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Techno Witch II - Magick With Your PC

You've heard of applied science, well how about applied Magick. The personal computer is just a tool after all, so in theory you should be able to apply the ancient traditions to the modern ways. Here are a few ways that I think you can use your PC to practice metaphysics.

Thousands of Failures, but Thousands of Patents

Thomas Edison failed thousands of times before he revolutionized the world by inventing and patenting the incandescent light bulb. Because of his desire to create the incandescent light, he was one of the most persistent people in history. The invention in which Edison had the most failures, the incandescent light, was one of his most famous inventions. His persistence also led to many other great inventions. He had patents on items such as electricity, batteries, cement, motion pictures, phonographs, mining, telegraphs and telephones.

Innovation Makes Leaders

Basically what innovation does is making your business unique and often more progressive in its development.

Creativity and Innovation Management - Good Ideas Part 1

The constant search for Good Ideas has resulted in many techniques for generating them. Part 1 of Good Ideas will briefly discuss Franklin?s (2003) research into the types of ideas that are most likely to succeed.

Creativity and Innovation Management - Good Ideas Part 2

The relative ease of i) generating good ideas and ii) lack of resources means that there are usually more good ideas available than can be successfully innovated. As a result, it is often the case that ideas must be evaluated for risk and reward in order to select those that are most likely to succeed.

Why It?s Important to Make Your Idea Real

Say you have an idea for something new and exciting in your life.

Enhancing Vulnerability To Master Perfectionism

One of the ways a person must advance past perfectionism is to deal with and gradually become more and more vulnerable. Every good perfectionist knows that this is VERY scary.

Creativity and Innovation Management - Teach, Coach, Learn

Coaching, training or learning about creativity and innovation involves mastery of at least 12 domains.

Creativity, Innovation, and the Importance of Spontaneity

Spontaneity occurs when ideas or behaviours are expressed without evaluation. This lack of evaluation is the key to good idea generation. Some of the links include:

Success Tip From Yachting - Try To Fix The Problem Yourself

At 28, Ellen MacArthur is a world record holder. In 2005, she broke the speed record for sailing solo non stop around the world.

All Fortunes Begin With an Idea!

A new idea is merely the combination of two or more old ideas. The creation of a new idea is the critical first step in establishing any business.

How To Do What You Dont Want To

Before I reveal it, shall we review some things that will help you understand it? Let's start with the premise that you are made up of seven centers (all within you). Each one of these centers--"majestic workhorses"--has influence over your life.

Make Ideas Your (& Their) Own: Persuade Yourself and Others

Have you ever watched a TV program where the supporting actor has a grand idea only to find the lead actor immediately repeat the idea as if it were his own?

Penny For Your Thoughts?

Every artifact, every tool, everything ever designed or created by human beings for their own need, comfort, luxury, amusement or advancement began as an idea, a concept?a thought.

Owning Your Power

Owning your power, your power to be real, to be who you really are, is really about owning your freedom. Consider how your reasons for not being yourself may have been to get the love or approval of others. Then, you have given others the power to decide your way of being, and thus keeping yourself from being free. In many ways, you have been giving away your power/freedom by your ways of speaking and thinking, and being.

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