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Publicity Through Philanthropy For Writers

I am twenty three years old, have sold over four thousand copies of my first book in a matter of a month after its release and recently been contacted for contracts with Random House and Harper Collins for two new titles. I think a good deal of my recent success is highly correlated with my Reading for Charity Contest and the attention it has drawn. Ill explain the entire background, but as pre-thought I think it first manifested itself through a combination of my looking for a good way to market my first book, while balancing out my karma a bit. A way to interweave my love of novel writing, increase my books visibility and provide a benefit to society in some way shape or form. All of these tasks have seemed to be accomplished- although my karma could still probably use some more balancing.

Top 7 Essential "Hot-Selling Points" To Implement Before Writing Chapter One

Every part of your book can be a sales tool. When you include the below tips, you will have a roadmap to follow to keep your writing organized and compelling, and youll sell more books than you ever dreamed of!

Top Ten eBook Mistakes and How to Correct Them

Did you know that you already have an eBook inside you

Mission Possible: Get Published with Goals, Guidance and Persistance

You send me an e-mail. You tell me you’ve written over three hundred poems since you were 16 in your teenage angst stage. You mention the novel you’ve completed and it’s really good it really is!!!, and the novel-in-progress. You mention how the International Library of Poetry has published one of your poems. But, whom haven’t they published

How to Write Bad Poetry

So you’ve decided to crown yourself with a title that a million other people just like you yes, just like you! give themselves every day. Some people believe giving yourself such a title is equivalent to, and just as beneficial monetarily, as naming yourself Queen of England. But, there is no grace, rarely enough publicity, and only the title of Court Jester seems to be becoming for you because you are a fool among others.

Documenting Everything: Your Journal is Your Logbook

Sailors had it for years. Great explorers had it as well. If you go on an expedition to an ancient Aztec mound, more than likely the archaeologist will have one too - so, why shouldnt you own one

Why We Dont Write Our Books

In the ten years that I’ve taught people how to get on with their books, I’ve noticed a phenomenon that I’ll call “Author’s Block.” Would-be writers can, indeed, sit down and work when pressed to it. The problem is that they’re not so sure they want the pressure of being an author. But they do want to. But they don’t. And so on.

The Writing Club

Typically when falling asleep in bed at night great thoughts enter the mind, long stringed and meaningful sentences trip over each other to receive attention at the front of the brain alongside all the brilliant findings, results, meanings that speak volumes and hard hitting phrases that are just the ticket to open the door to success. The last thought in the brain before sleep overrides this brilliant future work is, “must use that tomorrow”.

Working With a Freelance Editor

If you are interested in creating information products, you will very likely deal with editors throughout your career. You may need someone to edit a book, review a special report, or tighten up a magazine article. Even if you are a brilliant writer, it always helps to have someone else look at the work with fresh eyes.

How to Get Your Book Reviewed

Imagine your book at the top of the Best Sellers List of the New York Times. Most authors do. The question is, "How do I get it there and sell millions of copies"

Learning to Question your Elephant Child: Who, What, Where, When and Why

Having problems writing I dont know why. San Francisco Chronicle columnist Jon Carroll writes up to five columns a week. After all, if he can write five columns, you should be able to write a five-lined poem-but that does not seem to be the case.

Need a Book Coach, Ghost Writer, or Editor Part 1

If you either want to write a book to help others create a better life and boost business or you already have your book nearly finished, you may need book coaching to answer all of your questions "What step to take next" Many writers think that all they need is a good editor and their book will be ready for publishing and promoting.

Need a Book Coach, Ghost Writer, or Editor Part 2

If you either want to write a book to help others create a better life and boost business or you already have your book nearly finished, you may need book coaching to answer all of your questions "What step to take next"

Realize Your Book Dream In 2004!

If you havent realized the success you wanted last year, heres a way to reap the harvest with 86% improvement!

Seven Compelling Reasons to Get Your Name on a Book Cover

Have you ever considered writing a book If so, maybe you’ve already established firmly in mind your exact purpose for becoming an author. Your reasons may match one or more of those below. Or perhaps you could add yours to the list. Nevertheless, with some 65,000 books being published in the United States yearly, there is overwhelming attraction to joining the ranks of authors.

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