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DirecTV and DISH Network ? How Do The Two Leading Satellite TV Providers Stack Up?

DirecTV The company known as The DirecTV Group is made up of four main units, which include DirecTV U.S., DirecTV Latin America, PanAmSat, and Hughes Network Systems (HNS). As a group, the organization serves over 12 million U.S. satellite TV customers and another 1.5 million subscribers in Latin countries. Through PanAmSat, they operate a fleet of 25 satellites capable of providing satellite transmissions to 98% of the world. And Hughes Network Systems operates a satellite-based consumer broadband Internet access service known as DirecWay. This component of Hughes has over 180,000 subscribers. HNS is also one of the largest manufacturers of DirecTV set-top receivers. The four different aspects of The DirecTV Group give the company a large, comprehensive base of direct and indirect satellite customers. Their partnerships with technology leaders such as AOL, Microsoft, and TiVo also add to their customer base. There are plans for improving and expanding services in efforts to attract more customers. Hughes Network Services is developing SPACEWAY, a more advanced satellite broadband communications package that is expected to provide customers with more affordable high-speed, two-way data communications. SPACEWAY is expected to be introduced in 2005. DirecTV has been actively working to increase the number of markets where they offer local programming. In January of this year, the company added 18 new markets that will receive local channels via the DirecTV(R) programming service. By year-end, the company plans to offer local channels in a minimum of 130 markets, representing 92% of U.S. television households. Continued marketing and development of their HDTV and DVR products will also be a part of their plans to expand their customer base. Two different basic dish designs and several different manufacturers provide DirecTV consumers with a number of dish options. DirecTV subscribers have a choice of two basic dish designs for their satellite service. The round dish is the more common 18" design that has been popular across the country. The oval dish or low noise blockdown (LNB) dish is able to receive information from more than one satellite and is required for those who want to receive local channels, HDTV, or Spanish language programming. Popular manufacturers of DirecTV compatible dishes include Hughes, Sony, Phillips, and RCA. Current DirecTV sales and deals offer the satellite dish and other equipment for free with a one-year commitment. It could cost anywhere from $50 to over $200 to purchase the DirecTV compatible dish separately.

A to Z in Dish Network deals

First, what's Dish Network?

Troubleshooting your Cable Box

Unless you?ve recently moved from Alaska to Texas and you?re feeling a little homesick, chances are that the last thing you want to see when you turn on your TV is snow. Combine a snowy screen with that loud, obnoxious static sound, and you?ve got a problem on your hands. Fortunately you don?t have to be techie to fix your cable box ? just follow these simple troubleshooting steps to get picture back in no time.

A Guide to Buying Your Next TV

It used to be simple; when you bought a new TV you looked at 3 basic things: Price, Quality, and Screen Size. Aside from a few features, all sets were pretty much the same. Today, things are not quite as simple. Buying a new TV can be frustrating and confusing. Progress is usually a good thing, and for that matter, so is competition. Progress gives manufacturers the technology needed to produce new and innovative products, while competition forces them to offer better products at lower prices. The consumer is definitely the winner here, but along with the good we must take a little of the bad. All this leads to more choices and options when considering the purchase of a new TV. Along with Price, Quality, and Screen Size, the modern day TV buyer must also consider Display Type, HDTV or SDTV, Sound Options, and Connectivity of Components.

Looking For Satellite TV?

It was 1994 and I had moved into another home and learned that the cable TV line had not been installed to my house. When the cable company told me they would have to dig up my yard to put the line in I wasn't pleased with the idea or the price they quoted me to do it.

A Brief on United States Satellite TV Deals

Want to know more about United States satellite TV business despite getting those 'free' satellite TV deals?

In the know: Dish Network DVR

What's a DVR system and what else can it brings for us?

Satellite TV Deals FAQ

Satellite TV 'What'?

HDTV: An Introduction

HDTV stands for High Definition Television, and if you live in the USA, Australia, or Japan you may already have experienced it. There are three key differences between HDTV and what's become known as standard definition TV ie regular NTSC, PAL or SECAM. The three differences are; an increase in picture resolution, 16:9 widescreen as standard, and the ability to support multi-channel audio such as Dolby Digital.

