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Amazon Lodges

Amazon Lodges

Amazon Expeditions with Time Magazine “Hero of the Planet Year 2000” - Dr. Marc van Roosmalen

The Amazonat Jungle Lodge is offering in addition to her standard programming combined land/water expeditions in which the guests will stay part of the time at the lodge and part of the time in a regional boat.

Flights Of Fancy: An Air Of Gratitude

Feeling cranky about air travel Get a grip.

The Singapore Taxi

Fast, easy and efficient could describe life in Singapore. You don’t stroll along the streets in a world of your own with time to spare and you definitely do not walk when a taxi is waiting nearby. Life in Singapore is geared towards the making of money and any spare moment given is put to that task. So if one should need to get to work or get to the office, go shopping or attend the cinema because the children insist on it then transport is essential.

Silent Macau

A failed or neglected city springs to mind when walking around Macau during the day time. Around the outskirts of the Islands the doors of modern buildings never seem to open. Hotel restaurants tend to sole customers with reluctance: public gardens remain empty except for the lone tramp rooting around in the bins, roads remain unsullied with tyre tracks and the silence is loud all around. Inside and up the hill cracked and uneven pathways run along to meet the next, weeds compliment the falling cement on graying walls. Unpainted fences balance precariously around crazy paved basketball pitches whilst graffiti gives color to an otherwise drab setting.

Fond Memories And A Common Sense Approach To Living In Morelia, Mexico

For me, living in Morelia was a very rewarding experience. It was certainly far different than what I had been used to in the United States. When I went there in 1997, technology existed, however, technicians were at times limited in their knowledge compared to their counterparts in the United States. Therefore, on occasion, computer equipment did not work as well as what I had been accustomed to. And, computer services were much more limited. For instance, when I first arrived at Centro Mexicano Internacional CMI, my school in Morelia, there was one computer available 10 to 30 minutes a day to students for email services. If I wanted additional time and services, I had to go rent one of the two or three available computers at a local cyber café a few blocks down the street from CMI.

You Dont Need To Fear Montezuma

By: Dr. Suni Boraston, Vancouver, Travel Medicine Specialist

Vacationers… Did you know

NC—The long-awaited vacations of 1.3 million Canadians may be ruined every year by Travellers Diarrhea, also referred to as Montezumas Revenge. While rarely life threatening, Travellers Diarrhea has a way of disrupting a perfectly planned vacation by keeping you running to the bathroom or even stuck in bed.

Travel Doctor Q&A

Dr. Suni Boraston

Ditch The Hotel For A Villa Or Vacation Home

Two visits to Budapest. Two apartments, walking distance from downtown. I did not even set foot in the Hilton. My mother and I saw Budapest like only someone who stays away from the Americanized hotels can. We stayed with the locals. We came to feel the city, not just see it.

16 Tips For Preventing Passport Problems

Carelessness is the number one reason for a passport application being rejected or delayed or for a passport being lost, stolen, or damaged.

Vacation In Comfort With Kids

It takes a special person to travel with kids – a parent. Children have their own needs. Their idea of a vacation is more "adventurous" than a parents. They need constant stimulation and they can get as tired as they are tiring.

Alternatives for Business Travelers

"Im coming home. Ive been away too long. Been away so long. Im coming home" – Ian Thomas, in Coming Home

The Cast of Culture in South Africa

Drive along one of South Africas scenic strips and you will notice a landscape composed of a backdrop of wide open spaces, blue mountains and blood-red sunsets. These scenes abound, but given the nature of the culture in South Africa, your attention could swiftly switch to a small boy gallantly escorting herds of cattle, end to end, over a rainbow-like walkway crossing one of the largest and busiest highways in South Africa. Culture makes Africa special and aside from beautiful landscapes, this kind of exuberant and contrasting culture in South Africa is what you really should experience.

Theres More to Orlando than Disney

Orlando is one of the top tourism destinations in the world. It features Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World. People come from every continent to take in these famous theme parks, and especially to meet Big Mickey.

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