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Small Businesses Filing Amended Federal Tax Returns to Recover Money

Small Businesses Filing Amended Federal Tax Returns to Recover Money By Darren Oliver April 15th may be gone but, but certainly not forgotten ? especially if you, like millions of small businesses, unknowingly overpaid your federal taxes and can recover money by filing an amended return. According to the IRS tax code, you have three years from the filing date for the tax year in question to file an amended return. For example, if returns for the 2003 tax year were filed on March 1, 2004, the taxpayer has until March 1, 2007 to file an amended return. This same rule also applies if the taxpayer feels they have made errors resulting in a balance. Most business owners either prepare their business taxes themselves or have a tax preparer or accountant do them. With either method, the tax liability can be calculated as higher than it actually is because of missed deductions, unrecognized changes in tax laws or just plain being given bad advice. There are a number of applicable deductions which many tax preparers often miss from home office deductions to self-employed health insurance to personal assets converted to business use. Although some deductions may seem minor, over an entire year, they can add up to thousands of dollars. Another area, which causes many businesses to overpay, is being given incorrect advice by their tax preparer or even the IRS directly. In a poll performed by Money Magazine, the average tax preparer produces an average of 480 returns between February 1 and April 15, making it difficult for each return to get the time and attention it deserves. This same poll also found there was an average discrepancy of 300% between what the tax preparers said was due and what was actually due. Furthermore, in the IRS?s 2001 assessment of their own call centers, they found that 50% of the time, their representatives gave incorrect or insufficient advice. Whether a business owner does their taxes themselves and had to call the IRS for clarification on an issue or a CPA did, odds are the answer was not correct. The United States tax law is one of the most complex in the world. Not to mention, tax laws change every year and have changed tremendously in the last couple of years. Even the best tax preparer, CPA or even IRS representative can, like all humans do, easily make a mistake. In 2002 alone, 3.3 million taxpayers filed an amended return. Samuel Rowley, owner of Muffler Masters in Colorado, was able to recover $14,500 through the filing of an amended return when it was found that he overpaid FICA and payroll taxes. Another small business owner, Karen McClafflin, owner of home-based Secret Canyon Realty, was able to recover $11,000 when her tax preparer failed to include home office and automobile deductions in her past returns. Why is it that when faced with a life-threatening surgery a second opinion is immediately sought after but, when trusting thousands or millions of dollars to an individual or entity, it?s done without question? Businesses must get a second opinion, whether it is done before or after the return is filed, to ensure they are not overpaying or simply to ensure their returns are accurate in all aspects. If not, they could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

