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Educational Toys That Stimulate Chidrens Mind

When children start to walk more steadily, run, push, pull, climb and grab things - they are growing from infants to toddlers. Between their first and second birthdays, they are self centered and get busy doing various things like - to flip light switches, pour things in and out of containers, unwrap packages and empty drawers. The toddler stage is very important in a childs life. It is the time between infancy and childhood when a child learns and grows in many ways. Everything that happens to the toddler is meaningful.

Rasing a Violent-Free Teen in 10 Easy Steps

The disquieting behavior of teenagers in the 21st century, is being hailed by experts as a disturbing trend among troubled youth. Such an interpretation may be factual, but mental heath advocates maintain there are guidelines parents can utilize before problems reach the critical stage.

ABCs of Becoming an Effective Teen

A: Acquire a Strong and Positive Attitude

Making Summer Friendships Last

Summertime isnít just about getting dirty, staying up all night, playing in the rain, and going off to camp--Itís about meeting new people. Follow these tips to turn your vacation acquaintances into lifelong friends.

Ten Careers For High School Seniors Who Hate School

Letís face itÖnot everybody likes going to school and high school can be a terrible experience for many students. Whether youíre the hands on type who preferred Shop class to English class, or an athlete who liked working as a team more than studying alone, or even someone who liked schoolwork more than schoolmates; the idea of four more years of school is unbearable. If you identify with any of these types, but still want to secure a good future, there are some great options out there for you.

How to Cope With Colic

When my oldest daughter was born, I walked the floor night and day, rocking and swaddling, singing and even crying...anything to make my new little miracle stop her endless crying. Well, everyone told me she just had colic and that it would pass. And, alas, pass it did, however I wish that I would have known then what I know now.

Is There Such a Thing as a Popular Quiz

Q. My students have asked me for a popular quiz. Can you recommend one

Do You Really Need a Friend Quiz To Tell If Someone Is Your Friend

Q. I took a friend quiz in a magazine and it says that I dont make a very good friend. Can that really be true

Good Friends, Great Life!

While I was in high school, I developed this habit of always watching people and how they responded to things. When Iím walking, when Iím talking, and when Iím eating, I love to watch people. I donít know why I do it, but I think itís just my curiosity of wanting to understand all of the various human characteristics.

Ericksons Theory of Human Development

Iím sure youíve heard the term ďIdentity CrisisĒ before. Itís thought of as a conflict of self and society and its introduction came from one of the most famous psychoanalyst of the 20th century.

Breaking the Mold - Creative Boys Bedrooms

Decorating boys bedrooms with licensed characters and themes is an easy but expensive option. While most children do have a preferred character or theme that they would enjoy having in their rooms, there are more affordable ways to achieve a similar desired result.

Who Says Nothing Lasts Forever

In a world of instant gratification and so much that is made to be tossed out after one use, there are some things worth preserving. Childhood memories are among those things worth safeguarding.

Help Your Child Do Better in School

Has Johnny seemed a little frazzled lately Today, kids have more worries and face more pressures than ever before. Here a few tips to help your child focus on and do well in school.

Seeing Purple: On Pens and Paying Attention

Its back-to-school time once again, and purple is IN. Im not talking about fashion trends--though the September issues of most magazines are singing the praises of plum and berry shades. No, Im referring to the hottest item at Office Depot, Staples, and other school supply meccas.

The Top 10 Life Lessons Your Child Can Learn from Playing Golf

During the last seven years, I have watched my son and his friends grow up in the world of Junior Golf. This amazing sport has brought out the best in these young men, and has taught them so many valuable life lessons. I am forever impressed, in particular to the following ten qualities that I have observed my son develop as a bi-product of the great game of golf.

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