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DirecTV and DISH Network ? How Do The Two Leading Satellite TV Providers Stack Up?

DirecTV The company known as The DirecTV Group is made up of four main units, which include DirecTV U.S., DirecTV Latin America, PanAmSat, and Hughes Network Systems (HNS). As a group, the organization serves over 12 million U.S. satellite TV customers and another 1.5 million subscribers in Latin countries. Through PanAmSat, they operate a fleet of 25 satellites capable of providing satellite transmissions to 98% of the world. And Hughes Network Systems operates a satellite-based consumer broadband Internet access service known as DirecWay. This component of Hughes has over 180,000 subscribers. HNS is also one of the largest manufacturers of DirecTV set-top receivers. The four different aspects of The DirecTV Group give the company a large, comprehensive base of direct and indirect satellite customers. Their partnerships with technology leaders such as AOL, Microsoft, and TiVo also add to their customer base. There are plans for improving and expanding services in efforts to attract more customers. Hughes Network Services is developing SPACEWAY, a more advanced satellite broadband communications package that is expected to provide customers with more affordable high-speed, two-way data communications. SPACEWAY is expected to be introduced in 2005. DirecTV has been actively working to increase the number of markets where they offer local programming. In January of this year, the company added 18 new markets that will receive local channels via the DirecTV(R) programming service. By year-end, the company plans to offer local channels in a minimum of 130 markets, representing 92% of U.S. television households. Continued marketing and development of their HDTV and DVR products will also be a part of their plans to expand their customer base. Two different basic dish designs and several different manufacturers provide DirecTV consumers with a number of dish options. DirecTV subscribers have a choice of two basic dish designs for their satellite service. The round dish is the more common 18" design that has been popular across the country. The oval dish or low noise blockdown (LNB) dish is able to receive information from more than one satellite and is required for those who want to receive local channels, HDTV, or Spanish language programming. Popular manufacturers of DirecTV compatible dishes include Hughes, Sony, Phillips, and RCA. Current DirecTV sales and deals offer the satellite dish and other equipment for free with a one-year commitment. It could cost anywhere from $50 to over $200 to purchase the DirecTV compatible dish separately.

A to Z in Dish Network deals

First, what's Dish Network?

Troubleshooting your Cable Box

Unless you?ve recently moved from Alaska to Texas and you?re feeling a little homesick, chances are that the last thing you want to see when you turn on your TV is snow. Combine a snowy screen with that loud, obnoxious static sound, and you?ve got a problem on your hands. Fortunately you don?t have to be techie to fix your cable box ? just follow these simple troubleshooting steps to get picture back in no time.

A Guide to Buying Your Next TV

It used to be simple; when you bought a new TV you looked at 3 basic things: Price, Quality, and Screen Size. Aside from a few features, all sets were pretty much the same. Today, things are not quite as simple. Buying a new TV can be frustrating and confusing. Progress is usually a good thing, and for that matter, so is competition. Progress gives manufacturers the technology needed to produce new and innovative products, while competition forces them to offer better products at lower prices. The consumer is definitely the winner here, but along with the good we must take a little of the bad. All this leads to more choices and options when considering the purchase of a new TV. Along with Price, Quality, and Screen Size, the modern day TV buyer must also consider Display Type, HDTV or SDTV, Sound Options, and Connectivity of Components.

Looking For Satellite TV?

It was 1994 and I had moved into another home and learned that the cable TV line had not been installed to my house. When the cable company told me they would have to dig up my yard to put the line in I wasn't pleased with the idea or the price they quoted me to do it.

A Brief on United States Satellite TV Deals

Want to know more about United States satellite TV business despite getting those 'free' satellite TV deals?

In the know: Dish Network DVR

What's a DVR system and what else can it brings for us?

Satellite TV Deals FAQ

Satellite TV 'What'?

HDTV: An Introduction

HDTV stands for High Definition Television, and if you live in the USA, Australia, or Japan you may already have experienced it. There are three key differences between HDTV and what's become known as standard definition TV ie regular NTSC, PAL or SECAM. The three differences are; an increase in picture resolution, 16:9 widescreen as standard, and the ability to support multi-channel audio such as Dolby Digital.

