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Can I Guess Your Password?

We all know that it?s dangerous to use the same password for more than one program. If you sign up for a program run by someone of low moral fibre, what is to stop them running through various programs with your username and password to see what they can access?

Dont Miss Information Because of Misinformation

It has been said that with the wealth of information, freely available, the Internet has the ability to make you smarter, faster, than any other medium on the planet.

Behavior to Stay Safer Online

1. Importance of a Virus Scanner: A Antivirus program can help to prevent you from becoming infected with a Virus or Trojan. It is extremely important to make sure this program is updated at least once a week, and all drives are scanned. Viruses usually are used to destroy your Data or Hardware. Where as Trojans are used to gain remote access into your system. Always scan any new files you receive as well, even if they are off a friend, you don't know where those files originated from. ALWAYS use a little common sense when on the Internet as well. Don't accept files from an entrusted source. Don't go to web sites you have received spam for, they can be infected with viruses or asking you to download files that are infected. Always go only to official sites (i.e... If you ask for a web address for Norton and someone says, that is obviously not an official site). Keep in mind that an Antivirus will only detect known viruses. It is possible that someone can create a new virus or manipulate an existing Virus or Trojan to the point it will no longer be detected by an Antivirus. As each unknown virus is discovered it is then added into the Antivirus database. Always create rescue disks for your Antivirus program, these will enable you to access your computer through MS-DOS if you are unable to access it through windows. If you do not have an Antivirus program try the HouseCall free online virus scan the link if on the top right side of this page. Also never run 2 different Antivirus . By using two different Antivirus software, sometimes the rule sets can cause conflicts in each other.. or think the other is a virus.. which can also give false positives (meaning it detects a file as a Virus or Trojan, when it isn't one).. or not detect viruses as it should. Always delete files you do not remember downloading.

Protect Your Little Black Book

The movie Little Black Book features a young woman, Stacy, who is frustrated when her boyfriend refuses to share information about his past relationships. When his PDA, a Palm Tungsten C, falls into her hands, she is faced with a conundrum. Does she give it back, or does she explore it? If she gave it back, we wouldn?t have a movie, now would we? Stacy then proceeds to identify his ex-girlfriends and contact them. Let the games begin.

Spy Scanners ? Don?t Compromise your Privacy

Spies, spyware, internet parasites are among what they are usually called. These are scouts that monitor your web activities. The work undercover to check on your surfing patterns, spending habits, items bought, they extract email addresses, hijack browsers, steal credit card information. These are just some of the things a spyware is capable of.

How to Manage Your Username and Password The Easy and Secure Way

Have been an Internet user for more than 9 years, I have 100's of logins and passwords to keep. I'm paranoid. I'm now even more paranoid after I joined YMMSS because I use online payment systems on weekly basis if not daily.

5 Simple Steps to Protect your Digital Downloads

A couple of days ago, I was searching for a popular eBook online.

Information Security for E-businessmen: Just a Couple of Ideas

If you constantly deal with bank or electronic accounts, it must be your worst nightmare--to wake up and learn that you are a bankrupt. Some crook stole your personal data and all the money you have been sweating blood for years has flown to somebody else's account. Almost everybody must have heard that such a tradegy is called identity theft and millions of people in the USA alone suffer the same every year. Poor consolation for its victims, isn't it?

I Spy...Something Terribly Wrong (In Your Computer)

This really chapped my lips...

Mall Protection

The Loss Prevention Manager should be receptive to the needs and objectives of upper management and work to prevent and reduce loss from crime, fire accidents etc.

Passwords or Pass Phrase? Protecting your Intellectual Property

Much has been said on the theory of password protection for files, computer login, and other network access. In the past we used a combination of letters, special characters, and other techniques to try and prevent unwanted or unauthorized access to our computers, resources, and networks. A new theory on passwords is emerging that may help us remember our access codes, be more secure, and generally keep hackers and thieves out of our networks.

Temporary Internet Files - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

A little bit of time invested into learning about internet security can go a long way in preventing mishaps on your computer. Temporary internet files are not something we should be afraid of, but we should certainly be careful in how much we trust them and how we deal with them.