Free Satellite TV -- Myth or Real?

Free satellite TV is the biggest myths on the internet, is this statement true?

The Potential Conundrum of Regulating Pay-TV

In last week's column, I argued the merits (or rather the lack thereof) of extending decency regulations to cable and satellite TV. This week, I'll point out just how much of a quagmire this would actually be and how difficult it would be to implement, regardless of the merits.

HDTV and the iPod Photo: A Perfect Marriage?

They may seem like an odd combination, but the iPod photo could be the perfect choice for anyone who wants to view photo slideshows on an HDTV. The iPod photo can store thousands of digital photos, and syncs with a Mac or PC via iTunes. It will read any slideshows you?ve created in iPhoto on a Mac or Photoshop Album on a PC and copy them to the iPod. Alternatively you can tell it to copy a folder full of images from your hard drive as a slideshow.

No More DirecWay? I Believe the writing is on the wall...

As one who has been directly involved in selling DirecWay satellite internet products, sold competitive Enterprise Satellite internet products, has a background in financial analysis and business information reporting.... and studied HNS for over 4 years, I?ve come to the conclusion that the end might be near for DirecWay satellite internet in the U.S. Bear with me now......this ownership stuff gets a bit convoluted....keep in mind, this in no way affects DirecTV customers.

Cable TV And Satellite TV - Which Is The Better System?

Cable TV and satellite TV - which is the better system? There's a battle going on between Cable TV and Satellite TV. Today, consumers have a choice between conventional cable TV, digital cable TV, and all-digital satellite TV. Do you want to know which of the TV system is best for you? Lets compare cable TV and satellite TV head-to-head here.


Two new technologies in the world of TV, DLP and LCD, are now in a tight competition. Not long ago, everyone was talking about Plasma and LCD - which one would win? It became clear to most that Plasma, with its short lifespan of just 3-4 years, was simply not the best choice. In fact, the LCD screen has several benefits over plasma. For instance, LCD screens run much cooler than the average plasma TV, and thus require less power to operate. Plasma TVs run so hot, in fact, that they require a fan to cool them down ? which can be noisy. In addition, plasma screens have a tendency to degrade over time, slowly becoming dimmer. LCD screens, on the other hand, run relatively cool, and do not degrade over time. Some Plasma owners, who have used their TVs for a few years now, have already witnessed the dimming of their screens. Also, LCD screens tend to have overall better picture quality, and are typically 10 to 15 percent lighter than plasma.

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For 3 million years, some 656,000 square miles of ice have covered Greenland. Now it's melting away. According to a study published last week, ice loss ...

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The Daytona 500 is stock car racing's biggest, most celebrated race of the year -- and that shows how different NASCAR is than any other sports league.

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You've heard about the budget deficit, legalizing marijuana, and highway tolls, but there are dozens of other issues being addressed by proposed new laws in ...

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As cord-cutting grows, folks who stick with cable and satellite are getting squeezed.

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Hamas using coded messages on a satellite television station and social media to plot a series of attacks on Israel  Weekly Blitz

Yaakov Lappin. Coded messages on a satellite television station and Facebook are some of the tools Hamas has been using to plot a series of terrorist atrocities ...

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For people who crave water travel but abhor mainstream cruises, this mixed cargo/passenger ship delivers an adventure that can safely be praised as unique.

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We interrupted your weekend to tell you about an excellent surprise sale that we didn't want you to miss. For a limited time, Amazon slashed the price of its Fire ...

Tired of your cable or satellite bill? YouTube TV just arrived in Idaho  Idaho Statesman

YouTube TV is now available in Boise, the Treasure Valley and other parts of Idaho. The live streaming *service* is an alternative to cable and satellite TV.

New Sky TV deals might be exactly what some customers have been waiting for

SKY has launched some big new deals that offer customers lower prices on these popular channels.

