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Spy Scanners – Don’t Compromise your Privacy

Spies, spyware, internet parasites are among what they are usually called. These are scouts that monitor your web activities. The work undercover to check on your surfing patterns, spending habits, items bought, they extract email addresses, hijack browsers, steal credit card information. These are just some of the things a spyware is capable of.

The End of Spyware

The US House of Representatives has recently passed the "Spy Act" - or to give it its full title - the Securely Protect Yourself Against Cyber Trespass Act. This aims to prevent software companies from installing spyware on users PCs without their knowledge, and anyone found guilty of breaching the act faces a fine of up to $3 million.

Tops In Toolbars

Most internet marketers are aware of, and probably use, the Google Toolbar. After all, it has been the only indicator of Googles PageRank number that has been assigned to a given web page. Whether the number is accurate, important, or even updated any more is a matter of debate on the marketing forums. But the only feature that was really worthwhile for more casual surfers, other than being able to use the Google search box directly, was the popup window blocker feature, which oddly enough, is the least favorite feature of many an internet marketer. But for many surfers now, the Yahoo Toolbar may well be a better choice. A 3 megabyte download for computers running Windows 98 or higher and Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, the Yahoo Toolbar not only offers greater interactivity with Yahoo and My Yahoo, but now offers some benefits for your PC as well.

Why Use Antivirus Software

This is a really simple question to answer – you need to use antivirus software to protect your own computer, and to prevent your computer from being used to pass on infections to other machines without your knowledge. If you use the internet and you don’t take precautions, you’re going to get infected. And you’ll infect others, including those you care about most like your friends, family, and business contacts because their information is in your email address book and other files on your computer.

How To Manage Your Username And Password The Easy And Secure Way

Have been an Internet user for more than 9 years, I have 100s of logins and passwords to keep. Im paranoid. Im now even more paranoid after I joined YMMSS because I use online payment systems on weekly basis if not daily.

Microsoft Blues

With the advent of Service Pack 2 for Windows XP operating system, Microsoft have really made the forums hum.

The Dark Side of P2P File Sharing

P2P file sharing programs are free. Period. But there are P2P scam sites out there that want you to pay them instead. P2P scam sites are rogue companies that have set up shop to fleece unsuspecting music downloaders looking for file sharing programs by charging a fee for an otherwise free service.

Tips For Safer Computing Online

New computer viruses threaten the unwary user everyday. Hackers jeopardize your online security with invasive computer techniques to steal your passwords, personal information, even identity.

How To Stop Spam

Special Report: How to Stop Spam

The Benefits of the New Firefox Browser

You probably heard of the new Firefox browser version 1.0 recently released by Mozilla. If you are currently using Internet Explorer or Netscape, you are probably wondering if Firefox is better and why is it better. In order to answer these questions it is necessary to take a look at all the benefits that Firefox offers you as a user.

Is Your Web Browser Putting You At Risk

Its free, it comes with Windows and its used by approximately 94% of the Internet population. It also poses an unacceptable security risk. What am I talking about If you guessed Internet Explorer, youre right on the money. So, is your web browser putting you at risk If youre one of the 94% using Internet Explorer, the answer is a definite *yes*. By my math, quite a few people require critical information for protection.

How To Choose A Fire Wall Software Program

In the real world a "fire wall" is a fireproof wall that is built to stop the spread of fire from one part of a building to others. In the Internet world a firewall has a similar purpose in that it stops the spread of harmful viruses and attacks from entering your home or office network.

Burning Bridges is Bad, But Firewalls are Good

When you signed up for that ultra-fast DSL or Cable connection there was probably one very important piece of information that your ISP failed to mention. By accessing the Internet via a high-speed connection, you have tremendously increased your chances of being victimized by a computer hacker.

Arm Yourself Against Snoops With Spyware Counterintelligence

Spyware is the cyber-equivalent of a peeping Tom. No one would think of sitting by while someone hide in the bushes watching their every move, so why do so many allow spyware snoops to moniter them online In some cases the answer is simple. They may not even know that they are being watched.

How To Stop Spyware From Infecting Your System

Spyware is becoming more and more of a problem. When I visit a cusomters site and inspect the computers I always find some kind of spyware on the system. I know that many people have been unaware of spyware, but hopefully now that the word is spreading that people will be more aware of the problem and setup a good defense. I get a get calls or questions to the effect of "Why is my computer running so slow I just bought the computer recently". Most of the time this is because of spyware. Spyware programs will load on boot up and take up your computer memory that will reduce your performance. I will go over my typical setup to prevent and battle spyware. This system works if all of the current spyware has been removed properly. I will leave that to another article.

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