How Home-Based Businesses Can Avoid Giving Uncle Sam More than His Share

How Home-Based Businesses Can Avoid Giving Uncle Sam More than His Share By Darren Oliver With the rush to file your taxes by April 15th, you probably did not consider the possibility that you overpaid. According to the General Accounting Office, in 1998 alone, there was $311 million paid unnecessarily to the IRS. Do not count on the IRS to tell you if you have overpaid because they are not required to but you can file an amended return for up to three years. Chances are, you either prepare your business taxes yourself or have your tax preparer or CPA does them. There a number of issues surrounding either tax preparation method, which can result in your tax liability being calculated as higher than it actually is including missed deductions, numerous changes in tax laws or being given incorrect advice. As a home-based business professional, there are a number of deductions you are entitled to which many tax preparers often miss. For example, if you run a home office you are entitled to deduct expenses for the percentage of square footage the home office is occupying. Expenses include the combined total of mortgage interest, property taxes, utilities, repairs, etc. For example, if 250 square feet of a 1,000 square foot house is being used for a home office, you are entitled to deduct a quarter of your total expenses. Although some deductions may seem minor, over an entire year, they can add up to thousands of dollars that you are unnecessarily paying the IRS. That is money that you could be using to grow your business. Karen McClafflin, owner of home-based Secret Canyon Realty in Colorado Springs, CO, was able to recover $11,000 when her tax preparer failed to include home office and automobile deductions in her past returns. Another area, which causes many business owners to overpay, is being given incorrect advice by their CPA, tax preparer or even the IRS directly. In a poll performed by Money Magazine, the average tax preparer, prepares an average of 480 returns between February 1st and April 15th, that is a lot of returns in a relatively short amount of time which makes it difficult for your return to get the time and attention it deserves. This same poll also found there was an average discrepancy of 300% between what the tax preparers said was due and what was actually due. Moreover, in a poll of 50 professional tax preparers, consisting of 10 basic tax questions, none answered all 10 questions correctly and only 34 got at least half correct. This problem does not extend to just tax preparers or CPA?s. In the IRS?s 2001 assessment of their own 544 call centers, they found that 50% of the time, their representatives gave incorrect or insufficient advice. Whether you do your taxes yourself and had to call the IRS for clarification on an issue or your CPA did, odds are the answer was not accurate. The United States tax law is one of the most complex in the world. Not to mention, tax laws change every year and have changed tremendously in the last couple of years. Even the best tax preparer, CPA or even IRS representative can easily make a mistake or, forget to use an exemption which could reduce your tax liability. If you have not yet filed your taxes, it is a good idea to get a second opinion from an independent source. The extra money and time spent in doing this could save you thousands. Look for someone or a company who: Has sufficient years preparing home-based business tax returns Prepares less than the average number of returns between January and April so that your return gets sufficient time and attention. Have had clients get a second opinion. In addition, talk to those clients to get there first hand insight. Is willing to pay for a second review of your tax returns to ensure accuracy. Is willing to take MSN?s online Tax IQ Test at Although designed for consumers, this test contains basic tax information that even junior level tax preparers should know. Just as you trust a surgeon with your life, you trust this individual or company with your money and confidential information. Be highly selective and do not be afraid to put them through a rigorous qualification. If they are not willing to participate in your qualification then either they do not know their stuff or, your business is not that important to them. If you already filed your taxes or think you might have missed out on deductions, have been given bad advice or failed to take advantage of a tax law change which could reduce your liability for previous tax years, what can you do? The good news is that by law, the IRS is required, for up to three years, to review your returns and records as many times as needed to find errors. You have the same three years to get a second opinion and file an amended return. In fact, in 2002, 3.3 million taxpayers filed an amended return. Samuel Rowley, owner of Muffler Masters in Colorado Springs, was able to recover $14,500 through the filing of an amended return when it was found that he overpaid FICA and payroll taxes. You may worry that an amended return will trigger an audit however; the IRS itself admits this is not the case. In 2002 alone, 3.3 million taxpayers filed an amended return. The IRS is not the big, bad agency we used to know. In fact, statistics show that audits are down and continue to decline. Businesses throughout the U.S. overpay their taxes to the tune of billions each year and your money could be part of the billions that is overpaid. When it comes to your taxes, always get a second opinion to ensure you are not paying more than you should and, you can even hit pay dirt by looking back.

Alas! In E-Commerce Taxland

In trying to comply with tax laws for your e-business, you may find yourself falling down the rabbit-hole, going through the looking glass, and attending a Mad Tea-Party.

Rearrange Your Affairs For Maximum Tax Savings

One way to maximize your business profits is by reducing your taxes. Frequently, income and other taxes could be lowered significantly if only the taxpayer were willing to plan ahead. By taking some simple steps to rearrange your affairs, you could save a fortune!

Organizing Your Taxes

Does this scene sound familiar? It?s April 7. You haven?t seen the top of your dining room table in two weeks because of the piles of paid bills, receipts, canceled checks, and unidentified cash register receipts covering it. Your head pounds and your stomach churns as the countdown to April 15 begins.

Seven Key Tax Deductions for the Self Employed

As a sole proprietor, it?s wise to familiarize yourself with the some key deductions that may reduce your tax bill for 2004.