Reducing Fraudulent Transations ? 5 Simple Ways To Protect Yourself

The money being spent online is steadily growing. With billions of dollars being spent each year online, the opportunity to make money on the internet has never been bigger. Unfortunately, with that opportunity come people who want to make money in less than honest ways. We're going to look at some concrete ways you can identify fraudulent transactions and save yourself a lot of chargeback fees, money and grief.

Online Shopping: 10 Tips For Safe Online Shopping

Have you ever bought a product or service from the internet?

Top Ten Spyware and Adware Threats Identified

On December 8, 2004 Webroot, an award winning anti-spyware solution provider, released a press release identifying the ten most significant emerging spyware and adware threats. Most of these you probably haven?t heard of and a few may surprise you.

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The Dangers of a Weak National Security Adviser  POLITICO

A lesson for Robert O'Brien: When the person in that role lacks authority, disorder follows.

After Resisting, McConnell and Senate G.O.P. Back Election Security Funding  The New York Times

Stung by the “Moscow Mitch” moniker, Mitch McConnell, the majority leader, threw his weight behind an infusion of $250 million for states to bolster election ...

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Susan B. Glasser writes about President Donald Trump's appointment of Robert O'Brien to the post of national-security adviser, despite his lack of relevant ...

Smart Lights Enhance Home Security and Shine a Light on Crime  The New York Times

Smart lighting brightens up your home and makes life more convenient. But it's also an easy and effective way to enhance home security.

US expels two Cuban diplomats to the UN citing national security threat  CNN

Washington (CNN) The US has ordered two Cuban diplomats assigned to the United Nations to leave the country immediately, alleging that the envoys were ...

iOS 13: Here are the new security and privacy features you need to know  TechCrunch

It's finally here. Apple's new iOS 13, the thirteenth major iteration of its popular iPhone software, is out to download. We took iOS 13 for a spin with a focus on the ...

Trump’s National Security Aides Refining Possible Iran Options  The New York Times

WASHINGTON — Senior national security officials from across the government met on Thursday to refine a list of potential targets to strike in Iran, should ...

Who is Robert O'Brien, Trump's new national security adviser? And what has he walked into?  NBC News

Trump's new national security adviser Robert O'Brien has walked into a mess with America's relationships with North Korea, Iran, Russia and China all in the air.

Federal agency ordered to investigate Homeland Security nominee  Roll Call

The Department of Energy has been told to investigate allegations of corruption by William N. Bryan, the White House's nominee for a senior post at the ...

ACT government and AustCyber launch Canberra Cyber Security Innovation Node  ZDNet

The ACT government and AustCyber have jointly opened the doors to the Canberra Cyber Security Innovation Node in a move to further grow the local ...

National Security Lawyer on Trump Whistleblower: 'We're in Uncharted Territory'  Newsweek

The director of national intelligence refused to disclose information to lawmakers on Thursday about a whistleblower complaint reportedly filed against an ...

Chatterjee warns U.S. needs to improve energy security after Saudi attack  Houston Chronicle

WASHINGTON - The nation's top energy regulator said the attacks on Saudi Arabia last Saturday are a reminder of the need to improve security around U.S. ...

‘Security’ Cameras Are Dry Powder for Hackers. Here’s Why  Fortune

Hundreds of thousands of vulnerable "security" cameras are a major factor in a new, very powerful distributed denial of *service* attack, or DDoS attack.

Security Pros Value Disclosure ... Sometimes  Dark Reading

Security professionals will coordinate disclosure with researchers but may keep their self-discovered vulnerabilities secret, a new study shows.

Bills will increase police and security presence for home opener to contain unruly fans  CBS Sports

Buffalo Bills fans are known for their wild tailgates, but for this season's home opener they may be stopped from throwing each other off tables and lighting things ...

New National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien Will Inherit An NSC In Turmoil  NPR

Updated at 6:16 p.m. ET. President Trump's brand-new national security adviser, Robert O'Brien, will inherit a National Security Council struggling to attract ...

Windows 10 Security Warning As Microsoft Confirms Update Breaks Windows Defender  Forbes

Microsoft has rightly been getting a lot of stick for updates that break, rather than improve, the Windows 10 experience. The latest managed to break Windows ...

