The Magic of Success is Actually a Law Set in Motion. Finding it is Quite Simple

Building Energy Around your Investment!

For a century or more men and women from various backgrounds have been availed to a secret in business that has created enormous wealth and satisfaction.

However when trying to find this little known phenomenon it seems that the secret is always buried within a myriad of unrealized philosophies that tend to only work for the wealthy of the elite, or so it may seem.

If the truth be known, the fact is most of these entrepreneurs succeeded even without totally understanding the secret they uncovered, They were able to tap into an unknown energy source that they themselves seldom understood!

All they knew is that if they followed a certain formula, they realized it engaged a magic touch and they ran with it all the way to the bank!

What was this magic touch?

Is it true only those in the know or the inner circle can create success?

What did these people have that created success untold times in their life?

What I am about to explain to you may seem downright strange, but like many of the earlier predecessors, it truly is not necessary for you to realize how this magic formula operates, or even why. All you need to know is that it does work. It worked for them, and it will work for you.

A couple of books that come to mind actually related part of the secret in their thesis, yet few understand the enormity of its power. Books such as "Think and Grow Rich", By Napoleon Hill and "Rich Dad Poor Dad", By Robert Kyosaki. These books take you through a world of the unknown, simply because our education of the day fails to teach key truths for success.

I want to begin this teaching by revealing what that formula truly is. A little known concept called Momentum based on certain energy is what creates this magic touch to enter one's life.

Did you realize that success is not as far away from you as you might have believed? Success can come in all sorts of ways. One great success is to simply be happy in life. Happiness is not always based on financial or power. It simply is a state of mind!

True success begins with a positive state of mind. Nevertheless you must recognize that it does not end there. Many people have taken the idea that positivism does not seem to make any real great changes in their life, the reason this is so, is because they fail to understand the most important aspect to this first rule.

Positivism of itself has no power?

I want you to read this over and over again!

Positivism of itself has no real inherent power; it needs something as a trigger or catalyst to ignite the power.

How many times have you tried to be positive only to turn around and face that ugly beast called negativity? It seems no matter how hard you try positivism is a fleeting emotion that tends to walk away when you need it the most.

The reason this occurs is not because positivism is not the key; it is because positivism is only the result of another power. That fuel is momentum?

No matter how hard one try, it is impossible to keep positivism up to status quo if you do not give it the proper strength to exist.

Now learn a little secret derived by the successes of the wealthy and elite of the past, as well as the teachings of quantum physics!

Whatever you set your heart on, never turn away from it no matter what obstacle gets in your way.

There is a substance that exists, which follows after every single human. This force comes into being whenever you engage its power, this substance is an energy that is created and it will either try to stop you in your tracks or keep you going in the direction you have been following. Energy that forms as an obstacle will attempt to block your efforts, right or wrong.

Now if this sounds a bit metaphysical, then good, because it is the first part of the secret magic law that exists within and around everyone, whether you believe in it or not.

Your first obstacle is something you cannot even see, because it is simply an energy that begins to work upon the mind creating doubt and fear, which always stops the process of success.

It is also the law that always interferes with someone attempting to change their life because it goes against the primary energy that was created!

Most people and I mean, nearly 95% will be stopped cold in their tracks when this law activates if they attempt to change the law towards success.

The secret that the elite and the wealthy of the past shared was they were given the power to combat this unknown energy of failure, with another unknown law of success. This second law stopped the first law in its tracks. It was so powerful once it was activated; the first law seldom ever makes an appearance again.

Once you begin to control this first law of failure by using the second law of success, you will activate a power in your life that will create this magic touch towards success!

Before I get into that second law, I want to address a little what this magic touch really is.

Reading of successful people of the past I found it illuminating how many times they spoke of this magic touch. This Midas Touch so to speak, where everything they touched turned to gold, yet they did not even know what it was, they just understood that it worked, and they faithfully applied it.

The first clue to comprehending the magic touch is that you do not even have to know why or how it works, as long as you follow the principles of the second law of applied energy, it will work every single time without fail!


The magic touch of success is also another form of energy; this energy actually becomes your best friend. This energy actually creates wonderful experiences in your life even if you did not seek for it.

Ever wonder why some people always seem lucky while others say the only luck they have is bad luck!

Just think for a second at the mindset of both these groups. The ones that were always lucky, I would bet hands down they are always talking about how lucky they are. They constantly tell others that no matter what they do they are winners. They tend to win lotteries, sweepstakes and all forms of random chance opportunities. Luck just follows them, but is it really LUCK?

The individuals that claim they have no luck seem to be prophets without exception. They claim their own self-fulfilled prophecy within their life. And it always appears on target.

Many have come to believe this is because some people were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, they are lucky people, while others seem to have to pay the nasty piper in being the pauper. People have actually come to believe that we are born with these circumstances and there is nothing one can do about it.

Today my friends I am going to knock that concept right at the window. It is simply balderdash.

What do these two groups have in common?

