A Simple $20.00 Investment Can Protect You, Your Family and Your Nest Egg!

Diane T. Creston

NY - 07/23/04 - What if you discovered that twenty dollars could give you access to an array of valuable information that addresses the lifestyle, needs and financial interests of people 50 and over. Well, a twenty dollar annual membership in Senior Resources of America, headquartered in West Hills, California, does just that and more.

As a member, youll have access to the Members Only website...special events and Solutions For Life, a newsletter filled with exciting features and the latest news. Youll find insightful advice about healthy lifestyles, financial planning, consumer protection, caring for parents and a variety of difficult issues that you may face as your parents age. Senior Resources has all the answers. And, if by chance they dont, they will find the answer for you.

Upcoming newsletter topics will include:

  • “Blended Families...His, Mine and Ours”
  • “The Latest Medicare Revisions”
  • "Just say no to retirement"
  • "Age is irrelevant"
  • “Turn the value of your home into cash with a reverse mortgage. Is it right for you”
  • “Share creative play with your mini Picasso grandkids!”
  • “What is Elder Law
  • “What is an A-B Trust”


In many cases, membership in Senior Resources has resulted in major quality of life improvements. A member, whos living on a fixed income, recently called for advice about her soaring monthly prescription bills. She couldnt stop taking her medicine that was costing hundreds of dollars a month, so she was forced to choose between food and rent, or her medications. The caring staff at Senior Resources found an excellent, low cost prescription plan that makes it possible for her to purchase her medications and live an independent life.

In another case, an elderly woman was literally confined to her home by her abusive children. Prescriptions werent being filled in a timely manner and her children did not provide her with sufficient food. She contacted Senior Resources and the staff contacted the authorities and legal counsel to help her with her plight.

Other members has saved thousands of dollars in legal fees for living trusts, wills and other financial matters.


The TOLL-FREE Senior Hotline gives you a gateway to information and resources impacting seniors, including:

  • Disability planning
  • Financial planning
  • Grandchildren issues
  • Long terms care insurance and planning
  • Social Security
  • Medicare, Medicaid and Medigap insurance
  • Nursing home planning
  • Geriatric care and planning
  • Retirement living
  • Prescription drug issues and benefits

Senior Resources Travel Program:

  • Receive special member’s rate on our inaugural Grandparent/Grandchild Cruise Summer, 2004. Create an oral and visual family history with your grandchildren and learn much more.

Senior Financial Services Network:

Access to a list of prescreened and pre-approved companies providing services to seniors in the areas of:

  • Real Estate Sales and Purchases
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Prescription drug issues and benefits

Seminars, Workshops and Lectures that address issues and trends affecting you and the Senior Community.


Thomas R. Lee and Douglas M. Neistat established Senior Resources of America because they realize the significance of providing quality senior related services to people age 50+. Their philosophy is that this rapidly growing demographic group will continue to increase and its vital that seniors and elders receive appropriate and skilled legal representation.

Thomas R. Lee has been practicing Senior Law since 1974 and has represented over 10,000 seniors. Mr. Lee is a member of The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys and The American Society on Aging and the California Advocates for Nursing Home Reforms.

Douglas M. Neistat was admitted to practice in 1973 and specializes in asset planning and protection, business reorganization, bankruptcy and debt restructuring. He also served as a non-executive director for West 175 Media Group, Inc.; a public company listed on the London Stock Exchange from 1996 to 2002 and chaired its remuneration committee. Mr. Neistat is certified as a Mediator to the United States Bankruptcy Court and laws appointed by the Los Angeles Chief of Police to its financial counseling team.

One low annual fee of $19.95 USD...less than six cents a day...gives you a world of resources and information



Senior Resources of America…“Solutions for Life”

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