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I Dont Need A Financial Coach To Help Me!

You?ve been thinking that your financial life could probably be better, right? Maybe you think, ?If I could just stick to a budget everything will be fine??, or how about ?When I get that next raise or promotion, I?ll have enough money to pay off my debts and save some money?? You may even be thinking,?I can do this on my own!?

Lesson 2 - The Commodity Of Kings!

What is "The Commodity of Kings"

Who Else Wants To Know Oprahs Secrets To Wealth & Success?

Before I had a lot of money, I was really quite happy," said Oprah Winfrey. "And I will tell you this--you may not believe it--I never would have gotten the money if I wasn't happy to begin with. I never would have gotten it."

Your Money Or Your Life

Have you stopped to realize that although you go to school to learn about important subjects, no one teaches you how to manage your money? Money is an essential part of life in our pursuit of happiness, yet very rarely will a parent sit down and tech their child how to handle their money. This is true in grade school, high school and worst college. So what happens? Many of us end up in an extremely large amount of debt. We can?t seem to get it together even if we make more money. I found myself in this trap about 13 years ago. I had an okay job, a car, and an apartment. Nice I thought soon I would buy a house and live the ?American dream?. Wrong! I could never save enough to buy a house. I had plenty of credit cards, so many that I never had enough money due to many payments to put aside for my dream home. What was happening to my paychecks? Well, I was over extended in credit card debt for one. The buy now pay later syndrome was well embedded in my head. That mentality had to stop! Since, I wasn?t terribly behind in my payments I was able to get some help from the creditors. I simply asked for a lower interest rate and/or the ability to skip a payment. After that call, I had to cut up and dispose of the cards. No! I didn?t cancel my cards but I got rid of them just the same. Next I bought a tablet just for my budget information and bills. I also purchased a software program to keep track of my expenses. I think it is important to keep something manual that you can carry as well as a computer software tool. Next, as bills came in, I wrote them down with the name, address, phone number of the creditor, my total balance, interest rate, and minimum payment due, the due date, and if there were any annual fees acquired with the card. Review the card with the highest interest rate and pay more then the minimum due. Always ask if they can reduce your rate or seek the possibility of debt consolidation buy applying for a low interest rate loan or credit card. If you haven?t cut up your credit cards do not get a consolidation loan. Because most likely once your payments are manageable you?ll start using your cards again. Minimizing your spending is the key to financial freedom. Make sure to start a savings plan after you?ve gotten your debt under control.

The Wealth Connection ? 2 Steps to Brighten Your Golden Years

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes -- Envision your life 10 or even 20 years from now. Where do you plan to be? What are you doing and with whom?

Financial Intelligence - Compounding (The Ninth Wonder of the World)

Compounding: The Ninth Wonder of the WorldBy Nicola Cairncross

Financial Intelligence - Natural Marketing For Lone Rangers

"Ooooooh," you may say, "I could NEVER be good at marketing, I'm just not that sort of person. I'm just not pushy enough".

Business After The Iraqi War

The rewarding of high compensation packages to top executives who turned over weak quarterly earnings, or who were involved in corporate scandals, adversely affected short-term investing, and collectively contributed to the downturn of the global economy over the last couple of years. Even the help and expertise of Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and several notable Nobel Prize winning economists in the President?s Council of Economic Advisers, wasn?t enough to revive the economy. September 11 then turned our attention towards terrorist threats against the markets.

Retirement Planning the Offshore Way

Retirement Planning the Offshore Way Why do so many of us constantly push the thought of retirement planning to the back of our minds? Reluctance?! 1 Reluctance to save for an event that seems so far off 2 Reluctance to tie in to an inflexible pension scheme 3 Reluctance to put a large portion of our current income out of reach for the long term But in terms of retirement planning, putting off until tomorrow that which you could get done today will end up costing you very dearly. Every month you delay your retirement savings planning, you significantly reduce the value of your future potential retirement fund.

Who Will Become Wealthy in the Information Age?

As you know, we're now well and truly in theInformation Age. It began about 10 years ago. In fact,many economists say it began in 1989, with the Fall ofthe Berlin Wall (and the start of the World Wide Web).

Simple Strategies to Making Financial Gain

Now is a great time to make it a habit to manage your resources instead of your resources managing you. What is meant by that when we are stating that "Your money manages you"? Here is a well known example:

Is Your Money Keeping Up With Inflation?

In today?s unpredictable global economy, you obviously never know what is going to happen next. Uncertainties and concerns regarding the Iraqi threat, North Korean crisis, and hidden terrorist cells and networks continue to loom in the back of the minds of consumers. Moreover, the stock markets and industries around the world.

