grown enormously as nurseries have been encouraged by gardeners eager to experiment.


Think of cyclamen and the chances are that Mothers Day immediately comes to mind, which is something of a pity. Now don't misinterpret me, there's nothing wrong with mothers or with having a day for them, but it does seem a little unfortunate when such beautiful, adaptable and useful plants become so commercialised that there's difficulty escaping that association.

Edgeworthia Chrysantha

Although it is a member of the Thymelaeaceae, the family that includes the daphnes, it would be hard to imagine a plant less like a daphne at first glance. However, if you are familiar with the deciduous Daphne genkwa, there is some hint of resemblance there.

Delavays Blueberry (Vaccinium delavayi)

Whether we know it or not, most of us are familiar with the genus Vaccinium as it has among its members several current or potential commercial crops, such as blueberry, cranberry, bilberry and huckleberry. Vaccinium delavayi, however, is strictly ornamental and very unlikely to be our next export success.

The Protea Family (Proteaceae)

The protea family (Proteaceae) includes a wide range of ground covers, trees and shrubs that often make superb garden plants. While some of the species are frost-tender, they are in all other respects remarkably resilient plants that often thrive in situations where others would rapidly succumb. Poor soils and hot dry positions that scarcely seem capable of supporting life are often ideal for Proteaceae. If any plants could be said to thrive on neglect the proteas can.


Viburnums are related to the honeysuckles, so it should come as no surprise that many of them have fragrant flowers. But that's not all they have in their favour. No, this genus includes plants for all seasons and all reasons; foliage, flower, autumn colour, scent, groundcover, shrub or small tree, evergreen or deciduous, it's all there among the 120-odd species and the many hybrids and cultivars. Indeed, they're so variable that it would be quite possible to have an interesting garden of viburnums alone.

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The first time I tasted edible landscaping was during my freshman year at the University of Florida. The campus contained numerous fruit trees, including peach, ...

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Landscaping businesses that can't keep up with booming demand for backyard patios and fire pits worry that an immigration raid that rounded up over 100 ...

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Edible landscaping promotes utilizing fruits, vegetables, herbs in place of many traditional landscape plants.

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Even though spring is a long-way off, fall is the time of year to plant some of the iconic spring flowers like bulbs and wildflowers.

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When you visit the expanded Glenstone Museum, you may find the contemporary artwork to be moving, provocative, weird or simply inscrutable, but one aspect ...

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Neil Sperry's garden tips is on designing your landscape and garden. There are fundamentals of garden design such as scale/proportion, textures, groupings, ...

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Rolling Greens' new flagship contains greenhouses, plants, vintage pieces and an outdoor kitchen. This weekend's opening features DIY classes that are open ...

Countryside Garden Club Free Lecture on Landscaping with Native Plants  Press of Atlantic City

Countryside Garden Club. Serving Southern New Jersey. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. August 14, 2018. Countryside Garden Club invites the public to a free ...

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Master gardeners share their knowledge - and love - of plants and gardens with the community. Now you can join the group!

Bloomin' ready for winter: Tips for getting landscaping set  SW News Media

Readying your landscaping for winter isn't the only goal on that fall yardwork checklist, Landscape Designer Jodi Gehrke says.

Backyard Slope Landscaping Ideas - 10 Things To Do

Creating several tiers on a sloped property can help manage erosion and give you the opportunity to layer different plants and landscaping elements for a ...

Sandusky gardening company raided by immigration authorities releases statement

The owners of a Sandusky-based gardening and landscaping company that had two locations raided by immigration authorities this week said Friday that they ...

Do you think gardening in the Lowcountry is crazy? Here is help  Moultrie News

Darren Sheriff, aka The Citrus Guy, has just written a new book that will help everybody that has just moved to the Lowcountry with some guidance on where, ...

New Tucson-related gardening books, including The Colorful Dry Garden  Arizona Daily Star

While you and your plants are dealing with the heat, here is some reading material to get you excited for the next big planting season and beyond.

Low-Maintenance (but Beautiful) Landscaping Ideas You Should Try |® News

If you're fed up with taking care of your yard, consider a different tack: low-maintenance landscaping that still looks stunning—and saves money.

Close to Home: Gardening in the new California  Santa Rosa Press Democrat

The story is familiar to all of us who endured the firestorm. A warm windy night of sleep interrupted by the frantic knock of a neighbor at the front door and the ...

Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas - 14 DIYs to Try

Even a small yard can feel spacious if you design it the right way. Read on for our favorite ways to make your small yard look bigger.

Why Choosing Native Plants Is Better (And Cheaper) For Your Landscaping Needs  WVXU

The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden will present its annual Native Plant Symposium Saturday, November 10. Because native plants are adapted to our.

18 beautiful edible landscaping plants  Treehugger

It's that time of year when garden centers are full, and you just can't seem to squeeze enough hours out of the day to get your yard done. With budgets tightening ...

Landscaping and home building projects pushed back by late snow

MINNEAPOLIS - If you're ready for winter to be over, you're not the only one. Nearly everyone at the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show feels the same way.

Grass Roots earns business honor | Business  Marshfield Mail

The Marshfield area's top business for 2018 is Grass Roots Garden Center and Custom Creations Landscaping.

'Calming' pollinator gardens planted by Omaha inmates are thriving  Omaha World-Herald

You don't often equate prison inmates with butterflies, but at an Omaha prison, pollinator gardens planted by prisoners are drawing monarch butterflies and ...

How to get a landscape project underway  The Washington Post

Answering simple questions and doing a little research will set your project on the right path.

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The Garden Club of Alexandria recently announced the renovation of Alexandria's "front door" to the city at the historic Ramsay House garden, Alexandria Visitor ...

Master Gardener program arrives in Stanislaus, and it’s looking for people to train  The Modesto Bee

Stanislaus County, CA, is launching a Master Gardener program, where volunteers will be trained to advise the public on how to grow things.

2018 Water Wise Landscaping Series  City of Round Rock

Round Rock's Water Conservation Program has partnered with Texas AgriLife Extension's Water University to hold a Water Wise Landscaping Series again this ...

Gardening Tips From Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden Horticulturist  WVXU

We typically refer to it as the Cincinnati Zoo, but its proper name is the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden . And while the animals are the main.

Overgrown shrubs? Thinning turfgrass? Here are solutions to common gardening struggles  Star-Telegram

Here are some quick pathways from frustration to fun in gardening. Here are the ways gardeners struggle and the better alternatives.

Garden Tour for Connoisseurs is Saturday

Time was in short enough supply in the mid-1990s for Laura Warriner as she worked long hours to transform a long-abandoned warehouse in the Deep Deuce ...

Colonial Gardens celebrates grand reopening after two years of renovations  Garden Center Magazine

The remodeled garden center includes event and workshop space, inspirational landscaping and a cafe that will open later this month.

September, October an inviting time to plan for spring  Toledo Blade

In about three weeks fall shows up to 2018's grand garden party. This means that fashionably late winter is only months away from effectively killing the ...

Does gardening contribute to daily physical activity recommendations?  Michigan State University Extension

Explore the different ways that gardening activities can help you meet daily physical activity recommendations.

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