How To Set Up A Tax-Saving Bookkeeping System

One of the most important, but least understood or appreciated aspects of any business is its bookkeeping or accounting system. And, because very few people know much about the reasons for a bookkeeping system, most people are frightened by the thought of the work involved in setting up such a system, and the drudgery of daily maintenance.



How to Reduce the Estate Tax Using the A-B Revocable Living Trust

In a past article I relayed the plight of the widow who stated:

Keeping Your Own Money ? NOT Handing It Over To The Taxman

Most people trying to make a crust online (or offline for that matter) are so focused on doing just that, they ignore taking simple steps to ensure that they hang on to just as much of it as they can. Instead, they hand over large lumps of their hard-earned money in tax, usually in one of two mistaken beliefs. Either:

Tax Reform, My Way

We need real tax reform and we need it now. Previous attempts have been made at tax reform, but they have only provided band-aid solutions that have still left us with too many quirks, complication, and read tape. There are several things Congress could do to simply the tax system and benefit the taxpayers and federal budget at the same time.

Surprising Truths About Tax Preparers

Choosing the right tax preparer for your business is a decision best not left until April. A former tax preparer and small business mastermind offers insights into the secret world of tax preparers.

Navigating The Internet Sales Tax Laws

QUESTION: I have been contacted by my local city government to say that my business is scheduled to be audited to determine if I owe any sales tax from items purchased on the Internet. Can they really make me pay this tax? I thought you could buy things online tax free? -- Katie R.

Home Based Business Tax Deductions

Running a home based business reaps many wonderful tax deductions that other businesses some times may not claim. Unfortunately to many small business owners end up paying the government taxes every year because they are unaware or several small business deductions that are available.

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The Pulitzer Prize–winning investigative reporter explains what's likely in Trump's returns.

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Tax cheats owe $131 billion to the US government — enough to fund the entire Department of Education for two years.

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Housing and homelessness are areas of focus as the Seattle City Council vets candidates to fill the seat vacated by District 4 Councilmember Rob Johnson.

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Fewer taxpayers than last year had filed by late March. That may be because of the new tax law. “This is the most complicated tax season ever,” one C.P.A. said.

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WASHINGTON — Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, a leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, disclosed 10 years of tax returns on ...

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You've probably encountered propaganda using extremely misleading statistics to claim that the U.S. tax system is soaking the rich. It's not.

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PEKIN, Ill. (WEEK) — UPDATE: Pekin Mayor-elect Mark Luft said the tax votes will be tabled tonight so the council can have more time to “mull it over.” ...

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Studies consistently find that the 2017 law cut taxes for most Americans. Most of them don't buy it.

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The Teapot Dome corruption scandal resulted in a 1924 law that gives the House Ways and Means Committee authority to demand returns.

Twice as many companies paying zero taxes under Trump tax plan  NBC News

60 major corporations, including Netflix and Amazon, told the IRS their 2018 tax rate was effectively zero under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, a new study found.

Bedford County supervisors vote to lower real property tax rate  WDBJ7

In a 4-3 vote, supervisors lowered the real property tax rate to an equalized rate of 50 cents per $100 of assessed value.

Mayor John Suthers addresses homelessness, affordable housing, taxes, police and more  Colorado Springs Gazette

Voters elected Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers this month to a second term. The Gazette asked Suthers several questions by email about his first term, ...

Advocacy group warns federal gas tax hike would have negative impact for Pennsylvania taxpayers

A nonprofit organization recently put out an open call to Pennsylvania lawmakers and implored them to steer clear of a proposed increase in the federal gas tax.

Their Tax Rate Is 0%  The New York Times

You should be jealous of Amazon, G.M. and Coors.

Honolulu officials approve tax break for homeowners  Hawaii News Now

HONOLULU (AP) - Honolulu officials have approved a bill that would lower property taxes by about $70 for most Oahu homeowners. The Honolulu ...