The answer is quite simple, the first group, the ones with the magic touch for success has come to believe that no matter what they do they will come out on top, they are winners and they will succeed!

The second group tends to gravitate towards the nasty first law, the energy draining law of negativity, which combats all positive success. They see themselves as failures, and voila, like magic they fail at most everything they set out to accomplish.

The common factor with both of these groups, is that they both got what they expected? They both received the magic touch in their lives, some for success, some for failure!

You've heard the saying, "Think you can, think you can't, you're right"

My friends what I am about to share with you is not only powerful it is priceless. It reminds me of the commercials that begin by saying how much this or that product is in terms of cost and then finally the end item is usually something very special, where cost cannot be interpreted, it is priceless.

What I am sharing is priceless, because once you understand this formula and begin to put it to use, there is nothing on this planet that can stop you from succeeding wherever your hearts desires!

Both laws that I have presented today work the same way, in fact I am about to tell you another little secret, there really is not two different laws, there is only one law, but that one law works exactly the same in both cases.

The law of energy is a power that we create in our lives that actually begins to control us and our actions, thoughts, and consequences. Obviously energy is not something you can see with your eyes. So our managing of this energy is not done physically it is created mentally and emotionally!

The magic touch is when this power begins to work on its own without you supplying anything new to it. Once you get to this point amazing things begin to occur beyond your expectations both good and bad..

A person that sees things in a defeated mindset will always gravitate towards defeat. Sadly as they build on this mindset, negative energies begin to create more negative situations even beyond what you expect. This is the negative magic touch created by the same law of energy.

Now the person that uses the law for a positive result will always tend to gravitate towards positive outcomes. As they continue to use the formula of creating a positive outcome, all of a sudden just like the person that used it negatively, a powerful magic begins to occur creating positive things even beyond what you expected.

Do you believe this can only work for a certain type of person?

Absolutely not, the law is unbreakable; it works by what power you send into the energy to reformat its matrix.

So earlier why did I say that a negative law seems to always come against us when we first begin to see things in a more positive light?

The answer is quite simple, if you are trying to change from being negative, or having negative creations in your life, then you are trying to force a brand new mindset into the law of energy. As with any life form which, energy truly is, it is going to fight you tooth and nail because you are taking away its life while introducing another.

This is why it is a law to expect negative reactions to positive new creations. And this is also why 95% of all people fail to change the law. They see the negativity fighting back and they believe that is their lot in life, not realizing they created this energy, it does not work by fiat!

So how does one successfully change the energy?

You must begin to learn the concept called momentum?

Momentum is the charge you are giving your battery of life.

If you are giving it a negative charge then expect negative results. If you give it a positive charge, then expect the same.

If you have been walking with a negative battery charge, then your battery of life exists only to make sure you fail. And it literally creates a powerful vortex that surrounds your every move making sure the energy you created is fulfilled.

If you try to place a brand new charge into that battery, one that is foreign, it is always going to reject the new charge.

This is where you come in as the main operator. You have to create change using momentum?

Momentum defined in the dictionary is, "Strength or Force gained by MOTION through the development of events."

The events are the resulting actions in your life that were produced by your mind. The strength of force is the mental or particle of ignition that you have been setting in motion to create the new energy.

Thus, in creating a new energy one must use strength of mental force and put it in motion. Motion is a continuous force applied without fail until a new direction is formatted where it begins to operate by itself.

Example, stop-relaying things about yourself in negative terms, switch the computer bank in your mind to seeing everything successful, without failure.

Begin to fight against the notion that you are a failure by replacing that thought with successful ideas. No longer say I am unlucky, begin to say I am always lucky, I always have the advantage. I am a winner!

Again these principles may seem weird or strange to some degree, but once you begin to comprehend the power of the mind through quantum physics, then you will realize that successful people engendered their own success. It is because they first believed in it and followed through with momentum creating the energy of an absolute winner.

As you continue to build this momentum, it will begin to create a powerful energy flux in your life where all of a sudden positive successful things will begin to start finding you. And the negative world you left behind will seldom be able to penetrate the new charge you have given your battery of life.

Always remember that the law of energy momentum is what you create, it is not something that happens to you!

When seeking business opportunities and investments, these things will begin to find you and search you out, and all of a sudden no matter what you get involved in, success will begin to find you.

Cheers to the building of a new momentum and to your over-all life success.

John Panella is well known as the author and teacher of the metaphycial. He has written several books and has written hundreds of articles that have been read worldwide.

At present, John's new book is called the Gnostic Papers, which is found in the majority of bookstores around the globe as well as Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc...

John has of recent begun using the teachings he learned via Quantum realities to install a knowledge for those desiring success. Obviously John relates to success in terms far and above making money, simple happiness is a powerful form of success.

Nevertheless, he believes his knowledge of the metaphysics, which has been proved time and time again by most all truly succesful people can help anyone that desires to learn the simple basics, to succeed in any form they desire.

He has chosen to use his personal training to ignite an awareness within anyone that chooses to learn. John also operates online businesses, investment and a myriad of other opportunities!

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