Free Satellite TV -- Myth or Real?

Free satellite TV is the biggest myths on the internet, is this statement true?

The Potential Conundrum of Regulating Pay-TV

In last week's column, I argued the merits (or rather the lack thereof) of extending decency regulations to cable and satellite TV. This week, I'll point out just how much of a quagmire this would actually be and how difficult it would be to implement, regardless of the merits.

HDTV and the iPod Photo: A Perfect Marriage?

They may seem like an odd combination, but the iPod photo could be the perfect choice for anyone who wants to view photo slideshows on an HDTV. The iPod photo can store thousands of digital photos, and syncs with a Mac or PC via iTunes. It will read any slideshows you?ve created in iPhoto on a Mac or Photoshop Album on a PC and copy them to the iPod. Alternatively you can tell it to copy a folder full of images from your hard drive as a slideshow.

No More DirecWay? I Believe the writing is on the wall...

As one who has been directly involved in selling DirecWay satellite internet products, sold competitive Enterprise Satellite internet products, has a background in financial analysis and business information reporting.... and studied HNS for over 4 years, I?ve come to the conclusion that the end might be near for DirecWay satellite internet in the U.S. Bear with me now......this ownership stuff gets a bit convoluted....keep in mind, this in no way affects DirecTV customers.

Cable TV And Satellite TV - Which Is The Better System?

Cable TV and satellite TV - which is the better system? There's a battle going on between Cable TV and Satellite TV. Today, consumers have a choice between conventional cable TV, digital cable TV, and all-digital satellite TV. Do you want to know which of the TV system is best for you? Lets compare cable TV and satellite TV head-to-head here.


Two new technologies in the world of TV, DLP and LCD, are now in a tight competition. Not long ago, everyone was talking about Plasma and LCD - which one would win? It became clear to most that Plasma, with its short lifespan of just 3-4 years, was simply not the best choice. In fact, the LCD screen has several benefits over plasma. For instance, LCD screens run much cooler than the average plasma TV, and thus require less power to operate. Plasma TVs run so hot, in fact, that they require a fan to cool them down ? which can be noisy. In addition, plasma screens have a tendency to degrade over time, slowly becoming dimmer. LCD screens, on the other hand, run relatively cool, and do not degrade over time. Some Plasma owners, who have used their TVs for a few years now, have already witnessed the dimming of their screens. Also, LCD screens tend to have overall better picture quality, and are typically 10 to 15 percent lighter than plasma.

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Orby TV Hitches Ride with Eutelsat to Launch New Satellite TV Service  Multichannel News

After shining a light on the management structure for its new U.S. satellite TV *service* that quietly soft-launched earlier this year, Orby TV Friday released more ...

AT&T is exploring the sale of DirecTV. Could Dish be the savior?

Telecom giant AT&T, under pressure from an activist investor, is exploring a possible sale of its satellite TV unit DirecTV, a source familiar with the matter ...

Orby TV links up with Eutelsat for new prepaid satellite TV service in U.S.  FierceVideo

AMSTERDAM – Orby TV, a new prepaid satellite TV *service* launching in the U.S., is hitching a ride with Eutelsat through a newly announced multi-year ...

AT&T may drop DirecTV as satellite TV becomes irrelevant  PhoneArena

AT&T recently finished the rebranding of DirecTV, but he *service* might end up in the cemetery of the obsolete products after all.

October 18th: TV Rescan Day  WSBT-TV

If you currently receive WSBT 22 (Channel 22. 1 - CBS) or FOX Michiana (Channel 22. 2 FOX) in South Bend, you will need to rescan your television set on or ...

60M TV viewers will cut the cord within five years, study predicts  Fox Business

A study from Roku that shows how quickly the shift from Pay TV to streaming is accelerating.

Orby TV Links Up With Eutelsat for New Prepaid Satellite TV Service  Light Reading

Revealing a few more technical details behind a recently launched prepaid satellite TV *service*, Orby TV has hooked up with Eutelsat Americas to supply critical ...

Start-up Orby TV Beams into U.S. Satellite TV Biz with Pre-Pay Play  Multichannel News

Sure, people laughed at Jeff Binder when he launched a cable TV start-up back in 2015 … until he sold Layer 3 TV to T-Mobile for $325 million.

