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The Hidden Superpowers Of Your Mind

The mind is an infinite wonder. It has the fantastic ability to transmute your desires into their physical counterparts. You can do anything that your mind can conceive, as long as you have the belief and will power to back it up.

Color Your Life

Have you ever arrived at place in your career and wondered how you got there? Have you found yourself stuck, not liking your job, yet not seeing how you can change after investing 15 years at it. Let's take a different perspective and see if you can solve your dilemma through this colorful full spectrum exploration of job and career.

Starving for Intimacy

Some are seeking love in a bottle. Others look for it on the streets and many are trying to find it in their food.

Peace Alliance vs. Fighting a Battle

We read in the press about the "War on Drugs" and the "Battle of the Bulge". Television tells us to fight the flu, legal battles or the war in Haiti. Our doctors tell us we are fighting cancer or in a battle with obesity.

Set Yourself Up for Success!

Set Yourself Up For Success!~ By Fran Briggs Here's a great way to programand set yourself up for success in advance. It is one of many of what I call, New Empowering Habit Plans (TM). A New Empowering Habit Plan is a formula for achieving success in any given area of your life.It requires a minimum of 21 consecutive days of implementation. Why 21 days? Because research by behavioral scientists and "Mothers of five"has proved thatit takes at least 21 days to establish a habit. This NEHP starts with taking the first 15-30 minutes before you get out of bed to planand visualize your successful day on paper. Remember we agreed that it takes at least 21 consecutive days to establish a habit? Commit to do this NEHP for at least 21 consecutive days. What if you were to develop a fun and exciting New Empowering Habit Plan taking just a few minutes every day to plan and visualize your successful day on paper? In doing so, you would be able to project any obstacles or consequences. More importantly, you could constructand program your success. With this invaluable information, youcould literally set yourself up for success by planning and seeing the future in advance."Exactly How do I do this?"One of the exciting things about this NEHP is that it is not an "exact science." In fact, it's not a science at all.Consider it uniquely yours. It can be as simple as keeping a pen, pencil, notebook or note pad by your bed. As soon as you wake up, grab your writng/drawing utensil. Then, you might want to close your eyes as you meditate, pray or regain your faculties (if your not a morning person). I suggest you take a couple minutes and literally run your entire day in your mind. Visualize; really see yourself, succeeding ... all day long.Win, Write Or Draw!Now, open your eyes and begin doing your day on paper. The real magic of this NEHP lies in the power you manifest when you put pen/pencil to paper. This has been long proven to amend our thinking. Why not make a point to amend for great thinking? I'm not going to get into that right side brain/left side brain stuff. I'll keep it simple and say ... you will win, when you write, draw or combine the two, to construct and program your successful day. Be very clear and put your appointments to succeed in chronological order. Cultivate an unshakable expectation to succeed. Put magic into the mundane! For example, in your 9:00 a.m. slot where you would normally anticipate contact with an obnoxious supervisor, draw them with a smile as she tells you your being promoted. Zoom in on the smiles, pleasant demeanors and positive energy you both exchange. Or, maybe you feel more comfortable writing a mini-goal or powerful positive affirmation at least ten times. Really believe it. In your 7:20 p.m. slot, you may write down: "I go 4 for 4 and play a flawless left field tonight." Once you are crystal-clear on how you are going to set yourself up for success, you reaffirm your ability to make it happen.WARNING: You May Get More Than You Project!It's said that long before Jim Carrey made it BIG, and before he even appeared on "In Living Color," he walked up to the Hollywood Hills one day. There, he wrote a check to himself, and put it in his wallet. The amount on the check was for ten million dollars. In the memo he wrote in, "For services rendered." Today as most of you already know, Jim Carrey makes a minimum of twenty-million dollars per film.In February, 2003, I wrote down on paper that I would sell my house in three weeks for $280,000. The new owners would be first-time homeowners-not investors. My house sold in 11 days and for 19 thousand dollars more than the asking price. The new owners are a happy family of three and are very happy in their first home.I have two great friends who (seemingly) have the ability to win jackpots at will using this NEHP. But this particular New Empowering Habit Plan is not just "all about the money." It has much more power than that. I've manifested, fulfilling, loving and meaningful relationships; world-wide publications; vacations; empowering strongholds; businesses, 4 for 4 flawless defense softball games and just plain fun! I sincerely believe you can too!To Your Success!

I Just Want to be Free - I Just Want to be Me!

It was a sunny Saturday in April 2003 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The Carolina-blue sky seemed to kiss the wavy waters as the gentle wind embraced the beach. After enjoying the beach for a while with my 16-year old daughter and husband, one by one, they ventured off to find a spot on the beach away from the water.