Security expert shares burglary prevention tips

After recent burglaries, you may be thinking about ways to protect your family.

‘Human error’ led to gun making it through school security checkpoint  WMBF

Horry County Schools said it will be taking another look at its security measures after a gun made it past a screening station.

The Fed's rate cut may hurt US retirement security. These countries offer more  CNBC

If you're looking for security in retirement, America might not be the first place you want to look. The U.S. didn't crack the top 10 in a new ranking by Natixis ...

Buffalo residents encouraged to register security cameras, to help solve crimes  Buffalo News

Buffalo residents are encouraged to register their home and business surveillance cameras with the Buffalo police – to assist in solving crimes. Erie County …

Trump to welcome Australia's PM, cementing strong trade, security ties  Reuters

U.S. President Donald Trump is set to welcome Australia's prime minister on Friday in only the second state visit of his administration, signaling the close bond ...

Surveillance Video Shows Security Guard Crash Into Parked Car in Homestead  NBC 6 South Florida

Two months after his car was hit by a security guard patrolling his Homestead neighborhood, a South Florida man said the situation got even more complicated.

Security Council: Two draft resolutions, zero consensus on ceasefire in Syria's Idlib  UN News

The UN Security Council on Thursday failed to reach consensus on either of two competing resolutions on a cessation of hostilities in Idlib, Syria: the last ...

Inmarsat Wins Safety at Sea's Best Security Product of the Year Award  The Maritime Executive

Inmarsat, the world leader in global, mobile satellite communications has won the Safety at Sea Awar...

Trump Calls the Border Wall a 'World-Class Security System'  TIME

President Donald Trump has hailed a newly constructed section of the U.S.-Mexico border wall as a "world-class security system."

New browser security debate heats up  Axios

A new feature in Mozilla and, soon, Chrome web browsers will stop snoops — from your boss to criminals — from tracking which sites you visit. But the same ...

How a Tampa Bay ethical hacker helps companies with security  Tampa Bay Times

Jessica LaBouve of A-LIGN works with companies to make their applications and platforms more secure.

Scott County eyes tightened security at Administrative Center  Muscatine Journal

Scott County wants to bolster security at the Administrative Center after heightened concerns among county employees working there.

Chapel Hill Police increase security near campus after recent sexual assault and harassment​

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) – As parent weekend approaches at the University of Carolina in Chapel Hill, local police departments are increasing security near ...

WeWork's weak Wi-Fi security leaves sensitive documents exposed  CNET

Documents sent on WeWork's unsecured network included financial records, bank account credentials and a cat photo of Nicolas Cage.

Trump Weighs Retaliation Against Iran and Names National Security Adviser  The New York Times

To help sort through the options — including sanctions and the deployment of more American forces — the president chose Robert C. O'Brien, the State ...

Eastern Iowa Airport looks to increase efficiency with new security area  KCRG

The airport recently opened its new security screening area, which had been under construction for about six months.

Sources: Security officers pulled off job at St. Augustine's

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – More than a dozen security officers were pulled off the job at St. Augustine University Thursday. Sources say the school failed to pay ...

Trump Names 5 Candidates for National Security Adviser  The New York Times

PORTOLA VALLEY, Calif. — President Trump on Tuesday named five candidates he was considering for national security adviser as he sought to replace John ...

AWS says servers secure following Malindo Air data breach  ZDNet

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Singapore says all servers containing data of Malindo Air customers are secured "with no further vulnerabilities", and no payment ...

NYPD cop who 'provided security' for El Chapo's wife busted for dealing cocaine  New York Post

An NYPD officer who provided security for the wife of El Chapo was busted for dealing cocaine and acting as security for other dealers in Queens, sources said ...

Israel election results: Deliberate security escalation could torpedo political negotiations  Haaretz

Escalation may serve as an excuse for a Netanyahu-led emergency government. Israel's security chiefs may require nerves of steel.

Officials see need to boost Arizona border security despite fall in activity

Authorities say the need to bolster border security in Arizona and across the Southwest hasn't declined as apprehensions have plummeted.