Derek Redd: Streaming in your WVU TV future  Charleston Gazette-Mail

First, the bad news: If you want to watch Saturday's West Virginia-Kansas football game, you either need to subscribe to ESPN's new streaming *service*, ESPN+ ...

AT&T and Dish are reportedly not in talks over DirecTV deal  CNBC

"So there's been some stories out there about the industrial logic about putting 2 satellite providers. It hasn't been successful and I don't know that there's any ...

Get Paid $1,300 to Watch 13 Stephen King Movies, or Keep Your Pants Dry.  Thrillist

Dish is looking to hire someone to watch 13 movies based on Stephen King novels before Halloween.

AT&T is reportedly exploring a sale of DirecTV  jacksonprogress-argus

AT&T is considering selling DirecTV, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Ongoing satellite TV dispute leaves football fans in the dark  Yakima Herald-Republic

The NFL's 100th season kicked off Thursday night with a game between two storied franchises, the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears.

AT&T pushed to unload DirecTV as troubles mount, Dish may be best option  Fox Business

As the troubles pile up on AT&T Inc.'s DirecTV subsidiary, Wall Street bankers have been inundating the telecom giant with proposals to sell off the satellite TV ...

TiVo Survey: OTT Viewing Time Approaching Live TV 09/20/2019  MediaPost Communications

OTT viewing time is starting to approach that of live TV, according to TiVo's Video Trends Report for second quarter 2019 (chart above). More than half (52.4%) ...

Watch 13 spooky Stephen King flicks by Halloween and earn $1,300  New York Daily News

With a new promotion, U.S. Dish came up with the scary idea to pay one person $1300 to watch 13 Stephen King films before Halloween and to document the ...

Stocks making the biggest moves premarket: AT&T, Microsoft, Darden Restaurants, Tesla & more  CNBC

Check out the companies making headlines before the bell: Darden Restaurants – The parent of Olive Garden and other restaurant chains reported adjusted ...

What Could AT&T Do With DirecTV?  24/7 Wall St.

At the end of June, AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) reported that the company had 21.58 million combined subscribers for its DirecTV satellite and U-verse broadband ...

Where to find Bounce TV WBRC 6.2  WBRC

A list of providers in central Alabama that carry Bounce TV WBRC 6.2.

Satellite TV: Market Integration of Latest Technologies into Existent Offerings with Key Players, Trends Analysis, Product Usability Profiles and Forecasts 2024 – Optimum, Verizon, Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable, Broadstripe  Rapid News Network

The Satellite TV market revenue was xx.xx Million USD in 2014, grew to xx.xx Million USD in 2018, and will reach xx.xx Million USD in 2024, with a CAGR of ...

Comcast Stock Is Beating the Market This Year. Here’s How It Plans to Thrive in the Era of Cord-Cutting.  Barron's

CEO Brian Roberts announced that Xfinity broadband internet-only customers would get a free Xfinity Flex streaming box included with their *service*.

EUTELSAT 117 West A selected by Orby TV for new United States DTH satellite service  Yahoo Finance

Eutelsat Americas, a subsidiary of Eutelsat Communications (Euronext Paris: ETL), has been selected by Orby TV for capacity on the EUTELSAT 117 West A ...

How Fox’s WWE ‘Friday Night SmackDown’ Air Times Will Differ From USA Network Era  TheWrap

The Fox era of WWE "Friday Night SmackDown" starts two weeks from tomorrow, but before fans across the country set their DVRs, they might want to read this.

Black Households Are Saving Money By Streaming Their TV Channels

USAstreamsTV, a Black-owned company, is using technology to help break barriers that have limited many African Americans from having affordable access to ...

Nielsen's Gracenote Launches ID Distribution System for Movies, TV Programs, Short-Form Video and Related Content  MarTech Series

New Platform Empowers *Content* Owners to More Easily and Broadly Distribute Video *Content* to World's Top TV and Video Services. Gracenote, a Nielsen ...

