How A Crazy Branding Stunt Can Bring Results For Years

As a beginner, you would be forgiven for thinking that marketing is simply advertising your product or service, how wrong you are.

Marketing is the art of allowing people to know that your business exists. You could be selling brand new BMW's at $1 each, but if nobody ever got to hear of your amazing deals then nobody could ever buy into the bargain. You would be left, scratching your head, thinking how do those dealers keep selling them?

You must get your message out by every method known to mankind. This can be by direct advertisement, by personal contact, by phone, by chat room, by ebook, by viral methods, by contests, by giveaways, by conference, by affiliation, by broadcast, by joint venture, by email, by by by, the list is endless. The subtleties of branding and image all play their vital roles.

Take this strange event for example, if I flew over Disney World one day in a small aircraft, like you do, then buzzed around for a while and wrote my name, Pete Lauder, in smoke, into the sky. Everyone that looked up would say Pete Lauder, who's he?

Most would ignore the whole affair and carry on with the day out, but a small element would think, Pete Lauder, I'll find out. On returning home they would most likely tap my name into Google and find one of my web pages, but there would be no mention of any event in Florida, in fact, as much as I love Florida, I live in the UK. They would then go on to read my site, trying to find out about this strange sky writing. As a result of visiting my sites, some readers would buy my product, some would subscribe to my newsletter, but they would all remember my name, perhaps only subconsciously, but remember me they would.

You don't need to fly over Disney World, be clever and use the net.

Take ten years and propel yourself into the future, a major recession has hit the western world and everyone is suffering. The people that were once too cautious to venture into business, now see it for what it is, a means of survival. They want to maintain the lifestyle they once knew, and surely want to add to it, so they begin to look around the internet at some of the offers that bombard their inbox daily.

Very soon they will come across the words, by Pete Lauder. Our prospect will instantly, subconciously connect with the name, because they have seen it before, and as if by magic, our prospect will follow me down any path I am steering at the time.

Because I've been working away in the background for ten years with my marketing, I am still around, and my name is a respected authority on internet business, and quite rightly so. I am sitting pretty, but my business still needs prospects.

By doing what I do now, I can guarantee that there will never be a shortage of new and eager prospects knocking on my door for the rest of my life. Your mission is to get yourself known and accepted, by every means possible. I am an experienced copywriter, but prefer to illustrate my messages by highlighting a method and allowing the prospect to work it out, this is a very powerful marketing technique, and you should be using it.

Marketing is never advertising for the moment, as I write this, although it is a legitimate, informative, published article, it is still, a form of marketing.

Just for the record, do you remember my name?

Pete Lauder is an internet publisher and success coach with a wealth of practical business experience. You can learn all aspects of business and success, by creating systems that allow you to earn as you learn.

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