If I Won the Lottery, I Wouldnt Have to Job Search!



Let's take a look at how many people win lotteries in a year's time. We all know the numbers are small.

But what if you won a lottery with oodles of money at your disposal. What would you do?

A lot of people immediately say: "They would quit their jobs". Others say: "They would travel". Some say: "I'd pay off my debts" A few say: "I'd help the world reduce its problems of disease, poverty, etc." It's possible for others to say: "I'd help my relatives".

Whatever the reasons for using lottery money, these are the reasons you need to use to job search, regardless of what financial

state you find yourself in.

Try it this way. As you make mental plans about how to spend your imaginary lottery winnings, look at your choices. They are your life values. Don't discount them!

Whether you have won the lottery or not today, do some of the things that you ascribe to the values you believe in. If it's in helping Uncle Joe, then just do it!

This is a small tip to help you decide where and how you want to use money. Your values will always rule!

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Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A.

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