Fox affiliate WXIN-TV, CBS affiliate WTTV-TV get new owner after FCC approves Tribune sale  Indianapolis Star

The FCC has approved the sale to Nexstar of the parent company of two Indianapolis TV stations: Fox affiliate WXIN-TV and CBS affiliate WTTV-TV.

Emmys 2019: Winner predictions, start time, how to watch  CNET

The cast and crew of Outstanding Drama Series winner Game of Thrones in the press room during the 70th Emmy Awards on Sept. 17, 2018.

DealBook Briefing: The Debate Over Profits vs. Public Interest Continues  The New York Times

Many C.E.O.s say they'll focus on helping their communities. Others say they're sticking with profits. It shows that Corporate America has more thinking to do.

New Orleans Pelicans announce 2019-20 broadcast schedule

September 19, 2019 NEW ORLEANS – The New Orleans Pelicans announced today the television and radio broadcast schedule for the upcoming 2019-20 ...

TODAY'S TMJ4 is moving frequencies. Here's what you need to know  WTMJ-TV

By law, nearly 1000 television stations across the country are required to move frequencies to make room for wireless internet broadband services. As a result ...

Reader's View: Support fair negotiations for satellite TV  Duluth News Tribune

Across the country, more than 870,000 satellite customers rely on the ability of companies like AT&T to deliver network programming no matter where they are ...

New U.S. Satellite Television Provider Orby TV Announces Senior Management Team for First-Ever Dedicated Prepaid Pay Television Service  Business Wire

Orby TV (, a new and affordable prepaid satellite television *service*, announced its senior management team, led by Co-Founder and CEO,

Return local TV to satellites | Share your thoughts  knopnews2

Nebraska news is important to Nebraskans. It's been a historic year with deadly flooding, non-stop severe weather, layoffs affecting local families and more.

AT&T to lose 1.1 million TV subscribers as DirecTV continues nosedive  Ars Technica

AT&T expects to lose about 1.1 million TV customers in the third quarter as it faces pressure from an investment group that says AT&T's increased focus on the ...

Global Pay TV Forecasts 2018-2024  PRNewswire

DUBLIN, Sept. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The "Global Pay TV Forecasts Update" report has been added to's offering. This research ...

Roku: Video Streamers to Surpass Pay-TV in Five Years  Media Play News

Erik Gruenwedel. September 18, 2019. Share on Facebook; Tweet · Send email. Roku Sept. 18 released a new study that claims about 60 million TV ...

In This Interactive Football League, Fans Pick the Plays

Your Call Football's streaming app platform lets fans control the actions of real live players, earning points and winning prizes.

Analyst on AT&T: Who is going to buy DirecTV?  Yahoo News

AT&T (T) is reportedly weighing a sale or spinoff of DirecTV, the satellite TV provider it acquired only four years ago for $49 billion, but one analyst doesn't see a ...

AT&T’s confusing mess of online TV services even has AT&T confused  Ars Technica

AT&T recently made the baffling decision to offer two separate streaming TV services with nearly identical names and to deliver those two distinct services ...

AT&T Told to Sell DirecTV by Hedge Fund Investor  Multichannel News

AT&T's top management has been asked by a hedge fund investor to sell its struggling DirecTV satellite TV operation. Elliott Management put out a press ...

M7 keeps MTV's music channels on Diveo  Broadband TV News

MTV's music channels will remain available to the subscribers of M7 Group's German TV platform Diveo after their switch-off on the Astra satellite system (19.2° ...

HBO Go vs HBO Now: Which one is better for you?  ValueWalk

HBO offers two different ways - HBO Go and HBO Now - to let users stream *content* on the go. In this HBO Go vs HBO Now comparison, let's check.

Global Pay TV Review & Forecasts, 2010-2024 - Worldwide Pay TV Subscriptions Up, Revenues Down -  Yahoo Finance

The "Global Pay TV Forecasts Update" report has been added to's offering.

Hisense O8B OLED TV review (H55O8BUK)  Pocket-lint

The Hisense O8B is a 4K OLED TV with support for high dynamic range (HDR). It represents the Chinese giant's first venture into this self-emissive display ...

Here are the AEW commercials that aired during NXT last night  Cageside Seats

Let the Wednesday Night Wars begin. On Wednesday night, during NXT's first live show on the USA Network, All Elite Wrestling had their own version of a run-in ...