Michigan to get its first-ever election security specialist as 2020 vote nears  Detroit Free Press

LANSING – Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson says Michigan will get its first-ever full-time elections security specialist as she tries to ensure the integrity of the ...

NYPD Officer Who Provided Security for El Chapo's Wife Charged With Possession of Cocaine  The Daily Beast

A New York City police officer who provided security for the wife of El Chapo has been charged with possession of cocaine and taking bribes. Officer Ishmael ...

Supreme Court Security Bill Proposed Amid 'Volatile Times'  Bloomberg Law

Bipartisan Senate legislation aimed at providing permanent additional security for U.S. Supreme Court justices was introduced against the backdrop of what a ...

Lawyer: Security deposit can't be docked for cleaning by landlords  Glens Falls Post-Star

Landlords cannot dip into the security deposits of tenants who fail to perfectly clean their apartments when they leave, said Stuart Kaufman, a senior attorney ...

White House Fires Homeland Security Dept.’s General Counsel  The New York Times

WASHINGTON — The White House on Tuesday fired John Mitnick, the general counsel for the Department of Homeland Security, after months of shake-up at an ...

Trump's National Security Aides to Meet on Possible Iran Options  msnNOW

Senior national security officials from across the government are scheduled to meet Thursday to refine a list of potential targets to strike in Iran, should President ...

National-Security Worries Threaten Takeover of U.K. Defense Firm  The Wall Street Journal

LONDON—The U.K. halted the $5 billion sale of a British defense company to an American investor on national-security grounds, pending further government ...

Come along with us as we attend Homeland Security Investigations Citizens Academy

We will soon have an inside look at how the Homeland Security Investigations work. HSI special agents launched the inaugural Citizens' Academy in Austin.

Man found sleeping on COD campus arrested for assaulting security  KESQ

A man who assaulted College of the Desert security after being found sleeping on campus property was arrested last week, the Riverside County Sheriff's ...

Security Dogs Sent to Jordan Have Died or Fallen Sick, Report Says  The New York Times

A federal report on a State Department antiterrorism program said at least 10 bomb-sniffing dogs had died of medical issues from 2008 to 2016.

iOS 13 vs. Android 10: Which is more secure?  CNET

Apple maintains its iron grip on security, but Google is gaining ground.

Thursday's Daily Brief: Stark childbirth survival figures, Security Council split on Syria, nature-based climate initiatives  UN News

A recap of Thursday's top stories: One pregnant woman or child dies every 11 seconds; No ceasefire agreement for Syria's Idlib; Latest Taliban attack in ...

We All Could Pay a Price for the Latest Slap at Huawei  WIRED

An international cybersecurity group has evicted the Chinese telecom company to comply with US sanctions. That could allow malware to spread more easily.

Sheriff's department offering free in-home security inspections  10News

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — The county Sheriff's Department is offering free in-home safety inspections to San Diegans in their patrol areas. On Thursday, 10News ...

West Alabama man guilty of murder in slaying of club security guard

The Wilcox County jury deliberated for about two hours before convicting 28-year-old Sylvester Elliot of murder in the slaying of Clifford Bonner, said District ...

Huawei’s New Smartphone Is 'Practically Useless' Thanks to Trump's Security Ban  VICE

The ban means Huawei can't do business with Google, so the cutting-edge new phone has none of the apps you need.

Des Moines-area courthouse break-ins appear part of state security contract  KCRG

The state of Iowa released documents Wednesday that appear to support the claims of two men who said they were just doing their job testing security when ...

What startup CSOs can learn from three enterprise security experts  TechCrunch

How do you keep your startup secure? That's the big question we explored at TC Sessions: Enterprise earlier this month. No matter the size, every startup is an ...

Top Homeland Security lawyer fired in latest leadership shakeup  CNN

The Department of Homeland Security's general counsel, John Mitnick, has been fired, a source familiar with the matter tells CNN, the latest in a series of recent ...

Men Arrested at Courthouse Say They Were Sent to Test Its Security  The New York Times

Two men who said they worked for a company hired by the state to test the security of a courthouse in central Iowa were arrested after they broke in to the county ...

