Brand Name Identity in the Oil Business

I submit to you that Brand Name Identity in the Oil Business is just a important today as it was when Mobil Oil and McDonalds were building their brands. Perhaps in the future it may even be more so. I have often seen others using our business name and sought either injunction or stern warning. As a matter of fact I am preparing a lawsuit against the Federal Trade Commission for using one of his Brand Names and Federal Trademark in their Key Words and Meta Tags on the Federal Website, to attract visitors; a lawsuit which would have enough case law behind it to slam down the Federal Trade Commission with the help of the US Patent and Trademark Office.

When picking a name or a company in the Oil Industry you might want to be cognizant of this fact. Usually things can be worked out and only one company is required to change their name or trade dress or perhaps a royalty agreement or non-compete with regards to specific markets can be reached. Check the case law with Mobil Oil Company before you negate the facts presented here in any topic of which might arise in Business Law Class at your University or even in conversation at the local Starbucks. Be sure anyone you do business with has a back-up plan in case of Trademark Infringement.

If you plan on buying a business opportunity or franchise make sure the seller has a trademark on the name. Make sure it is current and there are no disputes which might be cause for non-renewal. Think about it, changing the name once you start can cost you big time.

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