San Diego-Based TV Network Sues Rachel Maddow for Calling It ‘Russian Propaganda’  KTLA Los Angeles

A conservative television network sued Rachel Maddow for more than $10 million on Monday for calling it "paid Russian propaganda." One America News filed ...

Nexstar Closes $4.1B Tribune Deal, Becoming No. 1 US Local TV Station Owner  Herald Publicist

Nexstar mentioned Thursday it has closed its acquisition of Tribune Media for $7.2 billion, together with debt, vaulting to the place of No. 1 proprietor of.

Tiny misalignment of satellite dishes responsible for Iqaluit TV disruption  Yahoo News Canada

Arctic Co-Operatives says the cable issues that customers in Iqaluit have been experiencing for the better part of a month, should all be resolved by the end of ...

Deals of the day-Mergers and acquisitions  Reuters Africa

Adds Air France-KLM, Heliopolis Housing; Updates Casino, Oi SA)

Satellite TV boost for francophone West Africa  Developing Telecoms

Media *content* distributor ViewMedia is planning to launch a new digital broadcast platform for francophone West Africa on the AMOS-17 satellite.

AT&T reportedly considering TV U-turn

A report is suggesting AT&T is mulling over the prospect of selling its DirecTV assets as pressure mounts on the management team.

It's TV: How AT&T is reshaping HBO with the help of 'Big Bang Theory'

It's safe to say "The Big Bang Theory," a mass-market broadcast comedy that TV critics tend to find barely watchable with a laugh track (and intolerable without it) ...

AT&T TV: An Unskinny Streaming Bundle That Looks a Lot Like Traditional Pay TV  Variety

AT&T this week launched AT&T TV, a new subscription streaming television *service* that uses an Android-based internet set-top, in 10 markets. But the way it's ...

Fed in a bind  Politico

Editor's Note: This edition of Morning Money is published weekdays at 8 a.m. POLITICO Pro Financial Services subscribers hold exclusive early access to the ...

Asia-Pacific Pay TV Market Review 2010-2019 & Forecast to 2024  GlobeNewswire

Dublin, Sept. 02, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Asia Pacific Pay TV Forecasts" report has been added to's offering. The Asia ...

DirecTV will televise 11 Thursday night games in 4K

For those, like me, who rushed to get a DirecTV 4K receiver several years ago only to wonder when anything worth watching in 4K would be televised in that ...

Frndly TV: A cheap way get Hallmark Channel, Weather Channel and more without cable  TechHive

Sometimes just one channel stands in the way of someone cutting the cable TV cord. And given what I've heard from readers, it can often be something niche ...

Diveo to show MTV music channels in Germany from end Sept  Telecompaper

German satellite TV provider Diveo said that it will start to broadcast the music channel MTV in Germany from the end of September. ...

Categorized Satellite tv for pc: FIA RADAR 1 [37162]  Advanced Imaging Pro

Music: “Lividium” by Shojin. Location: Denver, CO Date & Time: Tuesday, September 08, 2015, 9:09:11 PM. TLE Knowledge: FIA Radar 1 1 37162U 10046A ...

'UFC 244: Masvidal vs Diaz' Live Stream: Watch Press Conference Online  COED

Looking for a UFC 244: Masvidal vs Diaz live stream? Here is how to watch the pre-fight press conference live online.

Rapid TV News - IBC 2019: Eutelsat returns to US mass market with Orby  Rapid TV News

As it builds out its offer that it launched in 2018, next-generation, low-cost *service* provider Orby TV has engaged Eutelsat Americas for satellite capacity on ...

Sling TV agrees new partnership with LaLiga North America  Telecompaper

The Sling TV *service* of US satellite TV company Dish Network has agreed a new partnership with LaLiga North America to give football (soccer) fans access to ...

Direct-To-Home (DTH) Satellite TV Services Market: Explosive Growth On Account Of Its Benefits Over The Traditional Cable Tv  TodayTimes

The direct-to-home (DTH) satellite television market services has transformed the mass electronic communication industry quite dramatically. It entails the ...