Imagination is the unreal, real state of mind, where all things are experienced as real. Imagination is powerful and is an intermediary step between thought and word. Thoughts are experienced in the imagination before they are manifested into physical reality.

Accelerate Your Learning

Although you may not currently be a student, learning is a life long process. Perhaps you need to learn something new for your job, or you would like to learn a new language before you take a vacation abroad, or you want to ?brush up? on math so you can help your children with their homework. For many of us school and/or learning were not pleasant experiences, so we may hesitate to attempt to learn something new. Fortunately there are ways to enhance the learning experience to help make learning fun, easy, and successful. (This process works for kids too.)

Business Ideas ? Need a New Idea? Try Changing Your Perspective

One definition of creativity states that creative people look at the same thing everyone else does, yet they see something no one else does.

Befriend Your Budget, This Yuletide and Always

It is that time of year again. Yuletide?Christmas in the air. Nostalgia, goose pimples and casting off all financial discipline. It was originally meant to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Joy to the world, and good will to all men?

Can We Change People?

There was a class of "challenged" children and many teachers were brought in over time but each one ended up quitting in frustration. Finally, a teacher was brought in and a miracle happened. That class of students ended up becoming a group of happy, well- behaved and good students. What happened?

Let the Seeds Grow

The thought that every great thing that has ever happened, been spoken or invented began first with a single idea is not a new one, but one I don't think many people have taken to heart.

How to Turn Nothing Into Something

Excerpted from the Jim Rohn Weekend Seminar-Excelling in the New Millennium)

Creating Opportunity

An enterprising person is one who comes across a pile of scrap metal and sees the making of a wonderful sculpture. An enterprising person is one who drives through an old decrepit part of town and sees a new housing development. An enterprising person is one who sees opportunity in all areas of life.

Perfectionism - The Dangerous Trap!

Just when I have something figured out, along comes another how-to-article telling me how to be or do something better or even change my entire life. No matter where I turn, I am constantly reminded that I am not good enough in more ways than one. I am not smart enough, not rich enough, not slim enough, not efficient enough, not pretty enough, not powerful enough, not ?with it? enough and probably ?out of it? altogether.

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Press release *content* from Business Wire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

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Health system CEOs say greater financial incentives from the federal government could help spur digital innovation at their organizations.

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Ohio congressman and presidential candidate Tim Ryan spoke in Council Bluffs for the first time Monday, focusing on a middle class “revolution.”

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Dstl is seeking to research and develop new and innovative designs to safely enhance the protection and performance of military aircrew. To help design the ...

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Bloomberg Media wanted to update its app experience in conjunction with a website redesign that would feature innovative enhancements to improve utility for ...

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With projects from air taxis to AI in air traffic control, the UK CAA's 'Innovation Sandbox' plans to keep UK aviation at the forefront of technology.

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"Today we can all take pride in the fact that we have worked together to deliver on a dream and make it a reality."

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MONCTON, NB, May 20, 2019 /CNW/ – Anticipating the legalization of adult-use cannabis edibles, and ready to demonstrate a leadership position in the edibles ...

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Capacita Connect became the first woman-led startup to give an exit to Rajasthan Angel Innovators' Network (RAIN). Except lead investors Rajneesh Bhandari ...

Accenture Unveils Industry X.0 Innovation Center in Essen

The innovation center is expected to complement Accenture's (ACN) growth in Europe.

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Security concerns, limited time, and no budget are some factors that can stop companies from innovating. Tom Merritt examines the top five roadblocks to ...

3-D printing technology brings innovation to South Texas VA  VAntage Point Blog

South Texas VA's senior prosthetist, Gordon Bosker presented 3-D printing technologies as part of South Texas' Research Week celebration.

Hanscom and NSIN collaborate to bring innovative ideas forward  Edwards Air Force Base

Christopher Lung, contracting officer in the Digital Directorate, speaks to Robert Weeks, far left, chief of Contracting for the Digital Directorate, and Tony Braswell, ...

Skunkworks: Inside the Innovation Labs of 3 Fortune 500 Companies  Fortune

This is what goes on behind the scenes at Facebook, Levi's, and Ford.

Trade deal or not, US must counter China moves to beat us at science and technology  USA TODAY

We pioneered the government investment strategy that gave us GPS and the internet. Now China is using it to race forward while our research flags.

Rogers plans to launch a smart network innovation named NB-IoT  StockNewsMagazine

Rogers declared its idea to launch a smart network innovation named NB-IoT. NB-IoT which means the Narrow-Band Internet of Things is a system innovation ...

Increasing our investment in the innovation workforce | TheHill  The Hill

The need to grow a larger, more inclusive STEM workforce is clear. The challenge? How to proceed.