United Drops Fee for In-Flight Satellite Television, Movies  Bloomberg

United Continental Holdings Inc. is dropping the fee to watch DirecTV live television and films on jets equipped with the *service*.

China hands over satellite TV project to Uganda government  Daily Monitor

KAMPALA. The Chinese government has completed a digital television project that will see more than 500 villages across Uganda access digital television.

SOS: Price made right for Beaver Dam man; dial tone returns for Lodi couple

A week ago, Larry Krueger couldn't get the right price for his satellite TV *service*, and Lora and Richard Brumm didn't have a working landline telephone.

The Cubs' deal with Sinclair forces the question: Can you be a sports fan and rely only on free TV?  Chicago Tribune

Cubs fans who — either on principle or out of necessity — won't pay to subscribe to a cable, satellite or streaming *service* are upset at the prospect of not being ...

Delta Airbus A220 coolest features, photos  Business Insider

Delta's new Airbus A220 impressed us its roomy cabin, wide seats, quiet ride, and a window in the bathroom.

Azuri Unveils Custom 32-inch Pay-as-you-go Solar Satellite TV system for Off-grid Africa  Markets Insider

NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Azuri Technologies, a leader in affordable pay-as-you-go solar technology, today unveiled its new 32-inch solar ...

Apple’s March 25 Event Could Bring the Big Bundle That Beats Netflix  Tom's Guide

With Apple likely to hold an event on March 25, here's what the company could be planning for its new video and news streaming services.

3 Cord-Cutting Trend Continues to Hurt Dish's Pay-TV Customer Base  Market Realist

Like all satellite TV providers, Dish Network (DISH) has been struggling to gain pay-TV customers.

Vivacom improves quality of satellite TV  Telecompaper

Bulgarian operator Vivacom moved its satellite TV programmes to Intelsat's IS-38 satellite in two phases. The planned move of all the satellite TV programmes ...

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South Korea's paid TV market is rife with M&A activities through marriages of wireless carriers and cable channel operators after LG Uplus scaled up by joining ...

Chinese govt completes Ugandan village satellite TV project  Telecompaper

The Chinese government has completed a project to provide more than 500 villages in Uganda with access to digital television, reports the Daily Monitor.

M:tel launches satellite TV service in Montenegro  Telecompaper

M:tel is launching a satellite TV *service* in Montenegro, offering over 150 local, regional and global TV channels. During the promotional period, the subscription ...

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We'll show you how to live stream the 2019 Daytona 500 online so you don't miss a minute of NASCAR's first race of the season.

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Two teams that both failed to score a touchdown in Week 1 of the AAF will try to get untracked in the Week 2 finale of the new league's slate of games.

Tired of your cable or satellite bill? YouTube TV has arrived in Idaho  Twin Falls Times-News

Brave enough to peek at your cable or satellite TV bill? Better not — unless you want to groan.

Inuit language producers still hold out hope for TV Nunavut  Nunatsiaq News

Newspaper of record for Nunavut, and the Nunavik territory of Quebec.

Elizabeth Jackson Sells 1,764 Shares of KVH Industries, Inc. (KVHI) Stock  Fairfield Current

KVH Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ:KVHI) insider Elizabeth Jackson sold 1764 shares of the stock in a transaction dated Thursday, February 14th. The stock was sold ...

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Today, GOES-17, the second of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) next-generation geostationary weather satellites, has completed ...

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United grounds fee for in-flight satellite TV, movies  Toronto Sun

United Continental is dropping the fee to watch DirecTV live television and films on jets equipped with the *service*.Free television will now be available on 211 of ...

What’s wrong with this picture? Many consumers have 4K gear, but TV services lag  The Boston Globe

The technology is in tens of millions of homes, but TV networks have yet to make major investments in the format.

After Pulwama Attack, I&B Ministry Tells Channels Not to 'Promote Anti-National Attitudes'  The Wire

The ministry advised against *content* which may contain anything affecting the "integrity of the nation."

Science: Open-access satellite tv for pc knowledge permits monitoring of seasonal inhabitants actions [Report]  Infosurhoy

A massive release of passive-surveillance satellite data of nighttime lights could help researchers in fields ranging from agriculture to epidemiology.

