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Dont Die With Your Dreams Still Inside You

I write and talk a lot about dreams. Primarily because I knowwe serve an awesome and amazing God, who gave us dreams for an awesome and amazing purpose. We all have a dream to do something great, go somewhere incredible, achieve the unachievable, beat the unbeatable or meet the "unmeetable." Unfortunately, more often than not, most dreams remain unrealized; silenced by fear and doubt. What's needed is a renaissance to recapture the spirit and belief we once had as children. We need to remind ourselves in all that we desire to be,have and do... "I can, if Ibelieve I can." My aim is toinspire as many people as possible to passionately pursue and do their dreams. Revitalize your dreams. Start today. Don't just dream; dream BIG dreams! Put them in your heart, then put them on the wall, refrigerator, mirror ... wherever you'll see them often. Remind yourself you are more than worthy of everything your heart ever imagined. Believe, then diligently commit to a plan to achieve.Resolve to live a life that ends the way you want it to; and don't you dare, I say don't you dare... die with your dreams still inside you.

The Power of Inspiration

INSPIRATION can be a powerful thing. It can keep you going when all around you cries out ?quit!? It is even more powerful than motivation,as motivation gives you your basic reasons to keepgoing--it tells you why you want to do what you do, because motivation is based on goals. These, in turn, may be based on necessity want or desire. But inspiration fills those reasons with hope, possibil-ity and enjoyment and keeps the ?grind? from becomingtoo grindy. But just what does inspiration consist of? Iposit two elements: vision and mission. Proverbs29:18 says ?Where there is no vision, the peopleperish.? A vision is the first step toward turningyour motivation into inspiration. A person with a vision sees down the road. He can sense what itwill be like six weeks, six months, a year, twoyears, five years and more ahead. But how do you get a vision?, you ask. Firstof all, you need to narrow your perspective. You can?t attempt to ?ride off in all directions at once,?so to speak. Try to decide what it is you arelooking for, so you?ll know it when you see it.In other words, try to have in mind some generalgoals as to where you want to be six months a year,etc. from now. These goals will not only form thebasis of your motivation but should also serve to limit to an extent the scope of your activity.Next, try to locate and choose an opportunity(buisness, career or job) which you feel is right for you.This may be easier said then done, as there are many choiceswhich sound good. You may come upon an outstanding oneright away, purely by chance. If so, latch onto it. Butyou will probably have to pick several at first andstudy the things which each one offers and try to evaluate the potential of each one as you see it.Settle on the one which you feel has the mostpotential with the least amount of hassle (preferablyone that is totally Internet driven as opposed to one where you have to spend time calling potential prospects by phone). Once you have chosen your company, stand behindit in every way and don?t quit or change your mind.B.C. Forbes said ?Without loyalty, nothing can beaccomplished in any sphere...? Think of yourself as being in it for the long haul, no matter what. And try to envision, based on what you know, how things will be down the road. Keep that picture before yourmind, and never doubt. Napoleon Hill said ?What themind can conceive and believe it can achieve,?and the Bible says, in Hebrews 11:1 ?Faith isthe substance of things hoped for, the evidenceof things not seen.? Once the vision is firmly implanted in your mind,let it become your driving force. Let the vision exciteyou with the possibility of its fulfillment and you willautomatically begin the next step--you are on a mission. Your mission is to bring about the realization of thevision. If you keep the vision in mind, you will moveforward in the mission, accomplishing enthusiasticallystep by step that which is necessary to bring the visioninto reality. You will have developed a sense of excite-ment, importance and urgency which will keep the fires ofinspiration burning in your heart and moving you ever onwardand upward.

5 Things That Americans Can Do To Remember Reviving, Surviving and Thriving in the Wake of Sept 11

For those people who lost friends and loved ones in the September 11th World Trade Center attacks, the anniversary will re-open the wounds and renew the pain of great loss. For the rest of us, it is a painful reminder of our vulnerability. The anniversary renews our grief for the loss of security and innocence we enjoyed in peaceful times. How do we experience the anniversary of our greatest national disaster in a positive way? Talk about it with others. How far have we come? What have we learned? How are we feeling? as a country, and as individuals? Honor those we knew and loved who lost their lives. Write about them, look at the pictures again, and talk about them. Keep their memories alive openly. Be with your supporters, at home and away. Reconnect withthe positive people in your life. Sharing with others always makes the burden lighter. Take care of yourself, physically and emotionally. Do physical exercise? breath deeply and live fully. Do something you always wanted to do. Take a long walk. Turn your most negative experience to a positive, by giving to others. It is through giving that you will receive so much more in return. By helping others, anger and pain are transformed into power;the power to make our world better in the wake of crisis. Cheryl Perlitz ~ 2004 All Rights Reserved

Believe In Yourself And Become a Winner: Lessons from Hollywood

Copyright 2004 Priya Shah

Dare To Dream

The rewards of life come to those who do, not to those whomerely read, talk or day dream. Action is the key.