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The programme offers university students, faculty, and budding entrepreneurs opportunities to incubate ideas and access the innovation ecosystem of Boeing.

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The first message sent by Morse code's dots and dashes across a long distance traveled from Washington, D.C., to Baltimore on Friday, May 24, 1844 – 175 ...

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It is possible to build better by adopting innovative materials and engineering techniques for more sustainable structures. Some award-winning buildings ...

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BEIJING (Reuters) - A lack of innovation is China's “Achilles heel”, President Xi Jinping warned in an article given high prominence by state media on Thursday, ...

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The air was charged with excitement at GIZ's 'Innovate to Lead - Innovation Camp' at MGM's Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College campus in Aurangabad on ...

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Falcon Foodservice Equipment offers a range of commercial cooking applications to support operators of all types and it's backing those who are driving ...

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CARBONDALE, Ill. — Southern Illinois University Carbondale, long a leader in spurring innovation, entrepreneurship and development, is one of the newest ...

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Innovation is a fact of life in the insurance market and insurers need to adapt to it if they want to continue to do business in this area.

Global Gaming Expo Asia Connecting People and Innovation in the Asian Entertainment Industry  Crypto Daily

Global Gaming Expo Asia (G2E Asia) is renowned as an essential gaming and entertainment business hub across the continent and beyond.

"So-so" innovation is the problem for workers not AI  Quartz

In a groundbreaking new paper, economists argue that workers are better off when technology is truly revolutionary, despite the short-term disruption.

Best Nutrition Innovation 2019  Forbes

a rundown of the best nutrition innovations that use technology to aid us in leading a healthier life, be it appliances, gadgets, services, or supplements.

Market map: the 200+ innovative startups transforming affordable housing  TechCrunch

In this section of my exploration into innovation in inclusive housing, I am digging into the 200+ companies impacting the key phases of developing and ...

Real estate capital follows innovation  Yahoo Finance

JLL's report reveals innovation plays a key role in driving cities' economic growth by attracting investors and companies CHICAGO , May 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ ...

Innovation minister unveils digital charter with focus on personal data control  Richmond News

TORONTO — Federal Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains unveiled a wide review of privacy laws Tuesday in what he said was an effort to build trust in a digital ...

See inside the Newark church Audible transformed into a hip work space

he spoken entertainment company Audible opened the doors of its latest project, the Innovation Cathedral in Newark on Friday. Formerly the home of the ...

How Floyd Is Using Design Innovation To Combat The High-Waste Furniture Industry  Forbes

Floyd wants consumers to stop throwing so much furniture away. Like Ikea, the Detroit-based startup lets customers build (relatively) inexpensive pieces ...

U of I-led innovation network to expand from six to 15 statewide hubs  The State Journal-Register

The Illinois Innovation Network, a group of hubs across the state aiming to drive economic development through research and innovation, will expand from six to ...

Norway and Washington state sign innovation pact in Seattle, connecting tech and maritime industries  GeekWire

Norway and Washington state will cooperate on next-generation maritime technologies and clean energy innovations in both regions of the world, with goals ...

Innovate or else: Advisers must leave the comfort zone before it's too late  InvestmentNews

A roundtable of top advisers discusses what it will take to innovate in an industry that likes to maintain the status quo.

LG's practical innovation, the V50 ThinQ 5G's Dual Screen, boosts gaming and productivity without folding a phone  Phone Arena

The V50 ThinQ is landing soon on US carriers, and LG has been shaping it as a phone that adds value farther than its 5G connectivity modem with the Dual ...

No innovation in the cloud? Get real  TechRepublic

Some criticize cloud vendors for focusing on operationalizing software rather than building it, but that criticism falls flat.

Tour 4 Businesses Championing Innovation at “Your Clouds Can 2019"  Futurism

Meet the four companies Futurism and IBM will visit on our all-access tour of innovation at "Your Clouds Can 2019."

Mobify Introduces Front-end as a Service to Power More Innovative, Agile Digital Experiences  GlobeNewswire

Complete front-end for headless commerce enables experimentation, unlocks agility without building from scratch. VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 21, ...

Franchise Update Media Reveals 1st Franchise Innovation Awards Winners

Franchise Update Media has announced the winners of the inaugural Franchise Innovation Awards, recognizing the best innovations in franchising in 2018.

Public Higher Ed Funding and Learning Innovation  Inside Higher Ed

Learning innovation is an emerging interdisciplinary field, one that integrates the science of learning and the study of postsecondary organizational change.

Opinion: We Grieve, We Thirst  BuzzFeed News

The beautiful gay men of Instagram will find a way through any trial — a breakup, a bad election result, a tragedy. And they'll often do it shirtless.

