Individual Health Insurance Plans - How To Find The Best Provider Online

Whether you are self-employed or a small business owner, finding an affordable individual health insurance plan has gotten easy with online health insurance providers. By comparing quotes and coverage plans, individuals are able to choose a provider that best meets their needs. Before you pick the plan with the lowest monthly premium though, make sure that provider is best for your situation.

Picking A Plan

Individuals have three basic types of health insurance plans they can choose from. Managed care plans provide the most coverage with a low premium. However, you have to use network doctors. Fees-for-service plans gives you the flexibility of choosing your own doctor, but they don't typically cover preventative care or check-ups. And finally, you can choose catastrophic insurance to cover major hospitalization, but not regular medical expenses.

Your medical and financial needs will determine which plan is best for you. Managed care plans are usually the most cost efficient. If you have excellent health and financial resources, then fees-for-service or catastrophic insurance could be an option for you.

Start Researching

Once you have an idea as to what type of plan and coverage you want, start gather quotes. You can do this quickly with online health insurance websites. After you have entered your personal information, you will receive several quotes. Take the time to also look at the coverage being offered and make sure they are comparable between plans.

Finding A Provider

Finding a good price is only one part of finding the best provider. You also need to be sure that you can contact them easily if you have a question. Many health insurance providers use their website to provide policy and network information. This is especially helpful if you need to pick a doctor from their network. You should also be able to contact them through email, phone, or in person.

Easy Application Process

The application process for your health insurance should also be easy. Most providers complete the application online or over the phone. You may also need a medical check-up, which is usually completed by a medic meeting you at your home or workplace.

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