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How Do I Lower My Auto Insurance Rates?

Since there are many factors that go into determining your auto insurance rates, there are many chances to lower your rates. If you change jobs and your drive to work changes or you stop working or you work from home, you should contact your insurance company. If you have a teen driver and they go to school over 100 miles away without a car then you should be able to get a discount. If you get married and are in your teens or twenties call your insurance company and see about combining your policies. Take defensive driving if your state allows it for a discount. See if increasing your comprehsive and collision deductibles will save you a lot of money. You need to compare what you're saving and how much more you will have to pay if you file a claim. For example, if you go from $500 to a $1000 deductible and it lowers your insurance $50 per 6 months then it saves you $100 a year. It will take you 5 years to break even from what you are saving compared to how much more you have to pay. Now, if it saves you $250 every six months then it would be more worth your while. See if combining your auto and home insurance polices will qualify for a multi policy discount with your current company. This could be a substantial discount. One of the biggest ways you could save $200-$500 or more a year is shopping around for insurance. The auto insurance industry is very competitive and this is great news for smart consumers like yourself. Shop for auto insurance quotes here and see how much you can save.

I Was In An Accident, Will My Car Insurance Rates Go Up?

You were on the phone, got distracted and before you knew it traffic had stopped, giving you no room to stop and you rear end the girl in front of you. Or, let's say you're driving along and a deer jumps out and rams into the side of your door. Now, let's say you need to file and claim and get your car fixed. But, are your rates going to go up? In the first case, more than likely they will depending on how much your insurance company pays out to fix both cars and medical bills if anyone was injured. But, in the second example, since this will be a comprehensive claim your rates should not see an increase at your renewal. Unless you have a long history of hitting deer then the people from PETA will be out to get you. Or if you file a lot of small glass damage claims then your rates could be affected or you may have to pay a higher deductible for comprehensive in which case small glass damage will be less than your deductible and you will pay out of pocket. Part 2: How long does an accident stay on my record? Ok, so back to the example where you rear ended someone. We have already established that you are going to see your insurance rates go up. Now, we need to find out how long and how much will they go up. State insurance boards usually allow insurance companies to charge for a accident for 3 years from the day they started charging for it. Not from the time you got into the accident. You got in the accident in December and your policy runs from October to April. Your rates won't be affected until April of the next year and the surcharge will drop off 3 years from that April. How much will your rates go up? Are they trying to get back the money they paid out for my claim? You can usually expect a rate increase of between 20-40% on average per six months. They could go up even more if you lose some discounts you were getting, such as a claim free discount. The increase is not a recoupment of the monies paid out by your insurance company. It is designed to charge you a premium based on the risk, or chance, that you will get into another accident in the next 3 years. You are a higher risk to the insurance company and they are able to charge you for the higher risk you present to them. If it was based on how much the insurance company paid out then you wouldn't be able to afford it if you totaled out your 2004 Nissan Maxima at $25,000 and you had to pay that back within the 3 year surcharge period. Makes sense? Good, now get off the cell phone!

Long-Term Care Insurance: Eldercare Solution

When I suddenly had to become a fulltime caregiver to my elderly parents, both with health problems and starting to develop dementia (namely Alzheimer?s), I had never even heard of Long-Term Care Insurance. After we burned through their life savings, and then started chipping away at mine, I was advised to apply for financial assistance for them through the government?s Medicaid system--a program for those at the poverty level. It was quite a long process with mounds of paperwork and numerous investigations, but finally my parents were approved.

Free Money Saving Auto Insurance Tips

Our money saving auto insurance tips were written for one reason - To Save You Money on your next auto insurance policy. Since in most states you are required by law to purchase a minimum amount of liability coverage we've looked for ways to save you money. Additionally many people want more than just the bare minimum in order to provide themselves with adequate protection.

Health Care and Health Insurance Costs Can Be Controlled Through Lifestyle Choices

As you probably know all to well, the cost of healthcare and health insurance premiums continue to increase at levels substantially above the general inflation rate. The reasons given for these extraordinary cost increases are numerous and include: technological advancements in the medical field, increased demand for medical services and prescription drugs, the aging of the population, cost shifting caused by the uninsured and governmental reimbursement rates, state and federal mandates, and costs associated with medical related lawsuits.

Why Does Health Insurance Cost So Much?

Why does health insurance cost so much? Year after year, many of the articles that appear in print detail the specific factors driving the cost of healthcare.

How To Best Handle Health Insurance Plan Changes

Many economists have suggested and recent economic data indicates that the economy is steadily moving in the right direction. A combination of several factors has no doubt had a negative impact on the economy over the last several years.

How Is Your Auto Insurance Policy Price Determined?

The average auto insurance policy price is derived from a variety of factors. Many of these variables are common knowledge and make sense for the most part but it?s always a good idea to refresh yourself with what insurance companies are looking for when determining how much your coverage will cost.

How To Save Money On Your Homeowners Insurance?

In order to save money on your homeowners insurance you have to consider several price determining factors. One of the biggest factors is whom your insurance provider ends up becoming. You should consider shopping around in order to get as many price quotes as possible. Try to get at least three as a minimum. You can visit insurance companies directly; call them on the phone or search for quotes online. Aside from price other factors you may want to ask about include customer service, complaint records and responsiveness.

