What Does The Year Of The Rooster Have In Store For The Digital World

Julian Fernandez

Roosters are supposedly deep thinkers—capable of handling any challenge, they are outspoken, aggressive, talented, and courageous.

Which is exactly what we can expect this year from the digital world.


Just as Roosters are aggressive with whatever they do, Apple isn’t one to let the PC drag him out of the ring. The introduction of the Mac Mini, which measures 6.5” square and 2” tall is hitting sales hard with its stylish, yet convenient package. The company that made MP3s on the go the coolest thing not to mention iPods that play videos and store photos is ringing in the New Year with affordable yet chic products that are making other companies squirm in their seats.

Taking on the cue of the Mac mini, it’s all about going compact. Rumors of the Apple Powerbook G5 to be released in the second quarter of 2005 has gotten many laptop lovers reeling with excitement.

Fired up and ready to Google

Just as you’ve discovered Mozilla Firefox as the best ever browser on the planet if you haven’t, then you must be a fan of spyware and random pop-ups, you might have to familiarize yourself with yet another super-charged browser. Google.com has employed head programmer for Firefox Ben Goodger, to develop a browser for them—which could very much leave Microsoft’s IE in the dust.

Music on the Go

Cellular phones won’t be left behind—Motorola is introducing 13 new models this year, and Samsung’s light and compact clam shell phones are quickly winning the hearts of many text addicts.

Phones are quickly incorporating as much media as it can in one unit—but everyone will still be clamoring for their own mp3 player. Creative and Samsung have released compact and stylish players to pit against the iPOD—let’s face it, MP3 players are the new cell phones when it comes to being digitally trendy.

Although, as we get more connected, our precious PCs and PDAs become more prone to viruses. These won’t go away in the year of the Rooster, but instead, could be more rampant. It’s easier to get infected when we’re all wired up—expect random viruses as well as blue jacking, which are attacks on Bluetooth-enabled devices.

That shouldn’t get you down, though. After all, the Rooster can overcome whatever challenge is thrown his way. Now there’s something to crow about.

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