6 questions candidates should ask at every security job interview  CSO Online

"Off with their heads!" the Red Queen cried in Alice in Wonderland, but you could be forgiven for thinking that's how some enterprises treat security folk after a ...

Cyberattackers now pose as business executives to secure security certificates  ZDNet

Certificates can be used to sign-off on malicious payloads and can fetch a lucrative price on the black market.

Neighbors demand more security after woman robbed at south St. Louis Target

ST. LOUIS — After a woman was robbed at gunpoint inside a Target parking garage Sunday night, the people who live in the area are demanding change.

Trump Names Hugh Hewitt Buddy, Biz Associate As New National Security Adviser  TPM

President Trump's new national security adviser had a big booster before he entered government: his longtime friend conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt.

South Sudan's peace process 'precarious, but progress in being made', Security Council hears  UN News

One year on from the signing of a Revitalized Agreement to ease conflict in South Sudan, the country's political leaders “have met some, but certainly not all”, ...

Tribalism can be a national security issue, says author  MSNBC

Author Sebastian Junger is hosting a symposium this week in New York on tribalism in politics, and he joins Morning Joe along with Tim Carney and Kimberly ...

DA: Man arrested, another person wanted in alleged assault of security guard in downtown Portland

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Two people accused of attacking a security guard earlier this month in downtown Portland have been charged, and one of them is at ...

New Bitcoin Wallet-Focused Trojan Uncovered by Security Researchers  Cointelegraph

A new Remote Access Trojan (RAT) malware that steals Bitcoin wallet data has been discovered by security researchers at Zscaler ThreatLabZ.

Rational Security: The 'WhistleSTOP' Edition  Lawfare

The Director of National Intelligence refuses to tell Congress about a whistleblower allegation that may involve President Trump. Israelis go to the polls as ...

National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien recalled by former Cardinal Newman classmates, friends  Santa Rosa Press Democrat

When Robert O'Brien, President Trump's new national security adviser, was on the debate team at Santa Rosa's private Cardinal Newman High School 35 years ...

Woman rescued by security guard after falling into Detroit River  WDIV ClickOnDetroit

A woman was pulled from the Detroit River on Wednesday night.

Jeremy Corbyn Is a National Security Threat  Foreign Policy

Britain's politics are in chaos—and an election may not fix things. Not only is the U.K. government's entire bandwidth being consumed by Brexit, but polls show ...

New! RFP Template for Selecting EDR/EPP and APT Security  Threatpost

Cynet's new RFP templates clearly lay out the requirements for securing potential APT vectors.

Let's go to the fair: 103rd Sumter event starts Tuesday; security will be increased amid shootings  Sumter Item

As the Sumter American Legion Fair starts next week, authorities and fairground workers ensured the fair will be a safe and fun environment entertaining Sumter, ...

Amid Funding Shortfall, Humanitarian Official Urges Security Council to Ensure Unimpeded Access for Millions Suffering in Syria, as Delegates Call for Unity - Syrian Arab Republic  ReliefWeb

English News and Press Release on Syrian Arab Republic about Food and Nutrition, Health, Children, IDPs and more; published on 19 Sep 2019 by UN SC.

Commander Visits Niger, Assesses Security Situation  Africanews English

General Stephen Townsend, commander, U.S. Africa Command, culminated his multi-country West Africa regional visit in Niger, where he met with President ...

Man accused of shooting security guard at Cleveland bar

A Cleveland man is accused of shooting a security guard in the leg at a bar in the city's Goodrich-Kirtland Park neighborhood.

Donald Trump has already told us who his new national security adviser will be  CNN

President Donald Trump will reveal all of his secrets to you if you just pay attention.

Maximum Security to Miss Pennsylvania Derby Due to Colic  America's Best Racing

Two-time Grade 1 winner Maximum Security is out of the Sept. 21, $1 million Pennsylvania Derby at Parx Racing because of a large colon nephrosplenic ...

National Security Is in Trump's Hands  WIRED

With the departure of John Bolton from the White House this week, even the former national security advisor's biggest critics are worried.