Telephone & Data Systems (TDS) and Frontier Communications (NASDAQ:FTR) Head to Head Survey  Fairfield Current

Telephone & Data Systems (NYSE:TDS) and Frontier Communications (NASDAQ:FTR) are both utilities companies, but which is the superior investment?

Iran bettering its rockets ten years after its first satellite tv for pc launch  Infosurhoy

On 2 February 2009 the Islamic Republic of Iran made its first satellite launch, using a Safir rocket to deploy a small satellite, Omid. Ten years later Iran is ...

High Stakes for Likud as Netanyahu Indictment Looms  Washington Free Beacon

The “Bezeq-Walla! Affair” could lead to Benjamin Netanyahu's indictment—an X factor that could prove fatal to Likud Party hopes in the April 9 elections.

Mayflex forms a Distribution Agreement with Global Invacom  ResponseSource

Mayflex, the distributor of Converged IP Solutions, announces it has formed a distribution agreement with Global Invacom. {{The deal will see Mayflex an...

Auditor alleges state financial director stole $25000 to buy cell phone, satellite TV - Magnolia State Live  Magnolia State Live

Mississippi's state auditor says a former state employee stole nearly $25,000 from his agency to pay personal bills. Auditor Shad White on Wednesday issued a ...

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The talk of retaliation is aimed at ratcheting up jingoism and distracting from questions about the government's failures.

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Looking for a UFC on ESPN 1 live stream? Here is how to watch Francis Ngannou vs. Cain Velasquez live online.

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Broadband Satellite Services Market report shares premium data and relevant insights giving current state of Broadband Satellite Services industry to make this ...

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Most of this sentiment for taking revenge is further fanned and incited by other the top theatrics adopted by several news channels.

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Is satellite TV soon to become obsolete? Cable and fiber optics have been slowly and steadily eating into satellite's share of the global TV market. The success ...

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AT&T just declared the end of the satellite-TV era in the US  Quartz

“We've launched our last satellite,” John Donovan, CEO of AT&T Communications, said in a meeting with analysts on Nov. 29. The AT&T executive effectively ...

Cable and Satellite TV Loss Over 1 Million Subscribers Because of Cord Cutting  Fortune

Cord cutting continues to take a toll on cable and satellite television. The industry lost 1.2 million video subscribers in the third quarter, for a total of 91 million ...

VideoShip launches iNet.Live with the Latin American News Alliance  GlobeNewswire

OTTAWA, Feb. 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ottawa tech firm VideoShip Enterprises Ltd., a global leader in advanced video workflow, distribution and ...

UPDATE 5-AT&T satellite TV numbers disappoint, shares fall  CNBC

AT&T lost more satellite TV customers than Wall Street expected in the third quarter, shedding a net 359000 subscribers, as viewers move to services like Netflix ...

Welcome to the Slow Death of Satellite TV in America  Hackaday

During an earnings call on November 29th, CEO of AT&T Communications John Donovan effectively signed the death warrant for satellite television in the ...

Merger between T-Mobile and Sprint on the line  DW (English)

With their multi-billion-dollar merger in the US still undecided, senior executives of T-Mobile and Sprint took their case to Washington. Some there doubted ...

The first 8K satellite TV broadcasts launched today in Japan  Engadget

As scheduled, at 10 AM local time on December 1st Japanese TV networks began publicly broadcasting 4K and 8K channels via satellite. Even after a couple of ...

From the Archives: Intelsat III and the future of telecommunications  Sydney Morning Herald

50 years ago, as the Intelsat III satellite was launched and our telecommunications capacity dramatically increased, the Herald made some predictions about ...

Liberty Global Prepares to Sell Satellite-TV Business  Bloomberg

Liberty Global Plc is preparing to sell its satellite business in eastern Europe, according to a person familiar with the matter, as it focuses on cable networks in ...

The Beginning of the End for Satellite TV Broadcast?  Display Daily

I'm at CES, in the middle of the press day and I did think about writing about the first impressions, but I'll leave that for later in the week. In the meantime, there ...