Are You The Master Of Your Destiny?

How strong are you?

The Serpents Genesis 1 and 2

Not long after the beginning a being fell from the heavens to the earth. Even as the Spirit of God hovered overhead, the Serpent swam the waters below. As light divided from darkness, the Serpent chose the darkness, preferring it to the light. And the Serpent stalked the darkness of that first night.

Alone But Not Lonely

In today?s fast paced society, we?ve become accustomed to filling the eeriness of silence with fluff. We turn to many distractions as a means of escaping feelings of idleness or boredom. But the main thing we wish to elude is loneliness. Solitude does not have to alienating or lonesome. In fact, solitude and loneliness are distinctly separate.

The Fighting Father

This man is an Anglican priest but with a difference. You would not want to offend him put it that way. His online ministry helps to serve the community of street youth homeless/drug-addicted/criminal in a very unique way - by teaching them how to fight for starters. At the end of this article I will leave you with Father Dave's Top 10 of why we need to teach our youngsters boxing in order to make them less violent...What does it conjur in your mind when you think Anglican priest? Maybe a religious person? An old man pontificating whilst shrouded by church incense? Or perhaps a born-again Christian jumping about singing 'Praise the Lord on high' and speaking in tongues amidst wails and shrieks of people being moved by the Spirit 'Toronto blessing style.'Let me tell you that though he wears a dog-collar this man is no weakling. Father dave Smith is the minister of Holy Trinity Dulwich Hill in Sydney, Australia. From his own bio:"My mother died while I was still 16. It was the same day that I bought my first leather jacket. By this stage I'd developed a rather passionate attraction to the 'Sex Pistols' and to the nihilism of the British Punk scene. With my leather jacket and metal studs though I modelled my persona more on Dee Dee Ramone of the American punk group 'The Ramones'."We often neglect our spirituality. You can sign up for Father Dave's free affiliates only newsletter here A WARRIOR FORUM EXCLUSIVE: Dave is the ex-champion of Hapkido worldwide.Now what is the difference between Father Dave and most other persons who use the internet as a shop or store. For one, just check out Dave's shop here and listen to the message. It's honest, frank and you won't get a much better browse on the internet. Only the best on the web here folks.'s what some others have been saying about Father Dave, friends:"He's as comfortable punching as he is preaching - which is just as well for the hundreds of teenagers this fighting father figure has saved from a life on the streets."Greg McLean (Aussie Post)"This nuggety minister has seen life from both sides of the tracks."Steve Lacey (Sydney Morning Herald)"Dave is a man of wonderful vision and never misses an opportunity to help others where he can ... I count myself fortunate to know him personally and to have him as a driving force in my Council area."Barry Cotter (Mayor of Marrickville)"I go to the man. I go to The Man's man. I go to the street, to the edge of the breakdown. I go to a man of God who wouid rather see kids throwing punches than punching heroin into their veins. Anglican priest Father Dave Smith"Jeff Wells (Daily Telegraph)"Father Dave is gifted in providing the young with a sense of purpose."Councillor Dimitrios Thanos (Marrickville Council)"fists of steel, a kick like a mule, the head of a fox and a heart of gold"Ross Willis (Western Suburbs Courier)Father Dave also has two digital products available. One, 'Sex, the Ring and the Eucharist' was in the Amazon Top 500 on the day of release. I urge you to check these out. The second is an inspirational original from the forefather's of America. This is just what our spirit's need. Let Father Dave welcome you. You can even watch him in the ring if you wish. Hee are the links to Father Dave's webpages:'Sex, the Ring and the Eucharist' Civil War ebook library the beginning I promised you Father Dave's Top 10 reasons for teaching our youngsters boxing. Here they are:When young people are in a disciplined training routine they have no time to cause troubleEven when they have the time, they are too tired to cause trouble after a solid night?s trainingYoung people learn to work happily in a structured environment which has positive effects at schoolIn the boxing gym they learn to accept authorityThrough competitive fighting, young people learn to set goals for their livesThrough developing their physical capabilities young people develop greater self-esteemThe training routine teaches them self-disciplineThrough learning to control their response when they are hit, young people develop self-controlBoxing training is very cathartic for persons carrying a lot of emotional baggage or angerWhen a young person joins a gym they join a new peer group of persons not involved in drugs or criminal activitiesTHIS IS A SAM BEATSON ORIGINAL. I DO COPY'S AND ORIGINAL HYPNOTIC SALES LETTERS FOR THOSE INTERESTED...GENERAL TO CONVERT YOUR PRODUCT AND BONUSES INTO A HYPNOTIC PITCH WILL COST YOU JUST $19.97 VIA PAYPAL email me if you interested in tweaking your letters to make people feel really good about your product before jumping on the wagon full and making that

My Passion, My Life

Every morning I excitedly get out of bed. Just a few minutes of goals and visions for the day swirl in my head. No lingering for me, no alarm, no wishful notes too. Just me in my night gown with no hat.