Turn That Fixed Rate Mortgage Into A Goldmine

When you purchased your home, you most likely got a fixed interest rate mortgage with a 15 or 30 year term. These are the most popular mortgages in the industry. Even in the summer of 2004, when the interest-only or simple interest mortgage loans became popular, the average American stuck to the fixed rate. You see, the fixed rate offers security to conservative people, and the average American home buyer and home owner is a very conservative person.

Your Wealth Cycle Foundation

The four main steps in building a wealth cycle foundation are:

Controversial Wealth Audit Reveals Over 90 Percent of Us Could End Up Working Forever...Are You One

Results from a new tool developed by UK based firm, Lean Marketing, confirm a worrying trend.

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Congratulations! You have done the hard work and built a successful business. No doubt, it continues to occupy your thoughts constantly. Personal financial.

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In Canada, we are extremely lucky to have tax-free investing options. Taxes on investing income can eat up a significant amount of returns for investors.

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“The context for why there are food access gaps is really different between rural Alaska and the west side of Chicago, but HFFI is a very flexible tool.

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Please say No to GAIN gaining a stronghold on our community.

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There are a select few businesses that have unfair competitive advantages and strong financial discipline in markets or industries where there are strong secular ...

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ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--. Multi-year Support for Four Leading Organizations Will Preserve Small Businesses, Empower Thousands of U.S. Workers, and ...

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A local self-build group looks likely to be offered two small plots of land for homes in Brighton. The Bunker Housing Co-op is expected to lease the sites in ...

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The head of China's sovereign wealth fund signalled on Friday that more bank collapses lie ahead, as the world's second-largest economy continues to weaken.

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America's nagging racial wealth gap has been the focus of many research reports and economic policy debates. Now new research analyzes the strong ...

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Connecticut Wealth Management LLC. (CTWM) announced today they have successfully merged Capital Strategies Inc. into the CTWM team.

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Building wealth involves a four-step process: Growing income, controlling spending, investing in index funds, and investing in real estate.

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If you're maxing out a retirement plan and being mindful of your investments, you may be on the fast track to building wealth.

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In an interview with BW Businessworld, Rohit Sarin, Founder Partner, Client Associates talks about the wealth management industry, mutual funds, risk ...

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Here's how 20 year-olds can start building wealth today in 6 simple steps.

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Women can drive cultural change by wielding economic power wisely.

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There are benefits of life insurance to leverage while alive. Here's a look at some life insurance wealth-building strategies that black families can use.

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Building wealth is an endeavor that should begin when you're young and continue throughout your career. Combined with the first five steps previously ...

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Want to build wealth? Want to get rich? The simple approach is the best approach.

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At the start of the 19th century, less than 1% of humanity lived under democratic rule. See how systems of government have changed over the last 200 years.

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Retirement is the one expense in the world you cannot borrow for, so building wealth throughout your career is essential if you ever want to reach financial ...

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You've achieved a level of success in your work, financial and personal life. Now, how do you make the most of it? . Read more at straitstimes.com.

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Don't believe everything you hear. These common pieces of money-making advice have some serious flaws.

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Dawn Ridler explains key characteristics of ETFs, how they differ from collective investment schemes like unit trusts or mutual funds.

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Democracy Collaborative's President Ted Howard discusses why the need for building a democratic economy is so urgent, the healthcare system.

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If you're looking to acquire more wealth for the long haul, financial experts recommend that you stop doing these 13 things today to build a better financial future.

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The typical millennial has about $2,400 socked away in a savings account. But personal finance advisor Ramit Sethi says having savings is not the key to ...

Crooked Alley  Telegraph India

Educational institutes, especially B-schools, often try to lure prospective candidates with tall claims.

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You're probably not on the path to wealth if you live above your means or if you haven't started investing. Here's how to change that.

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Welcome to Bloomberg Work Wise, a series of reports aimed at helping young professionals navigate their way to financial and career success. To learn how ...

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Financial planners say automating your savings is the best way to build long-term wealth. Here's how to do it.

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Small businesses have a unique and critical role in Jamaica's Special Economic Zone (SEZ) regime. The SEZs in Jamaica may not be for everyone, as I ...

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Your neighborhood affects your savings — if you live in an affluent neighborhood, you're more likely to mirror your neighbor's consumption habits.

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Putting aside money for a rainy day (and it WILL rain one day, don't kid yourself) can pay off in many ways, including lowering your stress.

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Here in one of the Bahamas' most exclusive communities, the celebrity homeowners arrived in private jets. The cooks and cleaners and construction workers ...

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If you want to earn more, a good place to start is with your habits. The sooner you establish smart ones, the better your chances of building wealth. Here are eight ...

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This former monk found out the hard way that money is not the root of all evil.

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Every Independence Day, Indian prime ministers have paid homage to the nation's freedom fighters from the ramparts of the Red Fort. This year, Prime Minister ...

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