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DirecTV and DISH Network ? How Do The Two Leading Satellite TV Providers Stack Up?

DirecTV The company known as The DirecTV Group is made up of four main units, which include DirecTV U.S., DirecTV Latin America, PanAmSat, and Hughes Network Systems (HNS). As a group, the organization serves over 12 million U.S. satellite TV customers and another 1.5 million subscribers in Latin countries. Through PanAmSat, they operate a fleet of 25 satellites capable of providing satellite transmissions to 98% of the world. And Hughes Network Systems operates a satellite-based consumer broadband Internet access service known as DirecWay. This component of Hughes has over 180,000 subscribers. HNS is also one of the largest manufacturers of DirecTV set-top receivers. The four different aspects of The DirecTV Group give the company a large, comprehensive base of direct and indirect satellite customers. Their partnerships with technology leaders such as AOL, Microsoft, and TiVo also add to their customer base. There are plans for improving and expanding services in efforts to attract more customers. Hughes Network Services is developing SPACEWAY, a more advanced satellite broadband communications package that is expected to provide customers with more affordable high-speed, two-way data communications. SPACEWAY is expected to be introduced in 2005. DirecTV has been actively working to increase the number of markets where they offer local programming. In January of this year, the company added 18 new markets that will receive local channels via the DirecTV(R) programming service. By year-end, the company plans to offer local channels in a minimum of 130 markets, representing 92% of U.S. television households. Continued marketing and development of their HDTV and DVR products will also be a part of their plans to expand their customer base. Two different basic dish designs and several different manufacturers provide DirecTV consumers with a number of dish options. DirecTV subscribers have a choice of two basic dish designs for their satellite service. The round dish is the more common 18" design that has been popular across the country. The oval dish or low noise blockdown (LNB) dish is able to receive information from more than one satellite and is required for those who want to receive local channels, HDTV, or Spanish language programming. Popular manufacturers of DirecTV compatible dishes include Hughes, Sony, Phillips, and RCA. Current DirecTV sales and deals offer the satellite dish and other equipment for free with a one-year commitment. It could cost anywhere from $50 to over $200 to purchase the DirecTV compatible dish separately.

A to Z in Dish Network deals

First, what's Dish Network?

Troubleshooting your Cable Box

Unless you?ve recently moved from Alaska to Texas and you?re feeling a little homesick, chances are that the last thing you want to see when you turn on your TV is snow. Combine a snowy screen with that loud, obnoxious static sound, and you?ve got a problem on your hands. Fortunately you don?t have to be techie to fix your cable box ? just follow these simple troubleshooting steps to get picture back in no time.

A Guide to Buying Your Next TV

It used to be simple; when you bought a new TV you looked at 3 basic things: Price, Quality, and Screen Size. Aside from a few features, all sets were pretty much the same. Today, things are not quite as simple. Buying a new TV can be frustrating and confusing. Progress is usually a good thing, and for that matter, so is competition. Progress gives manufacturers the technology needed to produce new and innovative products, while competition forces them to offer better products at lower prices. The consumer is definitely the winner here, but along with the good we must take a little of the bad. All this leads to more choices and options when considering the purchase of a new TV. Along with Price, Quality, and Screen Size, the modern day TV buyer must also consider Display Type, HDTV or SDTV, Sound Options, and Connectivity of Components.

Looking For Satellite TV?

It was 1994 and I had moved into another home and learned that the cable TV line had not been installed to my house. When the cable company told me they would have to dig up my yard to put the line in I wasn't pleased with the idea or the price they quoted me to do it.

A Brief on United States Satellite TV Deals

Want to know more about United States satellite TV business despite getting those 'free' satellite TV deals?

In the know: Dish Network DVR

What's a DVR system and what else can it brings for us?

Satellite TV Deals FAQ

Satellite TV 'What'?

HDTV: An Introduction

HDTV stands for High Definition Television, and if you live in the USA, Australia, or Japan you may already have experienced it. There are three key differences between HDTV and what's become known as standard definition TV ie regular NTSC, PAL or SECAM. The three differences are; an increase in picture resolution, 16:9 widescreen as standard, and the ability to support multi-channel audio such as Dolby Digital.

Free Satellite TV -- Myth or Real?

Free satellite TV is the biggest myths on the internet, is this statement true?

The Potential Conundrum of Regulating Pay-TV

In last week's column, I argued the merits (or rather the lack thereof) of extending decency regulations to cable and satellite TV. This week, I'll point out just how much of a quagmire this would actually be and how difficult it would be to implement, regardless of the merits.

HDTV and the iPod Photo: A Perfect Marriage?

They may seem like an odd combination, but the iPod photo could be the perfect choice for anyone who wants to view photo slideshows on an HDTV. The iPod photo can store thousands of digital photos, and syncs with a Mac or PC via iTunes. It will read any slideshows you?ve created in iPhoto on a Mac or Photoshop Album on a PC and copy them to the iPod. Alternatively you can tell it to copy a folder full of images from your hard drive as a slideshow.

No More DirecWay? I Believe the writing is on the wall...

As one who has been directly involved in selling DirecWay satellite internet products, sold competitive Enterprise Satellite internet products, has a background in financial analysis and business information reporting.... and studied HNS for over 4 years, I?ve come to the conclusion that the end might be near for DirecWay satellite internet in the U.S. Bear with me now......this ownership stuff gets a bit convoluted....keep in mind, this in no way affects DirecTV customers.

Cable TV And Satellite TV - Which Is The Better System?

Cable TV and satellite TV - which is the better system? There's a battle going on between Cable TV and Satellite TV. Today, consumers have a choice between conventional cable TV, digital cable TV, and all-digital satellite TV. Do you want to know which of the TV system is best for you? Lets compare cable TV and satellite TV head-to-head here.


Two new technologies in the world of TV, DLP and LCD, are now in a tight competition. Not long ago, everyone was talking about Plasma and LCD - which one would win? It became clear to most that Plasma, with its short lifespan of just 3-4 years, was simply not the best choice. In fact, the LCD screen has several benefits over plasma. For instance, LCD screens run much cooler than the average plasma TV, and thus require less power to operate. Plasma TVs run so hot, in fact, that they require a fan to cool them down ? which can be noisy. In addition, plasma screens have a tendency to degrade over time, slowly becoming dimmer. LCD screens, on the other hand, run relatively cool, and do not degrade over time. Some Plasma owners, who have used their TVs for a few years now, have already witnessed the dimming of their screens. Also, LCD screens tend to have overall better picture quality, and are typically 10 to 15 percent lighter than plasma.

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