Additional security measures added at Georgetown High School after report of threat  ABC NEWS 4

Additional security measures and staff will be in place at Georgetown High School on Thursday. The Georgetown County School District says administrators ...

U.N. Security Council to vote on rival calls for truce in Syria's Idlib  Reuters

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The United Nations Security Council is due to vote on Thursday on rival draft resolutions that call for a truce in northwest Syria ...

Espionage charges against top Canadian security official started with San Diego FBI cases  The San Diego Union-Tribune

As agents investigated an illicit encrypted communications network favored by criminals, they came across evidence indicating a high-level intelligence leak.

Mum caught 'battering son, 6, on security app after he had trouble reading'  Mirror Online

Nicole Lynn Marker was arrested after police found disturbing footage on her Ring home security app at her residence in Phoenix, Arizona.

C. Ogwumike praises security after fan incident  ESPN

Speaking before the Sparks' semifinal game at Connecticut on Tuesday, Chiney Ogwumike praised arena security after she and her sister were rushed by a fan ...

President Says He Looks Forward To Firing His New Security Advisor [Satire]  The Daily Wire

The following is satirical. President Donald Trump has named his new National Security Advisor and says he's looking forward to firing him. The soon-to-be ...

First on CNN: Colorado becomes first state to ban barcodes for counting votes over security concerns  CNN

Citing security concerns, Colorado has become the first state to stop counting ballots with printed barcodes.

Arlington County Board Considering Use of Private Security Guards  ARLnow

The Arlington County Board is looking to potentially use armed, private guards for security at county government headquarters in Courthouse. The guards could.

Local Opinion: Senate must act to secure our vote  Arizona Daily Star

Unfortunately, Senator Mitch McConnell refuses to consider the SAFE Act in the Senate, primarily because he sees the bill as partisan as well as an ...

Former Oregon security guard gets 7 years for racist rant, attack in Portland  OregonLive

A former private security guard was sentenced to more than seven years in prison after he harassed a Muslim family, broke a Latina woman's hand with a metal ...

Polar Security Cutter Fuses Performance Requirements With Maintenance Needs  USNI News

The Coast Guard's new class of Polar Security Cutter is a testament to how heavy icebreaker design marries performance with long-term maintenance needs .

U.S. Targets North Korean Hacking as Rising National-Security Threat  The Wall Street Journal

New U.S. sanctions against North Korean hackers and revelations about North Korean malware show how Pyongyang's cyber operations have become a ...

Report on Election Security Gains Attention, and a Sharp Rebuke  ProPublica

A Virginia cybersecurity company asserted many states were vulnerable to election system intrusions. Critics called the report flawed and questioned whether ...

Huawei suspended from global cyber-security forum, so what does this mean?  Android Authority

Huawei has reportedly been suspended from a major global cyber-security forum, as the effects of a US trade ban continue to be felt.

Israeli Leader Pins Election Bid on Security Record  The Wall Street Journal

Benjamin Netanyahu is staking his political survival in Tuesday's election on his record in protecting Israel, as he faces a challenge from former generals who ...

Men Hired to Test Iowa Courthouse Security Arrested After They Did the Job Too Well  Gizmodo

Law enforcement arrested two men who broke into Iowa's Dallas County Courthouse this week, despite their insistence that they had been hired to do so by the ...

Jayden Brown: Teen absconds from security staff at service station  BBC News

South Wales Police is appealing for help in tracing a 15-year-old boy who absconded from security officers at a motorway *service* station. Jayden Brown, from ...

It's Time for IoT Security's Next Big Step  WIRED

Connected devices are more secure than ever. That's still not nearly enough.

Researchers Think It's a Good Idea to Secure Your Phone Using the One Thing You Perpetually Lose  Gizmodo

Apple's FaceID authentication system started moving smartphone users away from relying on fingerprints to secure their mobile devices, which are arguably less ...

Private security to continue patrolling through mid-October in downtown Glenwood Springs  Aspen Times

Pleased with the effect Citadel Security's presence has had in downtown Glenwood Springs, the city will continue paying for private security at least through ...

Here's a free way to protect your Social Security account Don't wait till you reach  msnNOW

Don't wait till you reach Social Security age to take this preventative measure.

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