7 Strategies to Overcoming Anxiety and Panic Attacks

You Can Overcome panic attacks and anxiety!

Who is the Pilot?

It was a mild summer day in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina when I boarded United Airline flight 7318 to Washington, DC. Like usual, I promptly located my window seat, with no doubts that the pilots would safely take me to my destination. Suddenly, as I sat gazing out of the window waiting for take-off, certain questions unfolded in my mind. I wondered, "Who are these pilots that I wholeheartedly entrust with my life?" I wondered about my surety of knowing that they would, or could take me to my destination. I also pondered on "Why it is that I -- or we as individuals, trustingly and unwaveringly allow others to continuously pilot our lives without questions or reservations?" We permit others to pilot our lives while we unquestionably find our seat near the window - just watching - watching our lives quickly pass by. We lack faith in ourselves, because too often, we allow others such as bosses, friends, family and even enemies, to navigate our lives. We allow others to pilot our lives because of their negative words. We allow others to pilot our lives because they claim to know what is best for us. We live on autopilot without a clue as to where we are headed, or how we will get there. We must declare that we will no longer allow other people to take control of our lives - or of our future. No matter how cloudy things look, no matter how dark our past is, we must remember that God is in control. Allow God to be your pilot -- as you co-pilot your own life into a prosperous and promising future. Declare today: I will no longer sit back and allow other people to control my life into an uncertain and discontented future. The past is behind me -- and only the best is yet to come! Copyright 2003 by Audrina Jones Bunton. REPRINTING THIS ARTICLE: Permission is granted to reproduce or distribute this article only in its entirety and provided copyright is acknowledged. You can find other articles to choose from at Speaker, Audrina Jones Bunton was born the seventh of eight children in her household in Pinehurst, North Carolina into a loving and committed Christian home. As she has 2 children, over 40 nieces and nephews and great- nieces and nephews, it is not unusual to find her under the same roof with many of her maternal five-generation family on weekends and on holidays. In her youth, she fondly recalls traveling throughout the U.S. with her family, as her parents ministered from state to state year after year?helping people as they traveled.

Withstand the Test of Time

As I drove home from work late one wintry afternoon, chilled from the freezing temperatures, I noticed the beautiful trees aligned on both sides of the road. Amongst the evergreens and the pine trees, one tree in particular caught my attention as it majestically stood, with its strong branches extending outward. This tree, bare from the many leaves that had once hung from its branches, daringly saluted the sky. I thought about how this deeply rooted tree stood year after year, withstanding the test of time through the altering seasons. I thought about how this tree stood -- regardless of the many changes brought about by the sultry summers and the chilling winters. Through all of the changes, through the bend of the limbs and the fallen leaves, there it stood -- through the test of time. Many times in your life, you may feel as though you've taken all that you can take -- that you have stood all that you can stand. You may feel like throwing your arms up and just giving up -- simply giving in. My friend, you are where you are today because of your ultimate strength to withstand in the midst of failing relationships, heartbreaks, getting no breaks, of so-called friends becoming your worst enemies. You are where you are today because you withstood all of those changes and many more. You are where you are today because of the many obstacles that you have already successfully surmounted. You are where you are today because you daringly saluted the circumstances, sometimes not even realizing how. The very strength that brought you here, will allow you to withstand your present circumstance. Don't throw in the towel. Don't give up on yourself. Don't give up on life. Just like this majestic tree, it is imperative that you are deeply rooted in your beliefs, in God, and in yourself -- so that when life-altering events come to weaken you, or to make you bend, you will daringly withstand the test of time. Attest today: I will no longer bend to the life-altering events that continuously come my way. I will stand strong, realizing that through my inner strength, and hope in God -- I will be like the majestic tree that withstands the test of time -- for I too -- am strong. Copyright 2003 by Audrina Jones Bunton. REPRINTING THIS ARTICLE: Permission is granted to reproduce or distribute this article only in its entirety and provided copyright is acknowledged. You can find other articles to choose from at

Mirror, Mirror -- What Do I See?

"A loving person lives in a loving world. A hostile person lives in a hostile world. Everyone you meet is your mirror."-Ken Keys

Accept Every Invitation

How often do you decline an invitation because you have something else you would rather do? Or you're not crazy about the person asking you to join? Or you're not interested in that type of event? Or you feel like doing nothing? ...

