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The ‘Stand-Out’ Principle

Think for a moment about all the people you know that Stand Out from their peers.

The Art of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a critical element in becoming self actualized and fully loving. Forgiving is the process by which you let go of feeling victimized or having wronged others. It allows you to climb out of the dark well of anger, bitterness, or guilt into which you can easily fall.

7 Solutions for Practical Stress Management

Stress is amazingly persistent, even seductive. We get used to feeling tight and tense. Though positive thinking has its place, unless it is backed up by practical wisdom it tends to get overwhelmed and fade away.

Why Not Live Vicariously Through Yourself

Reality programming appears to be all the rage today. Survivor, Sex & the City, Desperate Housewives and the Donald’s You’re Fired; they’re on all the major networks. It seems we can’t get enough of it. Why do you think that is

What is a Career Anyway

A career is the sum total of all of your work-related contributions to society in a lifetime. This includes time and effort spent to provide goods, services, or benefit to others. A career includes paid, un-paid, volunteer, part-time, and full-time positions. Your career includes many life roles you may not think of: student, homemaker, babysitter, office worker, doctor, lawyer, etc. A career encompasses all the roles you play and duties you perform. You may have many jobs or positions that make up your career, but you only have one overall career. There are various career options in the modern world of work: Self-Employed, Organization Employed, or Project-Employed.

What is Intution and How do I use it

Intuition is an incredible resource and gift that we have been given to help us live our best life. Unfortunately, not many people know what it is or how to use it. The word intuition means “in to you” in Latin. Florence Scovel, a theologian, once said, “Intuition is the spiritual faculty that doesn’t explain; it seemingly points the way.” It’s also been said that intuition is your divine Spirit talking to you. If you will stop for a moment and acknowledge this, you will begin to realize the incredible perspective you have at your fingertips. You have this very amazing power! And you don’t even have to get any special training to start using it. All you need to do is raise your awareness about it and set your intention to harness it.

Is A Career a Calling or Choice

How much of our career path is destiny and how much is free will In my opinion, it is 50/50. We are given a life map at the beginning of our lives, and there are things we are meant to learn, people we are meant to meet, work we are meant to perform. But many of us are not tuned into ourselves and the signs that are presented to us. We often miss important information, and miss out on those lessons, people, and jobs.

The 7 Stages of a Romantic Relationship

There are seven stages in a romantic relationship: avoidance, meeting, dating, breaking up, establishing exclusivity, commitment, and keeping the love you find. Each of these stages vary in length and intensity. At each stage, there are thoughts and feelings telling you what to do and when to do it. You need to learn to listen to your intuition in each stage, so that you can make smart decisions.

21st Century Career Success

When it comes to modern career development, one thing we can all count on is change. With the advent of technology, telecommuting, and E-commerce, how work is performed is in a state of reinvention. Self-employment and small business development will become more the norm than big business. And career changes will be more frequent due to rapidly changing organizations and industries. Finally, the line between one’s personal and professional life will become even more blurred. Since the modern world of work is rapidly changing to keep up with the demands of our fast-paced lives and lifestyles, here are some characteristics of what the new work contract will look like: Seeking more meaning from work. Equating “career success” with personal satisfaction over paycheck or status. Everyone will need their own “name-brand.” Increased use of technology. Finding work that needs doing. Changing in the way management and leadership is conducted less arrogance at the top level, more power on lower levels. Increased need for networking and self-marketing. Lifelong “trying on” of various roles, jobs, and industries. Creating a plan that is flexible, and continually assessing the “fit” of the work. Increased representation of women and minorities in the workforce. Changing career fields numerous times in a lifetime. Self-responsibility: Everyone knowing they have to chart their own career direction. However, the 21st century career also offers many advantages: More career opportunities for everyone. Freedom to choose from a variety of jobs, tasks, and assignments. More flexibility in how and where work is performed, i.e. working from home or telecommuting. More control over your own time. Greater opportunity to express yourself through your work. Ability to shape and reshape your life’s work in accordance with your values and interests. Increased opportunity to develop other skills by working in various industries and environments. Self-empowerment mindset. Allows you to create situations or positions where you can fill a need in the world that is not being filled. Opportunity to present yourself as an independent contractor or vendor with services to offer.

How Important Is It To Stand Apart From Others In An Interview And How Difficult Is It

Q: How important is it to stand apart from others in an interview and how difficult is it

What is Stress

What is Stress

Argue With Yourself and Improve Your Health

Even as a child, James was described by teachers and his parents as a happy optimist. As the story goes, one day his parents decided to play a joke on him and test his attitude by requiring him to spend an afternoon cleaning deserted stables at what had been a local racetrack.

4 Steps to Assertive Communication

“Dr. Fiore,” my 42 year old married patient Mary began, “once again my family expects me to host Christmas dinner and I am simply too exhausted; what should I do”

5 Steps to Adjusting Your Expectations

Dateline: January 4th. Orange County Anger Management class participants review anger triggers of the week.

Change Your Inner Conversations to Control Your Anger

Every Holiday season Vicki found herself angry and silently seething at her older sister, Susie, and mother as they were merrily chatting about Susie’s successful life.

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