Simple Risk Reversal Formula Will Send Your Sales Into Space (2 of 2)

Make A Bold Promise Then Back It Up With An Awesome Guarantee

We finished the last article with a mnemonic...

All these extra sales you're going to make are in the B.A.G.

A Bold Promise backed up with an Awesome Guarantee

So today we'll look at what makes a Bold Promise and the three elements of an Awesome Guarantee!

A bold promise should be something that your customer really desires and which most of your competitors would be too afraid to make. Some people use, "we won't be beaten on price", or "lowest prices guaranteed" but being the best on price is a stupid way to position your service business anyway. So stay away from price-promises and deliver a value-promise instead. A value promise means you can charge more instead of less - leading to higher profits.

Some Sample Bold Promises...

* I will double your orders in less than 12 months

* You will get at least 5 times your investment back

* This book will help you get beach fit in 6 months

* I will remove your ISSUE/PROBLEM/PHOBIA in 1 hour

* We'll deliver XYZ in under 60 minutes

* You'll learn at least 5 things to increase your revenue

Now on to the awesome guarantee. There are three things that make a guarantee awesome...

1. It's Unconditional. There should be no long list of conditions that must be met by the buyer in order to get their money back if you screw up. It should be simple and free of tricks - people should feel 100% confident that you are sincere when they buy.

2. It's Long. Now here's a funny thing - the longer you guarantee something for the lower your return rate. Why? Well if you give a piddly, tiny, guarantee period, people (in an effort to ensure their purchase was good) will spend that time looking for things that might be wrong. If they don't feel time pressure, they'll simply forget to look - after all they have all the time in the world... I recommend at least 30 days - but there's nothing wrong with months or even years - our Lean Marketing Toolbox is guaranteed for 5 Years - and I've had not one return yet!

3. It Creates A "Forced Performance Effect". This one works like magic. You not only remove risk by ensuring your customer gets their money back BUT you also penalise yourself for failure. This way people get a double-whammy! Not only do you remove their risk - you reverse it entirely - meaning it's in your interests to deliver what you promised!

Some Sample Awesome Guarantees

* You get a full refund and keep the product worth £XXX - no questions asked

* The next time you visit it's on me!

* I'll gladly reimburse your fee and provide your next session free

* I'll give you a free 1 hour consultation/coaching session worth £XXX

* We'll refund your money and give you £XX For Your Trouble

Putting It All Together...

Simply bolting an Awesome Guarantee onto a Bold Promise can sound awkward and disjointed. So your final job is to a make the promise and guarantee with one simple statement.

Some examples...

If __________________ doesn't _______________, then _______________________

If this course doesn't give you at least 5 new techniques for boosting sales, then I'll reimburse your fee in full and pay for your train ticket home.

If this 6-week fitness programme doesn't help you lose at least 2 inches from your waist size, then I'll gladly give you your money back and a beach wear gift voucher worth £25

If after one session of my NLP spider phobia cure you still can't hold a spider in your hand without fear, then I'll give you your money back and provide the next session free of charge.

________________________ or _______________________________

Double your sales success rate within 6 months or you get a full, no-questions-asked refund and a free place on my next course.

Read this book and find the man/woman of your dreams in 6 months or less or tell me what went wrong and I'll gladly buy the book back and give you a free 1 hour telephone coaching session.

Have fun with this and be creative - it's powerful. But never promise what you can't realistically deliver (guarantee or not) and make sure you can deliver on your awesome guarantee when someone calls you on it.

This one approach could literally transform your business and boost conversion rates beyond recognition.

'Dangerous' Debbie Jenkins

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