Everyone’s Income Taxes Should Be Public  The New York Times

Disclosure of tax payments would make it easier to hold politicians accountable. It also would help to reduce fraud and economic inequality.

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Cambridge Rep. Calls for Capital Gains Tax to Fund Transit  Banker & Tradesman

A state representative from Cambridge wants to raise the state's capital gains tax in order to generate more than $1 billion in new revenue for the state each year ...

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In 1879, a political economist argued that wealth derived from land value belonged to the American public. Today, economists are reviving interest in his ideas ...

Save money on tax-free emergency supplies weekend  Monitor

HARLINGEN — The best preparation for any emergency starts today. The state tax-free emergency supplies weekend from April 27-29 allows Texans to stock ...

Blackstone CEO Steve Schwarzman wants US to raise minimum wage, eliminate taxes for teachers  CNBC

Watch CNBC's full interview with Blackstone's Steve Schwarzman on the firm's restructuring, the US economy and more 10:12 AM ET Thu, 18 April 2019 | 17:49.

France asks: Should billionaires get tax breaks on Notre Dame donations?  CNN

London (CNN Business) One after the other, France's three richest families opened their checkbooks and pledged a combined $565 million to rebuild the ...

Gov. Bullock vetoes three bills, including tax cut on Social Security income  KPAX-TV

HELENA – Gov. Steve Bullock vetoed three bills late last week, including one that would have exempted more Social Security income from state taxation.

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The United States is commonly thought of as a low-tax country. But workers effectively pay some of the highest taxes in the developed world — without getting a ...

UPDATE: Washington County leaders approve tax break for German company  WJHL-TV News Channel 11

UPDATE: The Washington County Commission has approved a tax break for "Project Starlight," a plan to bring a German manufacturer to the county.

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Throwing down the tax return gauntlet against both Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders and President Donald Trump, Sen. Kamala Harris of California released 15 ...

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Donald Trump’s Tax Returns: What We Might Learn  The New York Times

The president's tax returns would provide insight into how much money he is making, or losing, each year, but they would not fully illuminate the sources of his ...

Your taxes could be going down again soon, and so could taxes on business  Charlotte Observer

The standard deduction for income taxes would go up and business tax breaks would be extended with a tax package that has support from key North Carolina ...

Beto O'Rourke releases 10 years of tax returns  CNN

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke on Monday released ten years of his tax returns, pledging to also soon release his 2018 returns as well.

New 'Patriotic Millionaires' group says: Please, tax me more  NBC News

WASHINGTON — Karen Seal Stewart is rich. And she wants to pay more in taxes. Yes, you read that right. Stewart is one of the Patriotic Millionaires, a group of ...

Elizabeth Warren Proposes New Corporate Tax  The Wall Street Journal

WASHINGTON—Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is proposing a new 7% tax on the largest, most profitable U.S. companies, a move that ...

Poll: 68 percent say they paid same or more in taxes in 2018 | TheHill  The Hill

About two-thirds of Americans, 68 percent, say they paid the same or more in taxes for 2018 than the previous year, while less than a quarter said they paid less, ...

Syracuse tax increase is needed to fix deteriorating water system (Your letters)

No one likes a tax increase, but "I have to say I'm with the mayor on this one," writes a Syracuse taxpayer.

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Elizabeth Warren's 'Real Corporate Profits Tax' Analysis  Tax Foundation

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) released a proposal for a surtax on corporate profits called the “Real Corporate Profits Tax.” The Real Corporate Profits Tax ...

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How the hell are cryptocurrency holders supposed to file their taxes?  MIT Technology Review

Though it wasn't in time for tax day, US lawmakers are pressuring the IRS to clarify its policies for digital currencies.

The Wealthy In Massachusetts Don't Pay Enough In Taxes. We Can Change That  WBUR

Here's something you might not know about liberal Massachusetts: In the past four decades, the commonwealth has seen the third-largest decrease in taxes of ...

