Great Brands Depend On Attention To The Brand Architecture

Do you have the architecture in place to make sure each and every brand contact sends the right message?

Thinking in terms of architecture, a building that looks great and catches your attention is probably designed so that each component looks perfect and enhances the overall effect of the building.

In the audiobook, "Sound Advice on Brand Marketing," author Tom Miller says, "Great architecture works because of attention to detail, and great brands depend on the same level of attention." Each component of a brand that touches the customer must support and enhance the overall message.

A brand architecture also builds a connection between corporate brands, master brands, product brands, and branded features, which, according to Miller, "makes decisions easier when it comes to messaging and graphic design."

Miller suggests everyone take a fresh look at their own brand architecture, beginning with a review of all current marketing materials. "Is the message consistent? Does the look and feel convey the value of the brand? Is there room for improvement?" Once a brand is viewed as architecture, it may never look the same. Says Miller, "It may be the beginning of building your own best brand."

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Richard Cunningham is a principal of What's Working in Biz,, a publisher of business audiobooks and online audio programs on marketing, sales, and small business strategies.

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