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How To Get Paid Every Time You Speak - REALLY!

For many, speaking or training is a full time business. Yet for other business owners, we use speaking/training as a way to market a business and bring in extra income. No matter which it is? all or part of your business gets paid!

Ten Fatal Flaws Frequently Found from the Podium

1. No clear purpose for the presentation. What is the point and focus of the speech?

The Ten Habits of Highly Effective Speakers

Successful speakers do not do all the right things all the time. They often take risks and risk bombing. But all top speakers take daily action, to move towards their goals with many adjustments. Here are ten ways to be a highly effective speaker.

Speaking On Your Feet

Your ability to communicate effectively will account for most of your success in life. As we move farther into the communication age, we are becoming more and more dependant on being able to communicate and interact effectively with others. Your ability to interact with other people effectively will determine your success far more than your level of skills in any field.

Speech Coach?s Tips to Public Speaking Success

It is inevitable that at times during our careers or personal lives; we will be required to provide a presentation or public speech to a group of people. Perhaps the group is a group of peers; perhaps the audience will be senior or top-level management; perhaps the group will be comprised of people who wish to learn something from you. This is an opportunity that can boost or hinder your career path. When the day comes to provide a public presentation, will you know what to do to create and present an effective speech? Will you put the audience to sleep? Or will you be able to hold the attention of most of the audience? While you may wish you had listened more during that speech coach?s presentation last year, you still have to get ready to hold the interest of an audience for a specific period of time. Professional speech coaches will always stress that preparation is the key to success in public speaking.

Poised for Success: How Developing Self-Awareness Can Improve Your Presentations

There are a number of factors that determine how your audience will judge you and subsequently your message, one of the most visible being your posture. Posture is a reflection of your attitude and may at times betray your misgivings or uncertainties in difficult situations like an important presentation. You would normally not consider revealing your inner most thoughts to your audience about exactly how you feel about your new product or service; but your body language may be doing just that. A substantial part of communication is based on non-verbal aspects such as body language. When preparing a presentation much thought is given to its content yet there is far more to it than just words. Some of the best-prepared presentations can be badly let down by how you look and behave during the delivery. When Richard Nixon spoke to the American public of his involvement in the Watergate scandal his performance was received more favourably by radio audiences than those who saw a worried, hunched and perspiring president on the television. How you hold yourself, the movements you make and the gestures you use all contribute to how well your presentation is received.

How To Start With Public Speaking

I don?t know how many books, articles, manuals and scripts have been written on that topic. But, I am sure that now there is one more. So why do I dare to write another one? Because I have to contribute a different perspective. I found that all these ?how-to? writings about speaking focus on 2 basic things:

20 Tips to Becoming a Professional Speaker: How to be a Rising Star

Entering the speaking industry can be both daunting and exciting. It is an excellent environment where you can make a real difference in the lives of your audience. It is a rewarding and challenging industry to be part of. If you are keen to become a professional speaker, try these tips: Find a buddy ? make a friend with another speaker who is at a similar stage to you in their speaking career to be able to share ideas, questions, frustrations and wins with them.

Take The Fear Out Of Public Speaking

You?re a bright, dynamic executive. You?ve been scheduled to give a major company presentation. You?re sitting in the audience waiting your turn to speak. You hear your name and start walking stiffly to the lectern.

Get Real

Humans are born storytellers, but our education system doesn?t help us develop these natural talents that we all have. Instead, society increasingly homogenizes us, covering up the things that make us unique. The media, too, bombards us with messages that encourage us to emulate the celebrity of the week, or to try the latest fad.

How to Use Public Speaking to Attract Clients

When Robert Middleton moved his marketing consulting practice, Action Plan Marketing, to Palo Alto, California several years ago, he started his business from scratch. He had left his well-established client base several miles away and now had to find strategies to generate new clients.

Youre Making Me Nervous

Almost everybody is nervous when they stand up to speak. There?s no shame in being nervous. However, if you are too nervous, your anxiety will spread to your audience, making them nervous in turn.

Be a Guest Speaker and Attract Business

Being a guest speaker in front of the right audience can be an excellent way to attract new business. Many clubs, organizations, conventions, and trade shows seek guest speakers who can provide useful information to their audience. The opportunity to speak in front of an attentive group can certainly boost your business, whether you are a service or product provider.

Five Tired, Worn Out Speaking Cliches

The subject of public speaking is riddled with tired, worn out cliches we ought to throw out. Here are a few to let go of:

Executive Public Speaking for English as a Second Language (ESL)

Public Speaking is a challenging skill. It is TOUGH! For some of you, it?s probably the hardest thing you will ever do; and I can sympathize. Standing in front of the employees and coworkers that you want, (or need) to impress, all the while hoping that you remain clear, memorable, persuasive, entertaining and fun isn?t a piece of cake. It is TOUGH, TOUGH, TOUGH!!

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