Satellite TV companies to pay Iowa $52,000 for consumer fraud violations  Local 5 -

Multiple satellite TV companies will be forced to pay the State of Iowa thousands of dollars after committing consumer fraud violations, the Iowa Attorney ...

Cable and satellite TV providers bled a record number of subscribers in the third quarter  BGR

The ongoing subscriber exodus from traditional paid-TV packages is picking up steam, with a record number of Americans now cutting the cord and going all-in ...

Cord cutting accelerates as pay TV loses 1 million customers in largest-ever quarterly loss  USA TODAY

Pay-TV providers lost more than 1 million customers from July to September, the worst-ever decline – a sign that cord cutting is accelerating.

Cord-cutting slows down, but not for satellite TV  Fast Company

Pity the poor satellite-TV providers. Maybe the idea of getting your TV from a giant dish seemed great at one time, but in the age of cord-cutting it's looking more ...

Residents in the Valley report on a new satellite TV scam  Valley News Live

Crookston, Minn. (Valley News Live)- The Polk County Sheriff's Department is warning the public of a new scam. They say scammers are pretending to be TV ...

​Who needs cable or satellite TV? Cord cutting picks up speed  ZDNet

Video: Sling TV: The challenges -- both business and technical-- of live streaming TV *content*. Read this. Cutting the cord: Why I kicked my cable TV company to ...

DirecTV owner AT&T says it's done buying satellites  SpaceNews

WASHINGTON — AT&T, owner of U.S. satellite television giant DirecTV, is finished buying satellites, executives said Nov. 29. “We've launched our last satellite,” ...

Utah satellite TV company owes 1,100 Iowans free cancellations, refunds  Des Moines Register

A satellite TV company agreed to refund or cancel contracts for more than 1,100 Iowa customers after being accused of violating Iowa's Consumer Fraud Act.

Broadcast, Cable Companies Brace for Fight Over Satellite TV Bill (1)  Bloomberg Law

A bill to allow satellite-TV providers like AT&T Inc.'s DirecTV and Dish Network Corp. to keep sending broadcast TV signals to rural households may lead to ...

New Direct-to-home Satellite TV Bouquet for the Former Yugoslavian Countries from Telekom Srbija and SES  Business Wire

Viewers in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro will soon have access to new *content* delivered by Telekom Srbija from SES' key orbital locat.

Netflix to overtake Sky's satellite TV subscriptions by end of year  The Guardian

The number of subscribers to Netflix in the UK will overtake the number of homes who are signed up to Sky's satellite TV *service* by the end of the year, in a ...

Just How Bleak Is The Future Of Traditional TV?  Forbes

As cord-cutters grow in number, canceling their traditional cable and satellite services, the outlook for traditional TV is going from bad to worse, according to an ...

NAB Launches Fight Against STELAR Renewal  Multichannel News

The fight over renewing the satellite TV license for another half a decade has begun in earnest.

HBO goes dark for Dish, Sling TV customers  East Bay Times

By Scott Moritz and Gerry Smith | Bloomberg News. AT&T Inc.'s HBO and Cinemax programs were pulled from Dish Network's satellite-TV *service* after the two ...

HBO and Cinemax go off the air for Dish and Sling TV over programming dispute with AT&T  USA TODAY

HBO and Cinemax have gone dark from Dish Network's Dish satellite TV *service* and Sling TV streaming *service* over a programming dispute.

What's inside a $41,000 ice shanty? A fireplace, LED party lighting, satellite TV and more  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The fanciest fish houses have a fireplace, satellite TV, a hot shower, party lighting and underwater cameras.

Why millions of Dish Network’s customers have been cut off from HBO  Washington Post

The business dispute that yanked HBO off the air for millions of Americans on Nov. 1 is entering its second week — with no signs of a respite. As many as 2.5 ...

Why Old-Fashioned, Over-the-Air TV Is Booming  Fortune

The number of homes watching free, over-the-air broadcast TV is growing quickly, Nielsen says.