Starbucks is speeding up innovation at its Seattle research hub  CNBC

Since launching some six months ago, Starbucks has tested 133 unique projects at the Tryer Center, its innovation hub. More than 1500 of its workers have ...

London event showcases innovation behind new investor climate tool  Daily Planet`

Yesterday's event, titled “Applying Climate Risk Data to Investment Portfolios”, convened environmental, financial and academic experts to discuss the project ...

#AfricaMonth: Helping entrepreneurs to innovate and grow

Innocircle, a South African innovation consultancy, helps entrepreneurs innovate and grow. The Innocircle team guides entrepreneurs to develop and implement ...

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This week's top news includes a few stories highlighting the people behind innovation — from overheard at OTC to a Q&A with a private equity CEO. Plus ...

Tucson evolves into a hot spot for technology and innovation  AZ Big Media

There's a reason why nationally-recognized companies such as Amazon, Caterpillar, Raytheon Missile Systems, Bombardier, GEICO, Homegoods, Hexagon ...

Facebook, Ford, Levi Strauss Run Their Own Innovation Labs  Fortune

It's not just tech companies that run innovation skunkworks. Levi Strauss and Ford Motor Co. do, too.

SMEs are driving job growth, but need higher investment in skills, innovation and tech  Modern Diplomacy

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have been a significant driver of employment growth in recent years, mainly through the creation of new firms.

Weighing the Importance of Innovation | Connecticut Law Tribune

It turns out this new concept of innovation boils down to really just more effective communication with the clients more active involvement understanding the ...

House Grid Innovation Caucus, industry groups host Grid Innovation Expo  Daily Energy Insider

Published on May 21, 2019 by Kevin Randolph. Tweet. Share. Share. The U.S. House Grid Innovation Caucus, Edison Electric Institute (EEI), GridWise Alliance ...

European Innovation Festival lineup features Ross, Bizzar  Fast Company

Fast Company's first-ever European Innovation Festival will convene in Milan and Florence, Italy, on July 9-11, for three days of in-depth discussions and ...

Investing in peace through innovation  GreenBiz

A Q&A with Blossom Hill Foundation founder on how she works towards peace and sustainable development.

Citi Extends Innovation Program to SMU

Citi Ventures and Singapore Management University have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to offer the bank's innovation and discovery program to the ...

Letter: Ironic that Santa Clara blocked innovative technology  The Mercury News

The Santa Clara City Council's vote to ban fuel cells from powering the city is a poor choice.

IDF medical innovation: Battlefield surgery of the future  The Jerusalem Post

Chief officer says he believes his unit will revolutionize healthcare in the country.

Metal Fabrication Innovations Changing the Industry  BOSS Magazine

Innovations in metal fabrication that could reshape the manufacturing industry.

All This 'Innovation' Won't Save the Pentagon  Defense One

The Defense Department, a hierarchy fixated on technology, is unequipped to confront a world of disruptive challenges.

Drones in Aisle 5? Grocery stores are becoming unusual hotbeds of innovation  The Denver Post

In a grocery store somewhere in North America, a small drone floats from aisle to aisle, hovering like a hummingbird that has traded its nimble wings for tiny ...

Innovation hub opens its doors  The Business Desk

An innovation centre set up by the Government's Innovate UK agency has opened an office at the University of Leeds' new Nexus Hub. The Connected Places ...

Jack Ma ‘worried’ Europe will stifle innovation with too much regulation  South China Morning Post

Alibaba Group co-founder urges Europe to stop worrying about technology, as tighter regulation could hamper its ability to innovate.

Humane leadership must be the Fourth Industrial Revolution's real innovation  World Economic Forum

Do we need a new type of leadership for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)? We have heard it many times: the 4IR is not only here to stay, but is moving ...

Ontario to Focus on Innovation Outcomes  Government of Ontario News

TORONTO—Ontario's government is launching an expert panel and online consultation on intellectual property to help protect made-in-Ontario ideas and create ...

The Two Biggest Innovation Killers in Banking Today  The Financial Brand

Digital distractions and pressures on bank and credit union employees crush creativity at the very time it's needed most. Here's what to do.

Grassroots online support and progressive political innovation • Social Europe  Social Europe

There is a widespread sense of a crisis of representation in Europe. Can a platform for crowdfunding and volunteering support political innovation?

The Building Blocks Of Corporate Innovation : Part 2  Forbes

Part 2 of a new framework to help corporate executives prioritize innovation activities, comparing internal building and external partnering.

How to shift from bad to good stress and protect innovation in law practice  ABA Journal

Nate Klemp and Brett Bartlett. Last month, we learned of the death of Paul Rawlinson, global chairman of Baker McKenzie. At 56, Rawlinson took a medical ...

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