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Speed of Movement & the Mighty Metronome.

Tempo refers to the speed of movement and is usually represented by a 4-digit number: eccentric (negative) contraction - isometric (pause between negative and positive) contraction - concentric (positive) contraction - isometric (pause between positive and negative) contraction. For example, a tempo of 3-1-2-0 means to lower the weight for a count of 3, pause for a count of 1, raise the weight for a count of 2, and do not pause before starting the next repetition. An "X" designation denotes eXplosive, meaning to lift the weight as fast as possible.

Russian Kettlebell Workout

Russian Kettlebells are amazing! These kettlebell workouts may be the answer to maintaining a home gym or having an expensive club membership.

Top Treadmills Reviewed - A Comparison of Price And Performance

A treadmill can be an excellent exercise machine, providing a convenient and relatively inexpensive way to stay fit. But with over a dozen different manufacturers out there, each with a collection of different styles of equipment, it can be difficult to know which treadmill is best for you.

How Treadmills Compare To Other Types Of Home Fitness Equipment

When it comes to exercise, people like to walk or run. These are natural activities for us. They can have practical applications, such as getting from one place to another. They require less gear than many other forms of exercise (although you can spend a bundle on shoes, clothes and other accessories if you really wanted). And walking or running are great forms of exercise. They burn calories, work many muscle groups and strengthen cardiovascular components in the body. Walking is one of the best or perhaps the only feasible form of exercise for people with diseases such as osteoporosis, hypertension and chronic back pain. Walking doesn?t require a lot of technical know-how or instruction. We already know how to do it, and a few pointers about heart rate and breathing will at least get us on the road. In general, walking and running are easy and convenient ways to improve health and fitness and a home treadmill adds to this overall appeal.

Treadmill Reviews - Top 3 Things to Keep in Mind When Reading Treadmill Reviews

So you're excited about buying a treadmill. You're looking forward to having a premium piece of fat-burning equipment available to you 24-7 at your convenience.

Treadmill Exercise - 3 More Benefits of Treadmill Workouts

Chances are that you already know your treadmill can help you lose weight, stay fit, and protect you from the ravages of age related diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

Deciding on a Fitness Center: Tips for Choosing

Joining one of the many fitness centers in your area can have a lot of benefits, but can also be a big expense. Since most centers ask you to sign contracts that can be difficult to cancel, make sure that joining a fitness center is for you and that you are happy with the one you choose, before signing on the dotted line.

Create Your Own Fitness Center with Home Exercise Equipment!

If joining a fitness center is not for you, and you're not the outdoors-y type, home exercise equipment is a smart choice for staying fit. Before you buy, you should do your homework in order to prevent your new exercise machine from becoming an over-sized clothes hanger.

Treadmill Training!

According to the Sports Goods Manufacturers Association, treadmills are the #1 home-fitness item, outdistancing stair-climbers, stationery bicycles, rowing machines and cross-country skiers. In fact, some surveys indicate that nearly 40 million Americans run on treadmills.

Your Health is Important Get Fit For Life

Choosing fitness equipment for your personal use can be a rather daunting task. You can?t turn on the TV without seeing ads that promise or imply that if you buy their exercise product and use it for 10-20 minutes a day you will have a slimmer trimmer body. We all want to look better but be wary, check around, and see if you can find any test results on this product.

How to Buy A Treadmill - Key Points

Finding the best treadmill to buy shouldn't be a difficult thing to do. Treadmills have long been touted as a major player in the health and fitness field and for good reason. They are relatively compact, promote vital cardiovascular benefits, and are simple to use. Not to mention you don't have to get in the car and run to the gym! The only thing left is to find the right treadmill for you. Here are a few treadmill keys.

Buying A Treadmill - 3 Essential Tips

If you're buying a treadmill, chances are you've done lots of research already. You probably know exactly what makes up a high quality treadmill and have an idea of which features you want in your unit.

Elliptical Exercise Machines Provide Low Impact, Total Body Workouts While Improving Cardiovascular

Elliptical Exercise Machines Provide Low Impact, Total Body Workouts While Improving Cardiovascular Health Ever since their introduction on the fitness scene several years ago, elliptical exercise machines have become increasing more popular and sophisticated. Estimates indicate that over six million people now prefer elliptical machines as their choice for home exercise equipment. The main reason elliptical exercise machines have become so popular is that they provide a low impact, total body workout that is challenging enough for serious athletes but safe enough for beginners and even expectant mothers. And when it comes to cardiovascular workouts, elliptical machines are tough to beat.

The Technology Behind Elliptical Cross Trainers Creates Unique Advantages and Benefits

The Technology Behind Elliptical Cross Trainers Creates Unique Advantages and Benefits The word elliptical means shaped like an oval. In the world of fitness and exercise, elliptical technology is a relatively new, innovative equipment design that draws on a smooth, elliptical movement to provide a low impact form of weight bearing exercise that is fun and easy to learn. Elliptical cross trainers have footpads that allow you to stand up while you exercise. They have handgrips for you to hold onto and help maintain balance. Some even have handles to use in working your upper body. Because you are standing, the exercise is similar to walking or running. But the arm bars and elliptical motion create similarities with biking or skiing. The main difference with elliptical exercise machines is that although you are standing and bearing weight, which is important to building bone density, your feet never leave the footpads. So unlike treadmills or jogging, there is little impact on your joints and muscles. This provides a low impact, total body workout.

Developing a Fitness Attitude - A Healthy Weight Loss Program Approach

Exercise is Not a Four Letter Word

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Neshoba gets grant for new fitness equipment
Philadelphia Neshoba Democrat
Neshoba Central Elementary School has received a $29,000 grant from Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi to fund new health and fitness equipment and curricula through the Project Fit America organization. The school will host a ribbon-cutting ...

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North America Fitness Equipment Market Revenue Will Reach $5 Billion by 2024
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Pune, Maharashtra -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2017 -- As per the report "North American Fitness Equipment Market by Type (Cardiovascular (Treadmill, Elliptical, Stationary Bike, Rowing Machine and Others ), Strength training, Others), by End User (Home ...
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