Satellite TV company Dish teams up with Independa for senior care, entertainment  MobiHealthNews

This morning satellite TV company DISH announced that it has teamed up with engagement company Independa. The deal, which is aimed at helping seniors ...

Satellite TV Customers Could Lose WBNG Programs

Television viewers in the Binghamton area may wind up missing some of their favorite programs if a station owner and a satellite company don't reach an ...

TV channels at risk of being cut from cable and satellite  AOL

Comcast and Verizon FiOS are ending its contracts with a popular cable station in the new year.

4 Reasons Roku Is Completely Disrupting Television  Forbes Now

Netflix customer Arthur Michelson demonstrates the online Netflix movie *service* Roku at his home in Palo Alto, Calif., Thursday, July 23, 2009. Television is ...

Worst quarter ever for cable/Satellite TV providers  Hot Air

Contrary to suggestions of a slow-down, the number of Americans severing their ties to cable and satellite TV soared to the largest number ever during the third ...

AT&T has a satellite-TV reception problem  Breakingviews

The U.S. telecom operator splashed out nearly $50 bln for DirecTV in 2015. Since then, video profitability has eroded and efforts to get customers to take a new ...

First 8K Satellite TV Broadcasts Have Begun In Japan  Ubergizmo

Many of us have grown up around televisions from the good old days where they were fuzzy and grainy, so obviously looking at today's landscape...

Programmatic Speeds Satellite TV Advertising, DISH's Robertson  BeetTV

As more TV sets get connected to the Internet, more of them are also being used to place ads bought in real-time to reach specific audiences.

DirecTV dealers push mobile as AT&T announces new streaming service  Business Insider

AT&T has made numerous changes to DirecTV dealer contracts, and recent comments by the company suggest that satellite *service* is on its way out.

Stretch Your Dollar: Cutting the cord on cable, satellite TV

(WTNH) - If staying within your budget is one of your goals this year, cutting down on TV costs will likely help. We are stretching your dollar with a look at how you ...

DirecTV is bleeding subscribers and it's dragging AT&T shares lower  CNBC

AT&T tanked 8 percent Wednesday after reporting its third quarter earnings and revealing its DirecTV division is bleeding subscribers. Here's how the company ...

Why do people in poverty have satellite dishes?

What the satellite dishes of North Philadelphia say to you depends on how you view the poor.

No one wants satellite TV any more  BGR

The entire pay TV industry is being shaken by the emergence of cord-cutting, also known as people realizing they don't have to pay $105 a month for TV. Cable ...

Here's How Cable Giants Can Bring Back Cord-Cutters  Morning Consult

As U.S. telecommunications companies continue to lose large numbers of traditional television subscribers, a Morning Consult/Hollywood Reporter survey may ...

Outlook for Traditional TV Goes From Bad to Worse  The Wall Street Journal

More than 1 million consumers canceled their cable-TV or satellite subscriptions in the past quarter, one of the largest seasonal drops ever, stepping up ...

Nigeria: Govt, China Unveil Satellite TV Scheme  AllAfrica - Top Africa News

Abuja — The federal government and the Chinese government have launched a Satellite TV Project for 1,000 villages in Abuja. Minister of Information and ...

China invests $10m to connect 500 Ugandan villages on satellite TV  East African Business Week

500 villages across Uganda are now connected to digital satellite television in a move to widen the digital migration coverage and increase access to ...

Pay TV Sees Largest Quarterly Loss of 1 Million Customers  Via Satellite

A report in USA Today, cable and satellite TV providers lost about 1.1 million subscribers during the July to September period, the largest quarterly loss ever.

Dish Loses 151,000 Pay TV Subscribers in Second Quarter  Hollywood Reporter

Dish chairman Charlie Ergen told analysts that the removal of three Univision channels for satellite TV and Sling TV subscribers as part of a carriage dispute was ...

Cord-cutters are basically killing satellite TV  Fast Company

Last quarter, satellite TV subscriptions fell by 4.7%, which is the industry's biggest loss yet. The downward spiral of traditional subscribers at Dish Network and ...

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