Tax day is Monday. How do I file a tax extension for 2019?  USA TODAY

If you haven't filed yet and are feeling pressed for time, you may want to consider getting an extension. Here's how to get the extra time you need.

Tax refunds: Red states doing better than blue states  CNN

Most American taxpayers got tax cuts last year, thanks to the new tax law. They just may not have realized it. And filing their returns Monday won't help make it ...

The White House has reached peak ridiculousness on Donald Trump's taxes  CNN

Congratulations, Sarah Sanders! You just made the single worst argument for why Donald Trump shouldn't release his taxes!

What Elizabeth Warren Doesn’t Get about Taxes  National Review

Senator Warren's corporate-tax hikes and new wealth taxes would hurt the very impoverished Americans they aim to help — and everyone else, to boot.

Texas Senate gives local governments more breathing room for property tax revenue growth  The Texas Tribune

After a key Republican holdout agreed to bring a priority bill to the floor, the upper chamber increased an election trigger on revenue increases from 2.5% to ...

Bill Would Ban IRS From Creating Free Electronic Tax Filing System  NPR

NPR's Rachel Martin talks to ProPublica reporter Justin Elliott about a bipartisan congressional measure which could ban the Internal Revenue *Service* from ...

Stephen Moore, Trump’s Fed nominee, owes $75,000 in unpaid taxes

President Donald Trump's controversial pick to fill an open seat on the Federal Reserve Board, Heritage Foundation fellow Stephen Moore, reportedly owes ...

Montreal real estate: Take time to learn about tax breaks for homeowners  Montreal Gazette

Wrapping your head around the ins and outs of tax rules can be complicated, but it's worth it.

All the 2020 Presidential Candidates' Tax Returns  MONEY

The 2020 presidential race is officially underway, and that means it's time to talk tax returns. President Donald Trump notwithstanding, almost all major party ...

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, other top leaders propose raising the sales tax to provide property tax relief  The Texas Tribune

The state's "Big Three" unveiled the proposal in a joint statement. The idea would need approval from two-thirds of the House and Senate and a majority of ...

Can taxing the rich pay for Bernie Sanders' Medicare for All plan?  CNN

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is not hiding the fact that everyone's taxes would go up under his "Medicare for All" plan, though the rich would be hit with several ...

The Notre Dame Fire, The Carbon Tax And Climate Policy  Forbes

What is the state of climate policy on 2019 Earth Day? Our sense is that while a carbon tax is facing political problems, climate policy is alive and kicking.

The stress of tax season is real. Here's how to cope  CNN

The pressure to file for tax returns by a deadline gives tax preparers and accountants plenty of business while adding enough stress to garner the attention of the ...

Is Trump’s tax law helping or hurting the housing market?  MarketWatch

A New York Federal Reserve study suggests tax reform has contributed to the housing industry's recent woes, but other factors may play an even bigger role.

Trump Wrong About Tax Law

Asked whether he believes federal law requires him to give Congress his tax returns, President Donald Trump responded, “There's no law whatsoever.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren releases 2018 tax returns  CNN

Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Wednesday released her 2018 tax returns, laying bare a key financial record the Democratic Party has made a political issue since ...

In 1 Chart, How Your Taxes Are Spent  Daily Signal

Unless Congress fixes health entitlements and Social Security, they—and interest payments on the national debt—will consume every dollar of taxes paid by ...

Tennessee House lawmakers weigh $21M tax break for FedEx expansion  The Commercial Appeal

House lawmakers are set to vote on HB 1461, sponsored by Speaker Glen Casada. The bill was amended to specifically provide FedEx a tax break.

5 top Michigan corporations paid $0 in federal taxes under Trump's new tax law  Detroit Metro Times

You may have paid federal taxes, but four Fortune 500 companies in Michigan did not. In fact, they received hundreds of millions of dollars in...

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