Mobile Satellite TV Market with Report In Depth Industry Analysis on Trends, Gro  News By ReportsGO

The Mobile Satellite TV Market Report offer the complete scenario of the industry and valuation of upcoming Trends for future market. It also gives the analytic of ...

Airtel Xstream: A Converged Digital Entertainment Solution  The Quint

The next generation of viewers is here, and they are consuming *content* on all types of devices. Yes, we mean the millennials. Whether it's directly on their ...

All TV channels on board Bangabandhu Satellite  The Daily Star

The commercial potential of Bangabandhu Satellite–1 is finally coming into being more than a year after its launch as all 34 local television channels are set to ...

What makes Mobile Satellite TV Market Outperforming its Substitutes  TornadoNews24

HTF MI recently introduced North America Mobile Satellite TV Market study with in-depth overview, describing about the Product / Industry Scope and elaborates ...

America's Got Talent Finale Live Stream 2019: Watch Online  COED

Looking for an 'America's Got Talent' Finale live stream? Here is how to watch the season 14 finale live online.

Shyam Ramsay of Ramsay brothers dies at 67  Times of India

India News: NEW DELHI: Film director Shyam Ramsay, who introduced the pleasure of getting spooked to a generation of moviegoers with films like Purana ...

Appear TV exhibit new features on all products at IBC 2019  Broadcasting & Cable

Amsterdam, September 14, 2019 – Appear TV, a leading provider of next-generation high-quality video processing platforms for broadcast and streaming, ...

StarTimes pledges to support agriculture transformation in Africa  GhanaWeb

Chinese electronics and media firm StarTimes has pledged to make its strong presence in Africa to support the transformation of agriculture on the continent.

Mobile Satellite TV Market – Major Technology Giants in Buzz Again | Alcatel-Lucent, AT&T, DiBcom, DISH Network  ScoopJunction

A new Profession Intelligence Report released by Stats and Reports with the title Global Mobile Satellite TV Market “can grow into the most important market in ...

Airtel Xstream Stick hands-on pictures show the new streaming dongle  BGR India

Airtel launched its Xstream Stick with built-in Chromecast in India early this month. The device is priced at Rs 3,999 and is being sold online via Flipkart. It is also ...

How Orby TV Is Targeting Cord-Cutters

Orby TV is a new. low-price satellite TV *service* that offers an alternative to other pay TV and streaming services, but, Consumer Reports says. it's not for ...

Airtel Xstream Box vs Airtel Digital TV compared: Prices, features and is it worth upgrading?  The Indian Express

Airtel Digital TV vs Xstream Box Recharge Plans, Packs, Channels List, Price List, Offers, Features: Airtel recently launched its Xstream *service* with a special ...

Orby TV Launches Pay-as-You-Go Satellite TV Service  Hollywood Reporter

Orby TV, an L.A.-based startup led by former Starz executive Michael Thornton as CEO, has launched a pay-as-you-go satellite television *service* with free local ...

Independent TV now using Bangabandhu-I

Independent Television, one of the leading 24-hour news channels, has started its broadcasting through Bangabandhu Satellite-I, officials said yesterday.

Cable Claiming ‘Outsized Share’ of Satellite-TV Ditchers  Multichannel News

Dish Network and DirecTV continue to bleed massive amounts of satellite TV customers, 809000 in the first quarter alone, and a whopping 2.3 million in 2018.

Direct-to-Home (DTH) Satellite Television Services Market Latest Trend with Top key players: Sun Direct TV Private Limited, SES SA, Eutelsat  ScoopJunction

A new Market Research from Stats & Reports, the Global Direct-to-Home (DTH) Satellite Television Services Market 2019-25, is expected to show tremendous ...

Airtel Xstream 4K Set-Top Box Brings Satellite TV and OTT Content Together: What Does it Mean?  TelecomTALK

One of the significant advantages for Airtel Xstream Box is the combination of Satellite TV and OTT *content* which is unique.

Dish loses more satellite TV customers as it embarks on a 5G mobile future  The Verge

Days after outlining how it plans to rise from out of nowhere as a major wireless provider in the United States and launch 5G *service* by the end of next year, Dish ...

