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Web Accessibility: The Basics

What is web accessibility & why is it important

Tried and Tested Tips to Improve your Website - Part 1

1. DO NOT use excessive graphics or banner images on a single web page. They tend to slow the loading of your Web page. Impatient surfers might close their browser and move on. If you have many images on a single page, consider deleting few of them or moving them to a new page.

Content is king


How To Get Repeat Visitors To Your Site

When you have a website online it is important for you to try and get new visitors to your site, but it’s also important to take care of the visitors that you actually already have. This is because you will want your existing visitors to keep returning to your site again and again.

The Top 15 Essential Ingredients of Every WINDOWS HOSTING Plan Package

First things First. Why would you like to have Windows Based Hosting when there are Linux packages for cheaper rates The answer is – it depends on what application you are looking to use for your hosting. Consider the tools and scripting languages you plan to use – if you use PHP, Perl or MySQL, Linux is the way forward. If apps are Microsoft-specific, then Windows is what you need. Clear…

5 Essential Traits Of A Home Business Website

So you’ve decided to start an online work at home business and are just beginning to build your website. You probably have a million different ideas for what you want the site to look like. You will want to take into consideration that your idea of a great website may differ drastically from what a website designed to make sales should be like.

Working with Royalty Free Music

When creating Multi-Media Content, Flash or Video Clips for a clients web site or CD Rom Project, the last thing you want is to get him in trouble with the law. If theres a need for music in a project, using royalty free music is essential.

Web usability: The basics

What is web usability & why is it important

Beyond Web usability: Web credibility

Web usability: Its old news

Writing Benefit-Driven Web Copy – 4 Steps to More Sales

Youve identified the benefits you offer your customers, but how do you turn a list of benefits into engaging web copy which converts visitors into customers

7 Key Points to Consider When Choosing a Web Host

With literally thousands of web hosting companies in the industry all vieing for your business, carefully consider these key points to ensure you make the most well informed decision possible.

iKobo Review - Part 1

The Initial Discovery

iKobo Review - Part 2

Attempt 1 Conclusion

What Hosting Companies Dont Tell You, Could Hurt You

Did you know that hosting companies overcrowd their servers despite all the issues caused by servers running hundreds of accounts Are you aware of what happens if your website is hosted on a server thats overcrowded Youre probably thinking to yourself, what do you mean overcrowd their servers Overcrowded servers mean big money for your hosting company, but also big problems for your website.

Building Web Sites Using Web Templates

Gone are the days when you had to rely on a web-designer to design your websites. New technologies with innovative ideas have brought out a new variant to this trend in the form of ready to use website templates.

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