A Simple Solution For Accomplishing Any Goal

Have you ever had someone ask you to do some thing and then later forget about what they told you to do?

One night, my wife and I had some friends from out of town come by. They were making a road trip out of a company-sponsored event that he worked for and it happened to be in the town we live in.

My wife and I were planning to go camping that weekend and it was great to have them call and tell us they were going to be in town and were thinking about going camping too, after his golfing tournament.

So, in the afternoon our wives went out to reserve our camping spot, and I stayed back to take care of some business and to wait for my friend who was at the golf tournament.

Later that day, my wife called me and asked me to get three items. One, get the dog leash, two, get the Bar-B-Q, and I could not remember what the third item was. I thought about it and I just could not remember what it was.

So, I went about getting other things done. Then all of a sudden not more than an hour later the answer came to me. The third item was firewood! The answer came to me without any effort.

This is a great example of how to accomplish any goal, and that is; when you have stated your goal (intention) and you don't know what to do next, don't do anything! The answer will come to you when you just ALLOW it to come to you.

This is so hard for many people. We are so programmed to be doers. We have an inner dialog that is going on inside our head that is telling us DO SOMETHING, work hard, get going, start now and in reality the best thing to do is nothing.

When you feel led to do some thing, then go for it. Full force!

How many decisions have you made that you have regretted later for not having waited for some more time. Sometimes the decision that is made makes things worse.

So, the simple solution to accomplishing any goal is to; state your intention - write it down, say it out loud, then ask yourself, how can this be done? Then let it go and ALLOW the answer to come to you.

If you have experienced forgetting some thing and then remembering it out of the blue, then you have the power to accomplish all your goals and dreams, and this is what Activate Your Potential Institute is all about; helping you to discover you have everything you need to accomplish every goal or dream you have. You're that amazing!

Anthony Treas is a life coach, motivational speaker, mentor, and soon to be published author (Nov. 05'). Anthony provides mentor coaching by providing support that allows his clients to discover their full potential. For more information visit: Activate Your Potential Institute

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