AT&T, Dish Are Open to Merging Satellite-TV Divisions  Bloomberg

AT&T Inc.'s DirecTV and Dish Network Corp., suffering the steepest subscriber losses in the pay-TV industry, are open to a merger and both companies believe ...

Reports: AT&T, Dish open to merging satellite TV units  CNBC

CNBC's Julia Boorstin brings news on reports that Dish Network and AT&T would be open to merging their satellite TV businesses, but no active talks seem to ...

The Future Of Satellite TV Is Unclear 03/06/2019  MediaPost Communications

The longtime main competitor to landline-based cable TV operators -- as well as fiber-based telco services -- is now being usurped by Internet-delivered ...

Need to Recycle Your Satellite TV Dish? Read This First

While plastic & metal are both recyclable, satellite providers still seem to be sending mixed signals when it comes to satellite TV dish disposal.

Airtel Digital TV launches new monthly and yearly base packs  BGR India

Telecom and Satellite TV provider Airtel Digital TV seems to have launched a number of new plans for its subscribers. According to new information that ...

Satellite TV service for owner-operators from EpicVue  Commercial Carrier Journal

“With fleet use of our in-cab satellite TV for drivers growing, we had steadily rising interest from independent operators,” said Lance Platt, CEO of EpicVue.

Cable and Satellite TV's Year From Hell in One Graph  TheWrap

Cord-cutting has ramped up to record-levels in the last year, with about 5 million customers ditching their cable and satellite companies.

Mobile Satellite TV Market to Witness a Pronounce Growth During 2025: Alcatel-Lucent, AT&T, DiBcom  The Connect News

Mobile Satellite TV Market Report provides detailed insight, industry knowledge, market forecasts, and analytics. Report on Global Mobile Satellite TV Industry ...

AT&T just declared the end of the satellite-TV era in the US  Quartz

“We've launched our last satellite,” John Donovan, CEO of AT&T Communications, said in a meeting with analysts on Nov. 29. The AT&T executive effectively ...

EpicVue launches in-cab satellite TV packages for owner-operators  Overdrive Magazine

Owner-operators can now subscribe independently to EpicVue's in-cab satellite TV *service*, the company announced this week. The *service* for owner-operators ...

Airtel Digital TV or the Pricier Airtel Xstream Box: Which One is the Worthier Choice?  TelecomTALK

Airtel Digital TV set-top box comes with common functionalities whereas, the Xstream Box is a hybrid STB.

Broadcasters to FCC: Leave Satellite TV Fee Alone  Broadcasting & Cable

The FCC should not levy the same user fee on satellite stations that it does on their mother ships. That is according to station group owners Nexstar and Gray ...

SAT>IP on Delivering the Future of Satellite TV  Via Satellite

With consumer expectations constantly evolving in a saturated market, pay TV operators need a reliable and efficient way to broadcast high quality *content*, ...

Government officials blocked his website, so he went over their heads  CNET

Mehdi Yahyanejad started building things early. While a college student in Tehran, Iran, during the 1990s, he tried to make a satellite dish for the receiver he'd ...

N4T Investigators: Satellite TV installer indicted  KVOA Tucson News

TUCSON – “He's a thief. He scammed many people out of money,” said Veronica Todd. “I'm just disgusted that he would do that,” Sylvia Sherry told the News 4 ...

AT&T's DirectTV, Dish May Merge Satellite TV Divisions  Via Satellite

AT&T Inc.'s DirecTV and Dish Network Corp., suffering the steepest subscriber losses in the pay-TV industry, are open to a merger and both companies believe ...

Watching the 2019 Rugby World Cup from your couch may be better than being there  702

The only thing that can beat watching broadcast sport these days, is watching it live at the ground. But that is under threat as TV and social media are beginning ...

Cable and satellite TV sinks again as online streaming soars  Ars Technica

Cord cutting continued at a steady rate in 2018, as cable and satellite TV providers in the United States lost more than 3 million video subscribers, a new report ...

AT&T Gets Serious About Sunsetting Satellites  Broadcasting & Cable

In case you haven't heard, AT&T is done launching DirecTV satellites. The telecom, which purchased satellite-TV company DirecTV for $48.5 billion in 2015, has ...

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