Your Personal Injury Insurance Claim: Several Crucial Insights Into Medical Reimbursements

The best judge of Total Disability and/or Partial Disability is ?Ole? Doc Comfort your attending physician. The Medical Report he executes for the insurance company you?re battling with, Rock Solid Insurance Corporation, should always contain his comments regarding the nature of your disability. His diagnosis will be crucial to I. M. Smart, the adjuster assigned to handle your claim, because it will detail the duration of your ?Pain and Suffering?. In addition it will also prove the time you lost from work as being legitimate.

What Is Homeowners Insurance Coverage?

Before attempting to find the best homeowners insurance coverage you should make sure that you are familiar with what homeowners insurance is and what it can do for you. A standard policy provides financial coverage to your house and the property within the house. Natural disasters, theft and other maladies that can occur are usually covered in your policy. Some exceptions include flood and earthquake protection, which require additional coverage. Another feature that home insurance covers is damage caused by household pets and any legal liabilities to anyone caused harm by yourself or family members on your property.

How Many Homeowner Insurance Quotes Do I Need To Save Money?

Homeowner insurance quotes can vary in the amount they cost you based on a variety of factors ? many that you can control. There are of course some variables that are common among all house insurance policies. They include the size of your house in total square feet, the building costs in the area that your property resides in, the materials used to construct your home, the amount of crime in and around your neighborhood and the condition of your home?s plumbing, heating and electrical wiring. Do you live in an area that has numerous natural disasters such as fire, floods or tornados? If so they can add to the insurance costs.

High Deductible Health Insurance Plans For Individuals and Families

Do you pay more attention to your car than your body? You change your oil every 3000 to 4000 miles. You have your tires rotated every other oil change. Your air filter and brake pads are changed at the appropriate intervals.

Consumer Directed Health Plans

Most of you have heard about ?consumer directed health plans?. The Bush administration has been a strong supporter of this concept as a way to get a handle on soaring healthcare costs. The recent inaugeration of Mr. Bush signals that consumer directed health plans will increasingly make up a larger percentage of group medical plans over the next several years. In the past, consumer directed plan designs have taken on many forms: Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs).

Will Online Automobile Insurance Quotes Really Save Me Money?

If you?re looking to save money on your auto insurance then online automobile insurance quotes are definitely something you want to look into. But there are more benefits to shopping online besides saving money. Receiving you car insurance quote online is fast, extremely easy, and exceptionally convenient. Generally speaking the quotes you qualify for are generated within minutes and usually there are multiple quotes allowing you the opportunity to compare numerous insurance providers, allowing you to choose the best overall insurance offer.

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Dan Gilbert, founder of Quicken Loans and a Detroit businessman is reportedly not waiting for a change to Michigan's No Fault Auto Insurance system.

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Georgia Insurance Commissioner Jim Beck was accused Tuesday by a federal grand jury of stealing more than $2 million from his former employer.

Family sues own insurance after deadly road rage shooting  KRQE News 13

An Albuquerque teen lost his life during a road rage shooting last year and his family is now suing—but they're suing their own insurance company.

Michigan House Democrats guarantee 40% cut on your car insurance bill  Detroit Free Press

Michigan House Democrats said they have their own plan to cut auto insurance premiums by 40%.

Tesla Cameras Help Driver Prove Bicycle At Fault For Insurance Claim  InsideEVs

Many would assume that a bicycle rider wouldn't generally be found at fault in a collision. However, this Tesla driver can rest easy due to his TeslaCam.

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A federal judge blasted UnitedHealthcare last month for its "immoral and barbaric" denials of treatment for cancer patients. He made the comments in recusing ...

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For Immediate Release Chicago, IL - May 21, 2019 - announces the list of stocks featured in the Analyst Blog. Every day the Zacks Equity.

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Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom wants California to become the first state to offer subsidies of about $100 a month to help people who earn as much as 600% of ...

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Despite a rising risk of more frequent and significant flood events, few Iowans and Scott County residents carry flood insurance policies.

USAA tops list of America’s best car insurance companies  USA TODAY

What makes an insurer the best car insurance company isn't simply one, or even two or three metrics. Having a fair price or having strong customer *service* ...

Does 'Medicare for All' end private insurance? Depends which candidate you ask  NBC News

"Medicare for all"? Or Medicare for all who want it? Democrats need to decide which one they support or risk ending up in the mess Kamala Harris walked into.

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A CDC survey shows that 1.1 million more Americans were uninsured in 2018, an increase fueled by changes to the Affordable Care Act.

Georgia insurance chief Beck declares his innocence, is suspended from office following indictment  Atlanta Journal Constitution

Georgia Insurance Commissioner Jim Beck on Thursday declared his innocence but asked the governor to suspend him from office two days after federal ...

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Some cyber insurance policies will pay only a small fraction of damages if an attacker used social engineering. Here's how to estimate the risk.

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US District Judge Robert N Scola recused himself from a class action suit against Unitedhealthcare that alleges that Unitedhealthcare denied them promising ...

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Find out how your homeowners policy works so you can make sure you have the right coverage.

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SIDNEY TOWNSHIP — The increasing cost of health insurance is no secret. On Tuesday, representatives from Montcalm Community College's (MCC) employee ...

Washington State to Offer Public Health Insurance Plans, Regardless of Income, by 2021  TIME

(SEATTLE) — Washington is set to become the first state to enter the private health insurance market with a universally available public option. A set of tiered ...

5 Life Insurance Wealth-Building Strategies for Black Families  Black Enterprise

There are benefits of life insurance to leverage while alive. Here's a look at some life insurance wealth-building strategies that black families can use.

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