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If you want your next event to be amazing and unforgettable, consider booking these speakers.

'He battled until the very end' - Family's heartache as dad loses cancer aged 47  Stoke-on-Trent Live

The Port Vale fan Jason Lowe has been described as the 'ultimate family man'

New Year's Quotes 2019: 15 Inspirational Sayings About New Beginnings, Resolutions  International Business Times

There's nothing like the idea of a *fresh* start, and that is something the beginning of every new year brings. Before ushering in 2019, celebrate New Year's Eve by ...

Truly inspirational story of Longford's Margaret Norton and her quest to find her birth parents moves Late Late Show viewers to tears  Longford Leader

The truly inspirational story of the quest of Longford's Margaret Norton to find her birth parents moved viewers of the Late Late Show to tears last night. ...

Local author shares her inspirational story about overcoming brokenness  WGEM

A local author held a book signing in the Gem City Sunday. Crishawn Southers wrote the book titled: "The Formula." It's an inspirational book about the.

NIU men's basketball: Lacey James cites mother as inspiration behind his work ethic  DeKalb Daily Chronicle

DeKALB — Where Lacey James goes, Karie James has followed. The support James' mother has given Lacey throughout his life, most recently as a college ...

Area woman shares 'inspirational' weight loss journey on TV  BarrieToday

Mina Viscardi-Johnson lost 176 pounds with help from the staff at the Bradford West Gwillimbury Leisure Centre.

Chris Vadala death: Tributes pour in after woodwind legend and inspirational educator dies  Monsters and Critics

Friends, fans and students have paid tribute to jazz legend Chris Vadala following his death.

Woodford Patient Capital Trust - Inspiration from Britain's world-class Universities  Hargreaves Lansdown

With this trust Neil Woodford's invests in young businesses with the potential to revolutionise entire industries. There's a focus on healthcare, but he invests in ...

Creech: Inspirational female athletes made their mark — in sports, society, culture — in 2018  Houston Chronicle

Aly Raisman stood in a bold red jacket, her hair pulled out of her face. She stared directly at Larry Nassar and delivered a statement straight to him. She never ...

Passing the mantle: Women's March participants find inspiration in America's youth  NBC News

Parents, college students, teens and children at the Women's March in Washington, D.C. spoke with NBC News about a new generation becoming change ...

Inspiration once again fills the Annual Alton Branch of NAACP Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., service

ALTON The Alton Branch of the N.A.A.C.P. 39th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Commemoration *service*, was once again filled with inspiration.The *service*.

Shubman Gill looks to Virat Kohli for inspiration in New Zealand  India Today

India vs New Zealand: Shubman Gill said he was looking to talk to and learn from Virat Kohli in New Zealand. Gill has replaced KL Rahul in the Indian ODI side ...

'Batgirl' Movie Should Could Draw Inspiration from These Comics  Hollywood Reporter

There have been many — sometimes controversial — phases in Barbara Gordon's life.

NBL: Casper Ware takes inspiration from Serena Williams ahead of Australian Open clash  The Sydney Morning Herald

Melbourne United star Casper Ware has taken inspiration from Serena Williams as he looks to bounce back from a heartbreaking loss last round. Ware ranks ...

A father from Bolton who suffered life-changing injuries in terror attack appears in new inspirational film  The Bolton News

A FATHER from Bolton who suffered life-changing injuries in the devastating Manchester Arena terror attack appears in a film showcasing the inspirational poem ...

Texworld USA Spring/Summer '20 Textile Trends Embrace New Sources of Inspiration  Sourcing Journal

For the coming Spring/Summer 2020 season, fashion trends will come steeped in sustainability and circularity, according to Texworld USA.

Henshaw is a major inspiration as I aim to make mark: O'Brien  Belfast Telegraph

Whatever happens between now and May, Conor O'Brien won't find it difficult to forget his European debut against Toulouse.

Aden Gillett on stage fright and his inspiration  Eastbourne Herald

Last year he was Mr Winslow in The Winslow Boy in a UK tour and over Christmas he was Scrooge in A Christmas Carol for his first ever stint at Stratford.

Healy's inspirational ton lifts Sixers

Alyssa Healy's inspirational Hurstville century sees the Sixers topple the Adelaide Strikers.

Holiday Angels: An inspirational look at the gift of giving

This holiday season people are spreading warmth and joy by giving back to those who need it most.



Voters' day: EC to visit India for inspiration, experience  Dhaka Tribune

The Election Commission plans to mark the occasion by raising awareness about national identity cards.

Drawing on inspiration from her last two books  Daily Times

Sunny & the Ghosts tell the story of eight-year-old Sunny, whose parents buy an antique shop in Devon and move into the flat above. Sunny's father likes old ...

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