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“Where is America headed to”, New York Millionaire wonders…

Hello! Happy new year. May you live a long healthy life and prosper.

The Solution to Healthy Weight Loss

The overweight and obesity epidemic is a worldwide problem. There are no official statistics for spending on diet products, but estimates vary from $40 to $100 billion in the US alone, much of that on scams and fad diets that promise the impossible.

Treating ADD and ADHD Naturally

ADHD / ADD Smptoms, Causes & Alternative Treatment

What is Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a non-toxic system of medicine used to treat a wide variety of health concerns.



Help! Ive Got a Pregnant Cat!

So, youve got yourself a pregnant cat.

Cheekybrats & Mothers

By keeping your baby nearby you and by listening to him and responsively meeting his needs with promptness and love, you will come to know your baby better than any one else ever could. . . you will be the expert on your baby. All the advice in the world wont change what you feel in your heart your baby needs. Go with that feeling.

Triumphing Over Tantrums

Before you had kids you probably witnessed an out of control child having a temper tantrum at the store. More than likely you thought or said, "If that was my child, I would ______". Well now here you are with children of your own dealing with these exact situations. Temper tantrums are a normal part of life with toddlers and preschoolers. Almost all young children have tantrums occasionally. If handled appropriately, most children outgrow this stage by four or five.

Helping a Friend Through a Miscarriage

When you have a friend that has had a miscarriage there is a lot you can do to help her. Many times we are afraid to say anything because we don’t want to say the wrong thing but not saying anything at all can be just as bad. So what should you say and what shouldn’t you say. I have had three miscarriages myself and have heard a lot of things that were just not the right things to say. I have put together a list of things you can say and things you probably shouldn’t. Please be gentle with your friends that are coping with miscarriage. They need your support.  Things you should say. Do call her and tell her you are sorry for her loss. Do send her a card or flowers to show you care Do let her talk as much as she needs to or wants to. Do give her a hug to let her know you care. Do offer to help with housework, babysitting or other things that she may not feel up to doing. Do acknowledge her baby. It is okay to say I don’t know what to say or I don’t know how to help. Do call and check up on her. The pain does not go away in a couple days. Give her extra attention. She needs to feel like other people care about what she is going through. Do ask if she wants to talk about it.

Coping With an Unplanned Pregnancy

Your period is late and you start to think maybe you might be pregnant. Maybe you are afraid to go take a test because you dont want to find out the results. You may be asking yourself "how could this happen" If you find yourself pregnant with an unplanned pregnancy all kinds of emotions may run through your mind. Perhaps you are secretly excited about this but scared to tell your husband. Maybe you are not married and scared about facing motherhood alone. Maybe you do not want any more children and the prospect of having another baby is the worst thing you could imagine right now. There are many scenarios that lead up to unplanned pregnancies. Mistakes in judgment happen, condoms break, birth control pills fail, even tubal ligations and vasectomies fail.

Fun & Unique Baby Shower Favors

A baby shower is often the highlight of an expectant mothers pregnancy. Planning a baby shower requires some thought and consideration for the expectant mothers special event. Baby shower favors are among the items that must be considered when planning a shower.

Have You Lost Your Mind!

Have You Lost Your Mind!

How To Stop Your Cat Spraying

The cat backs up to the door, lifts the tail and releases a fine spray of urine. Yes, your cat is spraying. You have a problem. But one you can solve.

Cats With Feline Diabetes Can Still Lead A Happy Life

“Your cat has feline diabetes.” If this is your vet’s message after examining your beloved friend, it will come as a shock. Yes, your cat has a serious disease. But you can treat it!

Facts You Should Know About Baby Shower Etiquette

Whether you’ve hosted baby showers before or not, chances are you’ve got some questions regarding the right baby shower etiquette. You want to create a truly special time for the guest of honor without any unintended faux pas. This guide was specially created to help you get there.

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